Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck had been a semi-serious student of poker for quite some time but it wasn't until after he received tutoring from Annie Duke and Amir Vahedi that he really took his game to a new level. Shortly after that, he showed the poker world that he did indeed have some poker skills by winning the $10,000 California State Poker Championship tournament at the Commerce Casino in 2004 for a first prize of $356,000. After that impressive feat, it appeared that Affleck may become a viable force in the poker world, but he has yet to follow up that success with any meaningful accomplishments.


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thats the worst tupee ive ever seen, what a dork. and Admin, theres plenty of 10k buy ins a year, at least 30

DonkeySlayer on September 21, 2006

I don't think he played that many tourneys though. It's not like he played full-time for 5 years. How many 10k buy-in tourneys are there each year? Any one know?

HPG ADMIN on September 3, 2006

If you have all the money in the world to keep buying into tourneys, eventually, unless you really suck, you will win one.(referring to winning the Cali state championship).
Hell, I've won many MTT online...does it mean I'm great?...not at all...I just play alot...and play what I can afford.

ITGuy321 on September 2, 2006

This guy is actually a worse poker player than he is an actor. That's not only sad, it's pathetic. I'd love to sit at a table with this fruit. I could use his money

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Originally Posted by james
Damn dude you think 90 players is a field?

Ben boy should be better then he is, If you consider the money he has spent on teachers and such. I would beat he has yet to break even after all he has spent.

The very fact you think he is good makes me think your a ID10T. He had tried like 5 times to get to a final table. The field of 5000 killed him before the 2 day. The odds say you should make top 100 if your a good solid player.

Unregistered on October 19, 2005

Hows That Wig Treatin' Ya, You Donkey?

NICE RUG on September 16, 2005

This guy is a fucking moron...end of story..

Unregistered on August 27, 2005

Wow, a lot of people don't seem to have anything better to do with their time then make childish remarks about someone they probably don't even know. What have you all done lately that is so much better than what Ben has done???

e1979 on August 25, 2005

Look At That Top Piece, The Worst Rug Ive Seen In A Long Time, What A Dork, Those East Clowns Lol

nice rug dork on August 22, 2005

go see gigli, the best movie in the world. I like big slick.

Ben Affleck on August 16, 2005

It seems he loves to play poker and probably does more good for the game than bad in the sense that he may be adding some glitz and glamour to a game that was recognized as underground until just recently. His poker playing seems to be hit and miss like his acting abilities, but at least he got to see some hot chicks naked!

Ben on August 15, 2005

Damn people. Like him or not, he's already done WAY more in his respective fields of choice than any of you have in yours. He is a successful actor (although not a great one), he won the Cali tournament and scored 350K+, and has been in some of the hottest panties in all the world. Why all the Hating? Reminds me of the Chappelle's show skit with the "Player Haters Ball," where Ice-T said that he was so hateful he hated, "brothas with cars, brothas with shoes, and brothas with a little bit of money." He stated further that he wanted, "...all hot-tubs, COLD!" Why do you guys want Ben's hot-tub cold? Does his hot-tub's temerature being so far above normal negatively affect you in ANY way? The funny part is, he will never rqead this because his life is to bad-ass to give him the time to poke around the net and look at every google his his name gets. When he's bored (like I am right now) he goes out and buys a Ferrari or plays some 400/800 at a casino. So yes, he sucks...if by sucking you mean, has more money than God, gets more ass than a toilet seat (and not the skanks you haters bone, grade A poon), never has to lift a finger for the remainder of his life if he choses not to, and is worshipped my milions of women worldwide. Ah, yes. He sucks alright.

mike/cocaineblues on August 7, 2005

Oh, and yes, I think JLo is probably a better lay than Jennifer Garner, but I would let either one of them eat crackers in my bed if they wanted to.

mike/cocaineblues on August 7, 2005

Ben rung me the other night, told me he was getting out of poker for good. Said I could come by and pick up a nice set of poker chips. Thanks Ben, I will!

