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Bodog Poker is the poker arm of the Bodog, which was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre as an online gambling company. Bodog later attempted to diversify into a media company with bodogFight, a mixed-martial arts business, as well as record label Bodog Music, but those projects were shut down in 2008.

Like other big sites, Bodog has a team of professional players representing the site. As of 2001, Team Bodog is made up of Evelyn Ng and Amanda Musumeci. At the time of his victory in the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event, Jamie Gold was also a member of Team Bodog. The young and talented David Williams and Jean-Robert Bellande were also Team Bodog members.

Legal Issues

After the passage of the UIGEA, the business was sold to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. This was done in order to change the Bodog business model to one where Bodog has technically ceased direct operation of all gambling-related sites. Instead, Bodog licenses its name to a third party company for the rights to run those sites under the Bodog brand name: the main licensee being the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, which runs the site. Calvin Ayre compares the Bodog brand licensing business model to the Virgin brand founded by Richard Branson.

Unlike most other large online gaming companies, Bodog did not abandon the US market after the UIGEA. This was especially surprising considering that Bodog's charismatic founder Calvin Ayre has been very vocal in stating his distaste for the Department of Justice. In interviews, he basically taunted them and dared them to come after him. Oddly though, Bodog didn't accept Canadian customers until 2009.

On June 13, 2007, the District Court of Nevada issued a default judgment against Bodog in a patent infringement claim filed by "1st Technology LLC" As a result, the URL was seized. That day the Bodog site was moved to a new URL, "," and ater to "". In 2009, the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, though not a party to the litigation or the judgment, settled the case with 1st Technology and acquired all of the seized domains. The case was dismissed and the default judgment was completely vacated by the Nevada court on April 1, 2009.

Playing at Bodog

Bodog Poker offers a 110% up to $1,100 sign-up bonus for the poker site. The site has loose games because of the pure gamblers who come over to play poker. When assessing the combined attractiveness of a poker site, casino, and sportsbook, Bodog may be the best. Most sportsbooks have a weak poker site, and vice versa, but Bodog's gambling offerings are strong all around.

Bodog Bonuses

  • Poker: 100% - up to $1,000
  • Casino: 100% - up to $500
  • Sports: 50% - up to $250
  • Horses: Get 3-5% back


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'In 1994, Ayre sold everything he owned and with $10,000 to his name he assembled his team and launched the original [URL=""]Bodog[/URL]. Originally conceived of as a software development company, Ayre's vision for "Bodog" rapidly evolved into an online gaming website...'

markymark6275 on September 9, 2011

Made 3 seperate $50.00 deposits and let me tell you Bodog Poker is definitely rigged. The bad beats are ridiculous. Take for instance at a Double-Up 10 person SitnGo, I have 10-Q in the BB. Flop comes K-J-9 rainbow, giving me the nut straight. Heads up my opponent bets 100 chips and I raise him all in with my nut straight. He calls and shows K-6, top pair with no kicker. Yet he hits running 6's to bust me out with a full house. He overcame his 1% odds. Why he called in the 1st place is a matter for those to consider. Next day at a free roll tourney an opponent in the BB raises and I re-raise all in with A-K suited. One guy in late position calls with A-Q off-suit and so does the original raiser with A-K off-suit. You would think A-Q would be dominated, but NO, he hit's a fourth diamond on the river for a queen high flush to take down the huge pot leaving me riding the rail. Again why would he call with A-Q in late position knowing that he was most likely dominated by two people raising before his action? I believe that not only are there programs in place to prevent consistent profit, but there are also Bots designed to call and hit their winning hands. Not only that, the Donkeys are rewarded for there horrible calls and un-ethical plays. I will never again deposit any of my money with Bodog after reading these articles and seeing the un-randomness of card selections. If you are getting dealt 10 times the number of hands per hour, odds would be that there would be 10 times the amount of dry boards, but not on Bodog. Like people said the action flops are all too familiar. Suited connectors or court cards or paired boards on almost every flop. People flopping quads like it's nothing. Let's not even talk about 4th and 5th street because we already know the story. I'm now hesitant to deposit money with any online poker room for that matter, but I've read good things about InterTops. Any suggestions, and anyone else have similar stories? PS For all of those who say what would they benefit by rigging card selections? Think about budgets, and how these theiving scumbags meet those budgets and maximize profits. Think about the extra money being made to pay off these so called online gaming commissions to look the other way during software inspections. Money Talks. Money Talks a lot or else we wouldn't be risking it online in the first place trying to win at a game we think we've mastered....I think I've said enough.

markymark6275 on September 9, 2011

i bought on bodog with 50$ started 1/2 than kept going on eventually got to 5/10 i was up to 5000 in 2 days. i tried cashing out 4000$ but they wouldnt because of my deposit wasnt cleared i didnt play for a week and the clearance date was 6 days longer than estimated and still wouldnt allow cash out. i lost it all in one night with about 3 horrible pots. and the next day the clearance deposit was over.

Snort909 on August 25, 2011

i agree daman, i have played every online site available, and this one is by far the worst in odds. i have played probably 3 hours on this site, and i have had my full house beat on the river FOUR times! i have had ak 7 times and lost to AA on 5 of those hands. I play only 6 handed tables. I have flopped trips 3 times and all three times opponents reraised me with nothing on the flop to runner runner the winner. the last one was the best and my last hand ever on bodog poker. im bb i have j-5 noone raises i check, flop comes 2-5-5, i bet half pot, one caller, two callers, turn 2, i bet 2/3 pot i have the top boat, one caller, river J, i now have 5 full of jacks, guess what other player has JJ, MAKE THAT 5 TIMES i have had my full house beaten. the odds of that happening are 3 times that of a royal. havent seen royal... dont trust bodog what so ever...

carmanrules on February 11, 2011

As a warning to all. Bodog poker is horrible. I started on bodog for the betting but then started playing poker. I am an average poker player that has been playing for years. On Bodog there is always the bad beat. Some odd reason there is always someone willing to re-raise your flop bet on a made hand to all-in...the cards flip and your str8, set or two pair or great hand is ahead by over 75%. You see the opponents hand and they have no flush,str8 or any decent draw, no pair at all NOTHING The only way they could possible win is by some miraculous runner runner miracle and I do mean miracle. But of course they hit runner runner MIRACLE. It is always the same a re-raise and the miracle. Even on the turn they will get some miraculous 1 outer afetr putting you all-in.
Even say they have a pair of pocket 2's with three overs on the flop a str8 and a flush draw they will suck out 2 2's. There is no reason for these types of hands and yes I expect noobs and donks to win some bad beats once and a while but not all the time. Another poster mentioned quads I see quads 4-5 quads a night.
This site is ridiculous and if it isn't rigged then their random number generator is effed up and has been figured out by the donks.
The colluding is way above the norm here as well. The amount of players is small so it really gives them a chance to join the same SNG easily. I had a few even admit it to me and bodog did nothing. Do not play poker on bodog!! I even had players tell me when they would re-raise on nothing they knew for a "fact" they would get runner runner. I thought it was smack talk but then realized after thousands of hands something very very wrong was going on.
The level doesn't matter I played $100 SNG's $5 cash games etc. It is the same.
Don't play poker on bodog!!! You will end up losing maybe not at first but mark my words you will!!

