Professional Poker Players Are Taking Their Game to a New Level

Is there a more glorified career than being a professional poker player? Ever since online amateur Chris Moneymaker outplayed pro Sam Farha in 2003, beginners have been dreaming of entering tournaments with nothing and leaving with everything.

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There were around 40 million players, or 6.8% of the total adult population, who played up until early 2020, an all-time high. Still, attempting to replicate a pro doesn’t guarantee success. However, there are tactics you can copy that will enhance your game and take your skills to the next level.

Practice More

Growing up, everyone heard this motto from parents and teachers who wanted you to strive for better. Buffer reports that it was a good lesson to teach since it is possible to acquire and master new skills to improve performance.

Science proves it is due to a substance called “myelin”, a fatty tissue in the brain that speeds up and strengthens nerve impulses. In essence, by practicing, you can fine-tune your poker skill. This is backed up by a professional poker player, Robert Jameson. Speaking in a Medium post, he informs amateurs that the best way to win more is to focus on the basics, such as learning how to fold and understanding body language.

Previously, practice situations were hard to come by as tournaments were typically for pro players. However, the growth of online casinos has transformed the accessibility of poker by making virtual tables available in players’ homes. Newly established Fruit Kings is one such example as it has a range of poker genres, from three-card poker to Texas Hold’em, which are convenient for all players and attract new users looking to test their skills.

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Cash Out in Bitcoin

A trend is emerging within the industry, and it involves professional players asking tournament organisers to pay them in Bitcoin rather than traditional currency. Coin Telegraph is reporting that some competitions are now giving out 95% of their payouts in the most famous cryptocurrency available.

While the reasons behind the trend are varied, many players are no doubt taking advantage of Bitcoin’s value price, which rose to $40,000 in early January, or £29,000, according to Coindesk. With similar surges like this in the past, such as the one in 2017, it’s a smart move as it allows players to diversify their assets and improve their lifestyle through a game of poker.

Even better, it’s a technique that’s available to amateur players as casinos expand their payment options to cryptocurrencies.

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Don’t Let Ego Get in the Way

Speaking in The Guardian, professional Andy Seth detailed his biggest regret during his career – losing when he should have won. By letting his ego get in the way, he left a tournament with his pockets £110,000 lighter than they should have been. By refusing to chop, or split, the remaining prize fund in his favour, Seth took the risk and lost.

Seth’s mistake is a cautionary tale for all players, beginners and pros, who go searching for a bigger adrenaline rush. However, you should remember this stat from ESPN – only 10 to 12% of the poker fraternity are winners. Opportunities don’t come around often, so you should grab them when they present themselves to enhance your profile and build your profile on the world stage. Otherwise, you might never level up.

With these simple tricks and with a bit of practice, your poker skills could skyrocket.