englishcat on August 4, 2005

take ben afflecks profile off he doesnt play poker anymore hes domesticated now -hes going to be busy tiptoeing thru the tulips and changing diapers now

Unregistered on July 28, 2005

Even though I don't know Ben personally...I think he is a great guy. As far as acting skills, he's better than any of us since he's been in a movie. Poker skills...he's obviously good enough to win 350K shut the hell up! Congrats on the marriage and baby on the way.

virgo on July 22, 2005

virgo, your funny. i seen ths bitch win a tournament and she loved playing 9-3 thats right you heard me right. overall he is a calling station. he will either win the thing or bust out of the money trying

loveland on July 22, 2005

afleck is a calling station at the table. thats all there is to say about him when it comes to poker. oh and annie duke "tudors" him for about 20 k. every pro has some sucker undr their wing. even small time pros have suckers. i love poker

loveland on July 19, 2005

dude did you ever get jennifer lopez and jennifer garner in a three some.

hey on July 19, 2005

Now he has added Jennifer Garner to his collection.

Incredible on July 1, 2005

Wow, seems to me that most of you guys are jealous of him. I mean, he can play pkoer, he makes millions acting, he has/had J-LO, I SMELL JEALOUSY!

bluffin004 on June 29, 2005

I wish I could sit down at a table with this fruit. I could use the money! Thinks he's a poker player he sucks! Pull a crackhead off any corner and they'd play better. The sad thing is Affleck is a better poker player than actor. That's pathetic.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

Can You Say Sucker?

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

Boston Sucks!!!!! And So Does Affleck!!!

Douche Bag Boyd on May 30, 2005

and probably he has earned and will earn more than any of us.. i dont think he cares about losing

intru on May 19, 2005

Boston sucks!

the smark on May 16, 2005

You should allow me to play in the WSOP with you because I have never once doubted you or your abilities to play the game. Besides it being a life long dream of mine, I know it's J-Lo's verticle smile that smells like taco. Now this is 50 words, EXACTLY!

midaph on May 14, 2005

Ben, while your at it... would you consider giving up your box seats for one Sox game in August? It would be for a little girl who's body is being consumed by tumors. The disorder is Neurofibromatosis. [url][/url]. We live in NY and she's the biggest Sox fan here. We'll be in Boston for med. appointments. Please help. I can't find tickets!!!

Janna75 on May 3, 2005

Holy ass-kissers Batman... Could you guys be bigger dickheads? Pucker up and deal.

hopper on May 2, 2005

It is more like sarcasism, if you don't have a clue, Hopper.

loser on May 2, 2005

you should buy my seat because im a die hard Republican , and i took offense to you campaigning for 2 sacks of chit, in the form of AL Gore & John Kerry. I also hate the Red Sox, and would probably use the money you gave me to undermine Ted kennedy.

buying my seat on April 30, 2005

Hey Ben no sob story from me just hope to get a shot a the title I am already going to be there but i can only afford to play in the smaller buyins hope to see you there good luck.

Randy Kelly fade master flex on April 30, 2005

A true reinassance man; the best in the everything that he does: poker, acting, etc. Temples should be built to honor this man.

loser on April 30, 2005

Just wanted to let Ben and Matt know that I love them both.They are both stars in my eyes.Making movies is what they are good at(poker is just a game some people take to seriously).

lauren on April 27, 2005

Worst poker player in the world. He can't play for shit. He has no idea what the hell he is doing and he needs to just stop playing the game. Because it is painful to watch his sorry ass play.

dirk diggler on April 18, 2005

Not true. He won that Commerce tourney, and that was a nice field of tough players.He played brilliantly heads up too, if you go online and read about it.I wish Ben had stared in Stuey, the Stu Ungar Story, AKA High Roller. He could have done a much better job than Sopranoes boy. Just my opinion though.

ryan brown on April 18, 2005

damn you people are friggin tools. enough with the sad stories and the self-righteous, do-gooder, camera-friendly-photo-op charity crap . if you have to rely on someone else to determine your destiny, then you are a sad sack of doo. count me out aflac.

too funny on April 17, 2005

You should buy the seat for me because I’m not going to kiss your ass like these other dicks. I’m a good player and I’ll give you a good game. If I win, you can keep the prize money. Use it for acting lessons or donate it to charity.

