Craps Books

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated books on the market today.

Beginning Books

Gives an easy-to-learn rundown of all the possible wagers and teaches you, with a detailed analysis, which are good and bad bets to make - as well as other strategies and tips to lower the casino edge.

In this introductory book, the author educates the reader (with helpful charts & diagrams) about: every possible wager, money management approaches, and the importance of discipline.

The second edition of Winning Casino Craps has been updated to cover changes in how the game is played and how casinos treat their players. This entertaining and informative guide includes: instructions for playing craps, including illustrative examples from actual games, explanations for the basic betting combinations.

This easy-to-understand book will educate roulette novices about various topics, including: the basic playing rules, etiquette, the mechanics of how the game is played, all the different bets and how to make them, the casinos edge, and which are the best bets to make.

This quick book includes betting and money management strategies along with the author's "Table time plus" strategy for prevailing at roulette.

Advanced Books

This book teaches money management, discipline, and details about a lot of different bets. The book assumes you already know basic craps strategy.

This classic book has been completely updated for those gamblers who want to learn how to beat the house. The reader will be introduced to the "Supersystem," a method developed by the "Captain," a player who has been winning at the game for years. You can also learn how to take advantage of casino comps.

Dice Control/Precision Shooting

The author will teach you: how to toss the dice, throwing speed, dice landings, and other critical factors influencing the results of a throw. This book is not for beginners. It assumes you already have some knowledge about dice setting.

This is a book that shows you how to develop a controlled throw when playing craps, including: where to stand, how to grip the dice, how to throw, and all aspects of controlled shooting.

In this book, the amazing player known as "Sharpshooter," reveals his secrets for winning at craps dice control (how to Set the dice, how to grip the dice, and how to deliver the dice) and "rhythmic rolling," - that allow the player to make craps a beatable game.

Forever Craps, written by Frank Scoblete, is a must-read book for craps players that explains the theory and techniques of Rhythmic Rolling in order to control the outcome of the dice as well as the best bets for your style of play and your style of shooting.

Stanford Wong, one of the best gambling writers, wrote this book about dice control after taking the two-day Golden Touch Craps dice control seminar that was offered in Las Vegas in 2004 and became convinced of dice control as a legitimate strategy that gives the player an advantage.

The first book on modern dice control. This 1998 classic was written by Yuri Kononenko years before other books on dice control including the books by Sharpshooter and Scoblete.

These amazing true stories of the various dice controllers, controlled shooters, precision shooters, or rhythmic rollers who have won millions from the casinos are told for the first time by Frank Scoblete.

The reader is presented with an extensive technical analysis of dice setting and shooting styles, using both mechanical and hand-held techniques.

This book by Zeke Feinberg will teach you how to preset the dice in six different ways. The reader will learn, through the help of illustrations, exactly how to hold and shoot the dice.


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Craps Books

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