Online Games Anyone Can Learn to Play

Online gaming has been a huge sensation for more than a decade now following the ability to connect your PC and games consoles to the internet and challenge players from all over the world. With internet connections faster and more reliable than ever and many games now focussing on the online multiplayer, online gaming is more popular than ever.

For those only recently getting into it or simply considering it, hereís a list of the games we think anyone can both pick up quickly and enjoy:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The most popular game of the month, Fall Guys was released at the start of August 2020 on PS4 and Windows and was so popular on its opening day that it broke the servers.

With up to 60 players per game, thereís plenty of opportunity to get a game. And each round only lasts around three minutes so thereís no reason to get bored. With the controls being so simple, just use the directional pad to run and jump are pretty much all the controls, though sometimes you will need to grab a tail or ball.

Fall Guys can be frustrating at times with your character falling over or not being able to get past certain stages, but as rounds are quick itís easy to have fun.

Prominence Poker

A slower-paced game than the one above, Prominence Poker is exactly what the name says Ė online poker. A popular card game that you can play for free, among friends and/or players from all over the world. Given the gameís popularity, there is always a table with players to join.

Whether you have played poker previously or not, consider yourself a rookie or a pro, itís a relatively simple game to pick up. Prominence Poker lets you play tournaments or ring games for up to six players, or simply go head-to-head. You can also play against the AI to help learn the rules and controls to get you started.

Daily chip bonuses just for logging in means you should never run out of opportunities to play.

LEGO Games

There are a number of LEGO games available on both Windows and PS4 to choose from and something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether itís the Incredibles, Jurassic World or Star Wars that takes your fancy, the controls and objectives of the game are relatively simple to pick up. Itís a fun game for those who like to button bash.

Sonic Racing

Cartoon racing games have been popular over the decades Ė most notably Mario Kart, and Crash Bandicoot Racing. Another one to join the pack is Sonic Team Racing, which has the usual colour tracks, obstacles to avoid, ring gathering and power-ups to make it more enjoyable for all.

This game is even better when you play with friends whether over the internet or in the same room together with all the socialising that can be done.