T.J. Cloutier

T.J. Cloutier is a professional poker player from Texas. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2006.


Born October 13, 1939 in Albany, California, Cloutier attended the University of California, Berkeley on an athletic scholarship for football and baseball and played in the Rose Bowl in 1959. However, due to financial hardship, he had to drop out of school to help his family. After a stint in the Army after being drafted, he played football in the Canadian Football League for Toronto and Montreal, but an injury cut his career short.

Cloutier then started up a wholesale food business with his father and brother-in-law in the San Francisco area. The business closed in 1976 because of embezzlement by an outside partner. After deciding that he needed a change in life, he moved to Texas and worked on the oil rigs. On his days off he began to play poker, and quit his job after he was making more money playing poker than working.


Cloutier is the co-author of several poker books:

  • "Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em", with Tom McEvoy.
  • "Championship Omaha: Omaha High-Low, Pot-Limit Omaha and Limit Omaha High", with Tom McEvoy.
  • "Championship Hold'em Tournament Hands: A Hand By Hand Strategy Guide to Winning Hold'em Tournaments" with Tom McEvoy.
  • "How To Win The Championship: Hold'em Strategies for The Final Table".

Cloutier began regularly winning tournaments and went on the road to make his living playing poker. Along with Doyle Brunson, Cloutier is the last of the original Texas road gamblers. His books contain several of his famous road stories. Here is one interesting story:

"I was playing pot-limit hold'em down in Shreveport. We'd been playing for quite a few hours and there was a lot of money on the table. A hand came up in which I had the stone nuts on fourth street. I had $5,000 in front of me and made a $2,000 bet. Wayne Edmunds was in the game and he had a habit of putting his head down after he called a bet, so that he never saw what was going on anywhere else. As I was making my bet, the dealer grabbed my cards and threw them in the muck. Of course, Wayne didn't see it happen. "What do I do now?!" I was wondering. I have big hands and so I just kept them out in front of me like I was protecting my cards. The dealer burned and then turned the river card. I bet my last $3,000 and Wayne threw his hand away. I won the pot without any cards! Everybody at the table except Wayne saw what had happened, but nobody said a thing."

When asked how he gets a read on the other players he says:

"If you and I had played poker together five years ago, I wouldn't necessarily recall your name today, but I would remember your face and how you played your hands in different spots, your tendencies. I think that knowing your opponents is the most important thing in big-bet poker. To do that, you have to be alert at all times, even when you're not in a hand, because you can learn something valuable. If a wing fell off a gnat at the end of the table, I'd see it."


Cloutier specializes in playing tournament poker; especially no-limit and pot limit hold'em. He has placed in the top 5 on 4 different occasions in the main event of the WSOP, including two 2nd place finishes (in 1985, losing to Bill Smith, and 2000, losing to Chris Ferguson). Cloutier also finished in 5th place in 1988, won by Johnny Chan, and in 3rd place in 1998, won by Scotty Nguyen. In 2009, he was one of numerous players turned away from the main event, as registration was capped on that particular day.

He has also been featured in the Ultimate Poker Challenge, the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages. He has also played in WPT events, where his best finish was a 3rd place finish for $146,775 in the 2003 Legends of Poker event, won by Mel Judah.

Cloutier has admitted to entering $10 online tournaments to in order get accustomed to playing against the younger, and more aggressive, online players.

As of 2009, he has 6 WSOP bracelets, 55 WSOP cashes (5th place all-time), and total live tournament winnings exceeding $9,700,000. He now resides in Richardson, Texas.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1987 $1,000 Limit Omaha Hi $72,000
1994 $1,500 Limit Omaha 8 or Better $135,000
1994 $2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em $163,000
1998 $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi $136,000
2004 $1,500 Seven Card Razz $90,500
2005 $5,000 No Limit Hold'em $657,100


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Just saw TJ @ WSOP shooting craps, he's lost much
weight, and uses a electric cart....must have had a stroke!

