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Old 03-16-06, 12:26 PM
TakeYourBankroll TakeYourBankroll is offline
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LOL, please guys, get a real job

I really feel sorry for some of you guys. You claim to make money at this and brag a lot about it. Ever consider there are people out there who do this for fun, make money, and are also accomplished in life? Why would you waste away in some casino when you could probably make more if you dedicated yourself to a REAL JOB?

I take pride in knowing I have the best education at the table, have a real job, and respected. I personally think some people in casinos are dirt bags, especially the pros that sit there and make less than me.

I tried poker in all forms. To me, only some tourneys are fun (most of them actually), but cash games are crap if you're around the wrong people (like a weekday afternoon, losers for the most part). I ruined some pro the other day like you wouldn't believe and then left. It was funny, actually. He does this for a living and I ruined him that day, not the first time either.

My advice: get an education, get a real job, and then play poker. It’s a great story for some college dropout to win a major poker tournament, but there were 100 suckers before him who didn't get as lucky. I heard Eli Elezra say the same thing the other day and I was proud of him for saying it. Look at him, a very successful businessman. He is far more accomplished that just about any pro in life. That is what you should aspire to be, not some idiot who dropped out of college and brags about it. THEY ALL REGRET IT, BELIEVE ME. They wish they had the education, but they don’t. Everyone wishes they had one, but FEW WORK FOR IT.

Also keep in mind a lot of this is luck. Long-term, not really, I can attest to that, as I don't lose often. My point is the following. Do something where you can outwork real, honest, hard working people. Do poker on the side. If you get lucky or are simply super talented, then try to make a living. I think most poker pros think their life is crap. Don't let 20 name pros fool you. I think the vast majority of them have a garbage life. I wouldn't want it I know that. Just look at their ring finger, hardly anyone is married. Sounds like a crappy life to me.

Go get an education and then play poker. That is for all the 16-20 year olds. I guarantee you it feels 100 times better kicking ass in academics (you prove your talent and ability that way, zero luck) and business. Then, go play a poker games a ruin some pros. That is what I do!

I want to play WPT and WSOP and will in a couple years (after grad school), but I promise you I will probably be the most accomplished person at the table outside of poker, or close to it. That is when life gets fun, beating people up in various arenas (academics, sports, poker, whatever).

Also, no one cares about your stupid home games or online stuff. Go beat pros in a casino or zip it. I already got my win at the Bicycle Casino and more will come. But keep in mind, that means zero. Kicking ass in life is what counts.

Go get an education youngins or you will amount to nothing. Mark my words.
Old 03-17-06, 06:36 PM
Chairman_LMAO Chairman_LMAO is offline
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I agree with a lot of what this guy is saying - but doesn't he sound like a complete douche?
Old 03-17-06, 06:45 PM
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No, I think it's nice to have someone tell it like it is. The losers always complain and find scapegoats because the losers don't realize they are losers.
Old 07-21-09, 10:13 PM
boraborabob boraborabob is offline
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No Way

Lot of bull going around.............

With all the young kids playing with mom and dad's money at best you will survive to a 60/40 bet a lot of times. And that assumes you are always ahead.

Then wipe out the 10-12% rake. Another few percent for the cost of money on your credit card. Or deposit fee from your bank. Of value of money if you had invested it in Apple stock instead?

Take out another small percentage for the power failure, internet problems, computer problems, etc.

There is a lot of math to really be considered, and if you take the time you will eventually come to the conclusion that you have win closer to 85% of the time vrs 51% to come out ahead. That's very tough to do.

All before you consider luck, cost of bad streaks, etc.

Play for fun, the experience, but when your buddy or anybody here tells you he's winning on a consistent basis, you know the real truth.

It's basically very cheap entertainment, about it.
Old 07-22-09, 11:46 AM
buck22 buck22 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
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What you're saying borborabob is a great rule of thumb for the masses, because poker is designed for the masses to lose, so assuming the game is impossible to grind a career from would save alot of people money and time, and appreciating the game as just entertainment is what I hope the majority of poker players do. I recommend this view to anyone, however, I'd recommend the bible to people wanting to improve their life, doesn't mean I believe in God.

It IS possible to grind a career but it rely's on many factors, which makes it extremely unlikely a player will succeed:
1.Bankroll management
2.Never tilting
3.Putting enough time and thought in that you dominate the stakes you play.
4.You can find the right games to play in.
5.You always have 6 months bills worth of money saved.
6.A personality that has courage, self-control, intelligence, and patience.
7.All the things ive forgotten and missed out.

To say the game is unbeatable for the reasons you've stated is ignorant and wrong, and is proved wrong by the deserving few who do very well in the game.

I will use my game as an example and put it through your list of bullsh**:

(all my winnings)-(losing hands)-(bad beats)-(rake)-(disconnection)=

8.2 BB/100
27.5% ROI

Over 100,000 hands luck and bad beats don't even come into it, again this ignorance of how the game works leads me to believe that you bought a few poker books and played for a year thinking you would one day be a big winner, it came crashing down, YOU spent you mum n dads money, and you want every one to agree that it's the games fault you lost, an that nothing you could do would change that....WRONG!
Old 07-22-09, 12:23 PM
buck22 buck22 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 117
There is so much self-invloved, ignorant views from people who have been succesful in their careers putting pro poker players down, and they don't even realise they are playing the same game and just got lucky in their lives, business and careers. You are quick to point out that a handful of poker players have great success whilst the majority of players are miserable with what they do, sounds an awful lot like peoples working life though doesn't it. I can easily say 'don't be fooled by the Sir Alan Sugars the average wage is $33,000 and your income and life is probably gonna suck' but that would be ignoring the fact that the successful businessmen that have it good had the intelligence, education, self-motivation and business sense to succeed, same as poker pro's.

It's the same game, different location. People who are smart and work hard at their careers or poker games become very successful.

Your post contains so many holes I dont know where to start, and am 100% that you work hard, get paid well, then donk it off to poker players in the casinos, so sure i'll take u up on a game online any time u like. Now, to where to start......

Zero luck in business? LOL!! There is luck in business but making the right decisions eradicates this, SAME AS POKER!

Eli Elezra made money in business, but if you think he's a good example of a winning player you're very wrong. I'd be very surprised if he's up in poker.

Whilst you're sitting at the table taking pride that you worked hard, and are more succeful than the bums at the poker table, they are sitting there thanking god that hard working fools like you give their money away whilst they play a game they enjoy, yes, they are judging you too!

Don't get me wrong, i have great respect for people that have careers they like and get paid well for it, but I also respect the poker players who play a game they love that they worked hard at, and get paid handsomel for it. Hope you can pull your head out your ar** one day and see that alot of people just arent gonna be successful whatever they do, and that theres happy, miserable, poor, rich, successful, failures in all careers, including the poker pro.

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