Craps Etiquette

In craps, the player is the one who is rolling the dice and in control of the pace of the game as well as the game itself. Therefore, it is more important to know what the rules of etiquette are compared to other games. If you make a faux pas at a blackjack table a dealer can quickly show you the right way. But with craps, you can slow down the game. It is easy to feel overwhelmed the first time you play craps. It's a good idea to watch a few rounds to see how it works.

Tossing the dice

  • Don't throw the dice too hard. If you throw the dice too hard (you should actually "toss" them instead of throw them) they often bounce off the table. This slows the game down as well as offending the players and dealer.

  • Don't handle the dice too long before a throw. If you want to take a couple of seconds then that is OK, but don't take forever.

  • Don't take the dice off the table. The casino may need to stop the game to inspect the dice to make sure that no one tampered with or switched the dice.

  • Watch for hands when you toss the dice. Even though it isn't your job, you may want to watch for other people's hands for your own good.

  • Do not throw the dice into the side of the table or into the dealer's stacks. Roll the dice down the center of the table.

  • Toss the dice far enough. When the dice are thrown they must bounce off the far wall of the table.

  • Handle the dice with only one hand. Throw the dice with one hand. And if you want to switch them to another hand then put the dice down on the table and again lift it up with the other hand.

Making Bets

  • Pay attention to the game. Don't take a long time to place your bet or collect your bet or you'll end up slowing down the game.

  • Watch your drinks. Never set food or drink on the craps table - or hold a drink over the table.

  • Don't throw your bets. Place them down and state what your wager is.

  • Watch your hands when the shooter is rolling. Keep your hands out of the way when the shooter is rolling the dice.

  • Don't root against the shooter. This is considered bad etiquette at the table.

  • Watch your chips. It's possible they could get stolen by other players - especially when you are the shooter and you are distracted by the roll of the dice.

  • Be calm when disputing dealer errors. Errors happen, so you need to have patience while things are being sorted out.

  • Be polite to the dealers. You'll get better service as well as keeping the mood of the table positive.

  • Give the shooter enough room. The shooter will be especially mad if he hits his hand on you when he throws because he may think that you messed up his throw.

  • Keep track of your bets on the table. Watching your bets will keep you from arguing over bets later

  • Never use the word "seven" at the craps table. Most players consider this bad luck - instead say "big red".

  • Don't complain too much. Most casino table games are social games and no one wants to be around someone who is always negative (with poker being the exception since poker players want other players to go on tilt).

  • Buy in at a good time. The best time to buy into the game is when a point is made or when hardway bets are being paid off.


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Craps Etiquette

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