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Learn this game or go back to where I came from. Need advice

I haven’t posted here in a while but I need your advice again. I learned Limit mostly from reading SSH and FTR posts and was doing fine at the limits I was playing (moving from 2-4 to 9-18 b&M). After our B&M limit games dried up, I moved to NL 3 months back.
So far I have played 300 hours of NL @ B&M.
100$ Buyin - 83 hours +$970
300$ buyin - 220 hours -$436
Net: 506$ in about 300 hours...PATHETIC

Now, most of these hours in the beginning I was learning NL and making fundamental mistakes (overplaying AK, c-betting where shouldn’t, stacking off with 1 pair, stacking off against flushes etc, some bad runs ). Now that I have gotten the hang of it, I feel like I have improved a lot in the past 3 months but still feel frustrated time to time. Also even though I feel I have learnt a lot, my results don’t reflect that.

Arguments in sticking to NL:
1) I love this game a lot more than Limit. I never need to read magazines while playing this game and getting cold run of cards. Just watching the action makes it interesting enough for me.
2) Variance is lower.
3) If I eventually get this game, then I will make a lot of money + not getting crazy with downswings that are so common in limit.

Arguments for quitting:
1) I am losing money (if you consider time value of money). If I was playing 4-8 ----- 6-12 I would have won at least 3-4 grand playing limits.
2) Maybe I will never get this game no matter how hard I try.


1) Can a winning limit player supposedly NEVER get this game no matter how hard he tries.

2) Should a player keep plugging away learning a game where as he could be making money if he was playing a different game. In short, should winning money be more important than playing a game that I actually enjoy a lot more.
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Learn this game or go back to where I came from. Need advice

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