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home game

3 players left 1,000 - 2,000 blinds, fairly even stacks (30, 35k), i\'m big blind, dealt pocket 9s and raise to 5k after dealer folds and SB limps SB calls. Flop A 9 A, SB checks, I bet another 5k, SB raises to 10k (i\'m thinking SWEET!!! this chump has an ace and made a set) i call making him think that maybe I have an Ace and maybe a weak kicker. On the turn comes my 4th 9....Quads... and this guy made a full house and he thinks i\'ve got the same hand. All in, He calls, I quickly turn over my Quads as he cursed . The river, just a formality, right? NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It\'s the 4th ACE!!!!!