DaMAn on December 12, 2010

bodog keeps it easy to win for their sportsbetters because they have no clue how to play; but they drop a lot of bucks. this site is a sick twisted outrage. i hope they go under soon.pigs. hope someone exposes this crooked crock of bullsquash.hoping the owner gets his fat pig ass busted or beat up.

muckraker on September 3, 2010

bodogs a joke. if you play tight early on in a s&g,you will be destroyed later by anyone with more chips. loose maniac style only works. they get all the good pocket pairs after awhile of playing like an idiot. their not even getting lucky. its way beyond that. good players can get lucky. these players make horrible mistakes, but as long as they keep betting big, the cards they hold and the flops make no difference.dont waste time on yhis site if you are trying to learn correct play.i wasted 15k hands their; then started playing on stars...what a can play tight when you need to and not have to worry about getting dikked over for it.

muckraker on September 2, 2010

This site is a farce! if it wasn't for the fact that few sites take U.S. players I'd have dropped this place ages ago. Oh the glorious action flops I have encountered on this site. Almost every flop is either connected or brings 2 suited cards. The river is always busting made hands, you can take that to the bank. I understand bad beats happen, heck I play all the time in a brick and mortar but Bodog is a JOKE! And yes, I am aware of the # of hands seen etc etc but it's unreal here!! I have seen WAY too many hands get busted on the river only to pay off donks. And no, I'm not whining because I am down. I am actually up money on this site but it still sucks donkey b&*!s. Stay away from here unless you have to.
Oh, and free roll players shouldn't really share experiences as cash vs free money is soo much different.

mhart1 on May 20, 2010

Listen to this, i was playing Bodog the other night at a 5/10 6 person limit table, 5 of the 6 players hit Quads within 1 hour. It's rare to see 1 quad, but 5 quad hands at the same table within 60 min. INSANE> I'm not sure what the odds of that are, but i'm sure it's very high. I agree with just about everyone out there that there's a crap load of bad beats and callers. You just can't win and if you do you'll give it back, guaranteed.

pokerhelp on April 23, 2010

How are there so many players makin $$'s online if it's so rigged? Sharkscoping respectable online players always shows good winrates and go's double for cash game players as there is less variance.

Gotta admit it seems rigged sometimes but it isn't

buck22 on April 22, 2010

But I feel they positivvly that tourn. are designed to knock out low stack players - thus they join another - thus they spend more to the site for the tourn. fee. Eventually they buy in more.

Now as far as the morons that say "WHY WOULD THEY CHEAT THEY MAKE SO MUCH ALREADY" - What - WAKE UP - Why did the oil companies get caught bringing oil from texas that they said was from the middle east - because they make more. When did anyone that makes a mint say enough is enough - no crook in history has said thats enough for me.

If they have one player in a ring game or a couple in a tourn that always wins - it increases the % of take.

Hey and Vegas is always looking for ways with new games to give the player a better chance - hell they make enough.

DISCUSTED_W_ONLINE on April 18, 2010

Bodog is the least random thing ever. I was in a freeroll the other night and definitely on the "golden seat." I have never seen anything like the cards I kept getting. I hit probably 80% of the hands I played ON THE FLOP. I ended up finishing 14th out of around 4600. Since that night I haven't had so much as a low pocket pair, and when I do get playable cards I either don't hit anything or I do and someone else hits higher. I've definitely been the benefactor of Bodog's rigged-ness as well as a victim. It's really no better or worse than Full Tilt.

bkeast0822 on April 1, 2010

...I saw 2 Royal Flushes in the same game on Bodog last week. I had one of them. According to Wikipedia, the odds of those 5 cards being produced in a poker game are 649,739 : 1. I saw it twice in about 15 hands. I've always wanted to think its honest but I'm very suspicious of them now.

The_Marsist on March 31, 2010

Bodog Poker is one of the only honest poker rooms I have had the privilege of playing. In my opinion, people who are badmouthing it are in all likelyhood shilling for a site like Full Tilt, which undoubtedly is rigged, and is the one that causes hands like the examples JT1 gave. I have seen hands like this at Bodog, as anybody will playing online, but in my experience, only at Full Tilt will you see people knowingly make ridiculous calls as if they are 100% certain their hand will hit. On Bodog, the majority of the time if you play stupid, you go broke.

By the way, playing at the low limit tables, I estimate that I have profited about $1,000 in about 3 years worth of limted, part time play, so if you cannot make a profit playing at Bodog with its fish and casual players, you probably shouldn't be playing poker. Not meant to be an advertisement, but look around and don't just trust my words, Bodog is one of the softest rooms around - the only thing I wish is that they would allow more than 4 tables to be played at once, but it still beats the heck out of straight up crooked sites like

CollinsAve305 on March 23, 2010

I have an account a bodog from sports betting. I downloaded and installed the software and played a money account.

Over the course of 423 hands dealt I played 12% (51) of those I won 6 hands total. Those 6 hands that I played out I won through aggressive betting before the flop. When I was called I had the weak hand usually by 4th.

Of the 6 hands I won 2 of those hands were actually the winning hand when seen to the end. Those 2 hands were 3 of a kind and high 2 pair. The rest were won by over betting post flop.

Suited connectors never hit. Paired Kings, Aces never hit and were always beat by straights. AK were always beat by two pair usually low pair. All hands I folded (except for two of them) never ever had a chance to win if ever seen to the end, at least post flop. Hard to calculate percentages if everyone folded pre flop.

Example hand:

Ac, 10c: bet 5x BB - Called

Flop: Jh Ks 9d

Checked to me, bet the pot and called.

4th: Jh Ks 9d 2d

BB to me I raise and was called.

5th: Jh Ks 9d 2d 4d

All in from opponent. I fold and they show 10d 3d.

This was a typical played hand. Not the betting so much as the played out hands and not just my played hands, but observed hands as well.

I have about 7 years experience playing. I've read the books, studied the video's, play in live games as well and have a good sense of calculating odds. I realize poker is sketchy and is a game of chance as well as skill.

If I can't even play 30% of my hands with confidence or have somewhat of a winning percentage in played hands I see it as a waste of my time and will move on. Bad beats are one thing, but the sheer volume of bad hands I had were just amazing.

I'm not saying this place is rigged or plotting some evil plot against me and my bankroll. I am simply stating my personal experience with bodog poker.

JT1 on January 24, 2010

FIRST let me start by saying this! ALL HE (Solid Poker Players, Amateurs, and Experienced Players) WHO ENTER THIS SITE (Bodog) ABANDON ALL HOPE! All He(first timers on bodog, donkeys, non poker players, gamblers, sport betters, ppl who have absolutley no idea what their doing ) Who enter this site enjoy your rush while it last and if ur fortunate to be up get the hell out! This site is a complete suck out and anybody who is skillfull in poker should aviod this site. I have been playing for 3 years since 18 on Bodog. When i first joined bodog I never played online poker in my life i won multiple tourneys, sngs, and even cashed in the final table at a 15k, built my bankroll up to about 3k. thought i was playing well so i decided to further my poker skills and talent, read sklanksys books (theory of poker) no limit hold em Theory and practice, couple other books and improved my game. Well everything went downhill from there.. Its not even the bad beats. What it is; is that BODOG some how has the winner of SNGS and MTTS predetermined, they reward the unintelligent and tear down the skilled players bankroll knowing fully well that the thought of buying back in is irresistable. Its almost like a game of cat and mouse, ur trying to catch up AKA out play ur opponents at poker, yet u can never catch up AKA win in the long haul bc ur not playing against the skills of ur opponents but rather the preordained winner that bodog has set up. your playing against the house! IM not making this up either, this is from experience, time, energy, thought, and a loss of about 10k on bodog. This does not happen to me live at casinos at cash games or small time 50 player tourneys. Repeate all those who know poker calculations, odds, opponent tendecies, physcology, and multiple level thinking and the rest of the skills required to be succesfull at this game AVOID BODOG!!!

