A Guide for Online Poker Players Joining the World of Online Slots

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Just as poker tables and slot machines can be found under the same roof in classic land-based casinos, the two games are often located just a click away from one another at an online casino. While the two games have clear differences in terms of aesthetics and gameplay, there is plenty for poker players to enjoy in the world of online slots.

After all, the biggest selling point of online slots is the diversity of their themes. Many online poker games adopt similar themes, with the game usually presented in quite a streamlined fashion. That’s not a bad thing; the nature of poker is already complex, so players may not want to be distracted by an animation at a crucial juncture of the match.

With slots, the strategic element of gaming is taken out of the player’s hands to a certain extent. Once the stake has been set and the spin button has been pressed, there is nothing a player can do other than sit back and wait for the reels to settle. The simplicity of the gameplay means that the game developer can afford to be more creative in implementing themes.

Types of slots

Before you get into the business of choosing a slot for its theme, it is important to be aware of the differences between types of game. Just as you wouldn’t go blind into a poker game without knowing whether it’s no-limit hold ‘em or Omaha hi/lo, it is vital to check the type of slot.

Players will find different levels of enjoyment in different game formats, so make sure you’re familiar with these variations of online slots before diving in.

  • classic slots – these games with single paylines are the type you might find in the corner of a bar, but some online slots adopt this style for nostalgic reasons
  • multiple payline slots – as the name suggest, these slots have many paylines and therefore give players more winning combinations on the reels
  • video slots – computing technology has taken this to the next level, as video slots can now use graphically stunning introductions and detailed cutscenes to enhance the gameplay
  • progressive jackpots – these slots are those looking for a higher risk with a higher reward, as progressive jackpots can build to the kind of substantial totals you could win at a prestigious poker tournament

Choose your slot

Once you have decided on your preferred type of slot, you can now focus on what type of theme works best for you. Some slots introduce original characters or mythical worlds that host the reels, while other slots take direct inspiration from television shows or movies to deliver a game full of licensed images.

Slots are very different from poker in that there are always countless new slots being developed. Companies find new ways to spin the classic formula of a slot machine, whether that is through the addition of distinctive bonus rounds or through a theme that is based on a current trend.

Slots released in 2019

To give you an indication of what slot developers are managing to conceive in 2019, here are a few of the finest slots released this year:

Dead or Alive II

NetEnt are one of the names that newbies in the business of online slots will want to learn quickly. The Swedish slot developer produce some of the most innovative online slots that are often akin to a console game. The sequel to the popular Dead or Alive slot is no different, with its rich visuals and hefty prize ticking all the boxes for aspiring slot players.

Village People Macho Moves

Microgaming is another heavyweight in the industry, with this slot demonstrative of just how distinctive the themes of games can be. This Village People slot has an atmosphere reminiscent of the 70s disco scene, while each member of the Village People emerges to unlock a unique Macho Move bonus feature.


This classic game is cherished by a certain generation of football fans, but Subbuteo has been brought into the 21st century with a slot from Betdigital. The slot pays homage to the legendary table-top game and definitively proves that not all slots have to be based on the newest trends. The power of nostalgia is what draws many people to slots in the first place.

Use your poker skills

That is a basic overview of how slots work and what slots are available, but there are also techniques that you can take from online poker into this reel-based game.

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  • Create a staking plan – just as you would start a poker game with a set budget, decide on an amount to invest in slots and choose a consistent stake that is a fixed proportion of your bankroll
  • Don’t tilt – keeping a cool head is crucial in both slots and poker, as you cannot let your strategy be dictated by a winning or losing streak
  • Know your odds – remain aware of your chances of success, as this will help you to manage your bankroll and avoid letting emotions take over

Poker players already have most of the skills that slot players require, despite the very different game formats. The stark contrast between poker and slots can be an advantage. If a poker game hasn't gone well, slots can provide a pleasant change of pace.