How to Find the USA’s Best PayPal Casino Sites


So, you live in a state where online casinos are legal? You’re in luck. Most jurisdictions have been legalizing online sports betting left, right and center. But only a handful of states allow you to play slots, blackjack and roulette legally.

Many of these states have casinos that accept a decent variety of payment options, including PayPal. How do you find the right operator for you? For starters, list all the PayPal casinos in your state. Then choose the best one using the criteria below.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews help you find valuable guidance from experts or people who’ve used a casino before you. And in doing so, they make your research work easy. Another reason to read reviews is to ascertain the reliable of a casino site.

You want to confirm the company pays out to winners consistently. Or you want a testimonial from someone who’ve played a website’s games and found them fair, exciting and potentially profitable.

One review site,, does more than compare the USA’s best PayPal Casino Sites. It also explains what each operator is best used for—slots, recommended for high rollers, finding bonuses or fastest withdrawals.

That said, look beyond extremely positive or negative reviews. Read guides from people that tell you the strengths and weaknesses of a casino. That way, you’ll have realistic expectations when you create an account.

Provides a Full Range of Games

The best PayPal casinos have a wide range of games, from slots and bingo to poker and baccarat. What’s more, they compile games from different software providers, increasing variety even further.

The reason casinos need many games is that it spices gameplay. Today, you might want to play the James Bond slot. Tomorrow, you might wake up feeling interested in the Game of Thrones game.

When you think about it, game variety could also help increase your win rate. That’s because you can discover loose slots or card games with a low house advantage.

Flexible Payment Policies

The goal isn’t just to find a PayPal casino. Payment policies are important too—deposit and withdrawal limits, fees and bonuses. To expound more, the best PayPal casino sites let you top-up as little as $10 to as much as $10,000.

For clarity, they don’t charge deposit fees. Instead, they welcome you with a bonus—free spins or money to play slots and card games. When it comes to withdrawals, they process your payments within a day or two, even for large withdrawals.

Quick tip: Don’t take a casino’s word about payment speeds. Read reviews to discover players’ experiences. If people ascertain they cash out within a couple of hours or days, then it’s a fast-payout website.

Security and Safety Features

If you’re like many people, you care about online safety. You like companies that protect your data and funds. Against that backdrop, take time to find a casino that cares about online safety as much as you do.

Start by looking for a valid license number. For New Jersey Casinos, the licensing is provided by the Department of Gaming Enforcement. In Pennsylvania, the Gaming Control Board regulates remote gaming websites.

Licensing aside, check security features like SSL encryption and password protection. These are basic features, meaning every genuine casino will have them. However, you could read privacy policies to confirm if your data is collected for the right reasons. And that it’s protected.

Another vital security feature to check is Two-Factor Authentication. It adds an extra layer of protection besides your password. Precisely, you must enter a pass code sent to your email address or phone number to log into your account.

Bonuses and Promotions

PayPal qualifies for bonuses and promotions at many casinos in the US. Don’t settle for a site that doesn’t give you betting incentives. The best operators welcome you with either of two offers:

  • No deposit bonus
  • First deposit bonus

The first option means a handful of free spins on a popular sport or $20 to use on your favorite games. You only need an account to claim a no deposit bonus, which makes it one of the easiest offers to find.

The section option involves a bonus after you make your first deposit. The minimum amount required is $10 or $20. Many casinos match your money 100% so that $20 becomes $40 or $100 turns into a $200 bankroll.

Promotions are mainly offered to loyal customers. For example, you could get a bonus every time you fund your account on weekdays. Or you could receive points you can redeem afterwards.

Increasingly, many casinos are providing bonuses in the form of gamification. They have tournaments, missions to unlock trophies and quests on new slots. These rewards encourage players to compete for bonuses in an exciting way.

Supports Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the most convenient way to play casino games. Think about it. You’re not limited to your home desktop computer. And you don’t have to carry your laptop and charger around when you leave your house.

Instead, you can use your iPhone to play roulette or bingo while on a flight, the subway or cruise ship. The best PayPal casinos support mobile gaming through native apps and mobile websites.

So, if you don’t like to fill your phone with apps, you can log to your casino account through a mobile browser like Safari or Google Chrome. In many cases, you can’t notice the difference between playing games on your iPhone compared to your computer.

The only difference is the screen size. Also, some classic slots designed pre-smartphones might not play on your mobile device. Otherwise, most games run on iOS and Android devices smoothly.

Your Turn

Good PayPal casinos are hard to find. But with the right criteria, you can find a reliable website. Reading reviews is the easiest way to find top-ranked operators. If you have the time, though, take time to evaluate several companies before you choose the right one. You could even join two or more casino sites—creating an account is free anyways.