????? on July 22, 2011

Originally Posted by jammer View Post
maverick, i've seen you posting here recently, you need to stop! Your posts are horrible, please go to hell! Tj's a millionaire, and he did it through poker.
tj couldnt win if he had a winning machine always looking to use some one elses cash

FRANKS FRIEND on April 2, 2010

Not a nice man he is nothing more then a phoney a broke and living off his past rep when theire were only the same players in the game and most of them were cheats including the so called legands look it up and see for your self i lived in vegas and saw these phoneys every day :(

FRANKS FRIEND on March 27, 2010

It just came out..he had pawned a WSOP braclet, and didn't recoup it....the pawn shop sold it on e-bay for $4,006!

Why was he black-balled by the poker community;
all the others are making $$$$$$ with the poker sites...why did he try the "Mountain" site that failed? was he forced into this,because he wasn't invited in with the others?? Or had he pissed off others with some previous dealings????

????? on February 18, 2010

What's happened??? he has two cashes for a total of $8,421 in 2009..........

Is he being black-balled by the poker community(no
sponsorship from Poker stars or full-tilt ???

Mabe he tried to shut everybody else out of his failed "MOUNTAIN" poker site...I don't know ?

????? on August 9, 2009

Only $78,015 in tournament cashes in 2008;
His lowest amt since 1989

????? on January 2, 2009

His total listed tournament finishes.......

45 wins
42 2nd's
33 3rd's
15 4th's
22 5th's = 135 top 5 finishes

????? on December 4, 2008

When did I ever call him a "Donkey"? I said he was OVERRATED. Overrated means he gets too much credit for losing.
If I had the money these guys have and played in as many tourney's as TJ I'm sure I'd make a few final tables

bad_dog76 on December 14, 2006

When did he last win???....2005 WSOP $5000 buy in 466 entries.
You idiot!

????? on December 3, 2006

Overrated? Must be a fish if u think this man is overrated. If u do your homework you'll learn how many times the great T.J. has been outdrawn at final tables. O another thing bad dog76, whats the last final table of a major world poker tournament have u made it to? By the way, your calling a chess/poker proven champion a donkey?? good one bad dog76.. Maybe one day you'll have a poker book out just like T.J.!!!!

Jimmy Hustles on September 14, 2006

OVERRATED! If anyone played poker since the 1930's like this guy they'd probably have 11 titles too. How old is TJ? 135?

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006


bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

Well to further continue about this DONK, he is totally broke, will start talking to you at whatever table your at with him give you a SOB story and ask you to stake him in a 300 DOLLAR statillite, lololol, pathetic

DonkeySlayer on July 29, 2006

This guy isnt all hes made up to be. I big donkey, tries touse his rep to scare people, and it doesnt work. When has won last? He sometimes just stumbles onto final tables, because after all, if you play enough tourneys, you have to get deep at some point even on dumb luck

DonkeySlayer on July 2, 2006

Yeah, I know these guys are good players and accomplished a lot back in the day, but it bothers me when ESPN and WPT hypes these players in current tournaments when they haven't done much in the past few years. I think most players today would feel more comfortable playing against Doyle Brunson or TJ Cloutier than Gus Hanson or Greg Raymer.

HPG ADMIN on June 20, 2006

All the phoney BS about 50 "Major" wins is just that!

His record is as follows: (1st-2nd-3rd)

WSOP 6 - 5 - 4
Others 5 - 3 - 9

That's 11 wins total (listed by Card Player Mag)

total earnings $5,229,595

????? on June 20, 2006

I hate degenerate lying gamblers.