Patrick Hopper on April 16, 2005

Hello, Mr. Affleck, on my first and only trip to Las Vegas two years ago, I ran into trouble at the customs. They wouldn;t let me through as I had left my birth certificate in my old wallet that I gave to my father. I ended up going the next day but I had to pay for the trip there in order to catch up with my friends. I never did get to play poker when I was there as the smoke at the Flamingo Hotel was too much for me and my trip was also cut short an entire day as the trip there consisted of a stop in Toronto,which is actually going backwards from my hometown of Winnipeg. I saw you here a couple of years ago playing black jack at Club Regent Casino of Winnipeg, not that you haven't heard it a jillion times before but you were a highlight for the Casino. I am just a 42 year old regular guy with a simple life, I look after my father as many other people do, but I would be gracious and honoured to be your token Apprentice for a week at the 2005 WSOP!!Yours Truly, Vance D Brown of Winnipeg.

VanceDBrown on April 15, 2005

If I had a seat in the WSOP I would give out 99 percent of myself in shares to 99 of my friends. I might not win, but talk about having a cheering section and it would make a great movie if I won some cash, think Miracle on [email][/email]

ryan brown on April 15, 2005

That was 50 words exactly by the way, took me three hours was all. Peace!

ryan brown on April 15, 2005

My wife and I are expecting our first child later this year and my family will be my first priority so my chances of ever playing in the tournamnet have dwindled to nothing. A seat to any WSOP event would be a dream come true. 1/2 of my winnings would go to charity.

webmaster.opr on April 13, 2005

yo ben whats up iam a huge fan of yours and seen bascially everyone one of your movies go dazed and confused lol i been playin poker for a very long time and a trip too vegas would make my spring summer and year

hallowinz on April 12, 2005

Ben, I have a project that you would be great for, Its called THE OUTLAWS OF POKER benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 7 events, televised, 100k gauranteed per event and 25k per event to charity. 500 players, just your average "joes" The first event is June 18th I have the commitment from the casino I need your help with production.

briangooldy on April 11, 2005

Ben WSOP would be a dream come true. For about the last year and a half poker has become a passion for me but lack the funds to play in big tourneys. Good Luck 2 u and whoever u choose! PS props on all ur success,down with the haters!

wtsop1 on April 11, 2005

Ok Everyone, Play Time Is Over. Yalk All You Want It Doesn't Bother Me. Got One Question For You. Who Wants A Free Seat In The 2005 Wsop? I Am Playing And You Might Also. Tell Me Why I Should Give You The Money In 50 Words Or Less. Be Back April 17th To Pick The Winner. Good Luck, Ben

Ben Affleck on April 10, 2005

im from cambridge mass like ben and i know him pretty well his moms a teacher at a public grammar school and she is very nice. ben is a great guy, he comes in and helps his mom and hes a semi good poker player (i asked him once if he wanted to play heads up for $10. he declined) so quit hatin on him just cuz hes no phil ivey at the table and no denzel washington on the big screen. keep doin wat u do ben!!

ben rep cambridge kid on April 9, 2005

This loser has more money than all the poker players combined. he gets to a table and gets his ass spanked. Too bad i cant be the one spanking it if you know what i mean.

millions on April 2, 2005

i heard gili was the worst movie in the history of entertainment

Jetsfan315 on March 31, 2005

I am jealous. I can't get Ben in my dreams, for some reason I keep ending up cornholing Richard Simmons. Maybe I need professional help.

sammy the brick on March 22, 2005

I love the game! More people being involved will only help the game to continue to grow!! A celebrity that isn't above playing out in real world shows a lot of courage! Good luck in April!!

slick<speedway17 on March 10, 2005

best thing you ever did was drop j=lo sad cownever seen you play but have you ever played phil gordon?he's great and sexy

dawnydoo on March 9, 2005

Its true.... all of what you guys have said so far ( only the negative things ) are true... I am a shmuck that can't act and I am gay, plus I only won that tourney on the basis that I'm a lucky punk. Nevertheless... I still won!

