Amir Vahedi

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1961, Amir Vahedi was a Southern California-based tournament professional.

Many people recognize him from the WSOP final table in 2003 where he had a considerable amount of chips until he went up against Sammy Farha in a key hand. Farha had a full house and slowplayed it nicely. Vahedi bet into Farha very strong in order to steal the pot but ended up losing a lot of his stack. Casual observers thought that he made a very stupid move, but this aggressive style is exactly what made him successful because his unpredictable style made him hard to read. It just didn't work out that time. This is exactly what skilled players talk about when they tell you that you need to be selectively aggressive in poker because aggressive that is badly-timed will hurt you. Vahedi said that he thought he made the right move because he would have had a good chance to win the whole tournament.

Sadly, Vahedi died due to possible complications from diabetes on January 8, 2010. He was 48 years old. His successful poker career included $3 million in lifetime tournament earnings, 9 WSOP cashes, and 1 WSOP bracelet in the 2003 No-Limit Hold'em $1,500 buy-in event. Vahedi was named no-limit Texas hold 'em player of the year in 2001. He is also known for teaching Ben Affleck how to play poker.


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I think Amir has skill, but he is an over-rated player for sure. As for the racist comments on here, they should be DELETED by the MODERATOR!

People, state your opinions about the player's approach to the game or his moves in the game, not where he comes from.

I have to say though, I thought the salad comment was funny, perhaps good eating habits for all of us are in order unless we want to wind up overweight.

Good luck at the tables people.

craftart2003 on May 22, 2009

Terrible player

SCripshow23 on August 6, 2008

Yo man! Not only is this guy a fat pig but he's a DONKEY at the table as well. Try a salad once in a while you tub.
Has this guy done anything since Sammy Farha knocked his ass out of the 2003 WSOP main event?
This guy just looks like he stinks of B.O!

bad_dog76 on January 2, 2007

fat pig

KO!!! on November 29, 2006

[quote=levi28] Amir Vahidi still plays. levi28 you need to go the worldpokertour

alan on August 22, 2006

this guy still play ?

Levi28 on October 11, 2005

amirava who, um....that comment just sucked dude, dont write on here anymore if your going to be that gay

Unregistered on August 16, 2005

I hear him and Fossilman are doing an ad campaign for plus+ sized adult diapers. Go back to selling used cars you lemon!

AmirVa who???? on August 15, 2005

Persian is the only version bitches Rock on Amir

woowhha on August 10, 2005

talk about a loser who cant play poker stick to making falashafels

loser on July 31, 2005

where can i get a game of poker in wales? There are no places that play the game

susan on July 30, 2005

Posted by: xashaire on Nov 24, 2004 - IP= plays at poker star,his name is xoskoleu actually believe thats amir. then how come he doesnt ever where any of his pokerstars shirts or anything.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

Check it - mad repeck for dis dude right here.

Ali G on July 19, 2005

he makes the other poker player mad so they go on tilt

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

amir is great for poker

loveland on July 8, 2005

I think he's a fine player and a great person. Very kind and funny.

sin city on June 7, 2005

Hey guys. I'm Iranian and I'am a pretty good poker player in Southern Cali. From what I saw at Commerce Casino, Amir is way too agressive, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Overal, I think he's a good player (even though I was baffled by his play against Sammy with the 2 4). As for all this terrorist bullshit people are posting, I think it's pretty shameful. I wish people can get along with each other, and not have to resort to racist point of views.

Ahmad18s on May 27, 2005

i think he used to sell cars actuallyi hear he is a great poker theorist, this from people who know what they are talking about. but i've played him a few times and i'm not sure if he's 'great' he's mega aggresive and unafraid to gamble, if he gets on tilt he plays real unsound

lord_vader on May 22, 2005

Amir looks a like a degenerate car salesman. This fat bastard will have a stroke during a tournament and all the players will shove his carcaus under the table and resume!!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane_Ivan on May 20, 2005

Part of poker is taking risks, and he's not afraid to. Also I love how people can come on here and talk shit, meanwhile you guys are all at home playing on party poker for play money and he's making final tables in the WSOP.

