Real Money Pokies & Slots: Basic Rules

Real Money Pokies & Slots Guide
Real Money Pokies & Slots Guide and basic rules

Real Money Pokies & Slots: Basic Rules

When it comes to online slots, there are 2 two ways you can have fun. You can either play for real money or play for free. However, your choice will determine if you can win real money or not. That's because, while free plays allow you to play for long, they do not offer anything in return.

On this page, you will find out everything there is to know about playing real money slots. Complete beginners looking to start playing Australian online pokies will find this page very helpful. At the same time, veterans and experienced punters can pick a thing or two from the game.

Stay tuned to discover the advantages and disadvantages of playing for real money. Find a list of fun games you can try, their bonuses, and information about jackpots - all in one guide. Finally, we will not forget to give you tips on how these slots can be profitable. Let’s start!

Ultimate Real Money Slot Guide

Real money slots require people to pay money for their bets. Depending on the developer and the type of game in question, the amount could vary. However, these slots require placing bets starting from pennies to a few hundreds of dollars in most cases.

You might want to ask why play online slot machines for real money when you can easily play for free? The question instead should be why someone would play slots if not for real money. That's because playing for real money is the only way to win money from playing slots. Like with any game of gambling, you get more rewards when you take higher risks. When you play for free, there are almost no risks involved, and so, the game does not pay you. Playing online slot machines for real money is easy and requires no deposit. Users get free spins and additional free bonus after registering at casino slots online for real money. Having instant access to play slots online for real money no download, players win real money with best paying online slots.

When you compare online real money slots with other games in land-based casinos, you will see that they are more profitable to play. Starting from the basics, which is the percentage payout. Online real money slots typically come with RTPs between 95 and 96. In contrast, land-based slot machines can have their RTPs as low as 85%.

However, when you compare slots with other casino games, you might be disappointed in its high house edge. For instance, blackjack has a house edge of just 1%, while slots can between 5% and 10% house edge. But even then, slots give you a better opportunity to win more money.

We are going back to the blackjack example. While blackjack has a statistical house edge of 1%, it can only pay you your original bet eight times. How about roulette? Only about 35 times your initial bets.

Compare all that to the possibility of winning 1000x of your stake in slots. That's massive. It even gets more impressive when you consider the fact that some of these can have jackpots. Winning one of these said jackpots could mean up to 10,000x or even 50,000x of your bet. And that is why slots are the most profitable games. Even though your chances of hitting these massive wins can be minimal, switching them could immediately transform you into a millionaire.

Real Money Slots Advantages
List of Real Money Slots Advantages

The following are some other advantages you gain when you play the best online slots for real money (for real cash) with no deposit bonus online casinos that pay real money.

  • Best Safe Online casinos: Casinos that have online pokies undergo strict regulation and monitoring. Therefore, their games are safe and fair enough for everyone. Examples include PlayAmo, Spin Samurai, etc.
  • Best real money slots: The casinos you find slot machines are usually the best paying in the world. There you will find the best of games with high RTPs.
  • No download and instant play options: That is, you can download some slots and play them directly. So far, you are playing their demo version.
  • Low minimum deposit casinos: Unlike most other casino games, slots require only a small amount of money for bets. These could be as low as pennies in some cases.
  • Regular Promotions: Due to slots' popularity, they are usually at the center of most casino promotions. So, when you play slots, you get promotions frequently from the casino.
    • Sign up bonus: casinos usually offer slot players a bonus for joining them. This is usually a large sum of money and some free spins to get you to a great start.
    • No deposit bonus: Some casinos offer their players bonuses even when they choose to play for free. These Australian online pokies no deposit bonus only happens in slot games and no other casino games.
    • Free Spins and free chips: Online slots are an excellent way to win free chips during casino promotions. You can easily use the chips or credit for other games.
  • High RTP Values: The RTP values of slot games are usually between 90% and 99% for slot games.

History of Pokies & Slots

In 1894, Charles August Fey, an American author, and Mechanic, created the first gambling machine. Like most slots today, the device received coins to allow players to have access to gamble. It took till the early 1900s before Fey could get a good hold of his game a. It was around this period that slots became popular in the world.

Slots vs pokies
Tricky question

When slots got to Australia and New Zealand, gamblers across the country welcomed the idea and called them poker machines. There are two theories to this. Some say poker machines had existed in Australia before then. Some others claim the name came from the fact that these machines required poking to work. As time went by, Australians shortened the term, and the name became pokies. Nowadays, Aussies play the best Australian online pokies (real money) mostly for their high payouts and no deposit bonus. Those are legal real money online casinos in Australia that mostly offer Aristocrat pokies. They became the most demanded among other casino providers for its successful Lightning Link pokies, Where’s The Gold, and More Chilli pokies online. Hence if you decide to try the best online pokies for real money in Australia, read reviews first and start playing with no deposit after.

