The Biggest Online Casino Wins that Could Inspire You

Playing online casino games is just really something fun for many people out there. It’s something that some only do to kill some time and entertain themselves. It’s a great way to keep yourself from getting bored.

Some only play casino games for fun because they still don’t believe that it’s possible to hit the jackpot of many online casinos that are worth millions or even billions of dollars. However, the truth is that some of the biggest casino wins of all time happened online.

It’s noteworthy that many of the biggest online casino wins are because of slot machines. There are slot machine games that are linking a single jackpot game to a network of many online casino sites like Betway. These are the ones that you should focus on if you want to win a big amount of money.

However, know that it is still quite a rare occurrence for people to win millions of dollars from slot machine games. There’s just no way to control the results that anyone could get from these slot machines.

Some believe that there are online slot machines that are due to give out the jackpot or are in a losing streak, but this is unlikely. The results that these games produce are just really random and this game is mainly dependent on your luck.

If you still think that no one has ever won any jackpot from playing online casino games, we have the receipts to prove you wrong. Here are the biggest casino wins of all time that could inspire you to keep playing.

  • Finnish in his 40s – 24 million USD
  • First on our list is a win from a Finnish man in his 40s. What makes this very interesting and such a lucky win is that the man only had to place a 25-cent bet on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot game. This happened on January 20, 2013. He won the amount of 17,861,800 euros or around 24 million USD.

  • Jonathan Heywood – 17.2 million USD
  • Jonathan Heywood was 26 years old when he hit the incredibly big jackpot of a progressive slot machine game on Betway casino worth 17,878,654.12 euros. That’s around 17 million US dollars during that time. Heywood only had to place a bet of 25p during that time.

  • Insomniac Norwegian – 13.3 million USD
  • An insomniac Norwegian student decided to play a few games on betsson because it was one of those nights that he just can’t sleep. This led to him winning a huge amount of 11.7 million euros on the Mega Fortune slots game. Definitely, he wasn’t able to sleep at all after that.

  • Alexander from Sweden – 9.57 million USD
  • We don’t much about Alexander aside from his first name and the amount he won on NetEnt’s Mega Moolah slots jackpot on November 28, 2015. On that day, Alexander from Sweden won over 8 million euros or something equivalent to over 9.5 million USD during that time.

  • Greek Player – 8.6 million USD
  • This 36-year old winner is only known as Georgios M from Greece. Georgios is a confessed slots jockey and a business owner who decided to play a slot machine game from Microgaming. This made him win 6.3 million euros or over 8.6 million USD at that time.

  • D.P on iPad – 8.82 million USD
  • This is probably something you’ve heard before as DP even wrote a book about her casino win that happened on August 28, 2016. DP was just waiting for dinner when she decided to log in at Zodiac Casino to play a game of slots. She won an amazing amount of 7.9 million euros without having to deposit more than £/$/€1.

  • Australian Player – 7.8 million USD
  • This player remains anonymous and what we only know is that he or she was able to win over 10 million AU dollars after playing Microgaming’s The Dark Knight slot machine game at the Spin Palace Casino.

  • Swedish Player – 7.6 million USD
  • This another win from Sweden is from a lucky woman who played the Hall of Gods slot machine game at UniBet Online Casino. This happened in February 2012 and until now, it remains to be the biggest win ever at UniBet Casino.

  • Rawiri Pou – 7.4 million USD
  • This is one of those popular Mega Moolah jackpot wins and this is from Rawiri Pou who is from New Zealand. He played the Mega Moolah progressive slot game at Casinoland on June 17, 2016, and this made him over 10 million NZ dollars richer.