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CYPHER-BULLETIN Thousands look to cash in on poker pots!

CYPHER-BULLETIN Thousands look to cash in on poker pots!

Kinga H. is 59 years old, enjoys a comfortable life in Vancouver Canada and has a new hobby she absolutely adores.
"I am having the time of my life," she says. "it is such a gas."
That's especially true when she draws to an inside straight or manages to bluff her way to a big pot with nothing more than a pair of deuces.
You see, Kingas new interest isn't needlepoint. It's poker. Texas Hold' Em poker.
"I would say I'm totally hooked", says Kinga, who recently began playing the game on the Internet." I spend absolutely too much time playing. I have lived my whole life without too many addictions, but I would say that I am addicted. I play every day. It's so much fun. It's exactly the kind of thing that I really enjoy doing."
Kinga is not alone. In the past year or so, poker's popularity has virtually exploded. A game that once seemed confined to smoky back rooms and was known to attract the seamier side of life has gone mainstream. Everybody, it seems, is playing poker.
Hold 'Em tournaments are drawing big ratings on TV, tens of thousands of people are playing daily online, and casinos are chock-a-block full of players from all walks of life hoping to parlay short stack of chips into a windfall.
Kinga is happy to earn just a few bucks. She's really not in it for the money. She just loves the game and is happy she let her eldest son, a university of B.C. law student, persuade her to give it a try.
"I love being totally anonymous." Kinga says. "Nobody knows I am a little old lady. There's no clue to my age or my sex. I don't have to dress up, I don't have to do anything."
As much as she enjoys playing the game, Kinga says there's another enjoyable aspect to online poker that surprised her.
" you are able to communicate with the other players who are from all over the globe. Probably about 70 per cent are Americans, 15 per cent Canadian and 15 per cent are from all over the rest of the world. We talk back and forth and exchange ideas, and sometimes there are playful in sights and goading, and there are innuendoes of all kinds flying around. There's lots of camaraderie. It is a huge social event, and I did not anticipate that."
Kinga plays on: [url="http://www.partypoker.com/index20100.htm?wm=2007897"]http://www.partypoker.com/index20100.htm?wm=2007897[/url][url="http://www.your-lucky-poker.net/"][/url]
She deposited $100 US in the summer, and has been playing daily ever since. Like most players, she has her good days and her bad, but so far, she has more than held her own against opponents.
"Any time I sit down at the virtual table, I only play $20 at a time. Sometime I go up, sometime I go down. In six weeks, I doubled my Money, and then it took me one week to lose most of my winnings. Now I'm at $128. It's a total, total hobby, but the neat thing about it is this is the type of hobby that doesn't cost me any money. It's actually earning me money, that's how I look at it Even if I was to lose it all, I Would just say, over so many months, I spent $100 on my hobby. That's not bat."
For some, ho ever, poker is much more than a hobby.
Kinga say's: [url="http://www.partypoker.com/index20100.htm?wm=2007897"]http://www.partypoker.com/index20100.htm?wm=2007897[/url][url="http://www.your-lucky-poker.net/"][/url] , is the largest online poker room.They have grown tremendously since they started advertising on the World Poker Tour last year. There are 32,000 player online at it's peak time. The games have a reputation for being loose but they can vary from loose to medium. Their sign-up bonus typically range from 15%-20% bonus up to $100. They offer frequent reloads where you can usually get a 25% bonus up to $50. You can easily check the status of your bonus by going to the cashier and see how many hands you have left to play. Their software is nice. You can play 3 tables at once and take notes on other players. The software has a buddy list where you can see if your friends are logged on but you can't locate where they are. There is also a search page where you can filter for games using a certain criteria (example: find all $1/$2 games where the avg. pot is greater than $18). You can also transfer money to other players but it needs to be a minimum of $50.
It's time to get in the game!

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