Poker Deity on October 8, 2005

But he *was* good in Jaws.. whats the joke?

captainfleet on August 25, 2005

Aug 10 comment "I'd hit it". that's the funniest thing I've seen on all of these message boards. runner up was the guy who told James woods to stick to acting b/c he was good in "Jaws". haha

Unregistered on August 23, 2005

This guys got some impressive tits for a guy

Unregistered on August 22, 2005

nice rack

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

does he have teeth? mine are bad but atleast they're there

Layne Flack on August 11, 2005

emailed one of the bloggers on poker pages about who was the person he/she was talking about when he/she stated that a poker pro won his sixth bracelet at the wsop but probbly wouldnt have claim to all of the first place money(because of backers) or will probbly blow it in craps-- tj was the person he/she was talking about.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

TJ is the babe ruth of poker there is a lot of greats out there, but hes the best and if what he says is true that he can remember the way a man plays years later that pretty unbelievable.

DonRomildo on August 6, 2005

TJ Cloutier is the man. I've only been playing poker for about a month and a half, but I've been studying it for at least 5 hours a day, and from watching countless poker videos and tournaments, I've acquired a great liking for TJ Cloutier. Not only is he just a cool as ice person, but he's also the best no limit hold'em tournament player in the world, and those tournaments are the engine of the caddilac of poker.

luke on August 5, 2005

You have been playinging for a couple months and you are ready to take on the world, eh?Hey Luke, tell me where you are playing, I want to be in the game against you. LOL.

englishcat on August 5, 2005

Get your money back? Youre walkin around blind without a cane buddy. You really think I remember the thousands of people ive scammed? You were robbed. Take it like a man. I am a fat ,hideous, distasteful, unsavory, malicious, degenerate gambler that syphons cash from casino patrons as frequently as i syphon oxygen into my lungs because im TJ Cloutier and I can. The only thing meaningful in life is the next bet. Thats why I exist; for the next bet. Next time ill rip you off $2000 instead of $200 because you whine like a little girl. Stop crying, wipe those tears away and get on with your life kid. By the way if you have $200 I can borrow then disregard what I said above. Youre a wonderful individual and your generosity will be your ticket into heaven. Now, wheres the $200.

TJ Cloutier on August 4, 2005

TJ said he gave up the craps. But why wouldn't he pay me back the money, or anyone the money. He makes a ton of cash, you would think his reputation is more important to him than that.

I heard on August 2, 2005

Im a gambling addict myself even though im good at poker. My main weakness is cash tables, i can never get up when im ahead or cut my losses when behind. I just sit until i lose all my chips (even if it takes 6-7 hours straight) or until the table breaks up. Even when i do sit up with a nice profit, i just wanna find another table and keep doubling up. Its not a nice habit but i love poker, such a dilemma. I do well in tournaments but then blow my winnings soon enough at cash tables.

Unregistered on July 23, 2005

Looks like my uncle plays like my aunt. He BLOWS!

WSOP07 on July 21, 2005

Umm, for the guy who loaned TJ that 200 bucks you will never see it. TJ has one bad vice and that is Craps. Everything he has one at Poker has been lost at the Craps table as he has a serious gambling addiction. He is well known for borrowing money from strangers who think they'll get paid back...he never does

Ace. on July 21, 2005

That'll explain why your dad has a 3-inch thick gold chain around his neck then.

Jed on July 20, 2005

TJ still owes me 200 bucks from a night at the Tunica. I am DEAD serious about this. On my mom's grave and a Bible, he borrowed 200 from me, and said he would hook me up in the poker room. Never happened. Anyone want to give him my info?1oregoncowboy@saintly.comThanks!

Owing money on July 20, 2005

Bracelet? Only homos wear julery.

God's Gift To Poker and Women on July 16, 2005

congrats on the bracelet TJ

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

he won the 5,000 dollar no limit title this year. id say he is one ofthe best ever. his book is my bible to cash game play. he is half thereason i can play for a living now. his book was given to me by a friend. well i was so greatfull for he knowlege that i bought a new one just so i didnt feel guilty for getting free golden advice. words itcant express what that knowlege has done. Thanks Mr Tj. you are the man GO ARGOS Darin in baltimore

loveland on July 8, 2005

There should be more older pros out there smacking the new guys down like T.J. His record speaks for itself.

