Dutch Boyd

Russ "Dutch" Boyd is a professional poker player from California and is a member of The Crew.


Born 1980, Boyd grew up mostly in Missouri with his mom and younger brother. Dutch and his brother were both very intelligent and had scored well on IQ tests. At age 11, Boyd skipped a couple of grades and started attending college at age 12. He graduated with his Associates degree at 13 and his Bachelor's degree soon after. He graduated from The University of Missouri Law School in Columbia, MO at age 18. Despite finishing law school, he chose not to pursue a career in law after being an intern and noticing that most of the lawyers he worked for didn't seem to be happy with their jobs.

Like many of today's players, he started to play poker after watching Rounders because the character in the movie was in the same position he was in - a law student who wasn't sure that he wanted to be a lawyer. He started playing online poker in play money games and then graduated to real money games. He spent some of his winnings on poker books to educate himself and improve his game. After graduation, he moved to California and began playing poker during the day and working for a department store at night.

Pokerspot controversy

Boyd and his brother who had a background in technology then decided to open an online poker room because the online sites that he played at were very slow at the time. He raised $50,000 from family and friends and opened the PokerSpot casino, which operated from 2000 to late 2001 but eventually failed. When PokerSpot ceased operations, the site did not refund $400,000 of player funds. According to Boyd, PokerSpot's credit card processor was late in transferring player funds to PokerSpot. As a result, players were unable to cash out, and eventually the site shut down. PokerSpot reportedly filed a lawsuit and tried to get their money from the processor that supposedly ripped Pokerspot off but they didn't have any money.

Several controversies surrounded the failure of the site. First, some people claimed that Boyd told his customer support staff to deceive players about the failed cashouts. Then there is also disagreement regarding a potential PokerSpot buyout where Boyd claims that the buyer reneged on an offer that would have returned all of the players' money. But some say Boyd backed out of the deal himself. Boyd also stated that PokerSpot would make good on all cashouts, but it hasn't. He also has claimed on his blog that he has already refunded a small amount of money to some former PokerSpot players, but there is no proof of this.

They tried to sell the business since they had some assets, a userlist of players, good software, and a pending patent for the online poker tournaments they developed.

Although Boyd says the failure was a legitimate business failure, many people believe that Dutch Boyd stole the money or was at least negligent in making sure that players got paid back. Dutch says that he would like to eventually pay back the lost money to the PokerSpot players to rectify the situation as well as fix his reputation but he understands that people are skeptical. When Boyd was the chip leader for a short time at the main event of the 2003 WSOP, he was asked if he would pay back the PokerSpot players with any prize money that he won. Boyd said, "If I win this tournament, I will pay off all the players. Anything less than that, I can't do it." Boyd placed 12th in the tournament, earning $80,000.

Poker playing

Boyd gained a lot of exposure when he finished 12th in the 2003 WSOP main event. He went to Vegas for a meeting about a new web site. But the meeting didn't happen so he decided to stay in Vegas and ended up winning a seat to the main event through a satellite. Because of his interesting story, he got a lot of attention from the media and was profiled extensively on TV.

Shortly after the WSOP, he founded a group of young poker players called The Crew that became popular and achieved success.

Boyd finished runner-up to T.J. Cloutier of the $1,500 razz event at the 2004 WSOP and cashed in the 2005 main event (177th). He won his first bracelet at the 2006 WSOP in the $2,500 short-handed no limit hold 'em event when he went heads up against Joe Hachem, winning $475,712. He has also chased 5 times in WPT events.

As of 2009, he has 1 WSOP bracelet, 14 WSOP cashes, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $1,500,000.


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the dude owes almost 10,000 people money on that fake site he set up,,sucked out and won 1 bracelet and now he is writing poker material? give me a break and give those folks back their money u stole mr. polar disorder,,which prob is fake also

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

I'm not a big Hachem fan, but even Boyd said "How many times do I have to put this guy all in"? Hachem had him crippled and Dutch hit a 3 outer on the river to win.
Hachem totally outplayed this scumbag and Dutch was lucky enough to win.
Going all in with A5 preflop against Hachem was stupid to begin with.

I guess if you shoot at the basket enough times, eventually one will go in.

bad_dog76 on December 14, 2006

This Guy Has No Skill, I Saw He Won And Thought It Was Skill, But No, He Had To Suck Out On Hachem Hand After Hand To Win It, He Couldnt Beat Joe Mano O Mano So He Went All In Time After Time, Now He Thinks Hes Soemthing Good. Also Look Up His Site Where It Went Bankrupt After Dutch Stole The Money Of The Customers And Pocketed It For Himself, And Never Paid It Back, Im Surprised Hes Still Alive

DonkeySlayer on November 14, 2006

this dude is a punk and so is his little group of fags that he tags around with

jesse shultz on August 19, 2006

Fuckin cheater! Cheated his way to 12th in the 2003 Main Event before he lost his marbles. He'll probably end up killing himself or someone else at the table before he's done. He should be barred from poker forever.

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

This Guy Just Won A Bracelet. Congrats Dutch

DonkeySlayer on July 3, 2006

A nut that should be barred from the tournaments, before he goes off, and causes a big problems???
Or a con man trying to steal more deposits from the next on- line poker site???

????? on October 31, 2005

He said that he was in a mental hospital just before he finished 12th in the Main Event in 2003. Bi-Polar Disorder had him seeing God telling him to play poker against the Devil.....

Unregistered on October 12, 2005

what did boyd say in his interview of the main event for 2005??

Unregistered on October 12, 2005

i IMed dutch boyd once. he gave me poker advice.

FergyFan315 on October 1, 2005

Heres the FAQ's for this scam artist [url]http://www.rakefree.com/faq.htm[/url] will he be offering vasoline when you sign up?

loser on August 27, 2005

CRIMINALS WILL HAVE A TOUGH TIME fixing their reputation!!! ONCE A CRIMINAL DUTCH...ALWAYS A CRIMINAL. Please leave the country. Go do research in Germany or something, do something PRODUCTIVE with your genius.Nobody likes you in the poker world. You damaged your rep. beyond all repair. Go to Germany, change your name to "Flemish" Boyd, and cure something u jerk.

I lost $4K to this guy on August 24, 2005

word to the smart kids out there if your smart enough to finish school early and become a lawyer just do it and play tournaments when your on vacation or on your day off or else youll end up struggling later in life or having bi polar disorder

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

Once a criminal, always a criminal.

Waste of a high IQ on August 23, 2005

This guys got bipolar disorder. He is fucked up. And to the post on August 24, you did not even know there was an original crew with Ivey, Juanda, Cunningham, and Negreanu, you just heard it last night on the ESPN WSOP broadcast. You need to shut the hell up because you know nothing about poker or its history

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

Huh, Dutch Boyd gets his own page, but Scott Fischman doesn't. That is fucked up you dumb fucking poker site

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

From an interview reprinted at rakefree.com: LAP: And last, but not least... Do you consider yourself to be a genius? Dutch Boyd : I sometimes get real moments of clarity that even surprise myself. It was happening all this year at the WSOP. I guess players call it the “zone”. But it’s something that happens outside of the poker table as well, where my thoughts are clear, where I seem to fully understand everything that’s going on around me, and I can come up with great ideas and ways to implement those ideas. I suppose that’s all that genius really is… and that everybody shows many, many moments of genius in their lives.

Wylie Coyote Super Genius on August 22, 2005

is this guy still a known felon? What a low-life.Signed,OJ Simpson

I hate scumbag crooks on August 17, 2005

This is clearly speculation b/c how can I possibly want to know a wannabe hot-shot like Boyd. He seems fake, cocky and hardly sincere when he does get a tv spot. Also, being in the marketing industry, I completely understand the importance of promotion, but don't you think that claiming your supposed innocence to poker fans and advertising "rakefree" is a little naive?? Enjoy your fifteen minutes!

BigMarty on August 15, 2005

Dutch would slam his own sister on live TV without a condom if he thought it would give him camera time on ESPN.

englishcat on August 14, 2005

is this guy still a crook?

Tom Mapother on August 11, 2005

thats bad posture going to have a hunchback of notre dame neck by the time hes 30

Unregistered on August 5, 2005

Dutch is one of the best players out there. I'm glad he's doing what you want to- something that makes him happy. Most people don't get such an opportunity.

Ritchie S. on August 5, 2005

Oh yeah, how in the f*ck can you call this guy "one of the best young players?" What has this deadbeat done? NOTHING!!! LOL.

The REAL PokerRookie on August 5, 2005

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. Seriously, laughed out loud.

THAT WAS FUNNY on August 4, 2005

He looks like a male prostitute. Dutch Boyd, gigalo.

I say on August 2, 2005

In the photo above, either his arms are really short, or his head is HUGE. His not proportional.

Unregistered on August 1, 2005

Anyone Watch That 30 Days Episode Where The Straight Guy Spends 30 Days In San Fran I Could Have Swore That Picture On Top Was In That Bar They Went Into

Unregistered on July 29, 2005

PokerRookie=Will drop out of high school to pursue a full time poker career and try to beat the 1.00/2.00 game at his local casino with his 50.00 bankroll if all fails will work at mcdonalds full time.

Unregistered on July 28, 2005

i am not a poker poser i am a human being ill show you guys that im a real poker player i will move up to no limit hold em in the PLAY money section on party poker and take over the poker world with the crew.

PokerRookie on July 28, 2005

PokerRookie= started playing poker after watching rounders from netflix and celebrity poker last night .Plays on partpoker.com master of the 100/200 game in the PLAY money section.

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

PokerRookie = PokerPoser

Unregistered on July 27, 2005

"Posted by: PokerRookie on Jul 26, 2005 - Read this quote and feel sorry for the idiots who think like him. "im only 15 ive had dreams of making it big in the poker world" Hey numbnuts, go get a killer education like me and then become something. If you think you are going to make it as a poker player you are f*cking lost. Get an education you little baby. It means a lot more than being on TV once, for 15 minutes, in your life. LOL. And then you can kick ass in tourneys like I do. I enjoy looking across the table knowing I kick the sh*t out of everyone there as far as education and future accomplishments. I'm also one of the youngest. So good luck moron because you won't amount to sh*t if you pursue a dream of being a great poker player. There are thousands of idiots just like you. LOL."
hey ur name discribes u, a rookie. ur one of those idiots probably on Empire who think theyre better then every1. well ur also probably like that guy from TILT that eddy was going against. the guy who said theres no thing as a poker pro. how come i havent saw u on tv. i know its crazy but technically if someone just plays poker for a living there a poker pro. i would like to play u online to woop ur ass but i dont play online cause theres way too many idiots keeping stuff like 10-8 offsuit or 10-3 suited, or A-9 offsuit.

JetsFan315 on July 26, 2005

Read this quote and feel sorry for the idiots who think like him. "im only 15 ive had dreams of making it big in the poker world"Hey numbnuts, go get a killer education like me and then become something. If you think you are going to make it as a poker player you are f*cking lost. Get an education you little baby. It means a lot more than being on TV once, for 15 minutes, in your life. LOL.And then you can kick ass in tourneys like I do. I enjoy looking across the table knowing I kick the sh*t out of everyone there as far as education and future accomplishments. I'm also one of the youngest. So good luck moron because you won't amount to sh*t if you pursue a dream of being a great poker player. There are thousands of idiots just like you. LOL.

PokerRookie on July 25, 2005

You all....need to get a life. I just dropped in to read about some of my favorite players, and you all have been bitching back and forth about this guy for well over a year now. Seriously, so what about his personal life or the fact that his business went under. He is still one of the best young poker players out there. Just a word of advice, especially to the people calling him "douche boyd" and pretending to be him on here, just get a fucking life and leave your opinions where they belong, to YOURSELVES!

birdman on July 25, 2005

Dutch should be engaged in some one on one hot male action, because of his bullshit scma. Like anybody will sign up for your screwyaagain.com

speaking of lights on July 23, 2005

anyone been to rake free?? cause he's too fucking lazy to get it going thats why. what a joke. hey dutch, your a smart guy, dont be a lazy one on top of it. your moniker is what you live by. the small things do happen for you, but do you want to keep living that edge of your seat lifestyle. and you had to sattalite your way into the main event the last day?? come on man. honestly, you gotta get your shit straight. im glad you did something after you qualified, but man, alot of us is worried dude. get your game straight and get your fking web site up man. you cant get lucky everytime dude

i know dutch on July 19, 2005

Pay up Dutch. I extended you credit long enough. Crack ain't free.

Your dealer on July 18, 2005

Dutch u owe me 3 grand from the pokerspot bust-up, i have been living homeless since thanks to u!

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

Well kiddo the "system" has very sharp teeth, unlimited resources, and never sleeps; not to mention the many people holding a shovel full of dirt waiting for him to fall. He can pull whatever he wants from his bag of tricks but most know to run the other way of anything with Boyd's name attached to it. His fall from (dis)grace is ongoing and charts the predestined course that he has taken. He is a tragedy without any of the superlatives and romanticizable merit he so desperately craves, nothing more. These "heroes" always seem to find out after it's too late that there is incomprehensible responsibility that goes along with being a deity. Resistance never seems an option in their delusions.

Dutch Fraud on July 16, 2005

i doubt that is really dutch, and if it is what is ur AIM addresses (yes i have it)

JetsFan315 on July 16, 2005

You bitches are just jealous that Dutch placed 12th and 177th and he could beat all your asses in poker. For all you people bitching about the money that he supposedly "stole." I hope he stole it and used it for his by-in in 2003. Get over it. If you cant beat the system cheat the system.

