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My favorite movie..To reply to stealyourface...there were "titties" in the movie. There is a scene where Worm goes to a strip club, meets up with Gramo (or whatever), and gets beaten up and his money is stolen by Gramo.
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The only problem I had, really, with this movie is: Why is Grandma so pissed at the end? I mean, KGB, I get. He's getting his money, but he doesn't like to lose, I see that. But Granma had nothing on the line, and he gets his money out of what mike won from teddy, so why is he so ticked? Comments about the review: The "English at the table" rule dates from the old west or at LEAST the turn of the century - one of my favorite cardrooms has a sign with the rule on it, and the *sign* has to be 50 years older then I am. Also, I think worm actually smoked in the movie (although norton just held a lit smoke or puffed on an unlit one) but the scenes were cut, I'm sure I remember them griping about it on the commentary, how they got norton to do it and then didn't end up using it.
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Joey Kinish

Norton should have gotten an Academy Award for best supporting actor. He nailed the character. Who hasn't had a "worm" in their life. Turturro did an excellent job with the character he had to work with. One of the quotes I feel that was missed above was when "worm" tells "Knish" "Keep up the noble work you're doing". All in all a 5 Star performance, a made straight on the flop.
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Joey Kinish

amazing movie full of suspense. very real poker unlike that new show on espn (good show bad poker). this movie prolly got more kids in to poker then any other movie ever made. one love and burn one. oh and i love Joey Kinish because he is jewish(or looks jewish) and i just think that alone is funny.
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Andrew BCPoker
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Joey Kinish

I am kinda like Kinish myself. Using low limit poker to make a living, feeling comfortable where I am. I could relate to his statements to Matt Damon about his "Pipe dreams" to win the world series of poker, and how he grinds out small wins every day to feed his family.
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maybe some answers

As far as how Mike ends up with that much money at the end is sort of a mystery. I agree that on the surface the math does not add up. If you recall however, when Mike wins the 10K and KGB talks him into playing again, as they are discussing raisings the blinds Mike says, "and feel free to reload at any time". I may not have the quote exactly right but you get the idea. Teddy may have gotten low on chips and got some more. Besides, they weren't paying a tournament. KGB could have brought more to the table for the second game for all we know. My point is that we are never really certain how much money was involved on KGB's side.

As far as why Grandma was pissed. I Think that there are two reasons. 1) Grandma was Worms "lacky" before worm went to prison. I think that Grandma bought up worms debt figuring on not betting paid. He just wanted to have leverage over worm and get worm in trouble with KGB (and the russian mob). It was a revenge thing. 2) Even though Grandma got paid back, it was really with his backers or partners money. His partner (KGB) being who he is, may or may not pay grandma. Actually Grandma probably borrowed KGBs money to buy worms debt. Grandma is really in a bad spot.
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This is a great review. I agree with pretty much everything said here. This movie cheers me up, and encourages me. I kind of like how this movie equates life to poker in an metaphorical way. I find myself referencing this movie a lot. My favorite scene/quote in the movie though is when he pulls Knish aside and tells him his story about beating Johnny Chan at the round of poker. I love it. Or, Martin Landau's line, "We can't run from who we are; our destiny chooses us...." What an awesome fucking movie. The only thing i didn't understand/like was the math of how he got back to 30,000. I can't remember how much he said he turned his money into, but it didn't add up to me, i remember. I'll have to check it out again. It's been a few months since i've seen it, but i've been feeling the urge. I've seen the movie hundreds of times. By the way, here's a link to a script of the movie: http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_s...ker-damon.html
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yeah, the I'm not sure if the money does add up and there were numerous threads around the internet having people outline where the money went. I think it was implied there was a few miscellaneous thousand dollars that were spent or made here and there.

Another thing about the movie was that I was a little surprised they didn't re-release the movie around 2004 or so after moneymaker made poker popular. I think they could have clocked another $20 million or so at the box office without much marginal cost. There were many people, including me, who also never got to see it on the big screen.
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Well here is how I look at it...
He ended with just over 60 (which if the math is going to work out, is probably close to 61)
-15 to KGB/Grammer
-6 to the chesterfield
-10 to the professor

Now as for how he TURNED it into 60 (obviously doubling the 20 is only 40), when Mike steps back to the table after the famous "stick it in you" line, he says "reload at anytime". I've always presumed that KGB "reloaded" for another 20....
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Seen at least a dozen times.
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This one is one

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Any movie Matt Damon is in is definitely a great movie and script for him. He gets the best parts to play. www.fortivacreditcard.com

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