James on July 3, 2005

We were at the same craps table at the Orleans one time and he bet across on all the numbers which is a terrible strategy(bet the 6 and 8 with 2 come bets and go from there) of course I sevened out right away.

Hal on June 30, 2005

You just won your 6th WSOP bracelet.Now if anyone on this forum actually knew what that was they might be proud of you.

Congrats TJ on June 19, 2005

In his description at top - Can some please explain why the dealer took his fucking cards away??? I DONT UNDERSTAND?? Why on earth did the dealer take his cards when he was making a bet (and had the nuts)? I would sack the stupid dealer straight away, hope he never works again. Can someone explain WTF this happened????

Observer on June 14, 2005

He looks constipated in his picture!!!

Dirk Diggler on June 2, 2005

my Q-5's and J-4's will murder him.

Gus Hansen on June 1, 2005

TJ's book Championship no limit and pot limit hold'em poker is awesome, its easy to see why he is such a respected tournament player

G Unit41 on May 30, 2005

If they awarded golden toothbrushes, instead of Bracelets for winning events, He would certainly benefit.Floss might help too.

What you think? on May 11, 2005

Only an idiot would discount the advice he gives in his tournament book. Class player worth millions.

loser on May 10, 2005

simply the goofiest looking man that has ever touched a deck of cards.

Unregistered on April 16, 2005

At Tunica, he was playing craps and asked to borrow 500 from me, I gave him 200, he almost looked offended. He lost it moments later, and said he would pay me back in the Poker room, but just disappeared. TJ, you owe me man!

TJ owes me 200 bucks on April 15, 2005

TJ plays at hollywood casino in shreveport, la sometimes on tuesday nights when they have pot limit

cocktailgirl on March 21, 2005

Hello Mr. Cloutier, just finished "Positively Fifth Street"..........what did you think of the book? Some people are calling it the "poker bible" .......your thoughts? And you should've tried playing a real mans game like rugby...... useless pads get in the way.CheersSurly

surly on March 15, 2005

I play in a weekly 5-10 game in Oregon and a guy at the table who I respect and used to play tourneys full time says T.J. is one of those guys always looking for a backer. He said TJ asked him at least four times to stake him. Sad.

Ryanbrownsports on March 15, 2005

cloutier is old but decent.....though he could learn how to read people a bit better

iveyfan05 on March 7, 2005

TJ is an awesome player...the reason some think he is getting beat by these younger players is the same reason most of today's poker greats are getting beaten...there are just too many people entering these tournaments nowadays...Skill is definitely a huge part, but somewhere along the way luck kicks in.

Cheri on March 5, 2005

a has-been.

iveyfan05 on March 2, 2005

I like to play tournament poker. Recently, I picked up TJ's book on Championship Poker. Each time I go all in and LOSE, I go back to his book and read that chapter on how to handle those cards. Today, I had pair, King-Queen. Of course, he warned me about this hand in his book. I forgot, didn't listen, had a brain fart and I lost. How does that old saying go "Everyday I get older, my parents get wiser." He maybe a fat old man, but he has 40 years of expierence. Look, listen, and learn one day, you mgiht be a living legend. Thanks TJ, I am going to read your book AGAIN and learn.

Rosie on February 27, 2005

LOL at the look on his face...........He doesn't just look like he is constipated, he sounds like it too. I am ready for him to deuce all over inside of his pants one of these days.

Santa on February 25, 2005

T.J. is the man. I recently stayed at Binions and that was the consensus. Old, young, short or stupid-he's got the cash. I wish I was a dinosaur!

cheflaurant on February 25, 2005

TJ is an old dude who is past his prime . . . there is no doubt that he is one of the all time best; but his best days are behind him and his no longer much of a match for the younger players out there

fjdksla on February 25, 2005

I really love how all people can do is come on here and talk shit about one of the best poker players. I'd like to see any of you douchebags come close to beating this guy heads up. Get a life.