Stephen on July 15, 2005

Good. Now he can pay for his X the normal way, with cash rather than sucking old man penis like he's been doing the past couple months.

Dutch has some cash now on July 14, 2005

This is so sad, a bunch of people that have ZERO poker skill, and no right to judge OTHER PEOPLE morally, are bashing a guy who wont even read this page anymore. Think about that.

Ryne on July 14, 2005

Wat The Hell Is With That Picture...is That A Shot For Playgirl?

99. on July 14, 2005

Dutch finished in 177th, good for a 38,000 dollar payoff. Not bad...not bad at all...

Ken. on July 13, 2005

I am pretty sure at this point that the real Dutch is not posting to this site. However, I did almost pee my pants at some of the imposter's comments.I don't know much about the situation surrounding this whole controversy. But since this is America, and seein' as how most of the comments here aren't pertinent anyway... I did see Dutch last year on the WSOP and thought those poker blokes are getting a wee bit attractive. And then I felt icky because I realized he looks a good deal like my brother. I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin.

Megs on July 12, 2005

And if you ARE the real Dutch Boyd, you can prove yourself a true man to me by correcting the spelling of Galapagos on the favorite books section of your blog. It just ain't right man, mistreatin a Vonnegut book like that. Don't make me cry.

Megs on July 12, 2005

Dutch is a good player. And u say" he only finished 12th in the 03 WSOP." well i bet u couldnt do the same, probably not even close to that. and he is still in. and, no offonse to juanda he is good but i think he is a bit overrated. every1 says he is so good well he hasnt done anything lately.

JetsFan315 on July 11, 2005

Dutch is still in the main event as of today. Has about 100,000 chips left. Go Dutch!

Ken. on July 10, 2005

Dutch is toast. He sucked at the World Series.

He is not, liar on July 10, 2005

55000 in chips after day one, go Dutch. I'm sick of seeing this guy getting kicked around for simply having some ambition.

Dallaspro on July 8, 2005

If he finishes well he'll probably start up another poker site. Invest in it at your own risk. Just dont win because you'll never see your winnings. He's merely just another punk with a messiah complex.

dutch fraud on July 8, 2005

Can someone tell me what Dutch Boyd has ever done? He finished 12th in the 2003 main event. I don't understand the love for him when you have players who don't get half the TV coverage like John Juanda who would destroy him.

NYCity on July 7, 2005

Dutch Boyd is a good player. He made it far in 03. U guys have nothing on him. And he said ppl might lay down there hands because they might be intimidated by his chip tricks cause ppl will think he is skilled. and if that where the case for me, i would maybe do that too. It shows they r experienced.

JetsFan315 on July 6, 2005

Has Dutch been involed at the 2005 WSOP at all?

unregistered on July 5, 2005

Coolness kid, there's a chair in a Gamblers Anonymous waiting for you.

foolness kid on June 29, 2005

That GA meeting is a good idea.

Hey coolness Kid on June 29, 2005

I think you guys are all idoits!! Dutch Boyd is a Genius and Scott Fishemen and the rest of tehm are going to sweep the main event!! yo Dutch I am 19 right now and turn 21 on October of 2006 I really think with your help and if you guys will let me be apart of the group of young guns then I can Train with you guys and bring in the Main Event Before I turn 24 and beat Phil's record... I play all the time in WA cuz you only have to be 18 to play i make it in the money about 70% of the time. So if your interested contact me and i will send you more facts... Thats my Emial above ^ Travis N. Towne

coolness_kid18 on June 28, 2005

Oh yeah and i play about 5-10Hrs. Online a day

same person on June 28, 2005

hey dutch i hope this email does get to you ....jus wanted to let you know i'v grown a fetish for chip tricks ...and i downloaded all your wee video's.... your sum man dutch..email me back if you can . steven

insane_stevo on June 20, 2005

i hope he fucks all the stupid bastards that sign up for his fuckyaforfree.com

douche fan on June 17, 2005

Ya, Dutch placed 38th in a tourney, won a couple thousand bucks. He has paid more than that in entry fees in the events he lost.I will even bet you he has a sponsor, cause he is broke from all the meth and coke expenses.

Whatever on June 16, 2005

He only owns like 2% of himself anymore. He could win the main event and only pocket like 80 G's.

I'm Dutch, isn't that weird!? on June 16, 2005

What about all of his money from rakefree.com?

dutch fan on June 16, 2005

Hey Josh, Keep begging for "victims" to come to your poker lessons on your site. I can't wait to see you broke, what a party i'm gonna have then!

El Gato on June 14, 2005

Dutch has already placed in the money at this years WSOP, how can you guys talk so bad about him? He will end up as one of the best! I predict he will be at the final table of the main event.

Dutch on June 14, 2005

I hear he wants to rape more people with this new fucked up adventure he has planned.

douche boy on June 11, 2005

dutch, i like swingers too sweatheart...but here's the thing, you can find me at the 16 or the 30 sit and go at pacific poker. i'm small time now, but i'll be bigger than you. and aside from my latent inference i got better neurology up there too. 150 is weak. i don't bend spoons, i knock down trees baby. don't get me wrong though, i do like your style. i'll see you in the ring.

irodeo1 on June 10, 2005

i think he used to sell cars actually i hear he is a great poker theorist, this from people who know what they are talking about. but i've played him a few times and i'm not sure if he's 'great' he's mega aggresive and unafraid to gamble, if he gets on tilt he plays real unsound

Unregistered on June 6, 2005

Are you guys trying to ruin poker? Russ did not cheat in the WSOP. Everyone would have heard about that. Russ is just a very intelliegent young gun that is trying to make a living. And for all you guys that lost money in the Pokerspot loss but he didn't steal your money. He has plenty of his own and doesn't need the 20 bucks from you old fat idiots that have to sit behind a computer to be able to play poker.

Josh Arieh on June 3, 2005

Dude, where have you been? I saw you the other night at the Dunes, but you were with that sleazy looking latino guy with the goatee. You acted like I wasn't there. Is something going on with you?

Scotty Fischman on June 2, 2005

philhellmuthjr----I'll take your allowance, bicycle, kick your punk ass and throw your fucking books in the mud. Whats your mom look like bitch? I'll take her ass too.

Douche Bag Boyd on May 31, 2005

Russ Boyd your a broke ass bitch who had one moment of glory in 03. What kind of moron would bluff all his chips with KQ off, you deserved to get knocked out on that day. This whining cocksucker dutch boyd is always getting butt fucked by his fellow crew members. I bet Jungblut is always on top while boyds legs are in the air like a fuckin whore and he yells "Oh Gank keep fucking my man pussy im all in poppy" HAHAHA

Hurricane_Ivan on May 30, 2005

sorry to break it to u but i only play online at pokerstars for play money but im sure your too geed for me anyway seeings how im a 15 year old punk id love to play you heads up but an old computer and overprotective mom isnt going to allow it but if u wanna play at a full table with my for paly money the names iuiu on pokerstars itd be my pleasure to kick your cocky ass in some poker gl to ya youll need it

philhellmuthjr. on May 30, 2005

Dude, that is too funny. You only use playmoney...I have won and lost more in real money than you have gone through in play money.Look me up in about 14 years when you have saved enough allowance money to afford the 20/40 game.

Hey Philhellmuthjr. on May 30, 2005

Can I have your internet poker names you use, and which sites, cause I want to play you heads up all day long, you little 15-year old punk bastard. Your claims at Dutch would be like me going up to Michael Jordan and challenging him to a dunk contest in six years. Learn some manors.

Hey Philhellmuthjr. on May 29, 2005

hey dutch i think you have been given an unfare wrep because of your website failure and i just wanted to say i loved watching you at teh final table of teh razz event with TJ and howard lederer watching 3 greats play a game that i had not previously known about was great. dutch im only 15 ive had dreams of making it big in the poker world for 10 months now and im going to make it big im that good ive read books such as harrington on hold em and super system2 and was wonderingif you could give a future hall of famer some advice for six years down teh road when i turn professional u can reach me at [email]number1iufan2001@yaoo.com[/email] and dont even think about telling me i'll never make it becuz like you i saw rounders and wanted to be a pro player and after watching young pros such as joe cassidy john d'agastino scott ficshman and yourself i am striving to become a better player each day so please contact me ducth i think you might find yourself surprised with what i know at the age of 15 good luck to u in the future get back to me please

philhellmuthjr. on May 27, 2005

I am sick of seeing people use the word "your" for the word "you're"....there IS a difference! Please, Please at least PRETEND you can read and write! Thanks!

Concerned Citizen on May 25, 2005

I heard he's in a tough spot nowadays... No dough...

DoucheBoyd on May 14, 2005

Dude, Dutch is an amazing person. He is just looking for his calling in life. I would like to see him do commentary on TV, his insights could be usefull there, and he wouldn't lose any money! Keep smoking those cigs dutch, and I liked the other pic, the one where you had the HUGE marlboro red sticking out your pie hole.

Ryan on May 9, 2005

Anyhow, it was a delight watching you play on WSOP, and it bites that moneymaker made that call with 3's, but hey no guts no glory. Look forward to seeing you play at WSOP 2005.

PokerVertigo on May 7, 2005

Yeah he is worthless and will need to scheme to get his bankroll back. Plus his dickhead friend Jungblutt loses his ass at pokerstars nightly. That 300,000+ that he won at the 04' WSOP Om h/l won't last long the way he has been playing.

loser on May 4, 2005

This guy seriously looks like a jackass. He may have done well in school, but has little to show for it.What a bum.

PokerRookie on May 3, 2005

What has this guy accomplished? Nothing.

PokerRookie on May 3, 2005

This guy is a clown. After he robbed those idiots, he lost everything to me heads up. Then I put him up in the 03' WSOP and toke what little he won.

loser on May 1, 2005

you obviously stole the money from the poker site you started... way to steal dutch... the ebay thing is funny... you must be a loser... moneymaker owns you soul...

bob on April 12, 2005

boyds a good player just made a bad move on farha with QJ thats all

sump on April 10, 2005

You are talking about Dutch's GRAMMAR? lol

Hey GOP Fan on April 9, 2005

this guy should be getting his arse stretched right now in prison. he is a loser and scam artist. Like anybody is going to invest with him again. hey douche boy..can we pull up a chair while you rape us again?

felon on April 2, 2005

Once again, along with ANNIE Duke, im more impressed with his scholastic prowess. I don't know if he's a good player or not, and don't care. It would appear, however, that he can out spell most of his detractors

GOP FAN on April 1, 2005

btw.....i enjoyed this one from the resident Rhode scholar.s that really dutch boyd posting? I would think someone who went to college when they were 12 would have better grammer than thiswhats wrong with this picture?

GOP FAN on April 1, 2005

Dutch seems to have some talent that has yet to bear much fruit. His little gang of cohorts seem a little like geeks gone wild, but I'm sure Dutch would be the first to appologize for the company he keeps. Dutch do us all a favor and start winning something. Get into some WPT events and make a showing, in other words, prove yourself a little more.

Dino_Roxxx on March 24, 2005

Dutch is a total POS. In addition to being a con man he recently had ad's on eBay asking for investors in his next tourney. Investments auctions are not allowed on eBay so he then changed it to where he would wear some advertising or a logo if you wanted. This guy is a total POS, loser.

Big Al on March 23, 2005

overrated...not as great as people consider him

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

dutch is a great man, maybe the best poker player this generation. he is up there with brunson, chan and moss. i like dildos up my bottom.

uk defender on March 21, 2005

the guy thinks that if u kno alot of chip tricks someone's gonna lay down a hand, yea right. it just shows he's got alot of time on his hands. and his business that failed he probably made off with millions. Besides he was in college when he was 12 so that means he'd know how to do a scam pretty well.

dildo on March 20, 2005

i'm a thief i robbed all u dum mf's who played at pokerspot u are all idiots. i got all your hard earned money. ahahahahaha

douche 'bag' boyd on March 20, 2005

Everytime Dutch plays poker....God kills a kitten!

Douche Boyd on March 19, 2005

To be honest we don't know the guy...i mean we are all making are own opinions from the various scraps of info on the internet etc..the guy has fared well at the world series AND is getting sponsored to play events which is more that can be said for any of us on this site.Still..he has killed a kitten!

uk defender on March 18, 2005

me thinks dutch is more likely to rip more people off than have sucksess in poker.

sucko on March 16, 2005

i checked into some things only to find out that dutch has posted possitive messages as another person in his behalf, hey dutch you know you did and just ask your self isnt that pathetic?

nathan_anderson12 on March 14, 2005

I know yeah..that has to be worst blog entry ever.....as if you would put that in your blog.Convicted kitten killer!!!

uk defender on March 14, 2005

How in the world does this schmuck get a profile before Johnny Moss, Sklansky, Caro, McEvoy, etc, etc, etc... ? His whole claim to fame is that he almost made a final table once and that he lost (stole?) a lot of people's money with a shady website.

Unregistered on March 14, 2005

yes and he killed a cat. well kinda. how will he ever redeem himself? or make himself better.

LOB on March 14, 2005

if mm hadnt got lucky and made his straight to knock out my man dutch, than dutch would have probably gone on to win the wsop, barring some really bad luck. Look for dutch to make the final table at this years main event

iveyfan05 on March 14, 2005

Holy shit. The entry for 3/11/05 at dutchboyd.com is with out a doubt the most stupidest fucking story I have ever read. What a fucking idiot. I could'nt even finish it because I'm laughing so hard.