So maybe you have heard the name pokies, and you have wondered what it means. Don't be alarmed. It's just a slang that means slot in Australia and New Zealand.

Types of Pokies

As of 1894, when Fey created his first slot machine, there was only a type that was the 3-reel pokies. However, as technology evolved, people started to add more classes. As a result, today, this is the list of slots that we have:

Type Description
3 Reel Pokies These are the earliest types of pokies. They generally use fruits as symbols and require little wagers. Due to their limited number of reels, they have a low number of pay lines, usually between 1 and 9.
5 Reel Pokies Recently, technology evolved to give us 5-reel slots. They are generally larger and use more symbols. Also, they have large bet ranges, and the number of pay lines is usually between 10 and 50.
Fruit machines These are slots that use fruits as their symbols.
Vegas-style slots These are also recent innovations. They came with the dawn of internet games. Games in this category offer players the thrill and excitement they get at a regular casino floor.
Video slots This category of pokies are the most popular type that comes with improved graphics and animations when spinning and winning the round
Multiline These slots have more than one pay-line, which make them more profitable than other types
Progressive slots These are slots that offer progressive jackpots to their players
3D slots Slots in this category are some of the best available in the industry today. They use advanced 3D animation to create innovative and unique storylines. When you play these games, it's like watching a movie.
VR slots These are Virtual reality Slots, and They are even more advanced than the 3D types. These pokies create a unique environment that allows players to interact directly with the elements of their games.

Online slot machines for fun

Pokies for fun refer to slots that do not require money to play. They are slots where you can play games without placing real money bets. Usually, they do not exist alone. Instead, they exist as a game mode alongside the real money play. That means a player can choose either to play for free or play with money.

The significant difference between these games and the regular real money play is your chances of winning money. While you can win cash with real money play, you rarely win anything when you play for fun. The name already gives it away; you are playing for fun. That also means you can never lose your money when you play for free.

Another difference is that you can play free slots without registration. That is, you can start playing your favorite titles from anywhere you see them provided the game is available for free. This is a massive advantage over real money games because registration and approval can take up to 3 days.

How To Choose slot games for real money

These are the factors to consider when choosing a slot:

  • Software Provider: this is probably the most crucial factor. The software provider is the name given to computer programmers that produce slot games. There are more than 300 of them today, and each has different policies for its games. While some focus more on creating pokies with high returns, others prefer designing games that are fun to enjoy. The developer would determine how safe the game is to play. That's because, to make games, developers must obtain licenses from relevant authorities to certify that their games are fair to you and the casino.

    Scientific Games They were everywhere in the news recently when a player won over $3.9 million while playing the Dancing Drum Slot in Vegas. Presently, their best game is the Aftershock frenzy, with an RTP of 97%.
    Microgaming It was the first developer to release mobile apps as far back as 2004. Their best game presently is the Hot Ink slot that has an RTP of 97.5%.
    Aristocrat It is a pro in releasing games that are both fancy and rewarding. The best Aristocrat pokies for real money and free to play for fun is the Queen of the Nile II with an RTP of 95.86%. You can play Aristocrat slot machine lists for fun with trial games here with us.
    IGT IGT recently launched a land-casino machine that they claim is one of the world's largest. The pokie, which they call the Peak slant 32, comes with three screens. Presently, IGT's game with the best RTP is the Wheel of Fortune slot, with 97%. In general, most played online slots by IGT have different attractive game features for which users prefer them.
    Thunderkick As with their dream of dominating the world, Thunderick celebrated their entry into the Romanian market early last year. Their best paying game Uncharted Seas has an RTP of 98.6%.
    NetEnt NetEnt recently launched its Touch platform that supports iOS and Android. Their best paying slot currently is the Mega Joker slot with 99% RTP.

  • Bonuses and Promotions: This aspect will appeal more to those who play games for the chance to win money. Slots usually come with several bonuses attached to them. Rewards could be of two types: in-game or casino bonuses.

    The in-game bonuses They come with the slot directly from the provider. These bonuses could be free spins, bonus games, multipliers, and many more. Whichever one it is, these bonuses are there to increase your earnings. Earning these bonuses is usually by luck, as players have to wait to hit some symbols before they can activate the bonuses.
    Casino bonus or promotions Players get these rewards for their continued patronage at casinos. It could also be free spins or a considerable sum of money. However, not every player qualifies for this, and its distribution is not by luck. To get one of these, a player needs to make deposits or meet certain casino expectations. Altogether, if the thrill of winning money is what drives you, consider choosing slots that have better bonuses and also have promotions attached to them.

