Could Live Online Bingo Become a Thing

"Bingo-Balls" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by digby fire dept

There’s no question about it that online bingo has been one of the big success stories of the last couple of decades. Who would have thought that such a simple kind of game would capture players’ imaginations quite so much, and we would see such a huge number of sites appearing online?

After all, even though the game did have a heyday in the UK in the 1960s, there had been a steady decline in interest over the years leaving many magnificent art deco bingo halls to fall into decay or become repurposed.

But it turned out that the appetite for the game is still very much present, along with the desire for novelty. If the online gambling world has learnt anything in its relatively short life, it’s that it’s the new that keeps things interesting for players. This is largely why the “live” online casino was launched as soon as the tech to deliver it became available.

Going live

"Bingo-Balls" (CC BY 2.0) by Matt From London

So, now some people are wondering if the same live experience could be put to good use on bingo sites.

Just think, in place of the online casino’s dealer the live games would have a charismatic and entertaining caller to announce the numbers as well as to indulge in the traditional banter. And, just as there are chat rooms in the live casino and online bingo sites, these would allow for even more communication between players and the dealer.

In terms of how the game could be played, that would be very straightforward too. It would just take the click of a button whenever a player’s number comes up, or it could simply be done automatically as the number is called. Then the game would simply stop once a card had been filled in and a winner announced.

It’s also easy to imagine how appealing a feature live online bingo would if it was also listed on somewhere like Best New Bingo Sites, along with the various bonuses and other incentives that this shows to entice new players. It could even have a section dedicated to online bingo sites that offer the live game.

Making it happen

Naturally, there would be a few practical considerations to take into account. These would include restricting the number of players in some games if they weren’t to be over too quickly, and also possibly changing some of the traditional bingo lingo used by callers.

It just seems that expressions like “two fat ladies, 88” and “droopy drawers, 44” aren’t quite in keeping with these more PC times. But it’s pretty certain that alternatives could be found that could still be fun but a little less contentious.

The rise of virtual reality could also come into play in making these games even more involving and could mean games could take place in some pretty stunning virtual locations.

So, let’s keep on the lookout to see which, if any, online bingo site is first to make this great leap forward into the past, and how successful it turns out to be for them.