online phenom on September 2, 2008

I just played for the second time on Bodog last night in a freeroll. These cards are not random. I was dealt pocket aces the first hand and coasted into the money. At one point, I just decided to fold my way into the money, but being dealt pocket nines I decided to play it. Bodog made sure I made it into the money, giving me a full house. I took my $1.75 or so and quickly tripled it on the lowest limit tables. But something became quickly apparent. I had seen these flops before...on Absolute when I used to play there a few years back. Almost EVERY flop had either a flush draw or paired cards. Unfortunately, Bodog doesn't let you copy hand histories or send them via email (gee, I wonder why). But here, for an example (and I know it's not an adequate sample, but it will give you the idea) are the first twenty flops I faced today:'
4s6c6d; 7s4c10c; 6s5h4s;4c2hQc; Qh2dAd; JhKh4c; 5d10d7c; Jh9d8d; 2s9d9s; 8c7s2d; 9cQcKc; 9d6d4d; 8hAhQs; 4skh8s; 4hJhAc; 6cAhKc; Ah4h6c; 4hKdKc; 4dQc6c; 7cKc7h;
So, with a roughly 40% chance of a rainbow flop, the flops I faced were rainbow 3 out of 20times! And two of the three that weren't, had a paired flop. Bodog's deals are not random.

Danimalist on July 11, 2008

I have started playing Bodog and am doing quite nicely. I've moved from Full Tilt which plays extremely rigged. So far so good. Not as pretty as Full Tilt but the cards and fairer and the competition easier.

Ant8472 on July 6, 2008

It's like that on every site my friend. The "golden" seat, has already predetermined the winner. You just hope it's your when you play online poker.

I was in a tourney today. It was only a 6 player SNG and pays the top 2, and although I have the big stack the majority of the tourney, as the blind went up, my cards went south.
I had about 2,600 in chips blinds 100-200. Guy to my right goes all in preflop for his last 875, I call with A10 (suited) granted, this was a loose call by me, he turns over KK. I don't hit an ace or any spades. I'm ok with this, best hand won. So I'm just under 1,800 I get dealt A9 in the BB. I min raise I get one caller. Flop is A37 I check, he checks, turn 6. I bet 200 he calls, river 5. We both check he has A5 so I lose there.

The hand that knocks me out is, I'm dealt QQ go all in for my last 1300 or so, get called by the big stack with A10 (yep same hand I had earlier) Well, needless to say he hits his 3 outer, on the turn to knock me out.

Simply amazing at how "unlucky" some people are isn't it? LOL!

bad_dog76 on April 4, 2008

To expand now that I have a minute: There are programs in place that limit your ability to win. If you play multi-tables or go on an extended win streak, they will take it back. I do not recommend this site, as bad players and bad beats are extremely common. PLAY AT OUR OWN RISK

bodogisrigged on February 8, 2008

This site is rigged, I guarantee it. I have played over 250,000 hands. There are programs in place to prevent profit. Good luck.

bodogisrigged on February 8, 2008

Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in on Bodog poker. I have only made 2 small deposits just to check it out and have seen quite enough. Like most poker sites Bodog creates hands to create action. There ring games are loaded with them. If you catch trips on the flop with your jacks and there is an ace or king on the board someone will have caught a higher set than you. If you don't have the nuts after the river might as well fold. Flop a straight and get set to be sucked out on with runner runner. As far as tourneys go, just go all in with the rest of the idiots and if you win you may have sat in the "Golden" seat. Some seats just can't be beat no matter what, and the donks that end up sitting in them will suckout on you everytime. Heres a good example. 10 dollar sit and go I played this morning. Pays top 3, 4 of us left. I am the low stack. Already the person or seat in question has put out 3 other players because he is the big stack. These are the preflop all in hands he won, his KJ verses KQ, his A6 verses AK, his Q3 verses AK with a K on flop and he catches runner runner. He was totally dominated all three hands but sucked out time and time again. I finally receive KK and move all in. He calls with AA. I catch a K on flop he catches the A on river. Once again regardless of the preflop all in, if I was just to raise and get called then flop comes with K I am way ahead and move all in then the player sucks out with an A. Not to say I haven't seen this in live poker, just the fact that he was sitting n the Golden seat and couldn't lose no matter what he played. Bodog is very shady. I have seen this type of setup hands at other sies like Full Tilt and Party but never as blatant as this site here. To the few here that think this is a great site, you're nuts. I am no rookie and have been playing hold'em for 6 years. Say what you want, this site is terrible and I suggest to all to stay away unless you feel like you are "Golden".

fishhooks on January 28, 2008

Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in on Bodog poker. I have only made 2 small deposits just to check it out and have seen quite enough. Like most poker sites Bodog creates hands to create action. There ring games are loaded with them. If you catch trips on the flop with your jacks and there is an ace or king on the board someone will have caught a higher set than you. If you don't have the nuts after the river might as well fold. Flop a straight and get set to be sucked out on with runner runner. As far as tourneys go, just go all in with the rest of the idiots and if you win you may have sat in the "Golden" seat. Some seats just can't be beat no matter what, and the donks that end up sitting in them will suckout on you everytime. Heres a good example. 10 dollar sit and go I played this morning. Pays top 3, 4 of us left. I am the low stack. Already the person or seat in question has put out 3 other players because he is the big stack. These are the preflop all in hands he won, his KJ verses KQ, his A6 verses AK, his Q3 verses AK with a K on flop and he catches runner runner. He was totally dominated all three hands but sucked out time and time again. I finally receive KK and move all in. He calls with AA. I catch a K on flop he catches the A on river. Once again regardless of the preflop all in, if I was just to raise and get called then flop comes with K I am way ahead and move all in then the player sucks out with an A. Not to say I haven't seen this in live poker, just the fact that he was sitting n the Golden seat and couldn't lose no matter what he played. Bodog is very shady. I have seen this type of setup hands at other sies like Full Tilt and Party but never as blatant as this site here. To the few here that think this is a great site, you're nuts. I am no rookie and have been playing hold'em for 6 years. Say what you want, this site is terrible and I suggest to all to stay away unless you feel like you are "Golden".

fishhooks on January 28, 2008

I play on sportsbook, full tilt, and bodog. I have NEVER seen the hands that bodog deals out. So many times ive seen 4-5 pairs out! Many hands with straights, flushes, three of a kind you name it all at the same time. The game is rigged big time. I think its programed by seat doesnt matter how you play. Stay far away!!!

bodogsucks on January 23, 2008

Bad Beats and Bodog…

Listen, I understand bad beats. I've played this game since before it was "cool" and have played for over 10 years on various online poker sites. I recently left Ultimate Bet after having trouble getting money onto the site and was told Bodog was an easy deposit. Well, to say the least, I have never in all of my years of playing online seen so many bad beats. And I’ll even admit, I’ve been on the positive side of a couple myself.

Is it a soft site? Yes. But play in any multi table tournament and you'll see more bad beats than any other site ever.

Warning! This is only my most recent bad beat story. Read on if you like, or pass it over...Either way, just know this isn't the only time this has happened to me on this site. I've lost more 98% favorites than I can list.

