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Losing to hidden Quads!

Let's see..$120 buy-in...227 players, $22,700 prize pool... final 8 tables with money starting at 32(?) players.

Blinds at 800/1600/300

I'm in late position with about 33K in chips. Another small stack with similar chips stack raises from early position to about 4500 and everyone folds to me and I look down and find 99 in the hole. I consider re-raising but call hoping to flop a set and if not the guy was a bit tight and I thought He had overcards. I could take it from him post flop if undercards come on the flop.

the Flop brings 9-Q-Q. Beautiful! I flopped a boat!

He checks and I check right behind him.

The turn brings the 9!! I have QUADS!

now the board is showing 9-9-Q-Q

And I'm praying he has A-Q, K-Q or Something similar as he is drawing dead excluding the unlikely Q-Q in the hole for him.

He checks again on the turn and I check again trapping.

the river brings crap and its all over from here.

he bets 8000 and I take my time about re-raising him like I got a 9 and I think its good.

I shove after about 2 minutes and I get an insta-call with cards flying at me showing me K-Q for a boat Q's over 9's.

I don't even flinch. I flip my cards over with one 9 covering the other and do a slow slide revealing the other 9 you shoulda heard the explosion at the table. LOL! OH CHIT HE'S GOT QUADS!

I never said "I" lost to quads.