How to Get a Job in the iGaming Industry in 2020

The iGaming industry represents one of the fastest-growing and prosperous of recent years. The skills needed in the industry range from intense creativity to problem-solving, business acumen to number crunching. As such, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular industry among job seekers and one where candidates can really try to stand out from the rest. With so much encompassed under the banner of iGaming, it can be difficult to know exactly how to get involved. What can you do to get a job in the iGaming industry?

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What Kind of Jobs Are There in iGaming?

Like most industries, iGaming represents the entire breadth of jobs – from corporate ones such as those in marketing and HR to creative ones like software development and graphic design. Products, such as cutting-edge slot games, will be manufactured by software developers, but they will also have input from marketing departments. The games will be based on a wider analysis of the industry, competitor research, and information based around what players might want to engage with.

With some companies producing hundreds of games per year, a lot of talent is needed. The corporate aspects of the business will ensure that internal comms run smoothly, that the personnel are catered for, and that everyone is paid on time through the accounts department. One of the most appealing jobs is a role as a software developer – which usually requires a degree and an ability to code effectively. The job is a favourite of many as it balances technical expertise with creativity.

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What Skills Do You Need to Work in iGaming?

The most important way to beef up your own resume for the industry is to ensure your skills match the qualities that hiring managers are looking for when placing new recruits within the industry. Skills vary depending on which department you’re looking for work in. But the most important one is the ability to work as part of a team. Crafting high-tech products to lead iGaming takes a village, so being able to prove you can work cooperatively and cohesively is critical. Independent thinkers are always welcome, provided they can collaborate with others.

Flexibility is the most important skill in iGaming, especially to reflect the flexible and adaptable nature of how the industry operates. Given the digital nature of an online sports betting platform developer, such as Pronet Gaming, it makes sense that employees must be flexible in where they work as well as how they work. Indeed, the company delivers state-of-the-art casino and sportsbook products for customers and splits its talent between offices in London, Singapore, and Johannesburg. It also has development centres across Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Malta to capitalise on the global audience. This geographic flexibility is reflective of the industry.

There has never been a better time to get into the iGaming industry. As it is so expansive, most people can find their niche within it. The best way to get a job is to ensure you have the right skills for the industry. But more importantly is the ability to show a proactive, can-do attitude. Employers would rather work well with someone they can train up than have the world’s best coder who refuses to work with others.