Ben Affleck on February 28, 2005

Thank God, nobody knows who I am, so I can play like a bitch whitout reading about my self at a "RLB-Forum" on the internet..... Nevermind.. Allin..!!

RLB2205 on February 24, 2005

As far as acting skills go, I am ranked behind only Lorenzo Lame Ass (Lamas) and about 1,827 others.

Ben Affleck on February 18, 2005

Better Poker player than actor. Better hockey player than actor. Better bowler than actor. Better religious figure than actor. Better artist than actor. Better _____ than actor.

Vegas Mike on February 15, 2005

well i saw diffrent with my own eyes...i gotta admit i was a bit skeptical..but him winning a tourney in cali and watching him play at convinced,,this guy is a pretty good player

iveyfan05 on January 29, 2005

ben won about 40 k in the last weel playing holdem with josh arieh ,david willams,and eric lindgren...his handle is tryangle...pretty funny to watch the table the players were naming all of ben flop movies as they were playing...hes a pretty good player guy,,ask the pros

iveyfan05 on January 28, 2005

Have had the pleasure of meeting Ben at WPT tournaments; he's not only a nice guy, but a good player too.

janicecalif on January 27, 2005

Two bit, washed up, can't act to save my life geek.

hater on January 21, 2005

From what I've seen on this site, all it is is posting degrading people who have accomplished way more than the people writing about them. To DJNPA 30, you hit the nail on the head, most of the fools writing here are teenagers who have yet to play outside of the safety of the internet. The odds are good that no one here anytime soon will win 350K plus playing in a tournament, nor beat out 100 some odd players including Amir Vahedi and Stan Goldstein. There is no such thing as a player getting great cards or getting lucky for days at a time. To beat out a full field in a MTT, you have to possess skill. Give the man his props, he won, and deserves credit. To the fools posting degrading commentary, at least try and grow up and write sophisticated comments please. Spelling and correct grammar would help, including but not limited to typing "should" when you meant to say "showed". (Good job John from Sep 29th post.)

Adam S - ACSCashMoney on January 16, 2005

Affleck, you were da bomb in Phantoms!

Unregistered on January 12, 2005

This is funny. Reminds me of Jay and Silent Bob and Don't say all the movies are bad.

croseclr on January 9, 2005

well then you are the next ungar...whoops forgot sarcasm doesnt realter good over the net

Unregistered on December 20, 2004

Im a good poker player,really.Its as good as my acting.

Ben Affleck on December 19, 2004

everyone hates on this guy... prolly just jealous or insecure. he's on tv & big screens & shit, he got little poker credentials, but he does have them. he can do whatever the F he wants, he got money, he had some JLo ass, yall dont. haha....

hahahaha on December 14, 2004

I wish I had the money to play in the big tourneys like he does. I'm not that bad, 9 times out of 10 I go in with the best hand from the start and lose. I'm not bsing when I say that. Ben is an excellent player. You guys just say that he sucks at poker because he sucks at acting.

Chad on December 7, 2004

funny how guys can knock a 90 player tourney that paid REAL CASH and not internet play money...i gurantee 99% of the ppl that post inn here have never entered a real tourney outside the internet..until you do that how can you knock a guy that not only entered one but one it..i dislike this guy as well, hes a hack as an actor and hes a ego maniac , that being said he deserves a little cred ..he has done more in poker than most of the losers that come in here

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Well, I really dislike Ben Affleck, not only because of his ego and routine smugness, but also due to the fact that I genuinly believe he is the worst actor next to Steven Segal. Now with that out of the way, winning one of these $10000 buyin tourneys isn't a piece of cake, but isn't a stroke of poker genius either. Annie's coaching most likely helped Ben understand how to not play retarded all the time, but Ben's not a pro yet. If Ben can consistently play these tourneys and come in at a decent placing, then I'll give him credit for being an above average poker player. Currently, he's just an average poker player that ended up winning a 90 player tournament at the commerce casino.~PV

PokerVertigo on November 27, 2004

ben won a high stakes tourney..most of you guys play for play money and routinely get busted..until yiu have the stones to put your money in the middle against a real pro your b.s. opinions mean nothing...

