How Casino Themes Thrive in Entertainment

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The entertainment industry is a vast landscape with so many different sectors. These constantly change, expand and multiply as time and trends go by. But they’re also known to collaborate, like music in movies and famous actors appearing in video games. In the same way, elements of the casino world are often linked to pop culture. TV shows, movies and games will either incorporate Las Vegas casinos and features or slot game developers will create themed titles. And audiences love it. Molly’s Game (2017) was not the best casino-themed movie, but looking at its worldwide box office, it still made $53,296,424. People enjoy entertainment rich in flare and suspense, as well as cultural and popular references. There's a noticeable fluctuation, however, in how much producers indulge these tastes.

Poker Comes and Goes

Whether on the big, small or computer screen, poker is the most played casino game. Movies like Maverick (1994), Rounders (1998) and Casino Royale (2006) masterfully delivered its allure to hooked audiences. There are video games, like Fallout: New Vegas and Far Cry 3, that have poker as part of the gameplay. But poker-related productions have died out in the past decade to be replaced now and then by blackjack, roulette and more generalized casino themes.

Poker scenes in TV shows have had a better time. We can always laugh at memorable poker home games from classic shows, like Only Fools and Horses and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Newer hit shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Office US, and Peep Show) have not neglected to include hilarious poker moments of their own. The appeal of poker remains. The problem may be in coming up with an original idea instead of repeating the plots of previous productions.

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Slots Branch Out

While slot games are given less attention in movies and shows, they do sometimes grab the limelight in their mechanical form. There’s Phoebe’s troubles with an elderly lurker in Friends and Marge’s discovery of slot machines in The Simpsons. They make random appearances in Ocean’s Eleven and 21, but that’s all there is to their 15 minutes of fame.

Gaming, on the other hand, shows greater appreciation for slots. A large part of online casinos’ success is owed to slot games, with their widespread compatibility with most devices already ensured. People visit websites listing such casinos to not only choose slots with the best payouts, but also the best experience, with such examples as the Tomb Raider and Iron Man 2 slots designed to promise the vivid entertainment associated with their cinematic and video game namesakes.

Casinos Remain

No matter how much specific games lose and reclaim their luster, the overall casino theme perseveres through its good relationship with the rest of the entertainment industry. The numerous examples above show that there’s still a market for it. However, this is of no surprise as the public seems receptive to funny poker scenes or breaks from video game plots for casual poker action. The popularity of online slots is further evidence of the close attention producers pay to consumer opinions and fashions (beloved heroes, music, concepts and more) in order to constantly upgrade the entertainment value of their products.