Doucheboyd on March 13, 2005

When is rakefree going to open? The site has had the same information on it for at least last August.

WTF on March 11, 2005

Please read Dutch boyds blog at his website(dutchboyd.com) for the entry on 3/11/05 absolutely hillarious you probably couldnt invent a more stupid story.If i was him there would be know way id write about it in my blog.Quote to wet your appetite"keep giving it mouth to mouth then five pushes on her little kitty chest!!"...the prick tried to resusitate a kitten that had fallen into his bath...what can you say...

uk defender on March 11, 2005

From what I've read I beleive that Dutch really was taken for a ride by a fraudulent credit card company.Give the guy a chance to make good before tossing him to the wolves... well actually the wolves are already at his door.I saw him play in the 2003 and 2004 WSOP and am impressed.I have NEVER been to his new site but I plan to check it out as I have the site that Daniel Negreanu and TJ Cloutier are currently backing "Poker Mountain". On PM both Daneil and TJ will be on line and in tourneys between 8:00 - 10:00 PM PST when they are NOT involved in WPT/PPT/WSOP ect tourneys.Thumper

Private/Thumper/Shamough on March 10, 2005

who gives a flying fuck if he is a thief,,,,amarillo slim is a convicted pedophile yet no one gives a fuck...so why should it be any different with dutch,,, after all stealing is a far worse crime than pedophilia. Dutch boyd is definantly gonna be the next Stuey,,,just wait till this years WSOP

Unregistered on March 9, 2005

The next Stu??? Dutchboyd? The same asshole that teaches us to bet AA over A5. The next Stu? Flush out your head gear and consider UNO instead of poker. This guy is a fucking idiot and a thief. He should be playing for freeworlds in prison against the salad tossers. DUTCH IS A FUCKING THIEF!!! DO NOT FORGET!!!!

Unregistered on March 8, 2005

dutch is a thief,i played in wsop with him,talked at length is thief

slick on March 8, 2005

dutch is innocent of those charges.... I for one reckon he is a very good solid player who could be in line to be the next stu ungar.

iveyfan05 on March 7, 2005

him and fischman getting married? scott boyd

gays on March 5, 2005

Don't be nasty to Dutch. Maybe there will be 2 Boyds at the final table in July...

Lisa Boyd on March 4, 2005

this guy is actually quite a good player. maybe the next stu ungar?

iveyfan05 on March 2, 2005

Oh yea he is. So what is actully so good about him. Is he the champ he's the champ!!!!!

Unregistered on March 2, 2005

Why are you all being so nasty to me? I'll have the last laugh after cashing this year's WSOP.Dutch

Dutch Boyd on March 1, 2005

Hey bitch boyed i mean butch boyed next year bring some chick's with your crew so that you can remove any doubt that your crew is GAY. Butt WE WE all no the truth, all that hugging you guys were doing looked a little funny. LOL

Had to ask on February 26, 2005

Doucheboyd is fucking thief. He and his crew should have 7 different types of shit beaten out of them for the money the STOLE.

doucheboyd on February 25, 2005

dutch was just in a mental hospital fo a little while.....kinda makes" taking over the poker world" kinda hard in a straight jacket..

iveyfan05 on February 23, 2005

You all deserve to be in a mental hospital.

Ken. on February 23, 2005

The man has bipolar disorder. Leave him alone. Where is your sympathy.

Ken. on February 21, 2005

I think Mike teh mouth and Dutch should oil themselves down with hot baby oil and wrestle around on the main street at Binions...Mike is Gay so it should be entertaining to watch...hey do you know where I can get some pigstew?

JOHNNY ROTTEN on February 20, 2005

i lost 2k to your rudy-poo site.

Tic Tac Sensei on February 17, 2005

F me once, shame on you, F me twice, shame on me. I'll pass on rapeUfree.com.

Vegas Mike on February 16, 2005

The motherfucker is a crook and he should be in fucking jail. He and his crew sucks.

Antidutchboyd on February 14, 2005

Dude is right about one thing...Dutch has very horrible breath. Its been a prob for awhile. I've sat by him and talked to him on many occasion and the guy has serious hygeine issues. Good player though...just stinks a bit.

Civilian on February 6, 2005

dude... either u remind me of a kid i knew who smoked pot on school grounds or the last time u got any was by a 50 year old hore and dat was 3 years ago.

LOB on February 5, 2005

u have issues my man.... BIG issues

LOB on February 3, 2005

selling a stake of yourself for say a 10,000 buy in could be forgivable...but for a lousy 3,600?????i dont get it..he supposedly a genius and a prodigy..i dont hate this guy, its just i need to understand lol....in his website he says he doesnt wanna over extend himself with the buy in....its 3,600 lol...go to full tilt and play some baby nl and im sure a player of his caliber can win that in 1 session...he will be taking your order at one of those tourist trap restraunts in vegas soon enough...

iveyfan05 on January 28, 2005

motherfucker is a crook and has major bad breath, if i ever see him again, im gonna knock 10 barrels of shit out of him. with regards to his offer on ebay, the fucker has most probably already paid the entry , but wants some extra financial security in case he loses, he is one dirty son of a bitch

flush80 on January 28, 2005

hes such a great player, that hes near broke and selling stakes in himeself to play a lousy 3,600 buy in tourney...see the addy in my above post to confirm it...guys a joke

iveyfan05 on January 27, 2005

Thanks for the post iveyfan...I tell ya, I almost couldn't believe it until I saw it for myself...how ridiculous can you get selling stake in your tourney on eBay

JustAces on January 27, 2005

great player, very smart, deserves another chance

dutch fan on January 24, 2005

This guy is a friggin' joke. He got lucky in one tournament, only after bilking his old customers out of all their money. I, for one, will never do business with him or play poker with him. If I run into him at another tournament, I will keep my distance and one hand on my wallet.

He's A Crook! on January 21, 2005

I would pay money to kick his ass and the rest of his gay friends the "crew" aka a bunch of gays that have to pay for pussy. Who jumped off the Eclipse? Dank or Laser? What a fucking geek. Holy shit these guys need to get the shit kicked out of them, and i would honored to do it.

ANTI-CREW on January 17, 2005

i put my entire MLB pension into russel's poker site, and the sick bastard won't even pay his own uncle back. for xmas this year he got me a yo-yo. at least get me some crack, damn.

oil can boyd on January 16, 2005

I will think of this man as a scoundrel until he pays back the people he owes.

have to be in it to win it on January 16, 2005

And oh by the way... DUTCH BOYD IS THE MAN. He is my favorite poker player and in 2008, he will win the WSOP. Chin up Dutch!

DutchBody84 on January 10, 2005

dutch boyd is brokeeeeeeeee...he is selling a 50%stake in him on ebay..the tourney buy in is only 3,600..he clams he doesnt want to over extend himself ..for 3,600????????this is a true story.....[url]http://www.dutchboyd.com/blog/2005/01/ebay-auction-day-1.html[/url]

iveyfan05 on January 10, 2005

if dutch was at my table he'd get an immediate danza slap........no matter how far away he was sitting........LD baby, WHAT!

the boss on January 10, 2005

Most of you guys are schmucks. You act like Boyd (if it's true) is the only one scamming people on-line. All servers scam people; Party Poker, Poker Stars, City Poker, Paradise, they ALL scam you. Just because they're so big they scam people in a much smarter way that would only be caught by the absolute geniuses. And some of those geniuses have done studies. Conclusion; on Party Poker, you'll win $500 one night, you feel great the next day and think, HEY, I CAN TURN THIS INTO $1,000, instead you wind up losing it the next night. Why? So they can rake the crap out of you and keep the money flowing instead of having it get cashed out. Wake up people. Almost all of on-line poker is a scam.

DutchBoyd84 on January 7, 2005

he's defanitely a hottie...his skills...are mediocre.

ladyfabulous on January 6, 2005

true sogn of a great poker player.......chip tricks....dutch is a wanna be .....how bad is it when u have to kiss scott fishmans ass......thats how dutch boyd lives...even tho brunson busted fishmans ass in the main event...scott did win 2 braclets ,so i cant really knock him...so ill stick to knocking his girlfriend....dutch boyd

iveyfan05 on January 5, 2005

have you seen dutch do poker chip tricks. he's amazing. even if he was a con artist i would pay him to teach me how do do some of the stuff he does. amazing

nuts on December 30, 2004

To all you negative Dutch basher out there,You need to realize something.You were never #13 at the WOSOP.So until you are you shouldn't say anything bad about his play.Give credit where credit is do,The guy is good.Maybe not the best,but he is Damn good.Good luck in the future dutch.Hope we can meet one day.

SICKBOY(THEONEMANCREW) on December 17, 2004

dutch and his crew would take you down the street and kick the fuckin shit outta you lol

Unregistered on December 6, 2004

dutch had a good wsop a few years ago, has he won anything yet? im not trying to be funny, im asking? let me know ..

djnpa_30 on December 2, 2004

notice to all you badmouthing retards:Dutch is a good player and would take each of you pimple-popping, $50 buyin nolimit wannabes, to school every day if you played against him.

Unregistered on December 1, 2004

congrats on finishing 3rd..u deserve that,.,that being said..playa...dutch boyd is a fry cook in training...he ripped off his whole poker persona from mike mcds character in rounders..guy is a thief and a fraud...whats terrible is that dutch boyd aspires to be,,,,scott fischman,,, how crappy is that...i guess i have to respect fishmans 2 wsop braclets...but boyd is all smoke and mirrors..so stick that in your civil engineering pipe and smoke it playa..

djnpa_30 on November 30, 2004

OK he can be a tool, & yes he did rip alot of people off, however, though the site failed, I believe he had good intentions, and the sites' demise was not so intentional. I think it was poor money managment. He probably blew all his loot on the tournament circuit! lol on the tournament circuit, being young, it gets way more expensive than the buy-ins. You have to cash in the side games because on top of the torney entry fees, we always blow more at the bar than expected, next thing your trying to hit&run $250 in the 15/30 game so you can get the grand together for the tourney. lol.

Dustin dustin3406 on November 30, 2004

thats the level of guy that thinks dutch is good^^^^^^^^ "keep yer game tight player"?????wtf...stick to watching mtv little guy and leave the poker to the grown folk

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Excuse me sir ^^^^^^^^^ I am sorry that I was not speaking up to your standards.I suppose my masters in civil engineering didnt improve my speaking skills. Oh, p.s., this "little guy" placed thrid in the Jack Binnion mid american poker classic. So go here and shut your mouth....playa : [url]http://www.cardplayer.com/player_of_the_year/view/name/Dustin_Sitar[/url]

Dustin dustin3406 on November 28, 2004

dutch boyd had a good run at the wsop,but i have a feeling we wont be seeing much of him after that,,hes a good player nothing more nothing less..he will never win it due to his ego he thinks hes brunson, but plays like matusaw..

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

lol yo Dutch dont let the haters keep you down!4 real keep yer game tight player...they jus mad attcha'!... Dustin... OMAHA

Dustin dustin3406 on November 25, 2004

Fischman needs to take his tongue out of Dutch's ass.

screw him on November 24, 2004

Boyd is a perfect example of style over substance. A good looking guy does well on TV once and the marketing people turn him into something he is not. It's a shame he bought into his own press. He's certainly good, but far from great. Pretty much he's just another kid trying to short-cut his way to success. His WSOP showing in 2003 supported this belief as the way to go for him. I feel for him with the online poker fiasco. You can never keep the critics away when failures like that occur. But, Boyd needs to focus more on his game if he really wants to make a name for himself in the long run. Style only takes you so far in this game.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Hey Dutch (if it's really you) you play pretty well and so does the rest of the crew but stop trying to bully the vets of the game, you against Lederer,and TJ Fishman against Doyle I'm coming to LV in about another year I need some more practice and I've been playing for 13 years I'm only 23. I have a group of friends that I play with what's a good name for us? The anti crew maybe? We're new Yorkers so don't fuck with us we'll kick your dicks in.

sammy the brick on November 8, 2004

what the fuck is this? an after school special?

sammy the brick on November 7, 2004

Well, Well, Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. Ive been away for awhile, I was rencelty was on the History Channel's Nuts & Bolts. It Will reair if you guys want to check it out. Go to RakeFree.com and or DutchBoyd.com to email me. Thanks for all the commetns. Dutch

Dutch Boyd on November 7, 2004

If this guy is such a genius... then why oh why does he smoke?

Unregistered on November 6, 2004

my first comment is to the clod who wrote the intro on Dutch what the fuck do you mean he's contravercial? learn what a word means before using it retard, and second Dutch is cool, but the crew thing is gay, i'm heading to the WSOP with my group of friends and i want a rumble with the crew, lmao seriously we'd rape them, anyway he's cool but that fishman cock sucker i hate him, trying to beat Doyle calling him an easy read what a dick. and i felt bad for Ductch the best among his friends and no braclet damn must be rough.

sammy the brick on October 26, 2004

Dutch is the man at life....he started a business and it failed...90 percent of business fail within the first year..give the man a break....the crew is the coolest....keep rocking dutch

Paul on October 23, 2004

"i know everything", you could never beat anyone at poker, and you've just failed at life for pretending that you can... ya...

sk. on October 22, 2004

come on now, dutch boyd and the crew all suck at life. they stole peoples money, i was one of those people. id beat his face if i ever saw him, id beat him in poker too hes just a lucky wet loaf of bread.

i know everything on October 19, 2004

Dutch.. Do you realise how much of a dick you look when you are playing. You look like you haven't got a clue about whats going on around around you. You have a "What is this???.... What are these strange rectangular, flat plastic things with numbers on???... What am I doing here???" Which is probably the case anyway. GOD you get on my nerves.

