Hoyt Corkins

Born in Alabama, Hoyt Corkins a professional poker player with two World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles..

Nicknamed “Mr. All-In” by Phil Hellmuth for his habit of frequently going all-in, Corkins is one of the lesser-known professionals in the poker world. He started playing at age 19 after learning poker from his father. He is also known by the nickname "Cowboy" (along with Kenna James) because he always wears a cowboy hat and boots and he is known as being a soft-spoken guy with an aggressive style.

Hoyt was a professional poker player from 1989 to 1992, cashing 6 times in the WSOP during those years. In 1992, he won a WSOP bracelet and $96,000 in the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha event. He then left the game of poker to focus on his personal life. After 11 years away he was encouraged to return to poker by his fiancée Natalie.

He came back in 2003 and was quick to re-establish himself as a talented professional. He won the season 2 WPT World Poker Finals and the then record-breaking first prize of $1,089,200. Still during season 2, he came in 2nd to Gus Hansen in the 2004 WPT PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure, earning $290,065. Also in 2004, he made the final table at the United States Poker Championship main event at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, winning $181,390.

In November 2005, Corkins finished second to Mike Matusow in the WSOP Tournament of Champions, earning $325,000.

In 2006, he made finished in 3rd at the WPT Legends of Poker earning $ 381,540.

At the 2007 WSOP Corkins won his second bracelet in the $2,500 6-Handed No Limit Hold Em event, defeating Terrence Chan and winning over $515,065.

In 2008, in the Season 6 of the WPT, Corkins finished 2nd in the World Poker Open, winning $458,267. In December 2008, during Season 7 of the WPT he made the final table of the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic and finished in 6th place, earning $216,175.

In January 2010, Corkins won his second WPT title, finishing in 1st at the Southern Poker Championship, winning $739,486.

As of 2009 he has 2 WSOP bracelets, 22 WSOP cashes, and live tournament winnings exceeding $5,000,000.


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Remember me Hoyt. Hope you read this site occassionally. We used to play some knock poker when i would come over to pick Felicia up for a date. You have a great family. I can vouch for that. Never will forget what good people your Grandmom, Father, Mother and sisters were. Hope everything is going well. Glad you made the bigtimes. You worked really hard for it. Take care and good luck in the future.

rolltide on March 22, 2010

Gotta admit, I like Hoyt. He's a rock solid player and doesn't ever berate anyone at the table. Nice to see a guy who can take a bad beat and not go off on his opponent.
I love watching he and Hellmuth go at it. One is all talk, one is all action. Anyone who knows anything about poker, knows which one is which.

Hellmuth cracks me up, it's even more funny when Hoyt just sits there and lets him steam. I think Hoyt's lack of reaction just steams Phil more.

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

On June 10th, I was unlucky enough to be sent packing from the Ladies Event at the 07 WSOP losing a flopped Ace high Flush to an all in call who caught her full house on the river. As I was walking out, with my head down trying not to cry, (I know there's no crying in poker) I was lucky enough to actually bump into this very nice gentleman. I apologized and then saw who it was. After a momentary lapse of speech, I introduced myself and proceeded to, basically verbally throw up all over him with my bad beat tale of woe. He was absolutely the nicest guy. He listened to my bad beat story, and even laughed when I asked him if he had ever had a beat so bad he wanted to cry. (not one of my finer moments). He walked with me talking about poker and greeting people and talking to me about how he was doing in the WSOP events. He truly was a wonderful person and actually took the sting out of my bad beat!

I find it even more ironic that this man who I have watched play and have always thought was a wonderful gentleman in a field of not so gentlemanly players won his next WSOP bracelet on my 45th birthday, June 18th. Congrats Hoyt, I'm not sure if you read these posts, but if you do. I'm the crazy lady in the cowboy hat who mistakenly said you were from Texas, when I know you're a Bama boy. Go get 'em.

kimberville on July 6, 2007

Very Sexy and Very Cool. Fun guy to watch.Great poker player. He just needs more air time! I would take him home in a second!

