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Bwin Poker is backed by bwin Interactive Entertainment, a publicly-traded company in Austria. bwin is one of Europe's oldest and biggest sports-betting operations that offers poker, sportsbetting, a casino, and other games like backgammon.

In July 2010, bwin and PartyGaming announced their plans to merge. The new company will become the world's largest publicly-traded online gaming company. In 2011 there were rumors that the OnGame network (which bwin poker uses) will be sold.

Today, bwin Poker is on the OnGame network. It offers guaranteed tournaments, resizable tables, mobile games, an iPhone app, a Mac poker client, and a no-download Java-based client. Despite the fact that bwin is backed by one of the largest online gaming companies, it has never been a popular place to play poker.


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Take a look at that hand and believe how its rigged.

BTW: BOTH PLAYERS left the table RIGHT AFTER that hand. Funny, isn't it...

smeisner on November 20, 2010

This sad excuse for an online poker site is way beyond the imaginable. I have been playing there for quite some time, and its just hilarious how the so called random number generator bails out and protects the most stupid trained monkey donkfish players time after time after time. I see so many bad beats that its really making me cry while I laugh harder than i laughed any time before watching a poker game.

I just cashed out my remaining funds and will never get back there again. Here are some nice hands for you to get a picture:

I get KK, raise 4BB preflop, 2 callers.
Flop: JJJ
Boat for me, I raise pot-size, 1 caller
Random Turn: J (surprise!)
A3o wins the pot with quads.

I get KQs raise 4BB preflop, 1 caller.
Flop is: 34Q flush draw for me.
I get raised on that board, reraise, and other player is all-in. I think for a moment but I guess thats enough outs to do the call.
He shows 66 (say what?! No draws, nothing.)
Turn is 6d. River a blank. 1-outer again!

I get KK, raise vs J6. Flop is J35 i push, he is all-in, I call - and he shows J6.
Turn 6.
River J. Monkey idiot river boat! Thx bwin/ongame!

Today none of my 20 A high flopped flush draws completed. NONE of them. Then I get A6 and call a rather tough raise. Board is all spades, Nut flush for me! Other player raises, I reraise, he's all-in! Shows KK, hit a flopped set. River of course grants him the full freakin house.

I get a turned boatd Qs over Js.
All-In. Boat Js over Qs calls (random board right?) River is a J for the quads. 1-outer again!

Needless to say that my AA vs QJo was sucked out on by QJ two pairs, AA vs QJo again river straight, AA vs KK flopped K.

Another great one was my JJ vs KK. I called a tough reraise, put him on KK/AA. No set = easy laydown. Flop is PERFECT: 89J rainbow. I raise - KK is all in. The turn? Of course, the 2-outer K.

Beautiful also how they keep the donks from losing and the good players from winning. Miracle 4 runner straight boards are split every other hand. Last hand that really got me: 99 vs 88.
Flop is 789 rainbow, I raise, 88 is all-in. I hope it's not the T9 because that would have been the right action setup, but no, it's 88. So what can the software do to save the other player? Turn: 5. River: 6. Split pot No. 23658723. What a pathetic joke.

Now I know those hands might not speak for themselves. Selected hands never do. What matters is the frequency of those hands on bwin/ongame. I ensure all of you: The list of hands like that I experienced on that horrific douchebag site is MILES long. Never have I seen so many unreal setup hands as on bwin. I could continue with those hand histories till the end of the week and would still have more material.

Conclusion: Don't bother playing at bwin poker. It is a giant hoax where the donks are rewarded for terrible play and the strong players are disabled by ultra-idiotic nonsense hands.

Over and out.

smeisner on November 11, 2010

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HPG ADMIN on July 11, 2009