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Here are some quick links to the most convenient sites to buy playing cards (each link to EBay and Amazon are individual links which take you to the search page).

Which ones should I buy?

The regular cards (like Bicycle and Bee cards) can be purchased for about $2 per deck. Custom cards are more expensive, but you may have to order a minimum number of decks in order to get them made.

The casino used cards are usually cheaper than brand new cards because they will wear out faster since they are used. They make good gifts for someone who has been to the casino who wants to have a memory, or for someone who collects casino or gambling memorabilia. The cards still have some life in them too, so they can still be used to play with. You can occasionally find casino used cards being sold at dollar stores for $1 per deck. You can usually get used playing cards that are printed with the exact location of the casino they came from (for example: "Harrah's - Lake Tahoe"). Sometimes used casino cards may not have Jokers because casinos don't use them in their games.

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