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Old 12-17-06, 10:22 AM
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Question Quick question

Hello. I kind of understand the math part on the odds but there are some thigs I don't understand. I have noticed that every card thats "avalable" for anything allows it to add each set and have a proper fraction. for example a pair from pocket cards formula is ((6/50) * (44/49) * (43/48)) + ((44/50) * (6/49) * (43/48)) + ((44/50) * (43/49) * (6/48)). So basicly we + them whenever there is an "avalable" card, am i right?

Now I have been testing things with a deck of 3, 5 or anything i can test. I have been testing my deck of 3 cards with suites clubs, spade, dimond.

now I want to find the probibility of getting EITHER spade or trump if i draw twice. I will obviously get 1 out of 1 bceause its impossible to miss if i draw twice. now I have tried

(3/2)*(1/1) = 3/2 not 1 out of 1.

so how do you find the chance of getting a card OR another card

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