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Digital Bingo Machine

This product is used throughout the US and Canada to operate bingo games in the home, in schools, in clubs, in senior centers, in residential centers, and in bingo halls.

Our inexpensive Digital Bingo Machine replaces the very expensive obsolete electric/mechanical table top and console bingo machines and flashboards you find in many bingo centers and casinos. There are no switches, light bulbs, motors or wires to burn out. Our software runs on your pc style computer with Win2000 and up. Our application self installs on your computer.

The Digital Bingo Machine also replaces your old wire cage with balls games for bingo at home and in community centers.

Lee's Bingo

Are you looking for software that lets you play bingo at home, at your club, school or village hall?

Do you want to print your own tickets? Yes
Do you want the software to call out the numbers? Yes
Do you want the software to check and verify the winning tickets? Yes

If so, why not take a look at the Leeís Bingo software - it can do all of the above.

Download the free demo today.

Leeís Bingo is a great party game; itís superb for fund raising or just fun to play with family and friends.

Take a look at the testimonials page and read what some of my customers say about it.

International Bingo Association

We specialize in the development of bingo software applications, games, and utilities. We provide special bingo services including but not limited to CSV sheets populated with random bingo numbers. Our current software lineup features a 21st century style bingo game, software that makes and prints bingo cards, and a virtual bingo flashboard or bingo machine which allows you to broadcast bingo patterns, numbers, and other information on to a screen.


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Bingo Software

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