From Equipment to Prizes: Hosting your Own Bingo Game

Bingo was once reserved for old folks in retirement homes but, in recent years, itís seen a surge in popularity. As well as visiting online bingo sites, people are also flocking to bingo halls to play with friends on nights out. If youíve hosted a home poker game and are looking to try something different, hosting your own bingo night could be the way to go.

What is Bingo?

If youíre not sure how to play bingo, donít worry. One of the reasons itís proving to be so successful is how easy it is to play. People young and old can play it, and the amount of websites that offer a bingo loyalty program or something similar just proves how much people love it.

It has many other names, including lotto, keno, and housy-housy, but bingo is the most popular, and everyone playing has a card with random numbers on it. Someone calls out numbers and, if it matches one on the card, the player crosses it off. The winnerís the first person to cross off all their numbers - or in other words, to get a full house.

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The Equipment

You can get bingo cards online, but you could also make them yourself - a bingo card is only a grid with a series of numbers on it, after all. You could even save yourself time by drawing blank grids and asking everyone to fill them in with their lucky numbers.

Next, youíll need pens for people to cross their numbers off. Youíll also need a way of deciding which numbers to call out. Itís traditionally done with numbered balls popping out of a machine, or pulling numbered tiles out of a bag. If you donít have those lying around, you could find a random number generator online.

The Bingo Caller

Whoeverís chosen to do this has the most important task; keeping everyone entertained while reading numbers (itís so important that you can even attend a bingo-calling course). There are traditional calls for all of the numbers, such as Ďtwo little ducksí for 22, but you can make up your own calls that are more personal for you and the rest of the players. If no oneís willing to call out the numbers, you can set up the random number generator on a screen.

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Change Things Up

The aim of the game is to cross off all of your numbers, but that can take a while. People who get a line or all four corners usually win a prize, and you can also make up your own prizes. For example, you could give a prize to the first person to cross off a specific number or pattern, or to the table that crosses off the most numbers.

The Prizes

Last but not least Ė the prizes. Everyone wants one, after all. While the biggest prizes go to the people who get a full house, you should have smaller awards for the people who get all the corners. They donít have to be big prizes Ė even just a chocolate bar will do.

Now you know everything there is to know about running a bingo night, so thereís nothing stopping you from giving it a go, and finding out why so many people are playing it.