Anyway, I'm in a $10+$1 buy in to qualify for $109 tournament dollars to enter the $100,000 guaranteed tourney. Pays top three and there are four of us left. The second big stack went on an all in spree and I just waited for the right opportunity to let him double up my stack. He had over $10,000 in chips and position on myself and the other small stack. So every time he got the button, he would just push all in. Weird thing on this hand though...I get AK in the big blind and he just calls PF. I raise and he calls so I actually put him on a real hand thinking he’s going to let me catch a hand before putting me all in. Well, the flop comes out KQ7 rainbow and I check it to him knowing that he'll put me all in and he obliges.

I turn over my top top and he turns over A2os. Know here’s where it gets ridiculous…
The turn card is a deuce...River card is a deuce. I was a 97% favorite after the flop and he was a 0.33% dog considering the possibility of a tie.

This is only my most recent sick beat where I was a 95% or better favorite. I can handle the bad beats...I've played long enough to endure many...but never in all my years playing online have I seen so many on one site...and it's not just happens to many, many people. The more they Bodog grows, the more you’ll be hearing about them.

I’ve still made a little bit of money here, but if I could have half the money I’ve lost on bad beats, I could seriously consider doing this full time on this site.

So I guess I’m saying…play if for the soft play, but grow some thick skin…you’re going to need it.

daobrats on October 22, 2007


This could happen to you. First of all I would like to say that I have been playing on this site for almost two years and had no other problems, but in the past two months a total nightmare. I have put almost $6000 in this site and only cash out a $1000.Well two months ago I put $400.00 back in and did pretty good. Got my account a little over $2400.00.Tried to cash out $1800.00, Guess what, BODOG wouldn’t do it because someone that was linked to me had a negative balance (DIFFERENT NAME, DIFFERENT ADDRESS & DIFFERENT ACCOUNT NUMBER) Guess what my Stepson had used my computer once or twice months ago. Therefore since he owes them $400.00 I cannot with draw MY MONEY. Finally after several phone calls I was aloud to cash out minus the $400.00. I know that in the USA what they did to me would be illegal. But no telling in there country. The way they talked on the phone like they could do anything they wanted to with MY MONEY. Well fortunately I had used my credit card. Therefore I disputed the charged. Guess what the charge card company agreed with me and did a charge back. Well then they send me an e-mail stating that my account is disabled. That’s fine with me, like I’ll really going to play on that site again. Well then comes a second e-mail saying that they are now reporting me to EQUIFAX & TRANS UNIONIST. I call BODOG, boy I though the first phone calls was nasty, but this phone call was worst. Well that, fine, I don’t need to talk to them anymore. Well guess what, a collection agency is calling me now. I wonder why they pay you for your friend’s membership. ARE YOU LINKED? OR HAVE YOU SIGNED ON THAT SITE ON SOMEONE ELSE’S COMPUTER OR VICEVERSEA. I WONDER IF OTHER SITES HAVE THIS POLICY TOO.


JLD61 on March 31, 2007

What would you play if 40 percent is too high? I mean I would love to only play about 15-20 percent but its hard to not call for a dollor when you get suited connectors and AK it seems all the time online. Also what about the big blind checks, those go towards your percentage. I seem to fold alot, but i still call the mid to high suited connectors. I have been playin online for about one and half years and live for about 15 years, but not just holdem for that 15. Just holdem for about 3 years, as in turnies and a few cash games. I seem to win live a lot more than online, maybe its my presentation live, I dont know. It just seems I get on a great roll and win then go through a week or two of nothing but losin. then when I put in another hundred bucks, I win for about a week, then I lose it all again on what seems to be huge bad beats. I swear it seems like its not even cards online its whos going to get the bad beat on there side and when??? I dont know Admin, If you got any sugestions, Ill read em. Ive read olot online at I try to follow a sertion way to play. well thanks for any input from all and good luck to all...

Tiger Strat88 on February 20, 2007

Playing 40% of your hands is too high. How long have yyou ben playing with real money?

HPG ADMIN on February 20, 2007

Last week I won over 1400 in a week of play. In 3 days they got most of it back...bad beats. I hit 3 str8s in 20 mins to lose 2 of them to flush draws that i made the pot odds all in for them to fold there draws, and one to the only one that should of called my all in, and he had a set that hit a full boat. All in like 20 mins or so. And one str8 was ace high and the other was k high. the third was a mid str8. Im not sayin bad beats don't happen in real life. I played in a cash game and saw all the poket aces get beat that night, there was three of them and they all lost big. Ive been drawn out to hit a ace high flush and the other guy hit a str8flushwith the same card, so I know it happens. But this seems crazy. According to my states there I fold 60 percent of the time so I am not callin abunch of crap. i try to play my cards and not push around. It just seems like im always getting into hands cause i get like AJ through AA and Pocket Pairs like crazy and lose. I dont know. make you own call but it sucks being down like 4000 on this site now, and for what...

Tiger Strat88 on February 19, 2007

Bodog is most likely rigged to encourage action to keep the rake high. Flushes, straights, full houses are much more common here and they all happen at the same time. I have online poker accounts at most online poker rooms and at least twice a week at B&M casinos, Bodog is something else. Anyone who claims that this site isn't rigged is most likely a moron or inexperienced. You may be able to do really well here but I say avoid it.

No live game and no other poker site produces the hands Bodog does.

iskin on December 31, 2006

Forty 10d As (9000)
Rifle 10c Kc (2000)

Blinds 50/100

Forty raises 400
Rifle(Sb) calls 350

Flop 8s 4h ks

Rifle bets 500
Forty calls 500

Turn 4d
Forty bets 400
Rifle raises all-in
Forty calls (with NOTHING)

River Ad

Don't think I did too much wrong but I am sure someone will disagree. The important thing here is that this is not a oneoff - time and again on the dog.

rifle on November 14, 2006

I feel very fortunate to have survived this site. It sound like sour grapes but Bodog is the phenominal for bad beats in tournaments. Typical action goes like post-flop, you are holding the nut flush with the ace in your hand,you bet a little and then get raised all in. The cards turn over and you see the villain has top pair with a pair of nines, the turn and river are sevens which, with the seven on the board, gives the villain a fullhouse -> you lose. Happens time and again in STTs and MTTs.

I've won consistently on 3 other sites and got attracted here by the matching bonus. I've listened to people moan about bad beats and thought well even AA get beaten about 20% of the time or you went in on a draw what do you expect. Bodog is different. All I can say is basically you're not up against real players - these are casino looneys - they'll call with rags or fluke flushes/full houses once you're made your straight on the flop/turn.

You are warned!

rifle on November 13, 2006

Lost 1300 in one day from very bad beats. Lost with 3 flushes, 2 Ace High Str8s, Had pok aces to get one up for three, to have my all in for 250, to get called by a flush draw (Dumb call), and he hit. Been on bodog for over a year now and have lost a lot more than won. Home of the Bad Beats for sure that I wonder if it riged myself. Search elswhere for play. Or lose it all to the bad beat you WILL get. I have 3 other friends that play on it too and have not won crap. As I write this. I am playin with my last few dollars at this site, Had a KQ in hand and just hit 3 kings with an ace up too, Before any one bet, I typed in the chat, who has the pok aces. Called all in, just to be called by,who else, but the guy with the pok aces. KING OF BAD BEATS!!!!!!!