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

hey ben if it is really you? what casino did you win the 100k and give it away?

nikunj on November 18, 2004

Smart man, that Ben. Got away from Jennifer ("Taco flavored kisses") Lopez and managed to find a new career. He'd be batting .1000 this year if he didn't have a hard-on for John Kerry. He won a big tournament so he's good I guess. Time will tell. If he gets himself involved with anymore cinematic bombs we may learn sooner than we thought since poker will be about all he can fall back on.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

I love this..This is great....I didnt know I was so popular...Happy Poker!!! And by the way, the last post is for real....Nikunj is a very nice guy...

Affleck.B on November 15, 2004

By the way, my IP address in these post is IAH, Bush Airport in Houston...Happy POker!!

Affleck.B on November 15, 2004

Hey, did any of you watch the World Series of Poker the other night? Annie Duke was talking about how she taught Ben to play. She mentioned that when she met Ben, he didn't know how to play worth anything, but now she is saying Ben Affleck is world-class. Could be that she was his teacher, I don't know for sure. All I know is that if Annie Duke says Ben is a good player, then he is.

Marina on November 12, 2004

You guys are dumb Ben Affleck is a multi millionare. He is very successful at being an actor. He went to a ivy league college with his best friend matt damon. He is also a sucessful screen writer. He actually made it to hollywood with his movie good will hunting whuch he actually wrote. How many of you guys have even a million dollars or even 10 thouasand dollars. If i were you make fun of people that are not sucessful. Ben Affleck has money now and wants to enjoy his life. He likes poker and plays poker for fun on his spare time. Let him do whatever you want. I dont think he cares about losing money or not. Once in vegas he won a 100 thousand dollars at just a regular table poker game and gave the money away to casino workers as tips.Charles Barkley sucks at golf, but he still plays it for fun. Dude once again he is a millionaire. If you say hes stupid then you can say Bill gates is stupid for not selling microsft before the or technology collapse. Leave the guy alone. I met him once when i was flying to Seattle on business. He was waiting where i was waiting is the first class section.

nikunj on November 12, 2004

ok lets put it this way.hes not very good yes he won a tourny but he wouldnt be able to do that if he didnt make all his money from acting.bc hes not good enough to start broke and build his way up.he started not to long i think he will get better and win a tourny or to more if he sticks with it.GOOD LUCK TO YA BEN

chips on November 5, 2004

im laffin at all this bs u guys r riting bout beniffer...leave the guy alone..if hes rich and wants to blow his money...let him...if he plays alot hes bound to win eventually...its for ego...he prolly dusn't have much game compared to the PROS but he'd prolly wip alot of u fricken losers!

dathief on November 2, 2004

He just proves what me and my buddy have been saying for awhile now. The game of hold em does not take long to learn, the more tourneys you play in the better your chances are of winning. Once you acquire the skills, you can compete with ANYONE, as long as you can come up with the money to play as Affleck obviously can. Bottom line: quit idolizing these bozos on tv. They are not the superstars that people perceive them to be.

wizardofoz on October 23, 2004

ben is a good poker player.what he proved in california meens that poker is anyone's game.i wish him all best and luck.

mario / mario17 on October 23, 2004

the pros love this guy cause they take his money. i could beat him at poker im not even joking. he didnt even win that celebery poker showdown thing. what a noobie.

what a fool on October 20, 2004

this guy is a fool. terrible actor and terrible poker player. top pros say he's a great player but that's just because he gave them all of his money and autographed headshots.