Andrew on February 23, 2005

what's up with that look on his face. it looks like he is always constipated.

Tic Tac Sensei on February 20, 2005

I play just like TJ, I only play Aces, Kings, Queens, and Big Slick, although I fold them against any raises. Then I get down to a few chips and wait for a small pair to go all in, and bitch when my opponent catches a card.

Vegas Mike on February 10, 2005

Well I have met TJ and his charming wife and thought he was delightful. some of you are very rude with your comments.

English lady on January 29, 2005

I wish I had 1/4 the ability of Mr. Cloutier. In the current poker environment I'd become an anonymous millionaire in a year playing small tournaments. Posters need to learn some respect

Hopeless Caller on January 29, 2005

that guy at the top of the page is full of shit, TJ you are the best and dont have to prove a damn thing to anyone. 55 tournament wins says enought. That little pissant should respect living legends.

Will on January 25, 2005

just read the name, TJ COULTIER OWNZ JOOO!!!

MasterMMMM is FULL OF SHIT on January 19, 2005

This guy is ALWAYS pissed off. What the hell is this problem? He looks like he wants to beat the piss outta everyone at his table everytime i see him.

what is this dudes problem on January 18, 2005

I am trying to get an autographed picture of TJ for my home poker room. My friends and I are turning a wall into the Wall of Champions like the Horseshoe has. If anyone can give me some info on how to do so, feel free to contact me. Thanks for you help. And by the way, TJ is still kicking a$$ against all these young bucks. LATER!

michaeljensenjr on January 8, 2005

tj is one of if not the most consistent tornament players in the world, he keeps on an even keel and conducts himself superbly.u do not acquire a record like his by luck.any1 saying he is not a worldclass player is a total moron end of. and this is from the Guvnor

the guvnor on December 17, 2004

Whos babe ruth?Is he an american football player or a baseball player.Football is the sport with real stars.

Englishman in new york on December 14, 2004

You people are truly hitting the crack pipe! TJ is top 5 in the WORLD. Any pro, I repeat ANY pro goes through ups and downs in this career. The best player in the world can lose to the worst if lady luck is not on his side. Think of how many tournaments he has won. Think of how many he has lost. Think of the fact that you win 30 times what you put into a tourney when you win, minimum. Then add his 2nd, 3rd, 4th finishes and all the times he has finished in the money. If the guy has money problems, he is bad with money outside the casino or at other casino games because based on poker winnings, he is up so much it isn't even close. He is a multi-millionare. I doubt any of you naysayers have even won 100 grand in your careers. Knocking TJ???? I guess Babe Ruth wasn't a very good ballplayer either!

mje on December 11, 2004

Hes truly one of the greatest ever. Will now never win the WSOP but has made the final table at least three times if not more coming 2nd twice. Books are great

Tourneychamp on December 8, 2004

This guys a classic pro.

Chad on December 2, 2004

Hey TJ. dont go in the NFL next year. Be back with the Alouettes! We need you here!

GamePolicefromMontreal on November 29, 2004

great player, what else is there left to say...

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Mr. Cloutier, I am on a poker forum with a "Discuss the Pros" section. The question came up about the initials "TJ". I have searched the web and can't peg your full name. Do you share that sort of trivia?Jim D.Victoria, TX

jhd_123 on November 26, 2004

I did read Jim's book and loved every minute of it...BTW T.J. I played in the Grand Casino Coushatta 15K tourney this past weekend and placed 5th. Should have placed 3rd...one mistake at the end...I didn't head your advice,at least get to third then become real aggressive. I let two short stacks have more money than me. Next time. So let's see now, I have played in 10 tournaments and have won 4 placed 5th and final table 7 times. T.J's book is worth it guys...read it and if you don't agree, give it to a student of the game and see what he can do with it. I would bet on T.J to win every tourney that he enters, Why, because he has showed me the way and uses his expertise to have won more majors than any of you clowns ever will.