Andrew on May 2, 2005

Funny guy who seems to really enjoy poker. Too bad you can't escape the feeling when sitting across from him that he as a bomb strapped to his chest.

Funy guy on April 12, 2005

amir i love ur style: kill or be killed its quite entertaining 2 watch u even tho ur style prevents u from being in the phil ivey-howard lederer class

prizzle on April 9, 2005

Reference to his appearance on Battle of the Sexes. He's such a clown

Bad Beat on March 30, 2005

what are you talking about bad beat?

ZAM on March 19, 2005

Hello Kathy Liebert, hello ladies

Bad Beat on March 15, 2005

i dont think iveryfan has a life outside of this site

ZAM on February 25, 2005

i like amir, but i can never understand a word this guy is saying...

iveyfan05 on February 23, 2005

This guy is an Iranian brother that looks like Ninos at UC Davis. So don't hate and stop bringing up this nonsense about you beating him or vice-o-versa. In the WSOP, it is predominately luck and that's that. Where has Chan, Brunson, Helmuth, etc. been these last number of years in the main event?? I ain't hating on their game, I'm just saying you always see bad beats like McClain's vs. RAymer (pockets aces vs. tens) "the agony of defeat."

JoshArieh on February 21, 2005

he is a good guy

niceGuy on February 18, 2005

this guy is the best i love him hes so good hes the best i love poker i love iraq

blah on February 10, 2005

I guarantee any people who insult these great poker pros do not make a living playing poker your the people that make these poker pros rich. Remember your talking about them know ones talking about you I wonder why.

Unregistered on February 2, 2005

that was hasan habib eating pad thai...

Moron on January 29, 2005

Funniest thing I've ever seen. This dude is at the bellagio, stuffing pork pad thai down his throat like there was no friggin tommorrow. Washed all down with a Coke.

Unregistered on January 27, 2005

busted out karina jett in the battle of the sexes....great player, just cant understand a word this guy says during interviews.....

iveyfan05 on January 21, 2005

The reason you did not see Amir around this year was he lost his major backer who was Phil Hellmuth.One of the reasons Phil dropped him was his over the top bluffs in the 2003 WSOP.

beanbag on December 30, 2004

I've sat across the table from Amir many times and he always makes me laugh. If you get a chance to sit with him it's worth your time.

Wild Turkey on December 25, 2004

Funny how everyone goes on here and sh1ts on all these pros.

Ed. on December 17, 2004

great tournament player but is too overagressive. haven't heard a peep from him this year

brill on December 2, 2004

he plays at poker star,his name is xoskole

xashaire on November 23, 2004

does he play online ? if so what site and name?

beano on November 16, 2004

I haven't had the opportunity to play against Amir but have seen him around and am told he is a really nice guy. From observing his play I think he could do so much better if he wasn't so emotional. But, if he's enjoying himself then more power to him.

slvsc2 on November 15, 2004

I've played against Amir on pokerstars... He was quite good, heh I took all his money when I had pocket 10's and he went all in... but he was good... Caught me on my bluffs, folded when I had the nuts. Look forward to watching you play on the next WSOP. All these degenerates posting random flames on here, seriously people, get a life...

PokerVertigo on November 10, 2004

Amir, so I have witnessed, seems to be a great player, but a very poor sport.

Chad on November 2, 2004

I played with Amir in a small satellite tournament... and he is a funny guy. He also was appropriate around my girlfriend (a player at the Bike), which is rare for male card players. Good luck in the future Amir.

Scuba_Groves on October 26, 2004

so many people here can't spell and have bad grammar. Some don't even know which word to use at the appropriate time.

ugh on September 20, 2004

You rock, love your attitude and play.

Sam on September 19, 2004

Amir is like any other "good" poker player ... his flaw is his emotional and irrational decision making. He does not know how to swallow is pride ... he vents after mistake making ... he is human, he is a poker addict and he will win some and lose some.