MickeyMickey on November 28, 2006

his accent isnt phony, hes a real farm boy

DonkeySlayer on October 3, 2006

He's got that phoney southern con going all the time; saying
he's sorry for taking you out, and all that BS.....and alot
of players go for it.

????? on September 30, 2006

Hey ycw, I will be taking him fishing on the 6th of Sept...any good stories you can share...he will be up on Lake Vermilion at Fortune Bay...looking forward to our trip and playing in the tournament that night...thanks

Unregistered on August 29, 2006

I got a dead on tell on this guy, 100% accurate. Hoyt email me for the details [email]xjamiejamesx@aol.com[/email] No BS brotha, not sure if i should tell or just take ALL you chips next time we sit

DonkeySlayer on August 1, 2006

"southernbelle's a fucking idiot. the reason none of us have won WPT titles is because we don't have $10,000 on us to enter. if i entered all the tournies hoyt's hick ass was in then the sun would shine on my ass certain days too."

what about satellites? the WSOP winners now are almost all satellite winners. They have satellites for the WPT.

HPG ADMIN on July 10, 2006


????? on March 24, 2006

How can you sponsor a Poker site called Poker Host when this site is very slow to pay you, and they only allow you to withdraw a max of 2500 a day, and if you want to withdraw 2500 and next day guess what? they charge you a 10% fee (250.00) What a RIPP OFF so Hoyt you became part of this cant beleive it.

Someonewhocares on January 13, 2006

Hoyt is my poker hero. My goal is to become the best poker player I can possibly be and I hope that is at least a tenth as good as Hoyt. He is the consummate professional. He never whines or berates other players. He lets his skills do all the talking.

Zoloft on December 30, 2005

I agree with Tina Turner......."Your simply the best"

Calgary2004 on December 7, 2005

I just wanted to say that Hoyt makes watching Poker all the more fun, he plays great, he has a great poker face and I just admire him all around. I search my cable for poker tournaments just to see if hes in one thats on. Good luck in all your tournaments Hoyt.

moe on December 3, 2005

southernbelle's a fucking idiot. the reason none of us have won WPT titles is because we don't have $10,000 on us to enter. if i entered all the tournies hoyt's hick ass was in then the sun would shine on my ass certain days too.

homervdoh on November 24, 2005

an idiot. But fun to watch. Slipped up BIGTIME when he moved in on JDags, who had a high pocket pair, then drew runner-runner 7's for trips when he moved in with 87off. Crippled JDags but was hysterical to watch. Later Hoyt said, "I hate that kid. His head is shaped weird anyway. Looks like an alien. I was glad to cripple an alien today. My name's Hoyt, and I play cards."

Phil Hullmeth on August 22, 2005

this guy sucks

Unregistered on August 20, 2005

love watching the cowboy play

JetsFan315 on August 19, 2005

Hoyt, I have been watching you the last 2 years and you are doing great. You make the Class of 1978 proud. Give me a call -deleted-.

Rusty (Class of 1978) on August 11, 2005

yee haw i would smokes yalls. yessum i would. id squish yall like a possum under my tractor tires. Oh i hears my sister calling ima gonna have me a doozie of a time tonight. itsa ours anniversary. yehaw

Hoyt Corkins on August 3, 2005

you want me to push my chips to you here you go stack them up yourself -----lovrd it

j d'agostino on July 29, 2005

I love how every time someone critisizes a pro's stupid mistake, some other idiot breaks out the "how much have you won" spiel. Hoyt Corkins is a good bluffer and an okay player. But he is also a hick, cornpone, honky-tonk, pickup driving redneck. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but don't expect everyone to be blown away by the "greatness" of this shit-kicker.

