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I Was Attending A No Limit Hold'em Game At The Bally's In Atlantic City. I Had Been There For A While And Had Increased My Stack From 300-Nearly 2000. So, I Started Playing A Little Looser. I Was The Button And Out Of A Table Of Ten Probably About Eight Had Called Up To Me. My Hand Was 10-7 Spades So I Raised The Bet To $100. Following My Bet Only 4 Players Called. The Flop Came, Showing 8,9 And Another Rag, Two Of Which Being Spades. The Table Was Checked Around To Me And I Made A Bet Of $400 Which Was Met By One Caller. On The Turn A Jack Came Out I Pushed All In. Which Was Quickly Called. I Would Like To Add I Was In The 10th Position And He Was in the 1st With His Value Chips Hidden. He Turned Over His Two Cards Exposing A 10 And A Queen And Begain Counting Out The Rest Of His Stacks, Leaving Me With 200. To This Day Memory Of This Hand Makes me Furious!