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Old 07-17-05, 01:52 AM
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Adjusting to worse players?

Since I started playing poker about 9 months ago I have learned as much as I could about it. Read a bunch fo books, watched videos, etc. My problem is, none of the kids I play with have done any of that. Nearly all of the people I play with on a regular basis (in home games a few times a week) have no conception of odds, reading people, and still think poker is all luck. They are mostly loose-agressive maniacs, where as I try and play a tight-agressive style. I feel I'm not maximizing my winnings because I'm trying to play too much of an advanced game. An example - I overbet the pot knowing a kid was on a draw, and he called me. After the hand I asked why he called, knowing he wasn't getting pot odds on it. He replied "I don't know about these pot odds, but I just felt I would make the flush". Should I loosen up more and see more flops? Push harder with middle pair instead of waiting around for top pair with a huge kicker? I hate raising preflop with good hands (like K Q or whatever) because everyone with J6, Q3, A6, will call me every time if the raise is less than 5x the big blind. We usually do tourneys with 10$ in chips, blinds .25 and .50, so I can't really afford to raise it 2.50$ preflop with a legit hand and get 3 or 4 callers with rags, and call their pair of 4's all the way. I've given up bluffing on them because they call me anyways - not thinking I'm bluffing, just thinking their 6's or whatever are the best hand. Does anyone have a tutorial or book that focuses on dealing with loose-agressives?
Old 07-17-05, 02:21 AM
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Weak players

Never get away from top 10 hands its the foundation of good strategy. However back to weak players I have been there as well you have to play the % against them even if you take some bad beats. My strategy has always been especially in a tournament bet preflop with a hand like A-Q catch a Q-5-7 with maybe a flush draw check it let them bet their draw and raise them all in. If they dont bet just watch how they play and make an all in bet on flop it may sound crazy but you have to play like them knowing you have the best hand. I have used this online/live games and it's helped me out alot.
Old 07-17-05, 02:38 AM
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"I overbet the pot knowing a kid was on a draw, and he called me."

The point of raising a pot against someone on a draw is not to get them to fold (in NL tournaments maybe) but you are doing it so that even if they call then they are making a mistake. So basically, if they fold because the odds are against them then you win all the money in the pot and if they call then they are making a mathmatical mistake. You jsut have to have faith that in the long run the math will be your friend.

"Should I loosen up more and see more flops? Push harder with middle pair instead of waiting around for top pair with a huge kicker? I hate raising preflop with good hands"

I think you should realize that the definition of "good cards" changes as more players are in the hand. Against 7 players, pocket Aces are not great because someone will have 2 pair in the end. Against 7 players, I would almost rather have J-10s then A-A.

You should realize that you will make most of your money on draws because draws (straights, flushes) win big pots. This is because all those loose players will have 2 pair or a set and will call when there is a straight or flush on th e board. You don't want to be the one with 2 pair. You want to be the one with the flush. When you get hands like A-2s in late position you want to get excited about these hands because you aren't looking to flop an Ace you are looking to fraw to the nuts.

PREVIOUS POST: "Never get away from top 10 hands".

This is a mistake. The top 10 hands changes from situation to situation. High pairs play better aginst 1-2 players. Suited conectors play better against 5-10 players. Poker is situational.
Old 07-17-05, 07:14 PM
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if this is a case of hyper-aggressive players then what u should do is raise before them. and also, these ppl will most likely be able to read easily(go to poker1.com for some good tips.) also if u do not know the odds, this will give u the advantage.

there is a 35% chance to catch a flush with 4 cards of the suit for ur flush.
there is a 31% chance to catch a open-ended straight draw.
there is a 16% chance to catch a gutshot straight draw.
there is an 11.8% chnace that ur opponent has a certain card. (for example say u there is a possible straight on the board like the board being 10-J-Q-K-2, there is a 11.8% chance ur opponent has that Ace.
also NEVER try to bluff at them, because these guys r most likely fish if they think poker is all luck. also play very aggressive with these guys when u have a hand, because it sounds like these guys are calling stations so if u bet they will call with any hand almost. also u should keep ur tight style of play. what u r supposed to do with a loose table is play the opposite and play tight, and when the table is tight, play loose. play straight-foreward poker. Super/System has a section in it about how to play against certain types of players.
Old 07-22-05, 05:10 AM
thormx53 thormx53 is offline
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Just wanted to update - I played last night and focused more on drawing hands. Played a few more suited or connectors than I usually do, semi-bluffed more than I usually do, and it paid off. Ended up winning 75$. Thanks for the tips, I still have more work to do but this definitely helped.
Old 07-22-05, 05:00 PM
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Poker is a long term game. In the long term the bad players will lose and the good players will win if there is no rake. Do not let a couple of bad beats upset you. I also believe that the looser players are the tighter that you should be as they will be just as likely to call you when you have a aa kk ak as they will when you have the 10th best hand like an A10 I would say play tight
Old 08-07-05, 08:55 PM
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Thumbs up Lucky !!

These ARE the people you want at your table, especially in cash games. They will suck out in tournament situations once in awhile to knock you out but hey, that's poker. As almost everybody has already said, you will always win more than them in the end. There is so much more skill to poker than people think. Use this to your advantage ! Good Luck.

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