wentbeener on October 10, 2004

is it true that you and Annie Duke are an item?

eyesgottaknow on October 9, 2004

Don't Fk with the Affleck!

matt damon on October 1, 2004

played this loser at a casino, has 2 7 off suit, flop was JJK, i raised a tiny amoount, idiot folded, he should me what he folded, J 10, he said he didnt like his kicker, he is a god damn moron.

john. on September 28, 2004

Ben Affleck is dead money

Unregistered on September 22, 2004

yeah. The guys a moron and crap at everything. I mean.. pff. How many hollywood movies has he been in. 7??.. 8??. Paycheck?? Rubbish. He banged Jay lo.. so what. Who'd wanna? Won $356,000. I wouldn't get out of bed for that.See what I mean. He may not be Doyle Brunson but when any of you lot do what he's done then you can bitch.See what I mean. Any of you lot do these th

monkey on September 13, 2004

Hey Affleck, Good Luck brother lets see your face on the final table

Matt Big Daddy Leadley on September 13, 2004

Ive played with affleck a few times. All I can say is that he gets lucky sometimes, other than that, he is just an average poker player

Gus Hanson on September 12, 2004

Well, let's see: Would I rather be Ben Affleck, the Cali State Champ, with a Jenny Lopez notch on my bedpost? OR... some loser with nothing better to do than criticize Affleck on some website. Hmmm...that's a toughie. Look, whether the guy is good at poker or not, is irrelavent. If he's a good person, and from everything I hear, he is, then shut the **** up and find something better to. Poker has enough slimeball creeps in its ranks without adding to it. Don't believe me? Watch the WSOP...there's at least one classless punk at every table.

Evster64 on September 7, 2004

He won a big tourney and he had sex with one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Seems to me he has most of us beat cold.

bubbapug on September 1, 2004

its amazing how many vindictive jealous people there are on this site. You need to get a life.

J R on August 23, 2004

Well said, J R, well said.... :)

Marina on August 23, 2004

i agree, you guys spend so much time at complaining and telling how much he sucks. why dont you just improve on yours and let people who do play poorly figure it out for themselves

me. on August 21, 2004

I've been reading over most of these comments, and it seems to me that all the comments bashing Mr. Affleck don't give any real reason behind each comments' hostilities towards him. "Ben sucks at poker"... "Affleck's a fish"..."Matt Damon is better"... None of you give any cold hard facts nor have a real basis to back up your negative thoughts. While you're entitled to your opinions, keep in mind that there will always be better or worse players than Mr. Affleck, who by the way was good enough to win the California State Poker Championship, as stated by A. Jackson. Phil Gordon I believe has said that Mr. Affleck is a decent player, and, if Annie Duke has taken the time to teach Mr. Affleck how to play "real" poker, then she must see something good in him. Why can't most of you? I don't see or hear of any of you winning any state poker competitions let alone anything else.

Marina on August 20, 2004

ben sucks at poker so much

Ricky on August 19, 2004

(Get over it) you suck !!!!

artist on August 17, 2004

Leave him alone, you people are such losers yourself, your jealousy and lack of talent propel you to put down others. It's pathetic. Stop worrying about Afflecks game and start worrying about improving your own.

get over it on August 16, 2004

I play him last month the guy went all in on J5 os he lost what a loser

artist on August 15, 2004

Good to see a serious poker discussion! You guys are terrible. If the man wants to play poker it is his right to do so. If you spent as much time on your game as you do complaining, you would find yourself across the table from Affleck! And here I am wasting my time! I need to get back to my tourney!

Shaun. on August 14, 2004

I'm no Ben Affleck fan but jesus you people need to get off his nuts! How many bad players have you been up against? Do you sit around and talk about how bad they are? I don't even know if He's a bad player my estimation is he has to be pretty decent since hes being taught the game by Annie. Just because you hate his movies doesn't mean you have to be a critic to EVERYTHING the guy does. I don't even like his movies but you people are just pathetic.. GET A LIFE!

