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Old 05-22-05, 01:10 AM
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Coldkilla's Journal

Old 05-22-05, 01:10 AM
Coldkilla Coldkilla is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Auburn Hills, MI
Posts: 2
monthly Texas hold\'em game: 5/21/05

Wow. Can\'t believe I pulled it out. I was shortstacked early on after betting heavy into 2 pairs aces+jacks and then getting blindsided by Craig\'s flush -- I wasn\'t paying enough attention to the game. That must have woke me up though.

Crazy item #1
Never seen so many flushes in my life. We\'ll usually see one or two flushes in a night; tonight we were definitely into double digits, maybe 14 or 15 of them. Trips will usually carry the day; they kept getting rocked by flushes tonight.

Crazy item #2
Jonathan was dealer. I think he flopped the ace, king and jack, suited. Most had gotten out of the hand by the time the queen and ten, same suit, came up. Royal fucking flush! Most of us have seen a royal flush come up in a real game maybe once, if ever, and Jonathan dealt one tonight.

Crazy item #3
Everyone was still in the game at 11pm. We start pot-limit, then go no-limit at 10pm. Even with all the early action, no one busted out until nearly the point when we\'re usually down to just the top three or heads-up play.

10 players tonight. Clockwise around the table starting with 1st deal: Clint, John Roach, me, Ken, Craig, my brother Dan, Jonathan, Frenchy, Nathan (who hosted), and Tom

A lot of guys were playing fast and loose early on. We deviated from our usual blind progression and stayed with 5/10 blinds for a full circuit of the deal. Even with pot-limit in place, there were some big bets and a lot of chips changed hands in the first hour.

After everyone had dealt once, we upped the blinds to 10/20 and then went to our usual timed blind progression: increase each blind to the next higher denomination chip every 20 minutes. After hitting the highest chip, 1000, blinds simply double.

The looseness of the game and losing that big hand to Craig made me play very conservatively. I folded a lot of hands and stayed out of the way when betting got heavy. I took a couple of chump-change hands, but not nearly enough to make up the ground I\'d lost.

Can\'t remember the exact order of who busted out and who did it to them, but Jonathan, Frenchy, Ken and John went out between 11:15 and 11:45. I started taking some chances and took down some decent pots. The game began to turn around for me.

Clint had won some big hands and had clear chip lead. Nathan was also doing well; Dan, Tom and Craig were up and down. After Dan busted out, I pulled down the key hand of the night.

With blinds at 1000/2000, Nathan and Tom both decided to go all-in preflop. They had gotten whittled down and were almost even in chips at about 8 grand. I was holding pocket 4s and had already called the blind, but hesitated at throwing in another 6000. I finally did call their bets. To the turn, both of them had me beat, but I caught a 4 on the river to take the hand and bust them both out.

After that, I ground it out against Craig and Clint. Craig was very shortstacked at that point so he took 3rd and got his $20 buy-in back. Clint and I traded blinds for a while. At 4000/8000, we both got a playable hand. I had ace, something. Flop came up ace, ace, something. I think Clint checked, so I checked. 4th street was no help, but Clint made a move by betting 4000. I raised enough to put him all-in and he called. The trip aces held up for me. Clint got $40 of the kitty and I got the remaining $140.

Including tonight, I\'ve won 4 out of the last 6. I won in December, January, March and May. Craig won in February and April. I\'m taking a lot of ribbing about the game being fixed; I\'m pretty sure most of it\'s good-natured bullshit, but I\'m worried that one or two of the guys might actually be getting frustrated or might not be having as much fun.

It\'s nice to win, but I was still having a blast March through November 2004 when I hadn\'t won at all. I still attribute my wins a lot more to luck than any particular skill on my part, so this hot streak can\'t last. We\'ll see.

Play it out, baby.

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