How Online Casinos in the USA Accommodate Tech-Savvy Clients


It took a global pandemic and unprecedented lockdowns across the country for many casino lovers to appreciate the importance of online gaming. Fortunately, the online casino sector held the line and proved the Las Vegas experience could be enjoyed right at the comfort of our homes.

Even as the United States wallows through the aftermath of the deadliest pandemic of our times, the gaming industry still seeks to impress its diverse tech-savvy clientele by providing bespoke experiences through online casinos.

Supportive state laws

Before we delve into more details, it would be inappropriately unfair not to mention the legislatorsí efforts in developing a supportive environment for online gambling.

In the past few years, many states across the United States have worked overtime to remove unnecessary red tape from the online gaming sector. This move has led to an increase in the number of people engaging in online gaming.

Why take a flight to Sin City if you can do it from your computer? All you need is to check for great USA online casinos in your state. For reference, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia are the only states that license and regulate all forms of online gambling in the country.

Impressive technology

Online gaming would be impossible without contemporary technology. The technology provides faster payment options, real-time playing updates, and secure online systems free of manipulation.

This is where our tech-savvy gamblers come in. Many online casinos have invested in the best technologies available to accommodate all gamblers and enhance their user experience. If you donít believe it, keep up!

Cryptocurrency payment options

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have provided an easier payment option to tech gurus who donít like leaving traces behind.

Well, cryptocurrencies, unlike the dollar and other fiat currencies, offers complete anonymity in its transactions. This means the transaction cannot be tracked and spied upon by State agencies and hackers. Additionally, the currency carries a total lack of commission, and where it does, it is a minimum.

The national authorities cannot tax cryptocurrencies since it is not a fiat currency, and the crypto wallet cannot be frozen. For this reason, the currency is a viable payment option where online casinos are banned.

Another impressive aspect of cryptocurrencies is the faster processing of related transactions. Unlike wire transfers, which take up to 5 business days, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which approves the transaction through an encrypted server, and it typically takes a short time.

Indeed, cryptocurrencies not only encourage tech-savvy clients to invest on online casinos but improves the online gaming sector at large.

Use of Radio Frequency ID

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags are being placed on chips in casinos to verify the authenticity of each chip. In case of theft, the RFID tags can be used to deactivate the stolen chips and retrieve their monetary value. Hence the chip loses its value.

During the heist at the Casino Bellagio in Las Vegas, where chips worth the US $1.5 Million were stolen, the RFID technology was used to deactivate the chips, and the casino managers were able to retain the value of the stolen chips.

Use of Near Field Technology (NFC)

Near field, technology is used to deliver personal and targeted marketing by using detectors near you. The technology is based on a modified RFID which is compatible with smartphones. It uses facial recognition technology, retina scan technology coupled with Bluetooth, telecommunications, and Wi-Fi services on your phone.

How does NFC work? Well, facial recognition and retina scan technologies identify specific players within the casinos. It then uses AI technology to connect to their mobile phones through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections, passing personified marketing messages.

While many casinos have not implemented NFC pushed marketing strategies, they have used the technology for contactless payments, file sharing between multiple devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, and secure entry IDs.

Despite being in its early stages of adoption, NFC seeks to accommodate tech-savvy players who love to play around with automated AI services.


The eSports industry has grown exponentially in the past few years, hitting a $30 billion worth in the 2019 fiscal year. The sport provides players an opportunity to gamble on online sports or take part in the game as players.

However, the eSports industry has been heavily hit by match-fixing fraudulent activities, something which discourages many casinos from adopting the technologies. Esports is a technological game and suits tech savvy players.

Virtual Reality Technology

Back in the late 2000s, Virtual Reality headsets made their debut into the market, and it blew gamersí minds across the globe.

Today, the technology that cost a fortune back then is available at affordable prices, and some online casinos have been quick to utilize it to satisfy their tech-savvy clientele, with Slots Million casino being the first casino to embrace VR technology with games such as NetEnt and PokerStars VR.

VR offers the most immersive gambling experience that rivals going to a physical casino. No more pressing buttons as you can open and close slot machines virtually with motion controllers.

Furthermore, virtual reality allows you to take a virtual walk around the casino with automated volume adjustment depending on your distance from other characters and head movements have replaced mouse movements. VR is the way to go!

Live Dealer Online Games

Online live dealer games bring back the human element in virtual games. The impressive technology allows players to interact with real dealers, mostly based in a casino, and other players online.

The gameís layout allows you to see other players on your gadget. Additionally, the game will enable you to join physical games virtually through the casinoís website. You will interact with players in the casino at the comfort of your home.


MMOs casinos do not offer real money games and provide a distraction and learning opportunities for new and tech-savvy gamers. The Four Kings Casino and Slot provides the best 3D gaming graphics, player customization, and a huge virtual casino for its players. The casinos have outfit bingos and hangout areas, all virtual.


Online casinos in the United States have fully catered to its tech-savvy customers, which indicate how the industry seeks to accommodate players of all tastes. The industry is still at it fledgling stages and with advancement in technology, it is expected to be worth $71 billion by 2023.