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

God what an idiot. HEY I GOT 7-8o and in the small blind! WHAT A GREAT HAND! AN 8 HIGH!!!AGAINST AN AVERAGE HAND I SHOULD HAVE A 35% WINNING CHANCE!! LET'S GO ALL IN EVEN THough I am 3rd in chips. It's sweet! O well Who cares if i lose .. It's only a major tournament.. Oh know! He has 10-10. I am officially a redneck dumbass. My dad shot Peter Fonda in EASY RIDER. Yay!!!

Unregistered on July 22, 2005

yeah someone does have something on hellmuth, Chan and Brunson have 10 bracelets

FergyFan315. on July 5, 2005

one of the best.

AceKing on July 3, 2005

God what a Redneck. Go eat some catfish billy bob.

James on July 3, 2005

I had a ball & learned alot about playing poker when travling with hoyt for 2 years.

john west/sulibarri1 on July 1, 2005

For all you critics of Hoyt's play and style, I just want to know how my money you've won,how many tournaments, and how long you've made a living at playing poker? Hoyt has alot more moves than just all in. Alot of poker is instincts as well as playing the odds. Until you've played at the level Hoyt plays at, then stop your critizing...... at his level of playing you have to take gambles. If you only play th quality hands, you will never win, because quality hands are few and far between....and any high level tournament player knows that. It's all about position, timing, playing your opponent. Sometimes it just simply doesn't matter what cards you have.....it's all in how you play them. Hoyt does that very, very well.

southernbelle on May 21, 2005

This guy owns. Simple pure ownage. He made Ibrahim his puppy in the Foxwood finals and I'll never forget that!

Unregistered on May 19, 2005

I think too many of you are jealous of Hoyt. I have met him. He's really nice, and he REALLY knows poker. Not to mention, he has a great looking woman. She is H-O-T-T! Man, I love redheads. Go Hoyt!

a fan on May 6, 2005

I beat him soo badly, he was trying to pawn his hat to me.

loser on May 2, 2005

this is another player who just goes all in everytime, play real poker

eLem3nT on May 1, 2005

look this doesnt rely on his skill as much as he does on luck and chance. if he could out play anyone he wouldnt go all in every hand possible. His style is like half of the internet poker community's i.e. get out played then go all in and force a better to fold

Unregistered on April 25, 2005

I watch Hoyt play on the internet. He loses a lot.

Nikolai on April 24, 2005

Luck is shortterm...(thankfully so is bad luck).. I felt really bad for John D'Agostino... I mean what crushing luck... He played well with his big stack, just ran into some really bad luck. Hoyt, what a joke... he's almost in command and throws it all away on 7 8 offsuit... I never had any respect for that clown.. and I cheered when he got trapped by the trip Jacks... Take that!

PokerVertigo on April 19, 2005

D'Agostino's tantrum after getting beat on the flop was funny. I think he may have cried after he threw his chips across the table.

YoYo on April 19, 2005

He has only one move - "All-in"

Theo. on April 17, 2005

hoyt corkins is a chaser

John D'Agostino on April 9, 2005

D'Agostino should have read T.J. Cloutier's book. If T.J. was in John's position as chip leader he would have been playing aces and not much else until the table got cut down to 4 players or so, even if it meant he temporarily lost the chip lead. Sure, he took a bad beat, but he took one when he didn't need to be playing.

Vegas Mike on April 3, 2005

This guy is the best. if he's so bad why is he one of the last 10 in just about every tournament? I dont know how many he has won, but i see more of him than your man hellmuth. If they could create a new poker game, by which people complain, well phil would be champion again.

Unregistered on April 1, 2005

I agree he is a great player. But I don't understand the one (televised) horrible play he made at the US Poker Championship: Hoyt was third in chips at the final table, right behind John D'Agostino, and he moves his whole stack all in against the blinds with 87o. He is risking his whole stack for the blinds, and he is close to second in chips! He is begging for a call if anyone has a pocket pair or even AK, AQ, etc. D'Agostino immediately calls with 1010, and he is a 4-1 favorite! The flop comes rag 77, and the turn another 7! I could not believe it...D'Agostino had such a great chance to win the whole thing even without that hand, and this completely took him out. Hoyt became chip leader, and later went out in third. This single play made me rethink just how good Hoyt is...