AcesLewy on August 11, 2004

Im Sure He Plays Poker Better Then He Acts Cause I Always Fall Asleep During his Movies Hopefully He Will Quit Acting And Donate Money To Hellmuth And Other Top Player

Quit Acting You Suck At It on August 1, 2004

Played with him last year and couldnt wait to get on a table with him again as he was playing loose. Then he met Annie Duke. The next time I played with him after she gave him lessons it was like he had been playing for years. Proves that if you want to learn and get the right teacher you can be the best. Now if he is on the table i say hello and keep walking. Thanks Annie u didn't have to teach him that much LOL..

shady on July 31, 2004

If you never played a hi stakes poker tourmenent you have no idea what it take to win one give the man his due cali champ

romanblue on July 30, 2004

Ok Lets See Here Calculate All The Times Hes Played Of Course Hes Finally Going To Win A Big Tourmenent He Plays All The Dam Time If I Had The Money To Play All The Time Id Win A Tourmenent Geezeeee. Lance Armstrong Won The Tour De France 6 Times In A Row I Bet No One Will Win The Wsop Final 6 Times In A Row Lol. Reality Check.

zman on July 28, 2004

Leave him the hell alone. If he wants to play poker let him play poker. He's won before and it's not like he's just playing because it shows that he has money to lose. He likes the game and that's a good enough reason to play.

Unregistered on July 25, 2004

He is great for the poker main stream. Glad he puts a legitimate spin on it.

Unregistered on July 19, 2004

matt damon is better

bens ok on July 17, 2004

I'd love to hear your stories sorry. I love hearing great poker stories if you got them. Though I don't know how I can prove I'm interested. I am interested is all I can honestly say.

curious on July 15, 2004

Affleck is and will always be a fish. The pro's rub their hands together when he strolls in. DEAD MONEY.

herman007 on July 14, 2004


james on July 8, 2004

hahaha what a dope.He's lucky he's rich otherwise he'd be sweeping up the casino instead of playing high stakes poker.

Roy Batty on July 8, 2004

I have played with himtwice, both times at foxwoods. Nice guy, bad player, man do I have some stories. Let me know if you are interested? Actually, prove to me you are interested, seeing as I don't know you and this is some interesting shit.

sorry on July 6, 2004

Have any of you actually played with him?

curious on July 4, 2004

Who cares if he is bad at poker?!?... at the end of the day, he is very rich, average enough at poker to make it to a final table and famous... come on guys! jealousy is not a good look on anyone... lol

Can't stand the guy but... on June 29, 2004

affleck is supposedly a very good poker player. hes been tutored by annie duke and use to be tutored by amir vahedi. they both say he is a world class player

tbone on June 29, 2004

if hes a world class player im stu ungar. By "tutored" annie means she took his money from him in high stakes ring games.

jeff on June 29, 2004

people let him win so the casino gets some good publicity, make no mistake, he is shit at poker

flush80 on June 28, 2004

He is the sexiest man alive. I love him and I want to marry him. Anyone know his e-mail address? Please.

poker kitten on June 28, 2004

Can you believe this guy won the Cali State poker championship? I guess he needs more money for those hair plugs.

I'm adam the moron on June 27, 2004

I can't figure out what's worse, his poker game or acting skills. Without Matt Damon this guy would never have had the bucks to give away in tourneys. His recent win out here only proves anybody can win.

herman007 on June 23, 2004

Ben has lost a lot of money playing poker. But a few days ago he won the California State Poker Championship, beating 90 other players. Among the players he beat were Stan Goldstein, Jimmy Tran, and Amir Vahedi. Ben Affleck won $356,400 in the championship and has qualified for the World Poker Tour Championship next April in Las Vegas.

A. Jackson on June 22, 2004

Loved him in Gilli.

civilian on June 21, 2004

this clown has probably lost more money playing poker than any of us will ever have. what a sucker.

jeff on June 20, 2004

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