Tiger Strat88 on October 20, 2006

Amen brother

HPG ADMIN on March 7, 2006

Read here this was a goldmine and it was true. Have played at a dozen sites and rate this a 10. This is my home and it puts groceries on the table often. Quick payouts and excellent tournaments. All types of games at any time of day or night.

purpleheartcop on March 7, 2006

There is no one that can't convince me this site doesn't cheat. I have played online for years and have never seen anything like Bodogs 4/8 game. I lost a ton of $$ because:

A) Everyone hit's their crazy community boards
B) No one folds

I don't have the time or inclination to describe the dozens of horrific beats but a word of warning; if you expect the $4/$8 game to resemble anything like realistic poker than you are in for a rude awakening. Forget about AA losing to 33 cause that just happens. I'm talking about people calling down with running straights, running flushes, 1 over, low PP when the board is all paint, (and hitting the set on the river), A3 won't fold with a gun to their head, (can't tell you how many times KK, QQ, JJ lost to a turned A when I was raising PF and on the flop) it just goes on and on and on.

I'm not just basing my cheating theory on a few bad nights. As I've said I've played Online and live for years and I've simply never seen anything like it. I can see no way to be profitable on this site. For that reason, I will never play it again and I wanted to warn whoever may read this.

raiseitup on November 24, 2005

OK This is what I have learned after losing about $100 over several months at bodog, THEY SET UP HANDS to promote action. I went into the free rooms to play and sat for awhile to observe. They match up pockets against pockets all the time, if you have pocket jacks or tens someone will have higher. People hit 1 card flush chasers all the time. Of couse someone has to win the hand but its not usually the one who started out with the best hand. I only play for free on bodog now. PS this company is based in Costa Rica so i dont know what kind of laws they have to abide by. If they are NOT setting hands up. Let them post their code (programming) on their website. gl all may your pockets grow fat.. but not with my money

magiked on October 22, 2005

Nowhere is it more profitable to be good at math then in a bodog ring game.

It does help if you can read the fish and the rocks at the table, should take maybe 10 minutes of watching the play to get that one worked out.

rock like blob on October 18, 2005

I just started playing at Bodog and it was funny how I got quads in the first 30 minutes of play at a NL table. I think people's theories of bad beats are true in the regard that big hands are made often. However, if I'm not mistaken, each hand the random number generator is seeded once and then that sequence of cards is set. So you would be seein the same community cards if u replayed that specific shuffle everytime, like in real life. Thus, rigging the game is impossible because the software doesn't know who's callin pre-flop and wat the action will be post-flop. What I can say is that the shuffle algorithm could very possibly be biased towards putting out big community cards. I could imagine a site doing that to increase postflop action to generate more rake, and this is sort of rigging, but it is not aimed at anyone in particular. No conspiracy theories here. So basically just adjust your play to expect big hands often and raise your overpairs hard early and be cautious with them late in the hand. Overall I like Bodog's software and whether or not I make money here depends on me. Also, if you're sick of hold em loose player schooling and suck outs, play some Omaha Hi/Lo. It's next to impossible to get screwed over playing correct tight-aggressive Hi/Lo.

eek4ever on October 2, 2005

Bodog is a great place to play. However their policy of keeping all your winnings if a deposit is returned is resulting in me persuing a class action suit against them. The government has strick policies on what someone can charge for an NSF item and several hundred dollars is out of the question. If you have been a victim also and would like to partcipate in this action feel free to email me.

j.fitchett on September 26, 2005

You're calling me a moron, after providing no evidence that its rigged? you're a ****ing douchebag.

Zeppelin on August 27, 2005

how do u know..did u personally design the rng?? moron

Unregistered on August 25, 2005

Just because there's no "random" card dealing system, oh wise one, doesn't mean its rigged. There's a RANDOM number generator (emphasis on the word RANDOM.) I'm not sure, but i believe it works like this. Every card is assigned a number from 1-52. On every deal of a card, the RNG R A N D O M L Y selects a number from 1-52, and deals the corresponding card.Poker isn't rigged. It just eases our minds after a bad beat to go crazy with the "RIGGED BULL ****, IMPOSSIBLE" kind of stuff. People, people, bad beats are part of poker. If you don't expect them to ever happen, don't play poker.

Zeppelin on August 24, 2005

I have played on the dog for 2 years You can get real bad beats no lie but in live games it happens also! And I give alot of them.I play alot so I get some bad beats thats poker!~ I have not put money in bodog in a over a year. (no bs) and I have cashed out alot. When you play on this site bring your best poker you will need it!!!!

fatman on August 22, 2005

Oh and another thing...oh "wise" one...if you would do some research you would find that there is no such thing as a "random" online card generator. Proof of, yet again..more cheating. [url][/url]

Unregistered on August 14, 2005

This is absolutely the most ridiculous poker site there is! I saw one guy catch back to back quads. Both times my friend caught quads he was beat...once by higher quads, and once by a royal flush!You may do good on this site for a day or so, but then the bad beats start hammering on you. Fish are rewarded way too often, and people who stay in with bottom pair catch their trips way too often. There's so many straight flushes it's almost funny, but not quite. This site has most definitely got to be rigged.This site is a ripoff and if you are a good poker player I suggest you stay away from this site. If you are a fish then this may be the site for you.Remember, you were warned.

DrDestructo on August 12, 2005

The title of this post says it all about this site!!!!! Good Players STAY AWAY!!

lol on August 6, 2005

Played 1243 hands, saw quads 14 times, quite unlikely. Beware site is crazy!

oszst on July 30, 2005

the cust service is great.....the software VERY can the reviewer praise it so much...they could not even show you your balance while you have been playing on a few tables, gotten up, then looked at your balance. i question sites like this that rate poker rooms.

Wes on July 18, 2005

I've played at many sites and while I lost four consecutive pots with AA (all-in pre-flop), I've been a fairly consistent winner. I'd prefer it if pokertracker were compatible with bodog, but honestly, the money is easy and your big hands get paid. Why go anywhere else?

asscockery on July 17, 2005

I'm telling you right now, LISTEN TO ACTION. I play very similar to his advice and am a lifetime winning player at Bodog. I play very tight (I can get as low as 19% flops seen on a cold cards run, as high as 35% on hot streaks, and around 27-28% altogether. I win a good 40% of the flops I see.) Most of you total newbs on here probably play over 50%, which is purely a recipe for losing. I love to check raise on here even though Action said you shouldn't, but i do it rarely. I'm telling you right now - listen to him. He's got it all right.