Saif Murad/Saifster/saifmurad on March 25, 2005

I have seen Hoyt play before in the Horseshoe in Tuninca, MS, a total gentleman and ambassador of the game. The world needs more poker players like him. He is old school poker revisited, let your game speak for itself and be a human being at and away from the table. This guy is a personal favorite of mine and I am sure he will continue to be successful in the future.

Dino_Roxxx on March 24, 2005

I just heard that Hoyt is going to be on ESPN on March 24th and 26th for the US Poker Championship filmed at the Taj Mahal last fall.

Poker Princess on March 6, 2005

Now on to what this site is about- Hoyt is a great poker player who not only can play NL holdem but many games of poker. I love watching him play and wonder what is going on in his mind when he plays. You can tell he is giving great thought to the game and is sizing up his opponents, which he does with such finese. Hoyt, unlike many players, never critizes another player's plays and continually behaves like a gentleman, which I'm sure he is in every day life as he manifests that continually on the poker table. I hope we see alot more of Hoyt on TV playing poker. When can we next see Hoyt?

get serious on March 4, 2005

Hoyt is an ok player

Dirk Diggler on February 28, 2005

Hoyt is my cousin. I am very proud of him. Especially the day he "SPANKED" Phil Helmuth! It was a sweet sweet day! And as to why he took time off from the game, NO he wasn't locked up! Only someone who is well versed with being "locked up" would ask that. For the so called "fans of good poker" if you are true fans of good poker then you enjoy how my cousin comes in and controls the table, in stead of making comments of something you don't really understand, why don't you learn a thing or 2 about the game, then maybe you will understand that Hoyt is the hold 'em master! I love you Hoyt!! Oldest cousin in Phoenix AZ

Unregistered on February 24, 2005

I would guess life. Tournament players travel alot and with a farm and all I would imagine that life just didn't allow the time it took to play tournaments. I have heard from reliable sources that he still played poker but in cash games and not tournaments. Tournaments 10 years ago did not have the large prize pools of today yet they still cost as much to enter. I would imagine that he stuck to playing cash games in order to make a living.

Unregistered on February 8, 2005

My family and Hoyt's family were neighbors as far back as I can remember in Glenwood Al.Hoyt comes from fine stock and shows that he is a perfect gentleman. His demeanor is that of a very honest and humble man.I would think that the loss of his father and loving grandmother played a part of him taking time off from the circuit, but does it really matter?He is back and going strong. Your hometown friends and family love you Hoyt.

Warren/Jackie/easter1935 on February 8, 2005

I watched the WPT marathon. Hoyt was so great against Phil. I want to see more of Hoyt in '05. I do enjoy watching Phil try to keep his emotions in check. Annie Duke spanked him in the WPT Champions game.

d. tweddle/flushed/twedd7 on February 7, 2005

Sorry, I meant WSP champions tournament

flushed on February 7, 2005

We only can dream of emulating Hoyt. A fine player. Cool, calm, collected and he knows not only how to play the cards but the players. Go Hoyt Go!

mulliganpokerplayer on February 7, 2005

DOES ANYONE know why Hoyt took a break for several years in playing tourneys?

Unregistered on February 7, 2005

To the fan of good poker players who posted on 2/6/05. You obviously have not played very long and don't understand tournament play and strategy. Going "all in" in a NL holdem tournament is a very large component of the game and empowers the bluff even when you are the first to act. I'd like to know how much money you've made playing professional poker tournaments. How much? I've had the pleasure of watching Hoyt play in person, not just the edited TV stuff and he is a fabulous player. He can adapt his play depending on the psyche of the players at his table. I assume you are referring mostly to the Foxwoods 2003 tournament when Hoyt put other players at his table on tilt by his bold and frequent all in moves. But did you really watch closely? If you did you have noticed that Hoyt picked up on their "tells" and knew they were concerned with their own hands. It was a great example of not playing your cards but playing the players. Putting players on tilt is an important component of the game as well. He played the players like a fine tuned fiddle if you ask me. I think Hoyt and Gus have very similar styles and strategy of play and I truly enjoy watching both of them play. Next time it reuns, watch Hoyt observe the players and watch the signals the players are giving. Hoyt is a great observer of people and read them well.

