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WinCraps is a highly versatile craps game that's easy enough for novices, yet powerful enough for experts. It's a craps game you can play manually, automatically, or a little of both! WinCraps' Auto-Betting feature enables you to set up and play craps betting strategies using your own specific criteria, and a Hyper-Drive feature allows you to run hands-free simulations for thousands or millions of rolls!

Whether you want to learn craps, practice craps, test your strategy and analyze the results, or experiment with different layouts, payoffs, and even different dice probabilities, WinCraps is the tool that can do it all for you. You won't find another craps simulator like it!

WinCraps is shareware, download a trial version now!


Smart Craps is a fundamentally new way for dice controllers to win at the casino game of craps. With Smart Craps, you will learn:

- how to prove, with statistical certainty, that you are influencing the dice outcomes, using our powerful and new Pro TestŠ method.

- the optimal dice sets and bets given your unique dice control skill.

- your edge over the casino: how much money you can make playing craps.

Smart Craps is shareware, which means you can download it and try it out for free. You don't even have to tell us your e-mail address or any personal information.


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Craps Software

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