Unregistered on October 15, 2004

Dutch I am a big fan love seeing you play keep up the good work from one of your biggest fanspokerwalk

pokerwalk on October 9, 2004

the crew and dutch are great for the game of poker i hope we see more of them soon

Alf on October 9, 2004

his chip bounce was rad

jameomdg on October 7, 2004

The Crew?.... CREW?? FUCKING CREW???? Get yourself a god damn personality and pay all those people back you STOLE from.. yeah thats right.. STOLE. Put that 'Rounders' DVD away and sort yourself out.

Unregistered on October 6, 2004

Son of a bitch stole my money, he has enough to pay some people back, he can pay us back one by one, instead this prick is living the high life, i want my fucking money back,

jonnyC on September 28, 2004

Hey Dutch, why haven't you paid anyone back? Rakefree, oh the irony...you're a joke.

D.. on September 28, 2004

I think he's a bit of a tit.. Him AND his crew. pff

Unregistered on September 26, 2004

Damn...Did Boyd write his own profile? Shit its 10x longer than anyone elses and about 1/10 as interesting

Pokrstudent on September 26, 2004

if you guys put this much effort into gmane as you do this forum you guys would be on espn.lol

curtisl0we on September 25, 2004

He might look like a ladies man but he's just a rude, ignorant shmo.

Unregistered on September 20, 2004

I'll be honest I could care less what happens to Boyd...but I do have a crush on his ultra feisty girlfriend. I know you read these princess and I know you know who this is...if you still have my number and your still as sad as when we met...my offer still stands.

A secret admirer on August 31, 2004

By the Gianna...TV does you NO justice ... you can't see those high checkbones and those beautiful **** of yours... You also smell better in person.

a secret admirer on August 31, 2004

its not like saying an nba player is basketball is 99percent skill or more poker is skill and luck an bad player can beat a good one heads up anytimei would lose to an nba player everytimedutch is a pretty good player but i dont like him

poker player on August 31, 2004

Nice to hear another bit of positive from someone, Greg. He is a very nice guy, and everything everyone says against him is either plain false or misinformed. The people who do know the whole story aren't saying they think he stole money, just that the company got in over it's head.

Right on on August 30, 2004

Dutch is a really nice person. I had the chance to play against him in the WSOP 2003. The first encounter I had was during a break on day 1. We had been playing at the same table for about 2 hours. During the break he took the time to find me in the lobby to let me know I was flashing my cards a little when I was checking out my cards at the table. Now my question to everyone, would a cheat tell me I was flashing my cards?? Since that moment Dutch sat with me during breaks and we talked poker. He helped me advance a little further than a probably would of if I had not met him. As far as the conversation everyone is having about "money",I do not know the whole story, other than what Dutch has written on his website, the few times we have talked on the phone since Vegas he has always been friendly and helpful. All I can say is "Dutch, Good Luck with everything you do" Cheers, Greg

Greg Russell on August 29, 2004

I dont care what he did.....he is a HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!! And anyone who can be that productive by the age 18 has my vote. :-)

PlanoetteHottie3 on August 28, 2004

Dutch Boyd is a pillow bititng scam artist!

kevin/double duece on August 26, 2004

ya kno...all i wanna kno is how many of u lil hometown basement players have been on a nationally televised poker tournament or think ur good enough to be in one....u would prolly piss down ur leg if u had $200,000 in chips in front of u, saying u could beat dutch or that he is just an avg. poker player is like saying a guy in the NBA is an Avg. basketball player, get over urselves and give credit where credit is due. U make it to the top 12 in the wsop then u might have a right to say hes an avg. player, till then...just keep playing ur lil hometown games with $10 buy-ins

Goose Man on August 26, 2004

i respect boyd more than moneymaker

smash on August 24, 2004

2 percent of all players come out actually ahead each year. If you go to a card room, look and see all the millionairs around you, if you saw one talk to him im sure it wasn't cards that made him that way. You guys forgot paying back the backers. That is sometimes 50 percent your winnings. The guy who said Fischmann i don't question that, he makes Dutch look like a Hack. Im sure Dutch makes his REAL money in his online ventures anyway.

spend more time in the card room on August 23, 2004

lol, yeah. You sweat your balls working a full time job probably making peanuts compared to what most pro players earn. Well aren't you the lucky one :) Poor old Dutch, winning hundreds of thousands playing a game I'm sure he enjoys. You the man Dutch

JR. on August 22, 2004

"I have a real job, with a real life not a made up dog and pony show."

Define real. Dutch has won plenty of real money in the last two years. Fischmann won over $500,000 real dollars this year. Just because they don't hump a 40-50 hour work week (I'm sure you would say you work even more) doesn't mean their life isn't real, that they don't have a "real" job. I'm sure you're a hard working person, congratulations, but it doesn't make you any better than anyone else.

good for you! on August 21, 2004

It doesn't change the fact that he's cashed over $140,000 in tournaments in the last 2 years. Check and see for yourself.

uhh on August 20, 2004

>You'll never amount to anything in poker. How much in winnings do you have? More than $80,000? >You and your crew can keep dreaming. Dutch and the crew had 13+ money finishes this year, it's sad to watch you guys put them down, you'll be the ones never to amount to anything, with that attitude. Sad.Know who you are talking about before you form opinions. The bottom line is that you all know nothing about Dutch or the crew, except what ESPN shows you. If you form your opinions that way, you watch way too much television.>I heard Dutch is really with a guy from his crew.Dutch actually has a girlfriend, so your claims are baseless.I'd love to see what you fools have to say next. If it is anything like your previous trash, then it is probably a malformed opinion based on another television show you saw recently. Use your brain more than your mouthes, guys. Maybe someday you'll grow up and realize how embarassing it is for you to pollute the internet with your negative attitude. Everyone knows you guys are just unhappy with yourselves.

Kolby, Flubber, you guys know nothing on August 19, 2004

now we know who dutch has for a girlfriend. I have a real job, with a real life not a made up dog and pony show. Time for you to use your head, we all know few make real money off cards. There is a battle right now for the leader of the crew, but im sure you knew that.

we don't need to agree on August 19, 2004

if any of you all like dutch boyd then you are all ****. whopty do he can do things with chips he is spending to much time whip chip tricks and not with poker. in tournaments he wont have and chips to ply with.

Rocky on August 19, 2004

Hey Dutch, you and your "crew" suck. You'll never amount to anything in poker. you guys never win nothing anyway. You'd actually be a much better dealer, because you'd be able to count chips faster. Plus, you'll probabably make more money as a dealer than you ever would as a player. You and your crew can keep dreaming.

Kolby on August 18, 2004

I agree with Kolby 100 percent. I heard Dutch is really with a guy from his crew. So if he took a chick it must have been a mistake.

Fat Flubber Nutty on August 18, 2004

"I know im one of the best players out there and now I get too prove it" ...great job dutch keep it up ya cocky fake

Unregistered on August 18, 2004

any relation to bill boyd?

smash on August 17, 2004

met him at an online freeroll today. very nice guy even when other player was being extremely rude to him. invited me to wsop tonight. i cant wait. dont let em get to you dutch. if u truely are innocent keep this in mind: IF IT DONT APPLY LET IT FLY!

vegasbabe on August 16, 2004

If you lost money on the old site, then you have a legitimate complaint. Who likes to lose money? However, I would venture a guess (a bet, even) that few of you who are posting here complaining about Dutch had nothing to do with the case. Businesses go sour sometimes, people. To be truthful, they fail a lot more than they succeed, and for many different reasons. Yes, obviously something went very wrong with Pokerspot, and as this was owned by Dutch, he shoulders most of the blame. That's just the way it works. But to make assumptions when you are not an inside part of the situation is beyond stupid. Of course everyone is going to assume the worst, because most people are only happy when they are miserable or making someone else so.I do not know Dutch Boyd, have never met the man and probably never will. But I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance, especially if some of what occured was not his/her fault. Quit being so sanctimonious, and give the man a break. Do you honestly think that someone with Dutch's credentials would ruin his place in the poker community on purpose? Credibility and respect from the games best is hard to come by, and easily lost. Good luck with Rakefree.com, Dutch. If your site is well maintained, the people will come. (Myself included)

Shaun Hopkins/thechosenone1975 on August 14, 2004

Im not a dutch fan, never will be. I WILL SAY HE HELD HIS OWN IN RAZZ. With all his talents why he chooses to make his money in carnival games, is beyond me? Another thing we need a page for Ellix Powers.

are you ready? on August 14, 2004

Shaun - Well said.are you ready? - I agree, Ellix was HILARIOUS.

Unregistered on August 14, 2004

Dutch is an amazing poker player. I just wish i could figure out those chip tricks lol.

Wag on August 13, 2004

What town did you grow up in Missouri?

Josh on August 13, 2004

Hey Russ, I haven't seen you in a long time but it's me, Kelsi, your cousin from Adrian. Just wanted to let you know that we have all been watching you on ESPN and we think you are awesome. I call your Granny Sue every night to let her know when it is on. But we all say hey and hopefully we will see ya soon.

kelsi15 on August 9, 2004

how can u say dutch is only average? i dont think anyone here made it to the WSOP! i hate wen peeps say a professional at something is only average when they arent even at the level these people are at! I think dutch is awesome and is one of the best.. and the CREW IS AWESOME!!!!

Dutch is awesome on August 7, 2004

you cant be average at something and manage to get on ESPN tons of times, u kno

Dutch is awesome on August 7, 2004

dutch your my fav. poker player. and the crew rocks i just turned 21 and i've made enough to make my buy-in the wsop in may so i hope to see you there and maybe get an autograph thanks,joby Edwards

Joby362001 on August 6, 2004

The Franchise - just another knucklehead who doesn't know what he's talking about.Dutch hasn't changed his name. The concept of a nickname is a little smart for you.Sorry about that chip on your shoulder, why so much anger? Jealousy? Take a look at who is successful, who has won over $80,000 this year in tourneys, compare to yourself. Someday if you lose that negative losing attitude you could hope to achieve what he has.

Hey "Franchise" on August 6, 2004

i TRIEED TO DO TEH CHIIPS TRICK ROLL THAT THEE DUATCH BOYDDS DID IN THE TV AT ESPN POKER SERIES AND AL OFTHE CHHIPS ROOLLED ON TO THAT FLOOR!!!1 i HAED TO PIEKC THEAM AELL UHPP!!!1 IT TAked me an twoo howurs of TIME TO PICKS THEAM ALL UP!!!1I LOEV YUO!!!!1 YU AR MEH FRIND!!!1 BYe..OH ANd taell scot fishman tat he neeed to be mor humbul..!!!1 THen mor pepole wiell liek hem.P>S:: DOE U SPaEK DUCTcH languaGE???/

Special Ross on August 5, 2004

dutch boyd is a fraud! he thinks if u can do stupid chip tricks you can beat anyone. Phil Ivey will destroy dutch anytime. he is not even the best player in his own crew. where is your bracelet, Russ? yeah that's his real name. i wonder why he changed his name. maybe because he stole money.

The Franchise on August 5, 2004

I just wanted to say see you at the WSOP2008 I'll be the hot one sitting next to you at final table! lol im j/k but I'll try to make it reality.

Rey Gonza (future wife of dutch boyd lol) on August 5, 2004

Although Dutch lost the Razz tournament to TJ Cloutier, I was just happy to be able to see his fine asss on TV. Umm-Umm.

Jazz on August 3, 2004

I have nothing to say good or bad about Boyd because personally I do not know him. But why do we see him playing in all these tourneys while still owing people money? From what I hear he he didn't give a dime of what he one in the 2003 WSOP or any tourney after. I can believe he didn't rip anyone off intentionally but to keep playing large buy-in tourneys and cashing out and never giving any money back boggles me. If he wants respect he should be giving at least a percentage of his winnings? correct me If I wrong. It would be hard to come out to the public on ESPN ( he gets enough pub from them) and say "hey, it might not pay every back asap but I am going to give some or a little as a start"- But no-he keeps blaming someone else- must be nice

apbernos on August 3, 2004

reminds of a book that screwed me out of winnings one time. He always claimed he was sorry and he didn't have the money but for some funny reasons always saw him at the bars spending loads of cash. Just my thought

apbernos on August 3, 2004

Have to agree with Razz, I guess I'll have to get used to not seeing the visor.

Unregistered on August 3, 2004

Everyone talking smack about Dutch should play him (and win) before talking. If you beat him say what you want, if you don't shut up. You don't win a seat at WSOP (much less place 13th) without skill. Luck sure, but luck is worthless if skill hasn't already gotten you somewhere.As for Pokerspot. Most of those people would have lost their money anyway...