Jim /Mago on November 22, 2004

muppets the lot of you... read jim mcmanus' book and see how good i am

TJ. on November 18, 2004

T.J. is still a great player. But, like Johnny Chan, his salad days are behind him. He is rapidly being overtaken by the new generation of players. It's a shame. I played against him once and the guy was great to talk to. He has a great history and record in the game and should be admired for his role in increasing the exposure of poker.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

I admire TJ Cloutier tremendously. A world class top player who's accomplishments and reputation stand for themselves. It would be a tremendous honor to ever have the chance to meet him. Mr. Cloutier also has something that many of the above peoples posts dont have and they havent a clue about. "STYLE, CLASS AND MANNERS. Thank you Tj for the inspiration to keep at it...maybe one day..I just may get THAT chance to meet you.

Ablackwind on October 19, 2004

Interesting how aggressive the young players are. I play in a regular game here in Dallas and am up against some of the most aggressive players I have ever witnessed. Funny how they go all in on a J 5 or an A 6 and they win a few dollars. Then when they get a pasir of sixes they bet and then go all in on the flop... with two over cards in the board. Yeah, aggressive alright, but stupid. The stronger players ( read old players) take the pot more times than they win. The young players get up and say, "but I had a pocket pair." Well damn, why did you bet? read T.J.'s book. There is a lot of great wisdom and advice in there. Wait, don't read it. You just might learn a few things. Keep up the aggressive play and you will only play your way out of the money in tournaments and never rise to the top like T. J. Using T.J.'s ideas and advice I have entered 6 tournaments and have won 3. Made the final table 2 other times and knocked out early the other. BTW, I don't rebuy...

Jim / Mago on October 14, 2004

T.J. is a great poker player and no one can realistically argue that he's not. It's a fact that he is a great poker player so all you punks out there who think you know how to play poker and who critize the great poker players who have paved the road in poker so that you can play a respectable game of poker, need to buck up and shut up! Poker is one of the games you get better with with age and experience. I love playing with you young punks.......easy money or dead money as we say in poker. TJ is a great poker player with whom I've had the plesure of playing craps with in Tunica for years. He's not the best craps player but he can roll the heck out of 4s and 10s, the money makers at craps and I've always made money when TJ holds the dice! High limit poker players are more than poker players, they are GAMBLERS and if I have to explain that concept to you then you don't have what it takes to become a world class high limit poker player. You can learn poker, but you can't learn that instinct. Either you have it or you don't, and obviously alot of you posting are idiots.

RivahQueen on October 9, 2004

Alot of truth to that post (gambling) but my point was that he didn't know me from Adam, but wanted to yell at me for winning on the pass line, hell, that's what I'm supposed to do!!

collector-zone on October 9, 2004

I love all the people that love to hate great players. You da man TJ!!!!!!

ugaisthteam on October 1, 2004

Has anyone seen ma dentures? ah keep loosin them golshdarn things.

T.J. Cloutier on September 8, 2004

One of the most successful players if not the most successful player in the history of poker.

Gus is the man on September 4, 2004

losers, all of your. How can any of you come on here and criticise someone with a track record like Cloutier? Do any of you have a page on here? Anybody ever come close to achieving what he has? lol, idiots

cr_ap on August 22, 2004

tj is the best tournament poker player that has ever lived he wins year after year and he should be the 2000 world champ

all in on August 13, 2004

I thought he had steady backing? whats the new news?

backers? on August 3, 2004

T.J. chewed my ass at Binions in the craps pit when he put 640 across the place bets, worked them on the come-out, and I rolled a natural 7. I told him that was dumb anyway so he went to another table.

collector-zone on July 26, 2004

TJ is struggling these days. Always looking for backers...amazing how these players dont dominate their whole lives. Deep down they're all degenerate gamblers.