Zeppelin on July 17, 2005

well, i jsut went back to bodog after a 2 month layoff where i played party poker, UB, and ultra generic (but not rigged) sports interaction poker. boy did bodog reward me handsomely for coming back. first hand i got AA, raised preflop, one caller, raised after the flop, he folded. i showed my cards and said "surprised they were good here for once" and got LOLs from everyone probably thinking "yeah, i hear you". 2nd hand is the real kicker. it was .10/.25 no limit room, i was in the small blind, out of position, one guy raised to .50, one called, i called with 77. flop was 10 8 2 with 2 clubs. one guy bet out $2, i call knowing a suckout's coming, another guy calls. turn is an A. one guy bets $2.50, one raises to $5, i call, other guy calls. river is a 7 naturally. i go all in, guy calls with A 8 and cusses me out. i'm up $35 in 2 hands playing as badly as possible. go bodog. if you don't believe me ask that pocket_pimp guy who's at the tables right now steaming (and probably therefore winning).

homervdoh on July 8, 2005

When I first learned how to play Hold 'Em, I signed up on Bodog because it also had the Sportsbook and an excellent bonus policy. As a beginner, I had a very limited pool of poker knowledge. I played any suited cards and any ace. I rarely raised. I chased every draw to the river, regardless of the pot odds. After a month of playing almost exclusively on Bodog, I turned my starting bankroll of $50 into $1150. I figured if I did that well that quickly without studying the game, just imagine what I could accomplish if I educated myself. So I read up on a number of texts by Sklansky, took a wealth of information from Hellmuth's book, and watched Mike Caro's videos. That's when it all went downhill on Bodog. I knew I was a much stronger player than I used to be, because I was winning on the other sites and learned from the mistakes I previously made, but I stuck with Bodog the most because of the weakness of the majority of players and because I could cash out a few hundred and then re-load with it a few days later and get the 20% bonus. In the next two weeks, I saw my $1150 dwindle down to $300 on suck-out after suck-out. People were taking my money in the same manner that I had previously taken it from others. Even the higher limits had really poor players (most likely the degenerate gamblers and rich kids with money to burn). Sure, bad beats will happen, but what goes on at Bodog surpasses any statistical logic. I managed to get all my money in with pocket aces before the flop four consecutive times and they were cracked every time. Two-outers were hitting on the river like a plague. My friend was suffering the same fate, so he even went so far as to intentionally play like an idiot one night and won $100 in 15 minutes on the $.50/1 NL tables, with moves such as going all-in after the flop with a three flush and telling the other players not to call, and when they did and he hit the runners, proceeded to laugh at them for getting "Bodogged." On top of all this, it's still a small site compared to the PartyPokers and UltimateBets of the world, and with the best bonus around and their guaranteed money tournaments that almost always have a significant shortfall, I can't fathom how they profit from poker except for a system that rewards the bad players (as I admittedly used to be) to keep them around for low limit rakes (and it surely worked on me). Thus, I give Bodog a 2 rather than a 1, because of said bonus policy.

Hansi Schaffer on July 7, 2005

Also, I wholeheartedly agree with the earlier post that mentioned the class of players. This site definitely has the most uncouth people you'll ever encounter. If you lose a pot, you suck. If you win a pot, you're a lucky fish. Most Bodog tables are nothing more than a pissing contest, with players trading insults back and forth.

Hansi Schaffer on July 7, 2005

I have deposited 3 times here and each time same things happen. Unbelieveable. I have played at 15+ other sites and from what I have seen I am sorry I don't think this is a coincidence. Not going to play here anymore no matter how good the bonus (in theory) is. Whatever characteristics I have (how I bet, not playing sportsbook, etc) the website doesn't seem to like me. I will play elswehere :(

ANONYMOUS on July 2, 2005

Complaining about bad beats is counterproductive. Typing nasty things to them is also counterproductive. If someone is chasing their inside straight and make it they will win. If they miss they will lose. They will fold on the river to a moderate bet. The problem is that most people feel they need to chase out the chaser with a big river bet. Sorry it is too late now. If he hit he is going to raise your big bet and most of you with your bad beat stories will call. But if he misses he will fold to a moderate bet. People should welcome the chasers. If you play smart and disciplined you can clean up against these people. But you cannot play the same against them that you do against experienced players. You have to drop fancy play syndrome and simply play straight forward good poker. Keep opening the door for them to make bad plays. Make correct bets based on the odds and allow them to play low percentage hands. You will win enough that way to make it worthwhile. Don't always look for the big big pot. Those pots will happen in time. Don't force it against a guy that doesnt really know what he is doing. He thinks poker is simply gambling and will put his money in with just about anything. Thats what gamblers do. Make him pay little by little with solid play and dont get sucked into playing bad just because your opponents are. And remember most time these people are not bluffing when they go all in. Stop calling them with marginal holdings. And those of you with bad beat memories ought to simply reload and lick your chops at the opportunity to win.The ones that complain about withdrawing money then getting bad beats after that are really searching for reasons to justify bad luck or bad play. The amount of programming involved to single out a particular player -- no wait, every player that withdrew money (after all you arent special to them) -- and give them good cards (because you are good enough not to play the bad cards) that will lost to better cards -- but wait you dont lose to better cards you lose to the suckouts which means now that they have to allow for the bad players to play the bad cards poorly enough that they suck out on you.. just imagine the amount of planning for that.. you cant give bad cards to good players to beat you.. the good players dont play those cards.. so bodog has to figure out who the bad players are.. but how.. according to the bad beat whiners the bad players are winners.. but a lot of good players are winners too.. so how does bodog figure out exactly who to give the bad cards to and who to give the good cards to?this is really confusing.. i couldnt imagine programming it..

Action on June 25, 2005

Love it. Great site for the poker player and sports bettor. I usually play in the morning, and what ever I make head over to the book and bet the profit on the games. Not like Intertops (Party skin) where transfers can take 1/2 an hour (yet I love the Party fish and can always make money there). Easier than Bet Holdem (Prima Skin) to BetWWTS, b/c you don't actually have to make a transfer(although the transfer is easy and quick and I'd give them a 10 too). Not like Pacific where it takes like 2 years to get a payout. Bottom line is its a great site for the diversified investor who wants liquidity in their funds.Played all the sites and play for hours at the B&M's (Commerce, Bicycle, etc. in LA). I see no difference to this and the real world. As for bad beats, they just happen more online b/c there are just more fish online. For every 10 times you take money from the fish, every once in a while you get a fish who will bite back. (ie. How could he call me with only an inside straight draw? or how could he call my raise with a 6 8 off suit?, but that's what fish do and every once is a while you say wtf. Same things happen at the b&m's when all the sharks look for the tourist. Tourist gets lucky once in a while. You get bad beats, but that's poker.

bookie on June 9, 2005

This site is the biggest damn joke in the world!!!!!!! You had better bring the lube to the computer desk when you play here....Don't try to play real poker or make intelligent calculations..just play like a frigin moron and you should be successful...that style of play never fails here!!!!

lololol on May 29, 2005

Very bad,I e-mailed their support about the bad beats and they e-mailedback a lot of garbage about nothing . STAY AWAY.

crumpet on May 28, 2005

Why do these gamblers always seem to hit? This site is quite shady. Especially in sit and go tournements.Its like when I play there I expect Q 10 to beat QQ preflop. Aces get cracked over and over and over. They are supposed to hold up heads up preflop 4 out of 5 times-- HA! Not here!!If my opponent has less than 5 outs at least 50% of the time they catch one of them. Happens over and over and over again. I am a pretty good player who 90% of the time gets his money in with the best of it but for some reason I lose 80% of the time. And I'm not slowplaying either.I decided to try this site because of the generous bonus but it was fools gold. Bad beats occur on all sites as they should BUT this site is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. I totally recommend this site if you are not a good player or just like to play for entertainment value only. I agree with the other poster if you play super conservative and know that the draws are coming you may be able to squeak out a profit. But thats not fun poker to me doubting the integrity of where you are playing.