Tim R. on August 3, 2004

So is Scotty the new leader of the CREW? toss yer gang in to the back SEAT then EMPTY it 88.... The cream always rises to the top, Fischman's gonna be the crew member you people will idolize this time next year.... It's way too early to say, verdict isn't in on PSI, if it is indeed the same scam as the Spot was however i hope the next bracelet Dutch wears is a set of handcuffs and the next game he plays is for cigarettes. The days of waiting outside the card room with a shotgun are gone, here's hoping nobody's holding anybody up with the damned internet. My vote: Cheapskates are usually the ones ripped off, what bigger cheapskate can there be than somebody that doesn't want to acknowledge a site's right to rake an entry. Hope you choose to class up the crew by taking the lead Fischman. Nice goin in the WCOOP stud bud, and of course fantastic job at the WSOP.

the voice of reason on August 2, 2004

If you took a step back or lost your hard earned money when he folded up shop you might feel different.I'm sure everyone who lost money at pokerspot felt that sting, but it doesn't change the fact that they're still don't know the truth, only that the easiest thing for them to say about it is that he stole money, and each one of them who accuses him is making an assumption based on very little knowledge. Yes, everyone has a right to an opinion, but does everyone have a right to slander someone just because they *think* it happened this way or that? No, they don't.Basically, unless you were there, you don't know how any of it went down, so for anybody here to accuse Dutch of stealing is pretty weak, you're only venting anger,, and Dutch is the easiest target. Nobody here has the right to accuse him, those people don't have a shred of evidence to point the finger at him.

re: your (it's you're) under his spell on August 1, 2004

We is recruitin' Dutch to be part of the Slick Stable of professional poka, takin over the Mota City poker room, baby. Holla

Master of Style on July 31, 2004

you guys sound like little teenage groupies.I can't play and come play with me. Another thing if Dutch never picked up the cards and put his ego on espn,i would not be here posting about him. This is an open forum. I never debated, he is smart, and plays well but will never be points leader or any sort of champ. If you took a step back or lost your hard earned money when he folded up shop you might feel different.

your under his spell on July 30, 2004

I'm sick of everyone talking about his business affairs. This is supposed to be about poker. Anyone knows in the business world things can get manipulated and turned against you very easily. I'm sure he doesn't deny he could have done some things differently but who is perfect. Dutch has a fearless playing style that makes him difficult to predict and impossible to read. This post is supposed to be about poker, if you would like to make this a Bash Dutch page go write a letter, or start your own forum. Good Luck Dutch in your future games and if your ever in Austin looking for a game, shoot me a line on the email. There are some pretty bad ass games down there.-Chris

Cpitch18 on July 29, 2004

I agree with CPitch. He messed up. And if any of you haven't then you can go claim to be the savoir and get your own cult. This is about Poker, and about Dutch Boyd. This was a page with his bio, not a page saying that he is theif and whatnot. I already sent you an email Dutch, but hopefully you can give me some tips, because it will be a while before I am in the tournaments, and I feel I know all I can

rollerboy31 on July 29, 2004

Why didn't he pay you back with the 80 grand? Because it's HIS money. Not Pokerspot's. HIS. He said that he would pay everyone back ONLY if he made so much that he could afford to, which I would say is pretty classy of him. Not many people would offer to pay back a $500,000 debt that isn't theirs with their own money.And why did he lie about what was happening at PokerSpot? He was trying to avoid a 1929 style crash. For those of you that don't know, banks don't actually have enough money to cover every deposit at all times. They usually have enough for everyone who wants to withdraw, but if everyone withdraws at once (like in 1929) they have a BIG problem. That being said, the only hope for Dutch's company was to get the money out of Net Pro Ltd. before the mass panic and withdrawl. As it obviously turned out, he couldn't, but telling white lies to ward off mass panic was the best way to handle the situation.And just a note: Dutch won his seat into the WSOP, and certainly didn't enter all the events... so kept most of that 80 grand.

Nicole on July 28, 2004

Blah, Blah, Blah, Your living in 1929 sister. Everyone, is she a fool or been fooled, you be the judge. If all dutch stole was half a million than forget it, hes not even a good theif. Thanks for the history lesson.Now lets talk about the future Boyd will be no better than avg in poker. Will he become rich in other ventures of course. Right now he is wasteing his time and he kind of knows that but he's having fun. If you don't believe me ask him,in truth this is what he will tell you.

ok another one, to nicole on July 28, 2004

Hey To HoHum/Cherry Picker, You can post a thousand times pretending to be a thousand different people, but you IP address isn't changing, so every time you try to make it seem like that, you're looking dumber and dumber. Get a life.The same goes for all your other bozos who keep posting as different people - YOUR IP ADDRESS GIVES IT AWAY! NOBODY IS FOOLED!Dutch handles you numbskulls like a pro, with class. Unlike you geniuses who have nothing better to do than be jealous of the fact Dutch has made $80,000 this year alone in tournament play only!

On to you on July 27, 2004

The only people fooled are the ones, that believe in Dutch ROID. ya Dutch bought a lot of class from the people he ripped off. 80 grand? Lets count up all the entry fees to the tournys he didn't place in and im sure hes close to even. If he did make 80 grand where's my refund check?

smell my fart on July 27, 2004

I was holding a pair of Aces last tourney, but the damn flop came so fast that those aces fell right through my damn legs and out of site. Would be happy to reunite though. Call the Rocket, Calvin, the Steamer, Wade, Nipper, Dewy, and Jim Ed... we'll smack the bag outta The Crew!

Yo Bruce! it's me Billy Buck! on July 26, 2004

Dutch Boyd is a poker genius. The crew is going to take the poker world by storm.

Ro$$ on July 26, 2004

I can't believe how many comments are on his page, this guy is a frod. I use to be a fan of him until I found out about all the crap he pulled tryin to rip people out of there money.

Unregistered on July 26, 2004

His Chip tricks will intimidate anyone. The leader of the crew will take over the poker world

DJ. on July 26, 2004

Hey Dutch .... i know you have your Crew.... Just watch out for the CULT .... you will see us very soon!!

game3333 on July 26, 2004

Where do you play sucka? Ya Dutch will pay you back by ripping you off second time. His name should be Dutch ROID because is fifteen min was up last year he just keeps hanging around.

To HoHum on July 25, 2004

im still waiting for the dutch boyd refund. im sure the check is in the mail, sure. the only people on dutch's side are The crew, his mom,and old fat guys yet to be ripped off.

cherry picker on July 25, 2004

Arr! Thievery, is a mutinous crime ya scallawags! Arr! Who be questioning the feds intelligence? The Feds be running a tight ship, and much like the illegaly contrabanded gold and silver bullion they be plunderin from tax evaders... They'll run a tight ship on any of Boyd's shanantics... ARR! Don't forget on your 1040s Gamblin losses be duductible only to the extent of gamblin winnins!!! ARR or ya best be filin a Schedule C for yer troubles. Or you be walkin the plank and swimmin with the sharks!

Yo ho holdem on July 24, 2004

Hey ya'll. I heard Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd had made a career shift from mediocre starter to mediocre poker player. But I don't know this Dutch Fella? Lemme know, lookin for a BoSox 86 reunion tourney.Bruce Hurst

Its me! Bruce Hurst on July 24, 2004

It's a sad fact of life that no matter who you are and what you accomplish, a lot of people are going to fail to acknowledge it. None of the people on this list got there without good reasons. It's just sad some trolls have nothing better to do than trash people.It's especially sad when it's a nice guy like this. He's always been a class act as far as I'm concerned.His explanation for what went wrong with his site isn't hard to swallow at all and I don't doubt he'll make good on paying people back to clear his name for something that wasn't really his fault to begin with.

Hohum on July 24, 2004

I take shits bigger than this punk-ass beeoch!!

Doyle Brunson on July 22, 2004

This guy is such a tool!

phillyscr on July 21, 2004

Dutch, what is your relationship with "the Crew"? How did you guys all get together? does it bother you that some of the members won bracelets and you didnt?

pokerstud on July 20, 2004

Boyd sucks and has no clue what is going on in the poker world. My blind cat can play better then him and nice crew you guys going to share the winnings with each others if you know what I mean.

PrimeTime on July 20, 2004

dutch is a genius.. all that school stuff when he was a kid.. high I.Q... law school.. you gotta think a genius like that was smart enough to devise a way to make all that stealing look like he was scammed.. he's got the brains and the legal know-how to get him by federal scrutiny.. not like the feds are the smartest people on earth.. you owe me money by the way.. you thief

tre on July 20, 2004

You're the man, when rakefree goes up, ill sign on!!

Dan Lavoie on July 19, 2004

Hey Dutch, I enjoyed watching you play last year at the 2003 WSOP. It would have been interested to see you play at the final table.Congrats to Fischman, whom I just watched on TV.

Ken. on July 19, 2004

dutch are ther employment opportunities through rakefree---i need a job

rubinhofan on July 18, 2004

dutch, I think your a great player and being a young poker player i admire you a lot. I will be dropping you an e -mail and I hope to learn from you. Don't even read all those posts about you that are negative and false.

david on July 17, 2004

I love to watch you play Dutch. You bring a different level of excitement to the game. I wanted to know what it was like for you to sit back and watch these tournaments you were in on TV, what's it like being able to see what you're holding compared to what you're opponents are holding? Also, will seeing how they play hands vs. you change the way you play against those opponents in future matches? Best of luck!

Hold'em Rookie in OK on July 16, 2004

Thanks for all of your comments guys. Like I said before I take the Good with the Bad. It would be nice to hear from everyone direct, so give me a email at rakefree.com. Aslo, check out DutchBoyd.com Good luck to you all in the life poker.

Dutch Boyd on July 16, 2004

dutch, u and ur crew are awesome...i loved it when one of ur crew members took out phil hellmuth because he is such a baby

gamblingaddict on July 15, 2004

I think Dutch Boyd has what it takes to be a huge success. He is young, smart, vivacious, has drive and determination. Plus, he is willing to make the sacrafice to do what it takes to achieve his goals. Yes, he made some mistakes along the way, but so does everyone who ever achieves anything in life. At least he admits his mistakes and is making an effort to try and rectify it. Time will tell if he does pay back the people who lost money on his original poker site. If so, then I would personally add "classy" to his attributes. If everyone out there taking the time to bash Dutch and making up stories if there are none to tell, would use half of that time to think about ways to enhance their own lives, they would would be surprised at what they might accomplish. Oh by the way, Dutch Boyd's AIM SCREEN NAME is posted right on his web site at [url]www.rakefree.com[/url]. It is under the "Dutch Boyd" heading, right under his own e-mail address, if anyone is interested. :-)

pokerpatyes(poker player name) on July 15, 2004

Is it true that Dutch Boyd is rolling with the former "Mean Street Posse" from the streets of Greenwich CT? Shane-O Mac, The "Kid" Rodney, Willie Green and Pete Gas??? If these guys couldn't take over the WWF... how are they going to take over the world of Poker. Also, an associates degree at 13 isn't that impressive (I think most preadolescants could accomplish a General Studies degree in a few years!!!)

Omaha TortfeasorXXX on July 15, 2004

On second thought? The crew reminds me more of one of the "gangs" from the Michael Jackson video "Beat It" (The other song Eddie Van Halen played on from MJ). I have to believe if confronted by any real adversity inside or outside of the Poker Room, these guys are more likely to break into song and dance than statistical probability or haphazard roughnecking ZING!

Omaha TortfeasorXXX on July 15, 2004

The past couple of weeks were crazy. However, I would like to hear from you all. Give me a email at Rakefree.com.(under contact) So ESPn deleted every shot they have of me? Werid huh? Since I was on everey epsoide so far this season. LOL. You guys keep Posting Messages, I take the GOOD With The Bad.Thanks Dutch Boyd

Dutch Boyd on July 14, 2004

my whole problem with the dutch boyd situation is that because he is a genious, he could have easily thought up a scheme to take that pokerspot money. as someone who has a law degree, he knows that people cannot sue him to collect gambling debt. this would give him the chance to take that money and blame it on a shotty organization like Net Pro. then again what the hell do i know? i personally trust the guy and dont think he would do that and still show his face in the poker community. plus it couldnt have been nearly enough money for it to be worth it. finally, people didnt lose the money they put in, they just couldnt cash out winnings, correct? whatever he is a good player.

remember2 on July 14, 2004

I can tell you from having spoke with Dutch myself that he wouldn't rip people off. Here is a thought for all you saying he stole the cash - why has Dutch continued to show up around poker rooms? 99% of all fraudsters take the money, run, and hide. Dutch hasn't done that at all. Cowards disappear after they take the cash, and believe me, all fraudsters are cowards who hide after they score the cash.Dutch hasn't hidden at all. Dutch, you're a good person who had a run of bad luck. These naysayers don't understand how the business works.Oh yeah, folks, if Dutch *did* take the money, why would he be stupid enough to try another poker room, unless he had plans to pay back Pokerspot players? Someone with his intelligence wouldn't waste their time. I'm more than confident Dutch will follow through with his promise. He is trying to make good on the PokerSpot fiasco.Go for it, Dutch, I'll be there right behind you!

beef whistle on July 14, 2004

Im not a hater i like happy endings too. All you Dutch fans read the post in this room by zero on july 11. It makes sense. Another thing, even if dutch was or is honest, why not pay back the people you wronged before you start a New site.

read all the posts on dutch on July 14, 2004

Poker and gambling has never been honest.The reason Dutch can be seen in public is Most of the world class players are dishonest think about it. Last thing, if Dutch was so smart he would not need poker or to scam people with it. There are better ways to spend your time and easier ways to make money if you were as smart as he is.

dishonest dutch on July 14, 2004

Hey guys I know Dutch Boyd AIM SCREEN NAME. But the question is WILL I TELL????? LOL LETS SEE WHO ASK FOR IT. THEN I MIGHT TELL

I know Something on July 14, 2004

Hey Rizzo, they showed Dutch Boyd on ESPN THIS VERY EVENING (07/13/04) displaying his chip tricks. So much for ESPN deleting "all his shit."Boy, get your facts straight.

herman007 on July 13, 2004

Dutch Boyd is just an average to decent poker player, nothing else. The only reason he's a public figure is because he did well in the 2003 WSOP, and the 2003 WSOP was the most-watched poker television event ever, thus Dutch got a lot of air time.All the crap about him being a genius is stupid. He grew up in Missouri, for Christ's sake, anyone can skip grades there if they know how to spell their own name. Furthermore, you don't have to be terrilbly bright to go to law school early, you just have to be willing to work hard. Any 15 year old high school honors student could do it.Dutch clearly has a good idea of how to play the game, but so do a lot of people. What makes poker players great is their ability to read opponents and minimize their risk in tournament situations.It's so pathetic that this mainstream poker community that ESPN has created recognizes Dutch Boyd in an instant but they wouldn't have the faintest clue who players like John Juanda or TJ Cloutier are. I hate you all.

