How the Gambling Industry is Affected by the 2019

How the Gambling Industry is Affected by the 2019

Over a hundred countries are now affected by the threat of the 2019. Many industries are forced to hit the pause button as governments all over the world find ways to contain the virus.

The gambling industry is hit hard by this virus as many land-based casinos and sportsbooks are forced to temporarily close their doors to potentially save lives. Now, even if the closure of many casinos all around the world is only temporary, experts say that this still has a huge impact on the industry.

The global gambling market would lose billions of dollars with the closure of many land casinos and bookmakers. What could be the saving grace of the industry, however, are online casinos and bookmakers like 22Bet.

Before the pandemic, online casinos were expected to continuously and significantly grow at least until 2025. This can be boosted in the next few weeks since itís mainly the option that people have right now as they stay in their homes.

The sports betting sector of the gambling industry is really whatís mainly affected by everything thatís happening. Since the start of March, sports events were getting canceled and two to three weeks in, the biggest major leagues have announced the postponement of their upcoming games.

Big sports events like the NBA, the English Premier League, the MBL, the Olympics, and the Indian Premier League have all been either canceled or postponed. Since then, the sports betting industry has been struggling.

Betting sites these days donít have as much booked events as they usually have. However, many of them still chose to continuously operate to be able to remain in business in the next few weeks and still be able to keep their employees.

Even if there is a lack of sports events that they can offer to their customers, they still find ways to make things interesting and to have more on the menu. Online bookmakers are now getting creative when it comes to this.

Some of these bookmakers would now accept bets on weather forecasts. This means that you get to guess the weather or temperature in different cities the next day. Some bookies are accepting bets on other non-sports-related events. You can now wager on the outcome of a TV show like The Voice and American Idol.

If youíre more interested in politics, then this is also something that you can wager on these days. Some sites accepted bets on the results of the election. You can even bet on which words US President Donald Trump would say the most on his next speech about coronavirus.

Speaking of virus, there are also odds on events related to this. Russia, in particular, has two bookmakers offering odds on when Moscow will be on lockdown and when buckwheat shortage will be a problem to their local stores.

All these may sound silly and even crazy to some people. However, bookmakers see that offering these odds is an effective way to still get the attention of many people and to remain in business. People are actually wagering on these events right now.

There still are sports events that you can wager on but these are not really as big as the sports events people would usually wager on. William Hill, for example, still has odds for sports like tennis, cycling, and boxing. Some bookmakers would even offer odds on Japanese sumo wrestling. For now, these are just really the options that punters have at least until the major sports events are back on again.

If you just donít feel like wagering on any of those, then you can always just choose to play real money casino games. Many bookmakers do have casino games on their apps or websites. Playing online games could be one of the best things to do to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine or lockdown period. Itís safe and could even be a social activity while practicing physical distancing.

Since sports events have been canceled, online casino operators have already started to experience a spike in their traffic and it is expected that more people will be going online to play casino games in the next few weeks.

Now, with all that, itís easy to say that online casinos would thrive in the next few weeks. However, this can only last for a few months and most likely wonít thrive if the lockdown in different countries would keep on getting extended. A few weeks from now, people will eventually be short on cash and this may force them to cut down on non-essential spending including gambling.