Butrow on July 23, 2004

I sucked at poker - I read his book - now Im average. Thx TJ!

phillyscr on July 21, 2004

It is well known T.J. has backers. He is rich and great no doubt.

splat on July 2, 2004

I played a 1,500 no limit tournament at the wsop this year and with 870 entrants, guess who ended up on my left! No shit, it was TJ. He was awesome to talk to and I knew I wasn't going to leave that table without being able to say I went all in on TJ Cloutier. Unfortunately, I chose to do it with Big Slick on the small blind. TJ called my on the big blind with Kings. Another king came on the flop and I thanked him for the lesson. He makes the game look so effortless, like he's barely paying attention. Then he moves in and takes you down. Great guy and great player!

scavelli on May 27, 2004

To MasterMmmmm -- Get TJ's Championship No-Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em. It's more than an hour's worth of great advice from TJ and Tom McEvoy, and doesn't cost $200. If you are intent on spending the $200, though, send it to me and you can have my copy. I'll even autograph it.

WD. on May 26, 2004

This "old dude" is one of the most cunning players out there. Had the pleasure of playing him one time at pot-limit omaha. I saw him con five big pots out of players hands and the he slow played me right out of the tourney (and out of the money lol) with pocket jacks when I thought i had his number. No small wonder he's one of the richest and most repected players in the game. Top 10 no doubt, more likely Top 5 best players ever.

JJJ on May 26, 2004

Maverick, I've seen you posting here recently, you need to stop! Your posts are horrible, please go to hell! TJ's a millionaire, and he did it through poker.

Jammer on May 25, 2004

All I can say is that I would certainly give TJ 200 bucks for an hours worth of his advice on how to play. So, anyone know where I could get private lessons from TJ, please speak up.. :)

MasterMmmm on May 25, 2004

TJ "Can I borrow $200" Cloutier is a prime example of why no tourney pro ever amounts to shit. Do you people really think the percent edge any one player has could possibly overcome the tourney fees, tokes, and taxes in the long run?

Maverick on May 22, 2004

This is the guy I want to meet. Texas holdem from the OLD SCHOOL. TJ's still the man, I'm sure he could kick anyone's @ss as well. This is a pure poker player through and through.

joepro on May 20, 2004

TJ's the man! Don't mess with him; he's been known to kick the crap out of people before. He's a big dude who's still got mad poker skills.

Nate71 on April 26, 2004

i have never heard anything as gay as TJ saying, "You can talk about your hand"Play the game and stop whining

the dude on April 12, 2004

matt..your right that dude is full of shit :)

Unregistered on March 25, 2004

T.J. is great, I'm a young player and I realize that he would bust me every day of the week. Whatever that moron said about younger players being too aggressive for him is complete stupidity. And im positive that he wouldn't lose a cent playing with you.

matt on March 24, 2004

i dunno... something about him... doesnt rub me right...it might be that hes old or something

nimrod on February 28, 2004

He tunrs my stomech, the way he bluffs people glad I'm not at the table with him. Go Argo's!!!

BillyTSlim on February 24, 2004

Message to Shaun: Son, I dont know you but I am quite sure in saying that if you study hard, work hard and concentrate solely on big bet poker for the rest of your life, you just MIGHT acquire as much knowledge about poker that TJ Cloutier has forgotten already. Its not a knock, just a fact.

Bill on February 11, 2004

I think I've decided that poker is like driving and sex. Everyone thinks they're great at it. T.J. has proven he is one of the best year after year, lets not knock the poor guy for being great at what he does.