TheWanderer8 on July 13, 2004

Dutch is a great player, but going to college at the age of 12 is rediculous and not many kids in the nation have accomplished that. He plays a more mathmatical approach to the game which is fine, but he is fun to watch

noodgy2 on July 13, 2004

Wanderer, did YOU get into law school at 15. Please do not give me that crap that going to law school at 15 is unimpressive and that ANYONE can skip grades in Missouri, where did you get that from? Thin Air? Granted he seems smug and apparently ripped off people. But what you are saying is complete crap. And yes, I know the football player Cloutier, and the Indonesian Juanda.Just shut it, you sound like a hater.

hateplayerhaters on July 13, 2004

This threads more contraversial than abortion. But, I find it hilarious how people - in the face of cold, hard proof (in law school they refer to it as "evidence") reply with commetns like "he owns you" and "he's a better poker player than all of you." Speaking of law, maybe they wouldn't let him become a lawyer because he is too unethical. HAHA. Thats a joke. But its not as funny as all the fat girls on here posting that Dutch is sexy. Since when did evil become sexy?

matt on July 12, 2004

Some of you posting on here are just dipshits. None of you were at the WSOP this year... The dude was switching tables during a break and was caught taking another players checks before he left his table. Binnion's took his entry fee and he was disqualified and ESPN deleted all his shit. God I hate you sorry idiots. You don't know shit.

rizzo on July 12, 2004

Is that really dutch boyd posting? I would think someone who went to college when they were 12 would have better grammer than this."Hey guys im not dead and I Also did not cheat. I think its funny how people have nothing better to do than make up lies about someone they don;t even know. I would like to think my Loyal fans and give me a email at rakefree.com. THANKS Dutch Boyd"Anyway, you're one of my favorite to watch Dutch. Goodluck this year and kick moneymakers ass.

Cblumster on July 12, 2004

dutch is a little fruitcake who got beat up on in school now he is a spoiled little brat that smart and thinks hes better then everybody. and hes not that good at the game. u lttle nerd

gotubeat on July 12, 2004

How did Dutch do at the 2004 WSOP?? And whats up with WSOP 7 card stud is not fun to watch!!!! Thanks... PS Dutch is money, and a genious!!

Trent/ Trent/ shminky01 on July 11, 2004

Well folks looks like Dutch has all the suckers and hookers on his side. Hey dopes read what zero said on the 11 of july. This is pure truth.

ronny on July 11, 2004

step off Dutch boyd's balls, just because he's a better poker player than all of you, and owns you, and you lost money on his site, go cry about it ladies. Dutch boyd is the f'in man

mike on July 11, 2004

There you go boys he speaks from the grave.If you didn't get cheated by me last time don't miss your chance at rake NOT free dot com. Hes fishing for loyal suckers.

splat on July 10, 2004

Dutch didn't learn the first time. So when he sticks his head out this time, After taking all of our hard earned money lets not let him get away this time. No comment on sending me a check, just a new place to be scammed.

lung crud on July 10, 2004

tip for Poker Pat. Watch Dewey Tomko then watch Gus Hanson. Now go to work somewhere in between. Ive been in tourneys for many years and i see no problem when your the 3to1 chip leader and seeing cheap flops no matter what your cards are.Most guys are playing tight with the last of their stakes so sometimes you need a good deceptive hand. Oh and another thing ive saw alot of preety race horses, but when their leg gets broke some times the good boss dont always put em out to pasture.

monster pee on July 10, 2004

Read this guys business plan under "investor relations" on rakefree.com. He proposes a minimum startup budget of 1.5 million. Guess where it goes. 1 million to buy patents and software from PSI, "a company he used to work for". PSI is the corporate name of pokerspot.com, the entity Dutch used to scam hundreds of thousands from innocent people. In short PSI and Dutch Boyd are the same thing, and he plans to make a "purchase" from himself for 1 million dollars, using other peoples money.Apparently stealing a couple 100 thousand with pokerspot wasnt enough, hes got his eyes set on 7 figures.

Zero on July 10, 2004

dutch boyd is so hot .. theres something crazy and hot about him . lmao.. who cares what he has done .. get over it .. he has skills .. and some cute characteristics.. thanks .

blueyezz143420 on July 10, 2004

Hey guys im not dead and I Also did not cheat. I think its funny how people have nothing better to do than make up lies about someone they don;t even know. I would like to think my Loyal fans and give me a email at rakefree.com. THANKS Dutch Boyd

Dutch Boyd on July 7, 2004

Dutch is not dead. I work in the LA media. There is no sheriff by that name and they will not release preliminary toxicology results(it leads to lawsuits). But it sounds like a lot of people want him dead. I actually kind of like him as a player. I admire all aggresive players. I'm still a novice and I think I play too conservatively...anyone have any tips for how to be aggresive and smart at the same time.

Poker_Pat on July 6, 2004

did he die? and if he didn't, wow, you guys are weird for making it up that he did

steve L. on July 5, 2004

dutch u r the man, u and phil ivey r the 2 best poker players hands down and u will win next years tourney u r my favorite player because add flare( deff. more than moneymaker) and whateva bout the so called stealing, i dont think u did it and if u got sum tips 4 me i would be satisfied peace #1 poker player

pat clark/ unthinkable/nddomers on July 5, 2004

he didn't frickin cheat or die or any of that crap... why would u idiots say that or even think that???? he's to smart to have to cheat and u guys need to learn that he's a good. no wait.. he's a great player and is just going to continue to get better... and for the retard who said he cheated by scratching his nose.. YOUR AN EFFING RETARD... u can't cheat by scratching ur nose.. my God!

Dani on July 3, 2004

Is he really gone? where is this proof?

splat on July 2, 2004

Now to all you crazy people...I have just heard this infomation, its not set in stone. But I heard at the WSOP this year Dutch was a very lonely man. Meaning every poker player there was pissed off at him. I also heard that When Howard Lederer busted him out, Howard said "That one is on me" Please tell me if there is any truth to this?

Flush80 is finally getting it! on June 28, 2004

If that really was Dutch saying he isn't sexy. Well your wrong cause your very sexy. Most women really love men with a great intelligence it's one of the sexiest thangs a man can posses. And good luck to you, your a talented man to watch.

Oreal on June 28, 2004

POKERSPOT? Who the fluck does this guy think he is? What a hooker.

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

hey dutch...reminds me of when they said Paul the Beatle was dead. Is appears your enemies are only semi-literate. Read my comments on tells on Poker Pages.Johnny Hughes

johnny hughes. on June 27, 2004

Dutch Boyd is the man, he did not cheat, hes not dead, and i hope he wins this years WSOP.

TW. on June 26, 2004

Hey Frank, back up your claims with links so we can check the facts. Where did you read Russ Boyd got thrown out of this year's WSOP?

herman007 on June 24, 2004

This Is All Lies. He Is Not Dead. He Did Not Cheat. End Of Discussion. Damn People Get A Life! Stop Makeing Up Bs About Some 1 U Wished U Could Be. Damn!

ALL LIES!!!!!! on June 24, 2004

You can't beat me! I'm Hon Le! I killed Dutch Boyd..... in the bedroom..... with my giant wang!

Hon Le on June 23, 2004

Hon Le would beat the shit out of Russ any day of the week...period

Jammer on June 23, 2004

Whew... that whole death thing... interesting... I don't know about hte whole cheating/stealing/ whatever, but he's a decent player. Luck is the key, I think, and that is why Moneymaker won 2003 and why the pros can't beat em. Skill is skill, but what is skill versus pocket rockets? Boyd has some skill and more than a little syle, and is certainly someone most people would.. um... deal in, we'll say. Chan's equal? Perhaps, perhaps not. Depends on who's feelin lucky.

Kim on June 23, 2004

how can you possibly cheat when there is a dealer and they put the cards in order from ace, 2 ,3... throught king of each suit after EACH hand. Its not possible, enless you believe he had access to the hole card camera or so stupid ass shit like that, and with some of the pure stupidity i have seen you might. And how did they "take his entry fee" hadnt he already paid to get in the tourny? Did espn take his entry fee from the pot? that wouldnt make much sense now would it. what a buffoon.

jeff on June 23, 2004

and why would espn take his entry fee? they dont run the tournament, they just cover it. im going to check this board everyday to see the made up shit rizzo posts and prove it wrong until he hides himself in shame.

jeff on June 23, 2004

I played with Dutch on Friday night in Columbia Missouri and he is very much alive...and a hell of a poker player. Thanks for playing with us Dutch...you're welcome anytime you're in town.

NealinColumbia on June 21, 2004

its not like they wouldnt report his death on any poker site or LA newspaper. It would be on google news or a malibu newspaper by now. And theres still the fact that the "article" has a fake LA sheriff, so im guessing its a hoax.

jeff on June 20, 2004

This Guy Is A Travesty, A Sham And A Mockery - He's A Traveshamockery!!!!

MILLER GUY on June 20, 2004

how can you cheat by scratching his nose. Its not like his friends can tell him someones hand over headphones because no one knows the other guys hand. Im pretty sure Binions wouldve caught him cheating. And its not like he could take an ace and hide it or something because they count the cards and put them in order after everyhand.

jeff on June 20, 2004

You need to read up Broh. He got caught cheating. ESPN had to delete all the hands they had videotaped of him this year and took his $10,000 entry fee.

rizzo on June 20, 2004

Now That We All Know He Is Not Dead. Know People Are Saying He Cheated. Rizzo U Are The Stupidest Sorrys Sob On The Face Of The Planet. I Mean U Just Ran Ur Mouth About Bs. He Did Not Cheated. Stop Hating On Him Bc U Will Never Be As Good As Him Or As Famous Or As Rich. James

james on June 20, 2004

I know u guys are liying about him cheated. Bc the guy knocked me out of This years (2004) WSOP. He did not cheat. Listin up morons don;t diss the guy bc he is good. And 1 more thing he is not dead. He was at a Atl city Touney this weekend. I Was there and i saw him. LOL u guys have no life if u have to make up lies about some 1.

Need to know basics on June 20, 2004

im not dead guys, just a little hurt that someone would make all this stuff up. get a life guys, get a life.

russ on June 18, 2004

Rakefree.com? He should rename it to ImGoingToStealYourMoneyAgain.com! The theif!

RickJames on June 18, 2004

I have a huge feeling dutch cheated at the wsop of 03'... Espn would show him always scratching his nose.. Not like it was just one itch.. Hed keep doing it and doing it and doing it. And he was itching the bridge part of his nose. If your going to itch your nose usually you itch the nostrils not the bridge part.

andrew on June 18, 2004

Ok~ From radin a lot of Online articels and otehr poekrsite I have head he died. I also heard there is not alot of attention because it happened the same time as regan. PRESIDENT OR POKER PLAYER? you decided?! Of course we havent heeard anything saying heis dead or isnt so I amwaiting forthe news to com out!

wtf on June 18, 2004

Yo Wtf Name The Other Pokesites. Some1 Name A Dam Webiste That Says He Dies. Where Is The Proof. There Is No Proof. Bc He Is Not Dead. Holla At Me When U Got A Webiste

james on June 18, 2004

U See U Liying Sobs. He Not Dead. U Can;t Even Give A Dam Webiste. Lol. Stop Hating Bc Yall Will Never Be As Rich Or Famous As Him. James.

james again on June 16, 2004

i dont think he is dead. Jim Wickman is not the sheriff of LA county, and it is not on google news or any other website besides the a couple of forums

jeff on June 16, 2004

If he did in fact die, it would not be too much of a surprise. Dutch was on a path to detruction since he turned 12 yrs old. RIP my man.

TinyTim on June 16, 2004

Dutch Boyd either died and no media information is available or he is living. E-mail him and you might find out the truth.

He didn't die! on June 16, 2004

Dutch is dead...thats really sucks. Too bad, he was good for poker. Controversial...but good.

