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Old 03-10-06, 05:25 PM
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Angry **HELP**FRAUD**what can I do?


I won a freeroll last night on Pirates of Poker and well they don't call the site pirates for no reason. After winning my $800 I soon found out that there is know one actually playing on the site. They are all BOTS. So I believe that this is money laundering they have this so called freeroll and pay the top 5 people, not bad with only about 40 people in the tourney. TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. You then have to play with their computers 20 times your winnings to withdrawal ($16000), oh and don't forget deposit. Guess what the computers fold when you have something and the 5 computers will raise it up when you might get something (you wont hit) and check to you when they have something it hopes you will bet. I have contacted the toll free number, but it was a casino with an affiliation to the site that is of coarse in Costa Rica. This is money laundering and I don't know where or who to talk to or if anyone can help. Isn’t their something with United Nations that controls this?

Thank-you for reading and any insight in to this would help.

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