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Old 11-25-04, 03:39 PM
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limpers late in tourney

How do you handle limpers with decent but not premium holdings like KJos or AXos. They are probably on draws or mediocre hands, but they could be setting a trap.

I guess it depends on stack size (only 4-5 people in, so you are either in a blind, button or CO). If I have a big stack, I would probably raise and fold to a re-raise. If shorter I will probably just check or lay it down. Just like I don't like to blind steal from bigger stacks.
Old 11-26-04, 07:59 AM
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limpers late in tourney

I let limpers limp if my hand is marginal, if my hand is good, i bust their ass so they fold. Also, a side note....I love it when people play a small AX not suited....that hand will lose your more money that it will win you....Cheers

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