ANONYMOUS on May 27, 2005

I always laugh when I see people complaining about suckouts and spinning conspiracy theories. Let's think about this people:Bodog is making a killing on the rake and doesn't need to convince gamblers to stick around.Most of the conspiracy theories that surround this are laughable. We all know gamblers and we all know that they don't quit because of losing money to non-rigged boards. Bodog does not need to rig the board to encourage play, gamblers don't need that encouragement.The cashout theory is so outlandish that I won't dignify it with a response.The fact is that Bodog, because of its connection to the sports book, hauls in tons of fish who play a thousand times looser than your average casino. They LOSE money, thousands of dollars. For every suckout they hit, they chase a dozen hands that don't materialize. The problem here is that when a lot of fish all chase, the variance at the table rises sharply - but if you adjust well, so do your profits. The biggest mistake that solid players make at a site like Bodog is trying to play the same way they would against veterans at a casino. You will get sucked out more on Bodog - MUCH more, but when you take down pots they will be bigger. You just have to adjust.Unlike other posters on this site, I don't think most of you suck. You're probably good, tight players. Although I suspect some of you are too weak-tight and need to take on these fish more aggressively and stop worrying about suckouts - they happen.1. DO NOT SLOWPLAY: Make these fish pay for their draws. With 8 players chasing, giving free cards is suicide. Raise and re-reaise, aggressive. When you do get sucked out on, this will hurt, but you must build big pots on your quality hands and refused to be scared off by all the drawers. Winning one huge pot will make up for 2-3 of the suckouts, if not more.2. ADJUST YOUR STARTING HANDS: Suited connectors and low pocket pairs rise exponentially in value in games like these. Weak players almost never will suspect your set when you hit it and you can get nearly unlimited action if they catch a big pair or two pair. Play Ax suited from any position, but be smart and ditch if your kicker is weak and you didn't flop two pair or a good draw. Big, unsuited hands plummet in value. Drop those KJo in early and middle position, can the KQo after a raise. PREPARE MENTALLY: So often, I see quality players tilt hard on these tables. They take 3-4 suckouts in a row and suddenly start thinking 'Well, if he can win with 74o so can I. Take responsibility for your own demise. Suckouts don't kill good players, but suckouts that lead to poor, stubborn, tilting play can erase bankrolls in a hurry.CALCULATE YOUR ODDS: Many of you are probably missing your chances at huge pots on longshots. Inside straight draws are rarely correct to pursue in a tight casino game - but on sites like Bodog you are often correct to call, even without an overcard. Bodog and sites like Party are a goldmine. But, you must adjust to playing wioh people who have no idea what they're doing. Drop all your fancy semibluffs, checkraises on the flop and scare-card bluffs ... THESE PEOPLE DON"T GET IT. Poker betting is a language, and when you check raise to a veteran your telling them that your hand is strong (even if you're lying). But these newbies don't understand the language, your bets sound like the schoolteacher on Peanuts to them. Play straight up, aggressive and adjust your starting hands. Get ready for the bad beats, laugh them off and get back to work taking these fishes' money.

Let's be realistic on May 24, 2005

Anyone successful on Bodog is obviously a fish because percentages do not even come into play on this site. You maydeswell flip a coin or go play a slot machine. I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but spend your money on another site if you are a good player and serious about the game, otherwise your going to need a punching bag next to your computer. Pokerstars works fine for me. You know...a site where people actually know how to play, and card percentages actually matter.P.S. to the last post... calling AA heads up pre flop.. actually..not a bad idea in real life..on Bodog..the worst idea in the world... because this site is unrealistic and is indeed not even poker at all. The percentage of 65% of the time AA loses pre-flop heads up is probably about right on Bodog. In real life more like 10%.

George on May 23, 2005

One time i got AA an amazing 4 times in a sit and go (most ive ever gotten at any site) and I won all four times. I bet the people that lose with AA are stupid fools that just call preflop looking to re-raise a raiser. When nobody raises and the flop is 245, and you lose to the small blind's 36 suited, guess who's fault it is...why, it's your fault! If you raise big preflop with AA, alot of times you will just take down the blinds. But on this site, so many people with crap hands may call. You want this. I've had stretches of over 25 AA's without losing a single one. You should at least be glad that AA hardly ever loses to KK on here. AA is still the best hand, and wins more often than any other hand does heads up on BoDog.

AA works for me on May 21, 2005

People who keep saying "oh 8 out of 10 times there's a flush aha im so good at making stuff up" are idiots. People who say "AA loses 65% of the time in 2 players all in"...really, how pathetic does it seem? The last poster is right about AA and that just calling preflop is dumb.

Your statistics suck on May 21, 2005

Anyone who says that poker is rigged is nothing but a bad player and a fool. I bet alot of the times people catch on the river, they bet big, and YOU stupidly call. YOU. Like someone once said, people can't blame themselves for their crappy play, so they blame the site to cover up for their sheer suckness. Great, fun site. Good play money games for those interested. Easy to win if you're good - easy to derive false rigged allegations from if your a crap player.

buttsecks on May 19, 2005

BODOG is a setup........... good luck with AA

Trey03 on May 13, 2005

If you like action, this is the site for you. However, the number of bad beats and cold deck situations is amazing so if you want anything like poker reality, avoid the site. Very low probability situations happen every few hands. I have played several other sites, including Party, and nothing compares to Bodog in that regard. I have played bodog for 2-3 months because I like the reload bonuses and I haven't noticed any correlation between cashouts and bad luck and I think that ould be almost impossible to program anyway. The sort of good news is that the draws out affect everyone equally but the sheer number of them means that chasers do not do as badly as on other sites. What makes me most suspicious is that they will not allow downloading of hand histories in the same way as other sites so there is no way to analyse a large number of hands as you can as on Party, PokerStars, etc. Although I have made reasonable money from Bodog, its because I have adopted a defensive style that assumes major draw outs and bad beats happen a lot more often than normal. I try to avoid the inevitable drawouts, or at least lessen their impact, and make more money when I hit one of the regular monster hands. When I clear my current bonus though I am going to change sites as the situation has reached ridiculous proportions in recent weeks. I find myself typing 'amazing' at least ten times per day and that is only for hands in which I am involved. As I said at the start, if your interest in poker is fun and action and you aren't too bothered about making lots of money, this site will be fine. Those with tilty tendencies stay away for the good of your health.

Fuchida on May 11, 2005

This is from a message board i recently viewed..just something to think about next time u step into an online poker room. NotMe | March 21, 2005 04:55 PM Hello NotMe, I'm also making a poker bot. Can you please give me more info about what you know to avoid the detection of a bot by a poker room? What do you mean by "own mouse driver with smart moving". Can we use the user32 functions to click. Is it necessary to move the pointer before clicking?"There are also many other featuers that bot should have to avoid detection"Can you talk more about that? You can write me an email to [email][/email]. Thanks a lot. Maybe will we exchange some techniques. PokoPoko | March 24, 2005 09:55 AM I have had bots running online for over a year without detection. I am sure there are many more however every bot programmer I have come across has lost because he knew nothing about playing good poker. Creating the interface is easy but creating a bot that wins consistantly is beyond what most people have the time for. Pistachio | April 12, 2005 11:59 PM Hello Pistachio, On what AI techniques did you base your bot? Stuff like probability triple? Thanks for the input, cheers,tom Tomy | April 15, 2005 03:27 AM


I play all over, compulsive gambler i guess. butthis site starts out ok but there security is so lax. i didnt even have to do a authorization form and instantly i had 500 to spend, next all i had to do is call and get an increase before the 500 cleared. anyone could really rip someone off here. the game play was so so. i agree many newbies or dumb asses but the whole if i had a friends check book or a friend had mine. or worse. an anybody.. there security is majory flawed

arms on May 8, 2005

I think people are just retarded. If you get bad beat at online poker, it's cuz you suck. It isn't rigged. For everyone 100 times you go in with AK suited, those pocket 2s will beat you around 50 times. People just OVERESTIMATE their odds. Stop blaming the sites and blame yourself. I've played 10,000 hands at Bodog. How long does it take to play 10k hands in person? I've seen bad beats in person too, not htat many, but obviously I haven't played AS MANY hands.So what. Bodog is easy money for me. If you know how to control yourself, online poker = easy money. So if you lose and you think you're good in person, then maybe online poker just isn't you.