  • Casino Support: you would also need to check and be sure your slot game is in an online casino that offers support. No matter what type of player you are, this is very important. Your ideal casino should be one that offers 24/7 customer support to its client. A casino without proper customer support is a red flag signal of fraud. Therefore, be sure to see if they have a casino and not just that, test to see if the support works.
  • Safety and Security: Like the developers, casinos as well need licensing. So, before you start playing either for free or for real money, you need to check to see if the casino owns a license. Also, you need to know if they use the latest encryption tools like SSL to protect your data that they have with them. This part is essential for those who play for real money.
    Casino Slots Terms & Conditions
    Read Terms & Conditions now or regret later

  • Withdrawal & payment methods: before you start playing, ensure that payment plans are convenient for you. The methods of payment are also important because they can tell you if a casino is fraudulent or not. In general, you should look out for the following:
    • The right casino should have many trusted methods of payment available.
    • Read reviews about most popular online payment methods and choose the most trusted one according to your country
    • Processing of withdrawals should take time but not longer than seven days.
    • Withdrawal limits should be within the range of 10,000 dollars and above.

How to play slot machines online for real money

Real Money Slot Rules
Real Money Slot Easy 7 Rules

Slots are the easiest games that anyone can play at an online casino. They do not require any form of training or lessons for you to play. All you need is to set your bets and number of lines using the buttons usually below the screen. Next, your select spin, and you can start playing. You can also have things done for you in some games by setting the game to auto-spin. Here a few things to note:

  • Your total bet is the number of lines you are betting on multiplied by your bet per line. If you can, ensure you bet on all lines.
  • You win in slots when you combine at least three symbols from left to right.
  • Slots work with Random Number Generator, which is a software that helps it determine winners at random.
  • The amount you get from a slot depends on your luck, volatility, and the odds of winning online pokies. The volatility tells you how frequent payouts occur and how large they will be. The odds of winning is a comparison between the RTP of the slot and its house edge.

House Edge

There are two essential terms in slots that you must know. They are RTP (return to player) and house edge. The RTP of pokies, usually written as a percentage, gives you a rough idea of how profitable a slot is on average. To understand it better, first, you need to know that no one can predict how much you will win when you play real money pokies. However, this value tells you that the maximum it will return as profit to its players on average.

To get the RTP, the developer plays the game after its design as many times as possible. Sometimes, it could be between a million and a billion trials. After each play, the percentage of win or loss calculates the rate of win or loss.

The house edge is the term used to describe the percentage of your bets that go to the casino. Like RTP, it is an estimation, and it is in percentages.

When choosing a game, you need to pay attention to the house edge. That's because there is usually a tradeoff between the house edge and odds to win in the game. Games with higher house edges are more comfortable to win than those with lower house edges.

The following is a list of games with the highest RTPs at the moment:

  1. Mega Joker: the slot comes with an RTP of 99%. Its most profitable feature is its progressive jackpot.
  2. Ugga Bugga has an RTP of 99%, and a majority of that comes from its bonus rounds.
  3. Nemo's Voyage has an RTP of 98.9%; similarly, most of its RTP comes from the bonus rounds.
  4. Pixies of the Forest has an RTP of 98.83%; surprisingly, it has low volatility.
  5. Indian Dreaming has an RTP of 98.99%. The most striking feature of the game is its expanding wilds.
  6. Lightning Link comes with 98% RTP and an expanding reels feature.
  7. Big Red has 97.04% RTP. Amazingly, the game combines most of all bonuses available.

Bonuses & Free Spins

At the very least, the bonuses that you can enjoy while playing online pokies of two groups. The first group is the casino bonus, and the other one is the special in-game bonuses. It's good to note that bonuses are one way free plays differ from real money plays. While you can get bonuses while playing either for free or with money, real money bonuses give you more money. Also, there are limits to the bonuses you can claim when you play for free. Those bonuses that are available to players that play free are usually classified as no-deposit bonuses.

Online casinos are in constant competition to have as many players as they can. To this end, there is a sort of race to lure customers by doing more than their competitors. There are so many bonus games out there, from the welcome bonus to free spins and many more.

Depending on the casino in question, the size and type of the bonus offered varies.

Similarly, slots themselves come with bonuses. The developers intentionally do this so they can capture the attention of players a little longer than usual. Bonuses could come in different forms, and they appeal differently to players.

Best online slot machines for real money by bonus features

The following is a list of games with the best real money bonus features.

Games Special bonus features Bonus Description
Gladiators Scatter Symbol Special symbol activates bonus rounds in pokies
Golden Goddess Wild Symbol Special symbol replaces all other characters. However, it cannot replace scatters. It also adds to the potential winning. In scenarios like this, they usually pay more than the regular symbols in the slot.
Buffalo Blitz Multipliers It is a unique bonus feature, and like the name, it multiplies your earnings. Usually, to earn multipliers, you have to accomplish unique millstones. For instance, entering the free spins round could earn you multipliers. Also, you could get them as part of the reward for the bonus rounds.
Pharaoh's Fortune Two Bonus Games These are unique rounds that carry the potentials for more wins. They usually have unique features that are only available in them. Also, playing them requires a different approach.
Game of Thrones Free Spins Almost all pokies on the internet today come with a particular free spins round. Players of all kinds seek them. That's because they sometimes come with a different theme, gameplay and add immensely to players' final earning.
Jurassic Park Bonus game These are unique rounds that carry the potentials for more wins. They usually have unique features that are only available in them. Also, playing them requires a different approach.