Jamison on June 16, 2004

Wtf. Is He Dead Or Not. I Hope Not. But Some1 Give Me A Website With The Info On It.

james on June 15, 2004

rest in peace

Unregistered on June 14, 2004

what site did you guys read that dutch is dead. what news site or tv site, please write back and tell me thank you

wtf on June 14, 2004

Is Dutch Boyd Really Dead. I Hope Not. If So Give Me A Website Would Some Proof Or Info. Thanks. James

james on June 14, 2004

RIP Dutch :(

ChuckC on June 14, 2004

Rakefree WILL be the future of online poker. Dutch Boyd is a genius and anytime you combine a genius with business experience(all-be-it a bad one) with a second chance, that recipe is pure success. Dutch, you da man!! Good luck with Rakefree. Maybe someday we can meet on the green felt.

Dano on June 13, 2004

I heard they found him dead in a river. Wish I knew the truth.

Dont know? on June 13, 2004

Yes, I heard as well that he died on June 10th in a surfing accident. Many of the forums (RGP) are reporting this. Press didn't pick-up on it too much due to the passing of Reagan and Ray Charles in the same week.

Civilian on June 13, 2004

Reuters, 6/11/04: A body washed up on the shores of Malibu, CA this morning. It was reported that the body was poker star Russ "Dutch" Boyd. The report went on to say that Boyd had been surfingWed. night with friends including poker pro Scott Fischman. Fischman was quoted as saying, "they had just been hanging out on the beach around a bon-fire enjoying the great weather and some tunes." Boyd then proceeded to go "catch some waves" around 8:45pm on Weds. evening and that was the last the crew saw of the controversial poker star. Search crews and divers were brought in to search the area but found nothing until the body's washing the next morning. Los Angeles county Sheriff Jim Wickman reported that the tideswere "extremely treacherous" and that it was very unsafe for Boyd to be inthe surf. Initial blood tests have shown traces of marijuana in Boyd's body.

Cakewalk on June 13, 2004

I heard he died... is this true?

hmmm on June 10, 2004

I'm just wondering if he enters any other tournaments besides the WSOP,like maybe any WPT events?, dont let people talking shit here discourage u dutch, ur a great player and destined to take home that bracelet one day

Boyd's great on June 9, 2004

does dutch really comment on all these??

maddie on June 8, 2004

also, if that really was him Jan 25th, i feel bad for brooke, but Dutch probably being honest, and he is probably right. Sorry Brooke.

maddie on June 8, 2004

Dutch, i know you prolly wont read this but you did the coolest trick ever, how long did it take you to get the chip bounce to work, lol good luck this year at the wsop

pipman07 on June 7, 2004

guy is a scam, people - WAKE UP! check his real credentials out... the whole nightmare with his first site was a scam as well... ignore this dope.

Poker Guru on June 7, 2004

This guy is not only an ass but he should be in jail! Watch your back Dutch Girl - lots of people are looking for you.

WATCHDOG on June 7, 2004

Dutch is awesome. He has skill. Just because you people don't doesnt mean that you should complain.

Unregistered on June 7, 2004

Dutch is one of the greatest poker players of all time and still raisinhg. His playing style is by far the most advanced. Dutch,... keep it up dude your the best!

reeder_14 on June 7, 2004

Dutch is laughing his way to the bank while you all flame him. There's no such thing as bad press, and you all are falling for it.

Raiden_Fox on June 6, 2004

dutch gonna smoke you fools! AIGHT!"The true measure of a man is not how high up the ladder he climbs, but how high he bounces when he falls."

frymeister on June 6, 2004

dutch is my hero! he played every hand right. just got screwed cause moneymaker had a bad a call and got lucky. since when does he smoke?

me. on June 6, 2004

wtf is up w/ this comment? Posted by: YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME on Feb 24, 2004This guyis the biggest loser! "If you know chip tricks players will lay down hands???" I didn't see Sammy Farha Lay down his pair of ACES against LOSERS pair of 5's. WHERE ARE YOUR CHIP TRICKS NOW!!!!first of all, he had a pair of queens, not 5's and the tricks help when ur the new guy at a table. that's how they know ur not dead money

Jon Schoder (me) on June 6, 2004

Dutch..I read your FAQ on rakefree.com and I think if you genuinely are interested in attracting business partners that you can trust, then you need to be a little more humble...after that bad experience you can't go around saying how smart you are...obviously you aren't that smart to be in the position you are in...If you don't act a little more humble then you are going to attract the seedy personalities that are only in it to rip you off....just my opinion...Jason

Jason on June 6, 2004

Man dont play at this guys site. THey use a hack to see every card on the table face-up. I already know someone trying to get another lawsuit on this cheat.

Unregistered on June 5, 2004

Hey i know a lot of you might not believe this but i know him personally. He wanted to date my sister but he was a little hard on for her and she was dating someone else at the time. He is a very smart man!

n2guys90 on June 3, 2004

Dutch boyd has not been around as long as some of the more famous names, yet he is better than a lot of them. I have watched him play, read some of his articles, and talked to him, and besides his great poker skills he is an all-around good guy. Because somebody failed once, you will reject them forever? It makes no sense, he is even more well-known now and has more experience with poker websites, so the chance that it doesn't get better this time around is very slim. Dutch, if you read this, keep playing poker, and keep up the pace on that website, hope it all goes well.

P4intb4llst4r on June 2, 2004

Dutch... you are a peasant... stop doing chip tricks and start pulling some babies.... When will you become a real champion and stop getting staked like a donkey. Pocket Aces all the way

Unregistered on May 30, 2004

Dutch, all i can saw is.... whoa... if u had been at the final table... you would have cheated your way to victory.... too bad i won the $5 million.... go write about some tells on that... peasant

Greg Raymer on May 30, 2004

So he got lucky in the 2003 WSOP!!! He is not all that. Sure he can twill a few chips, but so can anyone that has time on their hands to learn. He is like Moneymaker, an amateur who drew some cards. I would drill Dutch in a money game!

JSP from Cleveland, Tennessee on May 30, 2004

I heard that Dutch got caught cheating at the 2004 WSOP, is this true? and if so what happened?

PokerSlut on May 30, 2004

i think dutch is a really good player and hes got great potential

Kelly on May 29, 2004

I don't think Dutch is the best but what do I know I am a 15 year old kid, but I do like to see a younger player put on a good show. And I was dissapointed to see him not have a good showing at this years wsop. And Baby Girl email me, we should talk.

chancepatrick_1 on May 28, 2004

HON le was quoted as saying Dutch is one of the best up-and-comers in the world of poker. And as we all know...what Hon Le says is truth baby! "I Hon Le, Dutch, very good player, he like me, kamakazee!!"

Jimmydean on May 26, 2004

I think Dutch Boyd is one of the most talented poker players I have ever seen, and he appears to be very skilled at reading the opponent. I was hoping Dutch could put up some pointers on tells

Andy on May 26, 2004

Hey Dutch! Sorry bout this years WSOP. Congrats to your brother. He's gonna be big too. If you find a link to the interview ESPN did, please email it to me. When you comin to the Dirty South again? I'm takin a break from poker for a month or two. I came in 6th last night out of a field of 77. Your style works great for me. Anyways, to all the haters out there: Give it a rest already. Let the man redeem himself then say what you will. Peace

Jason Bullock/JJDude/locoj_1998 on May 25, 2004

Dutch, don't let these halfwits into your head. Most are just jealous of a smart young kid who took a chance at life while they sit in their pathetic lives and dream of what might have been.

Metzy on May 24, 2004

dutch boyd is the man his stare into chris moneymaker's eyes in the 2003 series was legendary im trying to find out how u r doing in the series this year good luck

j.. on May 24, 2004

He is hilarious. His chip tricks are mind boggling. Everyone else, please don't be childish on this forum. It's for stuck-up grown-ups like me.

DUX on May 20, 2004

At the World Series, Dutch was in a three handed match at Razz with T.J. Cloutier and Howard Lederer for the bracelet.The pals in Dutch's cheering section included Scott who won two events and Brett who won one. Dutch placed second and has cashed in several events.After teaching in College twenty years, I came to believe this current digital generation are incredibly bright and these guys prove it.Youth is the future of tournament poker. The larger fields make endurance a big factor.For a couple of years, I have been honored to call Dutch my friend. Down through history, many famous successful people had an early failure. Forgive Dutch and forget what he did. Look at what he and his pals are doing. The ESPN crews love Dutch because he is very colorful compared to many players. He is good for poker. Dutch Boyd will be around a long time. And he will be getting better all along.Johnny Hughes, Ph.D.

JohnnyHughes.com on May 20, 2004

First of all, get your facts straight! Dutch didn't make the final table last year...he took 12th and made $65k. Second, I'm sick of all the whining and bitching from you dumb shits who fell into the alleged scam. It's online gaming for heavens sake! You're taking a risk every time you enter your CC # into the Internet. Stop crying and get over it!

Tilt on May 18, 2004

wow you guys are assholes, and like you said this IS a poker website so..since im posting a comment about poker I wanna say that dutch is hillarious and a great player

Unregistered on May 18, 2004

gorgeous guy

shauna on May 17, 2004

Dang! I always knew Hon Le was a little bit gay. But duking it out with a hot chick over Dutch Boyd? That is super gay. Dutch you rock man, nice chip tricks.

Mr. Smurf Pimp on May 17, 2004

Dutch Boyd isn't in federal prison because he committed his crimes outside the jurisdiction of the United States. I'm one of Boyd's victims. Among other things:1) When Pokerspot was going under, rather than tighten back the budget, he increased the number of promotions (mainly free rolls) in order to desperately attract users back to his site. In other words, he used his customers' money to try to attract new customers. 2) He bounced checks and also lied repeatedly about checks being in the mail. I was owed a few checks from Boyd and he told me several times "oh, your checks were mailed weeks ago, you should have gotten them by now!" 3) He was offered a buyout option for his company and software that would have given him enough money to pay back his customers and keep a bit for himself, but it would have involved signing a non-competition agreement which would have forced him out of the online poker business. He turned this offer down claiming "you won't get me out of the industry that easily." 4) What I find most galling, when Boyd made the final table of the WSOP last year, someone asked him if he'd use his winnings to pay back the Pokerspot players, and he said he would only be able to do so if he won first place. Because you know, $1.2 million or whatever 2nd place was wouldn't be enough to pay back the $400,000 he owes his customers.

Dutch Boyd is a con man on May 17, 2004

Dutch Boyd is an amazing poker player and nobody posting to this list can deny it. He has charisma, style, intelligence, and quite honestly I can see how people are intimidated by him. It's pathetic how all these amateurs are STILL criticizing him for starting a business, which is something most people will never even have the ambition or courage to do. Dutch, keep dazzling them like you always do, and good luck at WSOP 2004 (Hopefully I'll be able to see some of it in person!) And F.Y.I., gentlemen, a little confidence-- or even arrogance-- used in moderation, can be devastatingly sexy.

Danielle // djpiacente on May 16, 2004

FYI dutch boyd your very hot!!!

girl from cali on May 15, 2004

Cool as shit...check out the bandana he's sporting this year. What a wanker!

Jammer on May 12, 2004

I hope he goes heads up with Hon Le this year...that'll be wicked cool!

tilt on May 12, 2004

I saw Dutch on TV like everyone else. He seemed like a charismatic guy and a bit of a punk. Then I happened to sit next to him in a tournament. I had no idea of his history, just what I saw on TV. This guy is charming, sincere and good for poker. I have no way of knowing how he handled his business venture, but he apparently has pledged to make the losses right. Geez O'Pete, get off his ass. His success is good for everyone, show some support. Good luck Dutch, don't worry about a thing...I got your back!

Big Tony on May 10, 2004

'Sup all...thought you'd be interested to know that Dutch cashed in at 13th/538 people in WSOP Event #7 18th/400 people in the WSOP Event #18, both of which were no-limit events. So to those of you that said he doesn't have game...you're wrong.

C-Span on May 10, 2004

Dutch is one of the best 'Gentile' players around. Very white, and very hard to read. He's a good ole' cracker card player! wp!

Tilt on May 10, 2004

C-Span is right, he's a damn good player. Just doesn't have all the respect yet. Being arrogant doesn't make him a lousy poker player. The game needs charisma like that. Whether you love him or hate him...he'll be around for awhile. later.

MSNBC on May 10, 2004

Anyone who graduates law school that early has my respects...

SP. on May 10, 2004

Dutch just monied again in PL Hold'em (14/324). Don't hate the player, hate the game.

csamuel on May 10, 2004

was that really you dutch? messaging in a public posting room? lawyer at 18 ...dont get mixed up in the black tar buddy. good life, CiXoT... [email]crazy_rhasta@hotmail.com[/email]

CiXoT on May 9, 2004

My guess it that it would be pretty hard to get in contact with any professional poker player right now because of the world series. I know that Dutch is playing almost every WSOP event until the end of May. If you check the WSOP schedule, it is pretty hectic. There's an event everday and most last at least two days. These guys start at 12:00pm and if they do well go until about 4am, run to their rooms get sleep and do it all again the next day. May has to be by far the most rigorous month for a poker professional and from keeping up with Dutch's posts, he is simultaneously working on trying to start the rakefree cardroom, so I'm sure he wasn't trying to be rude.

Madame X on May 5, 2004

ok then, well my bad....but he never wrote me back :[

Unregistered on May 1, 2004

I emailed that stupid address your not dutch boyd, so stop posting bs up on here. This website is for poker fans

Unregistered on April 27, 2004

For your information that is the correct email address and that is Dutch Boyd. The two posting's from Jan. 27 and April 21 are from Dutch the one from Feb.12 is the impostor. Just thought you'd like to know.