Bruce Bowen on September 10, 2004

He Played Stupid In The Wsop In 2003!!!!!!!!!..there Was No Excuse For Him To Do That Nonsense..he Should Have Finished Much Better....if U Want To Be On My Show Amir, U Know Who To Call

Dr. Phil on September 6, 2004

Your really good and I think that you and I play a lot alike maybe we should get together and play a tourney

Dmitri a.k.a. pocket mongrel on September 3, 2004

he's a good dancer

Dyreekio on September 2, 2004

Amir is a great poker player. I am pretty sure he would be able to rob all of us blind with no problem. Until one of you get to the final table of a WSOP event, you have no right to talk. So STFU.

king Michael on August 17, 2004

what are you talking about, he is a great player, how many tournaments do you guys seen him play?? WSOP 2003 ??? only?? you cant play well all the time..if you think like that phil hellmutth is an awful player..

haffe on August 15, 2004

JSP your an idoit if you think your as good as amir stick to online poker at JSP the #1 site for fish anyone can win at that site

JSP You Suck on July 30, 2004

sorry I spelled your name wrong go for it I like your play

casey on July 25, 2004

To everyone that has a problem with my friend amir you listen one plays amazing every time if you are true poker players you would know that you cant win every tournament there are a lot of great players out there and amir is still one of them and has been for start practicing and then when you get invited by sponsors to play for free in the world poker tournament then i will listen to what you have to say ....until then shut the FU** UP you mouthy little pricks

Sarah on July 19, 2004

What were you thinking last year. At the final table of the wsop in 2003 you played awful.. Im surprised that you are called a professional..

MarkDoh on July 13, 2004

so good last year so average this year what happened?

robert on July 10, 2004

Amir you are a talented poker player but youll never win bluffing like u did in the 2003 wsop

Scotty2Hotty on July 6, 2004

Anir youre a horrible bluffer.They read you like a book. Take that out of your game and youll win more.

Bob on July 5, 2004

Amir has not done much this year do to the fact,that Phil Hellmuth is not backing him any more.Phil pulled the plug on him just before the world series.

splat on July 2, 2004

WTG Amir, it's very easy for many of you to talk smack but the bottom line is, he is an official pro and you r not. :-)

KM. on June 13, 2004

hey amir if you ever go on this site, i need to know what hand you had when you raised me 8500 on a hand pre flop after i raised 2k at the commerce club? call me

ben affleck on June 13, 2004

I have seen Amir play, and he is an unpredictable all around great player. But it seems he has the same problem that I do, sometimes u just get too impatient with seeing shitty cards, that u just want to play those shitty cards. I have seen Amir play a lot of crap cards and I say to myself, why the hell does he do it? and then I realize I do the same thing.

GZZuS on June 12, 2004

Amir, pray you don't get caught up in a pot with me someday. I will own you just like the rest. I am the up'n'comer from TN and I dominate all!

JSP from Cleveland Tennessee on May 30, 2004

Finally a solid poker player from the middle east. Can I hook you up with my grandma?

ibizakitty on May 17, 2004

I have met Amir many times and spoke w/ him at the WSOP and he is a great guy. He not a jerk like a lot of these "Poker Stars", he's down-to-earth and he keeps it real.

HorseshoeChick on May 8, 2004

nate shut up, he's one of the best out there and his shirt is tizite

the real truth on May 2, 2004

Amir, I dislike you like no other. Knock the ego back a few, and buy some real shirts you cheap shmuck. You look like a vagabond.

Nate71 on April 26, 2004

Looks like Cheech Marins brother.Plays like Stevie Wonder.

Roy Batty on April 2, 2004

this guy is a total loser degenerate video poker addict

thetruth on March 25, 2004

this guy smokes his players more than he does his cigar

Grom on March 2, 2004

hahah this is hillarious.. im iranian and i play the same way.. its been good for me ive been winning... and mr. i am so cool u shouldnt talk buddy he plays the game w/emotion because he loves the game.. dont shit on him for loving the game

Nimrod on February 28, 2004

amir is obviously a good player since he was at the final table at the WSOP, but on occasion, he tries to make too much happen. Which eventually lost him about 1.5 mil in 2 hands

dbmc7 on February 24, 2004 you win a pot and you cheer...Big deal. Last time I looked its playing poker, not playing football

I am so cool on February 23, 2004

amir your a good player and i love watching u play. i hope i can sit next to u in a tourny like my friend did and get some pointers from u .thanks nick

nicky baby on February 17, 2004

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