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Old 04-21-09, 03:28 AM
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MULTIPLE bad beats in a short amount of time

I understand perfectly that bad beats are exactly the reason we get paid - cause if they can't bad beat on us they'll never play. Moreover, a bad beat means it was +EV for us to start with. But...

4tables on Absolute Poker:

AA PF 4bet raised and got shoved by KK, called, K came on the turn
KK PF 3bet raised and got shoved by 99, called, K99 is the flop. go figure.
hit 2 pairs on the flop, shoved on the turn got called by A2s no pair, flushed the river.
hit nut str8 on the turn, got shoved by A8s no pair, called, flushed the river.

All in a less than one hour stretch.

When the first one happened, I laughed. The second one happened, I laughed even harder. Third one happened, I started steaming a little. By the fourth one, I had to take a break.

Funny enough, I still managed to get up one BI for the day after 3 hours with no bad beats from me. Go figure fish are too plenty, so don't tap the aquarium no matter what. Suck it up like a man.

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