Craps History


The game of craps was strongly influenced by an ancient game called "Hazard" that dates back to the middle ages - and the origins of both games are a little fuzzy. Regardless, it was in America that the game was simplified to become the game of Craps that we know today.

Craps was introduced in New Orleans and became very popular in the African American communities where it quickly became a popular street game. The game then spread up the Mississippi to the rest of the country through the riverboats where the game underwent further developments. The simplicity of the game - which only required a set of dice - made it easy for the game to spread.

John H. Winn, who is known as "the father of modern craps", is credited with simplifying the game and inventing the modern layout to the game. He introduced the Pass and Don't Pass bets, the Big 6 and 8. Because of these changes, players were now able to bet against the shooter. The game of casino craps (known as "bank craps", as opposed to "street craps") grew in popularity in the middle of the 20th century as casino gambling was legalized in the US.


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Craps History

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