qwerasdf on May 6, 2005

Considering the quantity of hands i see your point, HOWEVER, the bad beats that happen on this site are just laugh out loud funny...granted this happens on other sites as well and occasionaly in person but compared to other well known and accredited sites, such as Pokerstars, and Ultimate Bet, this site is a joke. Ask anyone around who actually knows the game of poker and they will tell you the same. If you're winning on bodog great. All this site is, is one big slot machine. Usually the low percentage unfavored hand wins 70% of the time as opposed to real life where generally it happens FAR, FAR less. So my advice is to stay on bodog... that is where all, and i do mean ALL the fish play. Just would love to see people like this try their LUCK over at Pokerstars or in person. Now that would truly be laugh out loud funny.

John. on May 6, 2005

Similar complaints to above. I can play the 5-20$ sit and gos and finish in money 60-75% and win around 35%. The first time I wanted to cash out, suddenly started getting horrible beats. Chalked that up to coincidence. Filed for a cash out this week, that same night began string of ridiculous beats again. 4 times in a row, with dominating hands, get called all in by people with a gutshot straight draw (only river left). ALL 4 TIMES GUTSHOT HITS. Been doing stat work on these last two days...flush draws are hitting against me at over 60% vs. 15% when I have one. My pocket pairs HAVE NOT tripped once in the last two days(over 40 hands with pockets). KK and AA have been cracked over 75% of the time. Head to head hands that I dominate are falling at about the same rate as AA and KK (i.e. AQ vs Q6, fish gets 5789 to hit board).I'm really at a loss to explain this. The gutshot straight 4 times in a row, for example, is about 15000 to 1 to happen. Couple with everything else, there is no mathematical explanation other than fishy software. It is definately in bodog's interests to keep money in their banks, since they earn interest and as long as the money flows on the tables they continue to rake in the ring games and make the entry fees in the tourneys. STAY AWAY.

capa on April 29, 2005

My perception of this site has totally changed after an insurmountable number of bad beats and suckouts. I did so well here for my first deposit but after I cashed out and made a second reload, everything completely changed. Bad beats left and right.. 2,3,4 outers hit on the river, etc. it seems like if there's a 3 way all-in, the worst hand somehow wins it on the river 70% of the time.. this is the same party poker crap you should try to avoid..

5iveofaKind on April 24, 2005

I thought well let`s try it because i could get 100 if i signt up using cardplayer as referal.I did not have the full 100 in my account at neteller, i use 2 accounts one from myself and the other from my mother.Double bonus whoring ... You know what i mean...I thought well let`s check out the fish.And i wanted to sit down (i payed the money an hour ago) and buy in ....They locked my account becose i used my mothers neteller.What an idiots what do they want that i register again with my mothers id and then whore them on my mothers account.But now i am happy to get my money back(still not in my account back at neteller, while it takes 1 minut to get in there it takes a few days i think to get it out.But when i read your ratings i am a happy man.I will use my party bonus 100$ max. with 50% bonus.And empire is also better then these idiots at bodog.Have a nice weekend.Have luck at the tables and play with your mind.The Raymann

raymann on April 21, 2005

Terrible. Simply Terrible!!!! There really is something shady about this site. DO NOT PLAY BODOG if you know what is good for you.

pahdukes on April 5, 2005

BEWARE!!!! By far the worst site out there. I am not an amateur. I have been playing poker for 15 years+ and the beats on this site are absolutely unreal. If you don't believe me for 5 minutes and you will see what I am talking about. I'll give you some numbers i have calculated over a few months.- 7 or 8 out of 10 hands there is a flush out there- 8 out of 10 hands there are 2 of the same card out there- pockets rockets (A A) lose 65% of the time you play them or call them pre-flop all in!- 6 out of 10 hands there is a straight and a flush out there! VERY SHADY site...BEWARE!!

gman2984 on April 2, 2005

To add one more thing... the class of people on this site are also the lowest of the low. Always something crude and cocky to say when someone wins or loses.

gman2984 on April 2, 2005

when i first began playing bodog in it's early developments, i could always count on making a profit. whether it was a cash game or single table tourney. the site has become looser ( bad beats are atrcious)and the players are 75% dead money. i even layed off A/10 and K/J and i would still get hammered with a 2 pair of A/2 or K/5 off suite.i'm in quest for a quality player site. see you at the final table!

echio on March 17, 2005

I HATE bodog! Yeah there are some crappy players, and you'll make some off their looseness, but the bad beats are HORRIBLE. Being tight really doesn't work either, because there are enough sharks now to make that unprofitable. Also, the traffic here sucks, can never get a full game before 7 pm. I burned through my $250 in no time - back to UB where the play is actually rational.

Dallasrounder on February 22, 2005

Heard about the poor players but i lost my 200 deposit with some unbelievable beats, don't know what you can do... i'm sticking with party. At least it has the volume to multitable whatever you want.

allinaces on February 21, 2005

This is an above average site to play some poker. The games are fast and loose and money can be made! I know its easy to say that when you are winning and its just as easy to chastise when you are losing. But so far my initial deposite of the min, has tripled. I am not playing cards to make a living just to have some entertainment value. This is def. the site to check out.

dbronson26 on February 16, 2005

I just love this site. Lotsa easy money and the software is nice too. The bonus of $100 for a $100 deposit is incredible too. Some of the loosest games on the net.

jcdgoad on January 30, 2005

the players are loose and the bad beats are horrendous; I lose my first $20 right off the boat and it's not like I'm a bad player because I have won a lot on other sites. I play only premium hands and I got rivered and sucked out twice, which ate up most of my bankroll. I may be quick to judge on this site for my first deposit but as far as it goes I don't think I'll ever play on here ever again. Stick to pokerstars, they're still the best.

Unregistered on January 15, 2005

this site has the worst beats that will lose you money, plus they disconnect you during a bighand and will fold your hand way too often easy money though

IveyWannabe3. on December 31, 2004

Colors do not work well on lap top and the notification buzzer can make you umpopular at work, but the site does have weak players. Tables selection is limited. One more reminder how hard it is to out do Party.

EagleScout on December 29, 2004

most unreal hands Ive ever seen people constantly get quads and straight flushes. I havent done bad there but some of the beats are horrendous. I much prefer UB or any of the Prima poker sites seem way more realistic

the truth on December 19, 2004

Software is kinda' jittery; lots of disconnections.Players are okay, lots of chasers and pseudo-masters.

kotong on December 8, 2004

The software is fast and you can upload your own pic; which is cool! on October 16, 2004

oh bodog how i love thee... these sports betting fools don't seem to understand that you shouldn't call capped betting preflop with J2 off... but i don't mind... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

lovetopolka on October 10, 2004

there aren't many players of many tables but easier money you wont find anywhere. anywhere. right now im paying the rent off it

jordan on September 26, 2004

You won't find more degenerate gamblers anywhere....I've done very well at both the 2/4limit and NL50 tables. lot's of chasers and all-ins hoping to be WSOP C+

tedtodd25 on September 14, 2004