pokerplayer on February 6, 2005

Right on pokerplayer. You hit the nail on the head. Hoyt is a fabulous player and we can all learn a few lessons by watching him! My favorite episodes are any with Hoyt!

rivahqueen on February 6, 2005

I just really hate "all in" poker, I think its stupid. I guess it works for him, using constant pressure, but I just really hate the all in move when its used over and over and over. Its the reason there are so many bad internet players running around, b/c they get to go all in, its like a thrill for them or something. Also, my beef with Hoyt is that he uses the all in move pretty badly, I mean, why on earth go all in when you're FIRST to act, you opponent could wake up with anything, so either you win the blinds, or you lose most of your stack...seems pretty dumb to me, and the fact that he's winning this way is just going to bring more and more dumb players in just like him that want to go all in every hand pre-flop, its not even poker anymore when that happens.

fan of good poker players on February 5, 2005

Explain yourself fan of good poker. Why is he what's wrong with poker today. I just want you to show us all how much you must not understand poker if you think Hoyt is what is wrong with poker, then YOU obviously don't know poker.

Unregistered on February 2, 2005

this guy is what's wrong with poker

fan of good poker players on January 31, 2005

out of all the guys playing poker today, i respect this guy the most, class player

flush80 on January 29, 2005

hoyt is seriously the best poker player i have ever seen. i have total respect for how he plays.

hoyt is the man on January 22, 2005

Anybody that would say that this man sucks does not know this game of poker becuase hoyt corkins is the most intimidating and makes some of the best reads i have ever seen. my goal in life is to be able to at least compete with him

connell884 on December 17, 2004

Yea, that one lucky flop won him that tournament...you idiot! Plus if you watched it Hoyt put no more money in the pot until he hit the 3 7's. It's not like he was "all in" then got lucky like that. If Phil would of bet then Hoyt would of mucked but Phil checked so Hoyt checked until he got the 3 7's. He played EXCELLENT even Phil would agree. I really like this guy, if you did not understand what he was doing then you do not understand poker.

TO Abhorrent1 on November 28, 2004

I caught the replay of the WPT Foxwoods event when he tuned up Phil H. I could watch that event every day. What I like about Hoyt was that he kept bluffing even after he was exposed and managed to keep Mo (and Phil while he was in) guessing. Players who love to carry-on and get all emotional at the table would be wise to learn something from this guy. You may not play his style but his table manner is excellent and worth emulating.

slvsc2 on November 26, 2004

This Guy Sucks, He Got Lucky On The 777 Flop. That Is It. He Sucks. Hellmuth Is Not My Favorite Poker Plyr, But He Is Far Better Than Corkins.

ABHORRENT1 on November 26, 2004

Hoyt is obviously one of the best players in the world, he also has insight & humor vested in his personality. I totally enjoyed watching him dismantle Phil Helmuth, Hellmouth, during the recent replay of WPT. He was able to show the world, what an ass Phil really is as a person.If there is any way you can foward this email to Helmouth, it would be greatly appreciated.Al Scherich

alsherico on November 26, 2004

knows how to put the pressure when your low stacked...like his style and poker manners

richardeum on November 22, 2004

hoyt..it was really cool meeting you today at the airport!! you are a sweet and kind man. hopefully i'll talk to you soon!..and tell daniel and jennifer i say heyy..tell daniel i had a cup of starbucks right after he talked to me!..haha later and good luck in las vegas

celeste on November 19, 2004

This guy deserved a second WTP title, he's pretty awesome with bluffs also.

ross_student on November 15, 2004

He took 10+ years off from playing poker! Wonder if he was locked up or something. I like his agreesive style and pressure he puts on his opponents. He prob. would tied "E Dog" for player of the year fro WTP 2nd season if it wasn't for that horrible beat against Gus. I think you can def. learn a lot just by watching this guy!