Brett on February 7, 2004

damn Cloutier, your good, but not good enough for Us 'Younger" players! we play too aggresive for you!!just quit alreay, youre gonna just keep on losin money!!!

shaun on January 30, 2004

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Amir Vahedi
An Tran
Andy Black
Andy Bloch
Annie Duke
Antonio Esfandiari
Barbara Enright
Barny Boatman
Barry Greenstein
Berry Johnston
Bobby Baldwin
Brad Daugherty
Carlos Mortensen
Chad Brown
Chip Jett
Chip Reese
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
Chris Bigler
Chris Karagulleyan
Chris Moneymaker
Christer Johansson
Clonie Gowen
Crandell Addington
Cyndi Violette
Dan Harrington
Daniel Negreanu
Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot
David Benyamine
David Chiu
David Colclough
David Grey
David Pham
David Plastik
David Williams
Dewey Tomko
Doyle Brunson
Dutch Boyd
Eric Brenes
Eric Froehlich
Erica Schoenberg
Erick Lindgren
Erik Seidel
Eskimo Clark
Evelyn Ng
Farzad Bonyadi
Garry Bush
Gavin Smith
Greg Raymer
Gus Hansen
Harry Demetriou
Hasan Habib
Hon Le
Howard Lederer
Hoyt Corkins
Huck Seed
Humberto Brenes
Isabelle Mercier
Jason Lester
JC Tran
Jeff Madsen
Jeff Shulman
Jennifer Harman
Jesper HougaardNEW
Joe Awada
Joe Bartholdi
Joe Beevers
Joe Cada
John Bonetti
John Cernuto
John D'Agostino
John Hennigan
John Juanda
John Myung
John Phan
Johnny Chan
Jose Rosenkrantz
Joseph Hachem
Josh Arieh
Juha Helppi
Julian Gardner
Kassem "Freddy" Deeb
Kathy Liebert
Kenna James
Kirill Gerasimov
Layne Flack
Lee Watkinson
Liz Lieu
Marcel Luske
Marco Traniello
Mark Seif
Martin de Knijff
Matt Matros
Maureen Feduniak
Mel Judah
Men Nguyen
Michael Mizrachi
Mike Matusow
Mimi Tran
Oklahoma Johnny Hale
Patrik Antonius
Paul Darden
Paul Magriel
Paul Maxfield
Paul Phillips
Perry Friedman
Peter Costa
Phil Gordon
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Ivey
Phil Laak
Ram Vaswani
Robert Varkonyi
Robert Williamson
Ron Rose
Ross Boatman
Russ Hamilton
Russell Rosenblum
Sam Grizzle
Sammy Farha
Scott Fischman
Scotty Nguyen
Stan Goldstein
Steve Dannenmann
Stu Ungar
T.J. Cloutier
Ted Forrest
Thomas Keller
Thor Hansen
Tiffany Michelle
Tim Phan
Todd Brunson
Tony D
Tony G
Tony Ma
Vanessa Rousso
Young Phan

Poker Personalities

Brandi Hawbaker
Mike Sexton
Norman Chad
Shana Hiatt
Vince Van Patten
Wild Bill Hickok

Business & Industry

Anurag Dikshit
Barry Shulman
Benny Binion
Calvin Ayre
Lyle Berman
Matt Savage
Ruth Parasol
Vikrant Bhargava

Poker Groups

Hendon Mob
Team Bodog
Team FullTilt
Team PartyPoker
Team PokerStars
The Crew

Online Players

Brian Townsend


Andy Beal
Ben Affleck
Cindy Margolis
Gabe Kaplan
James Woods
Jennifer Tilly
Jerry Buss
Mimi Rogers
Norm MacDonald
Shannon Elizabeth
Tobey Maguire
Wil Wheaton

Poker Authors

Andy Glazer
David Sklansky
James McManus
Lee Jones
Lou Krieger
Mike Caro
Rolf Slotboom
Tom McEvoy
Vince Burgio

WPT Amateurs

Harley Hall
James Tippin
Randy Jensen

Fictional Players

Cincinnati Kid
Mike McDermott