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Old 11-22-04, 01:42 PM
Capucine Capucine is offline
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Don't choose Firepay...

This has got to be one of the rudest and most paranoid companies on the web... they seem so paranoid of their customers cheating them... and that reminds me of the adage that only cheaters fear cheating so much...

my fiancee also opened a firepay acct... we share the same address and computer and they sent a message that practically accused US of trying cheat them somehow... depsite the fact that we were honest and above board with our information and couldn't cheat them if we tried. I've copied it here:

According to our records, your household has an existing active FirePay account. Please note that opening more than one Firepay account per household is a direct violation of our terms and agreements. Please do not open any more accounts as this will result in the termination of your Firepay account.

It also shows me that their systems aren't sophisticated enough to catch this sort of thing at the beginning before we gave away our bank info to an outfit which I now feel is sure to abscond with our funds one day... (caveat emptor!)

Also, they did not release my funds even to me two days after my bank had cleared my check. They did not release my funds to my Interpoker Account...(have problems with Interpoker as well, NOT a recommended poker site) more than a week after my funds had cleared with them... Firepay takes 3.99 and does nothing for you except send you the RUDEST boilerplate emails.... give your service fee to another outfit or send in a cashier's check....

Truly yours,
The once burned (by Firepay), now twice shy Capucine

PS: My fiancee, who reads all the boring fine print we all know we should, noticed that if your Firepay acct. is inactive for three months and there are funds in there...THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY.... so be careful if you have an acct. with them... be very careful....

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