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Old 10-29-04, 09:27 AM
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philipea's Journal

Old 10-29-04, 09:27 AM
philipea philipea is offline
Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 2
I even dream about Poker

Well, I play poker frequently enough now to speak of My exploits, But first some back information. Im a 22 year old male, who is really a Hippy at heart (I live in Maine) and loves all things competitive, I played hockey and baseball in school and now My main Sport is disc golf (where I shoot a little under par). I Started playing poker about a year and a half ago with a bunch of Dumb people who like to get really fucked up and throw their money at me, we played a lot of different (weird) varieties of poker Some with 4 pocket, Four community. Some draw...And quite a few with wild cards. We only played with quarters and the big bet was 2 bucks. as this game progressed, it attracted a few people who took it seriously ( although the stakes were small, there were tons of people who just loved to call to see the next card so if you were even somewhat selective, You could get paid 70 or 80 bucks in a night) But when the stoners got sick of loosing their money, The game dried up. I played at about twelve more small games over the next year, with more of them being Hold em. As the time wore on, I started to think more about the strategy of the game, counting outs, calculating odds (crude odds, but enough to make decent decisions) Understanding position, the difference between tourney play and cash games. But really the 2 most important things I learned about poker were ( and a quick thank you to Mr Cloutier and Mr McEvoy for teaching me this ) Is hand selection and Chip management, By managing my chips and playing my stack appropriately I can minimize my loses when Im getting shit for cards. Well when all My games completely dried up, I found pauls game. Pauls game is a moderately competitive, with competent poker players, some of whom I learn a great deal week in and week out. I found him here on homepokergames.com... So if you look hard enough you could come to our game. Im gonna post more to this blog in the future, o BTW I like to chat poker, So drop me a line. Misrepresented420 at Yahoo.com
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Since I'm new, I decided I didn't want to bluff at all. My strategy was to play very tight and fold most hands preflop. But as soon as I got a good hand, I was going to raise preflop and play aggressively.

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