To play pokie games on your mobile device, you need a phone that supports HTML5 or Flash Player. These days though, slots that use Flash are quickly fading out. That's because Flash is an older and outdated tool for graphics and animation on the internet. Games with Flash usually consume more energy and require you to have more space on your phone. At the moment, flash games are no longer supported by most devices.

The mobile play comes in handy when you think about convenience and easy access. These days, we are always carrying our phones around, so it's easier to play the game from wherever you are. Also, there is the advantage of the privacy that comes with playing games on mobile.

You can play online pokies from any mobile device or smartphone of your choice. That is, you can play on all mobile devices like iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. However, not all devices support real money play. While iPhone pokies allow you to play with real money, Android devices only allow you to play for free. You can also play iPad pokies for free or for real money.

Improve Your Chances to Win Real Money

To understand how you can improve your chances of winning, you must first understand why people lose when playing online pokies for real money. Technically speaking, developers create slots to pay more on average than they receive.

Unfortunately, slots differ from other video games because you cannot get better at playing them. Both veteran and novice, everyone goes through the same process: spin and pray for the best of luck.

win Real Money Slot
You always need to know more for win real money slots

However, you can increase your chances of winning by doing the right thing and using a winning strategy. The following are strategies that you can use.

  • Always play with a budget in mind: determine how much you can lose before each game and play with it.
  • Have a quit strategy: The most commonly used amongst players I the guarantee excess approach. With this approach, you set maximum loss and win limits. The loss limit is usually 50% of your initial budget. The moment you reach that point, it is time to leave.
  • Similarly, when you win, set aside a percentage of your earnings and add to your bankroll. That way, you can play more rounds.
  • Keep playing even after you win. Each round has an independent probability of wins.
  • As you win, gradually raise the size of your bets. In case you lose, drop the bet size and start all over again.
  • If the slot allows you to select the number of paylines, ensure to use the maximum number. Even though this means more money, it also raises your chances of winning.
  • Finding new ways of entertainment in Slot Tournaments. Slot tournaments are competitions hosted by casinos where players compete based on their weekly or monthly prize pool earnings.

Important Information for Online Slot Newcomers

Real Money pokies true facts
Be always prepared

As a beginner in slot gaming, the following are some facts that you should know.

  1. Casino Games Are Games of Chance: You probably don't know, but the reality is, you cannot do anything to influence the outcomes of slot games. That's because pokies by design work with RNGs, that is, Random Number Generators. The RNGs are unique software that helps pokies to produce their winners using a system that is unpredictable and close to random. Therefore, almost nothing you or the casino can do to ensure that you win while playing.
  2. Online slots are about entertainment but not earning money: many people make this mistake. They often see casinos as a get-rich-quick system. However, it is not valid. If gambling were a system for earning money, gamblers would be the wealthiest people in the world. At its best, gambling is a game of entertainment where you pay to have fun and a chance to win more money or lose it altogether. Therefore, you will win some games, and you will also lose some. Playing with this in mind helps you not to get frustrated in the future.
  3. Casinos reward users for always playing: First, the more you play, the better your chances are it winning statistically. But besides that, casinos also give rewards when they notice you play games with them a lot. They do this in the form of promotions and special weekly loyalty bonuses. Some even have special VIP programs that are only open to players that visit the casino to play frequently.
  4. The House Always Wins: You have probably heard this phrase before, and it's one of the truths about casinos. No matter how well you play or how much you win, the casino has an advantage in the long run. That's why all games have a house edge, which is the percent advantage that the casino gains over time from each slot game.
  5. Don't chase losses: the worst mistake you can make as a beginner is to chase your losses. When you do, it only leads to more losses because, at that moment, your judgment is clouded. To avoid this, only gamble with money that you are sure you can afford to lose. Do not play to make money to do something; you'll only leave yourself with frustrations and regrets in the end.

Casino Beginner's FAQ

What slot games pay real money? All slot games pay real money when you play the real money game at a licensed casino with real money.

What are the luckiest slot machines? There are no such things as lucky slots. However, the slots with the highest payouts include Mega Joker, Ugga Bugga, etc.

Is it safe to play online slots? Yes, so far, you play at a casino that owns a license, online games are monitored for safety and fairness.

Is it legal to play online pokies if I am from Australia? Yes, online gambling is legal in Australia.

Can I win real money? Yes, you play slots with real money; you can win money depending on your luck and how you play.