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Old 02-20-06, 10:23 AM
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Cool A Cheater Comes Clean

Ok, perhaps this will make me feel alot better.
I have to be honest here and admit the truth.
For the past 3 months I have been cheating online poker rooms.
I discovered a software that allowed me to see all Hole Cards.
It was too easy. Money came very quickly..just over $40,000 from three sites.
But, i felt very guilty about doing this to other players.
I can tell you some stories...but, i will decline giving specific details.
I just want to come out and admit the truth.
At the present time, i am NOT using the software. I am playing 100% legit.
I am winning..not the amounts I have gotten used to, but enough to turn a nice little profit.
The temptation is great to go back.
But there is no victory in cheating. There is no challenge.
I feel i can succeed without having to resort to unethical methods.

Perhaps there will be a happy ending to all this.
I know that the software is still being sold.
We should all write to the developers and tell them to
*&%* off. We would all rather play fair.
It is the only way for me.
Take care
PS Write them a message at: [email="Program_Code@techie.com"][edited][/email]
Fair play for everyone.

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