Madame X on April 27, 2004

Dutch, Russ, whatever, are you playing in the April 30th $1,500 NL WSOP event? If so, prepare to be crushed by yours truly...Big Red! I'm the "human party machine" and will seek to destroy you. lol In all seriousness, gl at Binions this year...my girlfriend wants to bang you.

Nate71 on April 26, 2004

Gianna makes a very good point. Not to mention Dutch would be in the Federal prison if he did indeed commit such a crime. So stop hating this guy just because you guys are jealous. There is waaaay too much jealousy in poker. These guys are good because they are. You guys are jealous. Well..........because if you weren't you would be taking so much time to criticize people that have no influence on your lives. Give it a rest. Most of the folks on this site are never going to be able to compete at the professional level. Yet, you guys love to complain and make comments about play that is far beyond your capacity to understand. Just enjoy the poker and leave your personal opinions to yourselves. By the way. Bashing in someones brains results in some serious jail time. Give that some thought the next time you believe you have been stolen from. Contact the POLICE and let them handle it. That is unless you like men fondling your ass in a jail cell.

Gianna is right on April 11, 2004

I dont think he stole money, but even if he did. arent we posting coments about his poker skills...? Come on this guy is a great player.

Dutch is a pimp on April 11, 2004

Beat a "DutchBoyd99" at Partypoker...is that you Russ? Interesting storyline about PokerSpot. Hope you are able to make good on the losses to the players. That would prove your side. Keep playing.

johnphall/johnphall on April 11, 2004

hahahaha Dutch is the man, I hope he did con you suckers out of your money, he is my hero. Dutch, if you were able to pull off a scam like that all the power to ya!

David Puddy on April 11, 2004

Gianna you idiot,I said that if I were ripped off by your hero I would pretend to want to invest with him.....then hurt him badly (as in bash his brains in)Get it ? Obviously you aren't that bright....Lucky for him I never played on pokerspot...

Jimmy on April 10, 2004

Absolutely amazing!!! I guess the majority of people DO believe every little bit of hearsay they come across. That's too bad. Dutch started a business. The company holding the money went bankrupt. That company was the same type of company as neteller or firepay. The same kind of company you trust you money to all the time. Their job is to act as your offshore bank. They pay the online poker site NOT YOU. Think about it. If neteller or firepay goes down whoever they are suppose to cash out loses the money. That means you and anycompany they are supposed to pay out! What kind of an idiot do you think DutchBoyd would have to be to give up ALL the profit that pokerspot would have made in the future for the chump change you are accusing him of stealing. Do you dimwits ever use your brains. The site was still new. They didn't even have that much money yet. They had just started making money. I mean the guy graduated from lawschool at 18...do you really think he is that stupid?!! Look at the online poker sites that are up now. Do you have any idea how much dough they rake in a month. I mean come on people. Why would you steal a golden egg if you already owned the goose that was laying the golden eggs? You're arguments besides childish and immature, make absolutely no sense. That is when they are actually arguments and not just ignorant insults. And Jimmy's brilliant idea of giving him money to fund his new site in order to "hurt him bad"...is this guy for real? Number one, how can that hurt him. Number two, the people who lost money at pokerspot are the very first people to gain money from Rakefree. If those people were smart they would be doing everything in the power to make sure this thing works. Not discouraging it! Dutch don't listen to the fools in this world that would like nothing better than for everyone around them to fail so they can feel like they haven't. You have accomplished more in experience at the age of 23 than most of them will gain in a lifetime, and that is worth its weight in gold. Stay strong and never lose faith in your ability to succeed despite all odds. Remember ... everything happens for a reason.

Gianna on March 30, 2004

Seriously, WHY would anyone trust Boyd with his/her money!? I'd rather play in a card room hosted by a bum. At least he wouldn't have a history of losing innocent peoples money.

Spektakel on March 29, 2004

I don't see how anyone can defend his play against Moneymaker. It was late in the tournament and he was one of the bigger stacks. There weren't enough chips in the pot for it to be worth the risk. Also, why choose to go up against Moneymaker, who also had a big stack and could cripple you if he called. I can understand this play against a short stack, but he had to know that if Moneymaker had any kind of pair he was 30% at best to win on the turn or river.

Matt on March 24, 2004

why dont u play more tournaments rather than just the WSOP?

Joe Williams on March 24, 2004

up/down player whose luck keeps expanding after he reaches

brill on March 24, 2004

HE STOLE MONEY!!!! He sucks!!!

Unregistered on March 22, 2004

hey dutch i hear you can rip off a lot of people with calling cards maybe you should get into yhat field

fatboy on March 16, 2004

I think, in order for Boyd to have any chance at making a run at the final table, he needed to make a move and go all-in. I would likely do the same, sometimes you just have to take chances. The odds were not heavily in Moneymaker's favor either, just slightly.

Unregistered on March 14, 2004

dutch is a solid aggressive player with a promising future ahead him in whatever field he pursues. a prodigy and overall cool person. i only hope in future events, he doesn't go all in with two over cards against a possible after the flop as he did with pocket king, queen against moneymaker's pocket threes. after the first three community cards, two high faces against a small pair is no longer a coin toss, its just a plain loss, sorry russ. keep practicing and remember, it doesn't take chip tricks to win- avian

Unregistered on March 12, 2004

I was in business with Dutch years ago..His idea of splitting the profits was "I'll throw all the money onto the celing and what sticks is yours...."

Hugh Jass on March 10, 2004

hey if you need some help ripping off innocent people in the future ill help you

FATBOY on March 9, 2004

It's really sad that Dutch Boyd gets hacked on by a bunch of amateurs who have never and will never take a risk and start a business. The guy took a chance and it didn't work out. Everything I have read says when he makes it again, his 1st priority is to pay those people back. Thats something all the haters out there don't have.......CLASS!! Keep doing your thing Dutch your one of the best and most entertaining players to watch!

Bryce Cox on March 8, 2004

dutch boyd is a solid player that doesnt deserve all the crap from all the amatuers that criticize him. He took a risk and lost , something that happens to everyone.

Peter Kinseth/thetruth/coke0cola22 on March 8, 2004

Dutch is a solid player with good style. Him and Ivey are the future. Made a careless call to Fahra, but a big threat in upcoming WS. 1st site was failed business, you dont just get away with website scams, but new site Rakefree isnt as good as it sounds. There is a monthly fee so if you think about it its just as arbitrary as having a 5 percent rake.

PoK A's on March 7, 2004

decent, aggressive player. Owes me $2300 from pokerspot, but i am in the minority in thinking he actually DIDN'T rob it. BTW, i'm quite sure his "chip tricks intimidate people" comment was tongue in cheek, as was most of his commentary.

pokerdali on March 6, 2004

word grom word. Dutch Boyd keep it up baby, you've got style baby i and i dig that. later baby

nicky baby on March 6, 2004

You guys that got ripped off by Boyd have no balls. If it were me, I would contact him and tell him I wanted to invest in his new site.........then hurt him...badly.

Jimmy on March 6, 2004

this guy is the biggest chip shuffling dominator known to man

Grom on March 2, 2004

My only problem with you Dutch is, you get to college before you get all your permenant teeth and you go to law school? What the hell? :^)

Dr. Seminolejm on February 29, 2004

Dutch do you smoke? I see the picture of the cig in your mouth but it may be a tip from Sammy, I hope you dont cause it would be wasting that IQ of yours.

ucdawg12 on February 29, 2004

dutch, im howard's and annie's nephew, I love the way they play but you can rip them apart. You have to teach me your tricks, espeically the chip bounce off the table onto the stack

Joey 'the master' lederer on February 29, 2004

I have never watched poker before but I happened to see part of a game that one of my patients was watching. You are amazing not to mention adorable. I'm a new fan.

tami/strawberryred376 on February 28, 2004

Dominates the poker world, con's poker players out of money, he is my idol

Dutch is my hero on February 28, 2004

Well, i'm not excatly sure how good he really is but im sure we can learn a think or ten...His play against Moneymaker was perfect in my opinion, he plays strong and thats what puts you in the top percentages in turnements. I like to watch him play, and about his site, It sounds like a good idea, cuz i play alot online and kinda low limits (2,4) It might save some money, i dont know. Ill have to see whats up with the site when its up.

John BiddyBear17 on February 27, 2004

Dutch i really dont know if you stole that money or not and really dont care. I will never play at your site because there is a chance you did and it just sounds like a bad bet. I play both online and land based and i watched u play at the world series and did not think you were any better than any other amature player and dont expect to ever see you at a final table or that close again but that is just me.

michael/rotag28/luckystarr28 on February 26, 2004

First of all, "you have to be kidding me" your an idiot, and i hope i dont have to explain why. now that i got that out of my way, Dutch i hope to see you at that final table this year.i was wondering if you had some videos of some of your turneys. or if not, you know how i would get my hands on them? Thanks anyway. Stay cool. - john

John. on February 24, 2004

Hey Dutch, you're my favorite poker player, I think your style of play is awesome. I say, just believe the man, I really doubt he's a thief, he seems like a nice guy. So, keep working on RakeFree and I hope to see you at the WSOP in May!Oh, and BTW, I recently purchased Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'Em, and I wondered which poker books you would recommend. Thanks a lot!

Brenny on February 23, 2004

This guyis the biggest loser! "If you know chip tricks players will lay down hands???" I didn't see Sammy Farha Lay down his pair of ACES against LOSERS pair of 5's. WHERE ARE YOUR CHIP TRICKS NOW!!!!

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME on February 23, 2004

Dutch is a great guy who took time to review some of my hand histories and helped me with my poker skills. All this crap about him being a theif is crazy. Dutch had a bad break with a business as do thousands of others every year. None of you know him so back off. Dutch, you know I support you all the way with RAKEFREE.COM. Thanks, Deac

Deac on February 23, 2004

Dutch, i think your's is a great story. I wish you luck in your new venture & i hope to see you @ Binions this spring. I've already got my stake money & ill see ypu in the big game!

angelicupstart23 on February 14, 2004

FYI - if you want to hear about what happened with Pokerspot, check out the FAQ page at [url]www.rakefree.com[/url]. I definitely don't deny that a lot of people lost money at Pokerspot. But I didn't steal a dime. I lost a lot of money on that site as well.

Dutch Boyd on February 11, 2004

and your real name is Russ Boyd

KC Kid on February 10, 2004

Dutch is a total thief that conned a lot of people out of a lot of money - you can find the stories online if you don't believe me.

rick on February 10, 2004

Dutch you have to be out of your mind. You blew your chance. Your are a thief.

Dead Money on February 9, 2004

If you want a tutor you dont go to Douche Boyd, he is a con-artist, he will probably charge you 1,000 bucks and say bet AA and fold 2-7.

Kansas City Kid on February 5, 2004

dutch is the man. but brooke, wasup,

T.. on January 29, 2004

Give the guy a chance, I don't know the whole story, only dutch does, but I do know sometimes u fail and u just have to pick yourself up and try again and again and again.

bigpokerdad on January 28, 2004

Dutch the thief is a dishonest, lying cheating stealing con boy. do some checking on this cowardly thief

Ron on January 27, 2004

Thanks for reading, guys and gals... if you want to email me, shoot me a line at [email]dutch@rakefree.com[/email]... and I'd be happy to give you some poker pointers, brooke.Cheers,Dutch

Dutch Boyd on January 26, 2004

Dutch is one of the better young players.Deffintley a favorite of mine, so Dutch GL with the rest of your carrer

brandon on January 25, 2004

brooke, you will never...ever, be one of the best, hundreds of millions of people know the concepts of all card games...i will never tutor you Thanks, Dutch Boyd

hey brooke on January 24, 2004

I recently watch Dutch play. He's a genius! It would a toal blessing for me to get poker playing lessons from someone like him. I think he finished 13th in the game I watch him play. Chris moneymaker won. But, I was more interested in Boyd's strategy. I've been really interested in playing, but everyone seems to think that playing cards is just for guys. I'm only 15 and I think that if I start early on learning and get a tutor like Dutch Boyd I could be one of the best. I already know the concepts of almost all card game. I just need someone to teach how to win and to stay cool under pressure. Thanks, Brooke Marsh

BABY_GIRL_4641 on January 21, 2004

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Todd Brunson
Tony D
Tony G
Tony Ma
Vanessa Rousso
Young Phan

Poker Personalities

Brandi Hawbaker
Mike Sexton
Norman Chad
Shana Hiatt
Vince Van Patten
Wild Bill Hickok

Business & Industry

Anurag Dikshit
Barry Shulman
Benny Binion
Calvin Ayre
Lyle Berman
Matt Savage
Ruth Parasol
Vikrant Bhargava

Poker Groups

Hendon Mob
Team Bodog
Team FullTilt
Team PartyPoker
Team PokerStars
The Crew

Online Players

Brian Townsend


Andy Beal
Ben Affleck
Cindy Margolis
Gabe Kaplan
James Woods
Jennifer Tilly
Jerry Buss
Mimi Rogers
Norm MacDonald
Shannon Elizabeth
Tobey Maguire
Wil Wheaton

Poker Authors

Andy Glazer
David Sklansky
James McManus
Lee Jones
Lou Krieger
Mike Caro
Rolf Slotboom
Tom McEvoy
Vince Burgio

WPT Amateurs

Harley Hall
James Tippin
Randy Jensen

Fictional Players

Cincinnati Kid
Mike McDermott