4 Things You Should NEVER Do in Poker

There is without a doubt and any argument that poker is one of the most popular casino games. If you want to see where the highest of the high rollers are gathered around, go ask where the table of poker is and that is where you can find these big-shot people. Poker is also one of the casino games that is not purely about luck and chance, as you can employ several strategies and techniques that can at least help you increase your odds of winning, if not ensure it entirely. With all these things being said, emotions can run high--sometimes even unnecessarily high--in some intense games of poker. When that happens, some people tend to throw away good manners off the table right away.

However, that should never be the case. Regardless if you are playing poker in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino, there are unwritten poker rules and etiquette that every player must adhere to. To help you keep class and composure even under pressure, here are some of the things you must never do at a poker table.

Trash talking

This is a definite “must not do it” type of behavior not only in poker but in all kinds of gaming. Trash talking is throwing unnecessary comments and insults towards your fellow player for several reasons. Some do it if they lose to a player, some even do it even after winning against a player. Not only trash-talking ruins the game, but it also goes against one of the major reasons why people go and play casino games: to be entertained and to have fun.

There is nothing fun and entertaining about trash talking.

Angle shooting

The term “angle shooting” refers to when someone makes all the effort s to try and have a look at the cards of the opponent. There are several ways one can try to do this. It can be done by faking a stretch and elan on a chair and then darting the eyes quickly, faking a slip or a scratch, or by taking the attention of a fellow player by talking to them seemingly casually. Some people even go as far as obviously bringing other players’ attention to another thing or direction to try to angle shoot.

Regardless of how it is done, angle shooting is a very unprofessional and very unethical thing to do. Some even consider it cheating already and depending on the policies of the casino that you on, you can get kicked off of the table if you are proven to be pulling this sneaky move on other players.

Showing your hand to other people

Remember this: no professional poker player will ever show their hand to their opponent. No matter how good or bad it is, and no matter what the purpose may be, showing the hand to another player only proves that one sees a newbie to the game and has no idea how to play poker properly.

Arguing with the dealer

Sometimes, when the game gets too tense, an unruly player may need up razing a voice and arguing with the dealer. This may be for several reasons--from accusations of cheating to demands and objections that do not make any sense at all. While it can also happen that a dealer is at fault but most of the time, situations like this is just a case of an unruly player.

There is no excuse for this. Any player who creates a scene in a casino is bound to be kicked out of the table and worse, out of the establishment.