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Old 01-10-19, 06:58 PM
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Forex Trend Trading

Many indicators can be used for forex trend trading (trading trend). Among the many choices, Trendline Channel or Andrew's Pitchfork are the most popular choices. Both are indicators for basic forex trend trading, so they can be found easily on a variety of trading platforms. However, in certain situations, there are certain considerations in which one of the trading trend tools is superior to rival tools. Come on, so clearly we peel deeper, which is better, Trendline Channel or Andrew's Pitchfork?شركات فوركس موثوقة
Use of Basic Indicators for Forex Trend Trading
Basically, Trendline Channel and Andrew's Pitchfork have similar functions; highlight and isolate the range of trend movements in forex. That is, both indicators for trend trading can help traders to find out the latest trend direction and provide visual assistance where prices will move bouncing (correction, reversal) or breaking (breakout) the price movement line.
التداول بالعملات
When viewed at a glance, the price movement seems to have not revealed a clear trend or it seems that it is still in a sideways (consolidated) state. However, with the help of trading trend indicators such as Trendline Channel and Andrew's Pitchfork, the general trend direction is beginning to appear.
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Old 01-10-19, 10:14 PM
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