Jesse/"Meng The Master" on November 11, 2004

No, He wasn't locked up. He played poker, just small games. I should know, I am his sister.

ycw on November 11, 2004

To AlisoninVegas, if you are going to play for flushes you have to play it to the river, so grow up and learn the game and stop your belly aching......be glad you had the honor of playing with a great poker player and take note of how he played and emulate. Learn, don't complain! Hoyt is not just a great hold'em player, he plays great Razz and Omaha. He has a WSOP bracelet from 1992 for Omaha. Hoyt is quiet and observant at the table. He is a real gentleman and not someone with an overinflated ego that has to be fed. Hoyt's style of play and manner helps raise poker to a respectable status in the world of sports. Move over Golf......here comes Poker!

RivahQueen on October 9, 2004

cool, calculating, has great TV presence and gives no tells.....great player who one day will be in the ranks legens like Doyle Brunson.....

amnutz on October 9, 2004

Great poker player and seems to be a nice guy....nuff said

Unregistered on September 23, 2004

I loved watching him just take Phil Hellmuth out. Hellmuth was so confused and upset.

SpecialK1224 on September 13, 2004

Hmmmm....Do you get the feeling that "Smash" IS Phil Hellmuth? Regardless, Corkins DOES own Hellmuth in at least one area: class. Corkins is a gentleman; Hellmuth isn't.

Evster64 on September 7, 2004

Hoyt plays the game the way that is most efficient. He takes advantage with his stack. He reads well and seems to know where he is at. Most importantly he does not waste time talking. One of the biggest mistakes both experienced and new players make is talking at the table. NEVER talk to your opponents unless you are saying, RAISE, FOLD, CALL, or ALL-IN. Too much information is conveyed when you talk. Your mood can be gauged. Your character can be identified and potentially used against you. I can now tell whether you may be an aggressive personality or passive. The list goes on. Dewey Tomko said it best, "Keep your mouth shut." Never give your opponents an edge." Talking gives your opponents a much larger edge than you would ever imagine.

pokerface on August 31, 2004

hoyt is the nicest guy i,ve ever met ....no edge on him at all

billy on August 23, 2004

Sorry, No One Owns Phil Hellmuth-->9bracelelts

smash on August 20, 2004

I wish he would stick to games that are appropriate for his level and bankroll. Showing up at my game at the Palms and calling all his chips for draws is irritating to the "little" people, especially when you hit them a few times. Nice flushes on the river, Hoyt. Guess you'll have to make it up to me.

AlisoninVegas on August 20, 2004

Check out [url]www.hoytcorkins.com[/url]

Unregistered on July 12, 2004

This guy is a poker genius no doubt. Well a no-limit hold'em genius, poker itself is far bigger than no-limit. Like they all said he puts tremendous pressure on his opponents but can give himself crucial free cards and can sniff out traps more conservative players set. He realizes his aggressive image and plays it nearly perfectly. Against Hansen he actually had A9 against 109 preflop and lost the pot.

Gman on July 9, 2004

he owns Phil Helmuth...lol that WPT was the best when he played him like a fiddle. Fav part was when he told Phil that Mohammed has him by a 100k when it was down to teh final 3. He He

Brompton on July 6, 2004

Love the way this guy puts pressure on players. The guy seems to make every bet count and has his opponents squirming constantly. He may not be the best player in the world, but he's probably the one I'd dread playing the most. He's fearless and never seems to relent once he starts a bluff. This can be to his detriment, but man he flat out tortures his opponents.

kiddjason. on June 21, 2004

Another GREAT player! I kinda wish he was more brutal with Gus at the POKERSTARS WTP final table. Hes got a cool hot too!

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

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