Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot

Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott is an English professional poker player. His "Devilfish" nickname refers to a poisonous fish that can kill when ingested, if not properly prepared. The nickname was created by Stephen Au-Yeung in 1997, who ran a poker game that Ulliott attended.


Born in 1954 in Hull, England, Ulliott learned to play poker at home with his family. He began playing against kids at school and taking their money. Ulliott grew up in a working class area. He wasn't interested in school so at age 15 he quit school to work, but also played poker and bet on sports as well. By age 16 he was playing in a local casino. After visiting a bookie with his father and winning his first bet at 50-to-1, he picked winners at horse racing with his co-workers during lunch breaks. He was eventually fired from his job for skipping out on work to go to the races.

Ulliott soon became involved in a team of criminals that went around cracking safes. Sometimes he would rob safes in order to pay for his gambling losses. He was eventually caught after someone on the team was caught, and informed the police that Ulliott was involved. He went on the run for a week, but was eventually caught. Ulliott was sent to Leeds Prison, where he spent 23 hours a day in isolation for the first two months of his nine-month sentence. He was arrested again for an armed robbery not long after his release, but was released a few days later without being charged. He was arrested again years later for a fight outside a nightclub, and served 18 months in prison. Ulliott decided to get married and live a straight life.


Ulliott began playing poker with his parents as a young kid. Ulliott was dominating the local home games so much that these games stopped inviting him. Around 1990, he decided to travel with a friend and play poker games on the road. He often took a gun with him to protect his winnings. His friend placed bets for Ulliott after he was banned from all of William Hill's betting shops for running £4,000 up to £70,000.

In 1993, Ulliott scored his first notable tournament winning so he dedicated the next few years on improving his tournament skills. During 1996, he starting notching 6-figure wins so he decided to try his luck at the Las Vegas tournaments. He went to the 1997 WSOP with $200,000, but lost it all on cash games and tournament buy-ins. He borrowed over $70,000 more but lost that too. He managed to get enough money for the buy-in for the $2,000 pot limit Texas hold 'em event, where he won the event and $180,310. He had the nickname "Devilfish" engraved on it, his only WSOP bracelet to date.

After this, he played in cash games with consistent success, including a $168,000 single-session win against Lyle Berman in a match of heads-up pot limit Omaha.

In 2003, Ulliott won his biggest tournament prize in the 1st season of the WPT at the Jack Binion World Poker Open. He beat out a field of 160 players and took first place and $589,175 after eliminating Phil Ivey. Ulliott eliminated four of his five opponents at the final table. In 2007, Ulliott came in 3rd place in the sixth season of the WPT Doyle Brunson Classic Championship Event earning $674,500.

In 1999, Ulliott was one of 40 players to appear in the first series of the Late Night Poker TV series, the first poker TV show to use hole-cam technology. He eventually won the heads-up final and the £40,000 first prize. His win was watched by over 1,500,000 people and his appearance on the show was part of the reason for the renewal of the series, which went on to run for five more series, with Ulliott appearing in them all. Ulliott also made the final table during the second series.

Ulliott has come close to winning a second WSOP bracelet on many occasions, finishing in 2nd place in various events at the 1998 WSOP, 2000 WSOP, and at two events at the 2001 WSOP. In two of these events, he was eliminated while holding aces.

Like many other successful European players, Ulliott has participated in many international tournaments, represented his country in the Poker Nations Cup, the PartyPoker.com Football & Poker Legends Cup and the Intercontinental Poker Championship, and the British Poker Open.

As of 2009, Ulliott's total live tournament winnings exceed $5,600,000, which, according to records, gives him the highest earnings for any British poker player.


At the poker table he is known to sport his trademark sunglasses, suit, slicked-back hair, gold rings (one on each hand, that spell out his name in two words, "Devil" and "Fish"). He has attempted to change his image over the last few years.

Ulliott became the subject of controversy when he claimed that female poker players will never be as good as male players because they would never be aggressive enough to compete against male players. Ulliot also claimed that his gambling wins have led to him being banned by all the British bookmakers.

Ulliott is associated with the online poker site Devilfish Poker. After being eliminated at the Full Tilt Poker invitational in 2005, Ulliott stood up and flashed a "devilfishpoker.com" sign that was strapped to his jacket. The event was being broadcast live on Fox Sports Net, who has a policy against advertising .com websites. Ulliott was banned from appearing on any later productions. Ulliott later stated that he only entered the event so that he could advertise his site.

Ulliot maintains a home with his wife and seven children in England, not far from where he grew up.


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Dude this guy is a racist. Have you ever heard what was said between "Devil Fish" and John Juanda? Put shortly, he is a sad man. I'm pretty sure it this final table; [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeBVt-8wwo8[/url] .

Wantatheaction on December 24, 2012

we used to love watching devilfish play late at night..and then all the oldies disappeared!! where have you gone,and why aren,tyou on our box any more?

hammers on December 12, 2012

A true gent, stopped his car last night to make sure my wife and I were safe getting home and sent his car back to pick us up as we had a long walk down a dark lane. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

Gary Clarkson on January 1, 2012

It turns out that he is another piece of garbage, just like Arieh, Hachem! MAN LAW!

????? on March 5, 2010

This guy is a pure 100% asshole! Talks a bunch of shit when he loses, like he's never supposed to lose. *NEWSFLASH*, Devilfish, YOU SUCK! Donkey!

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

He is the biggest whining prick on the circuit,got a few skills,but aint no pro per se

headlessman1964 on October 2, 2007

ur dad is a success and i hope to catch a glimpse of him in real life cause hes so cool

jellibeans on March 11, 2007

The Fish is my old man and it is really cool readin how he's inspired a fair few people.

Chris Ulliott on February 18, 2007

hi devilfish, ur my fav poker player. i cant get u outta my head. i luv watching u on tv and ur on alot lately anyways keep up the good work

jellibeans on January 14, 2007

i like his bio,,who in the heck fears this jewelry-laden clown? lol and not a nice guy either

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

please tell me no one is taking english cat seriuosly, he is unbelieveable

alextt on August 26, 2006

lol......that englishcat sounds like a right stalker

FuckSakeUGotTheRoyal on May 6, 2006

whats up devilfish, we just played in london at that partypoker thing, 6 seated TV table. I sat on your right. Those guys were donkeys at our table, sorry you went out early, by far the second best player at the table, :)

DonkeySlayer on May 3, 2006

Hey Dave.

Just thought id say your my inspiration, you got me into playing poker after i watch you play, ive never really had a chance to contact you before, so just thought id give you a shout.

Well, good luck with all of your up and coming events and i hope your keeping well.

Im not really expecting a reply as i respect the fact that your a busy guy, but i will check up now and then, untill then take care.


Poker Mike on December 6, 2005

Hey Dave, Your my inspiration man.

I started playing poker after i saw you play, love your work :)

Keep up the good play, and best of luck with up and coming events you take part in.

Im not really expecting a reply as your probably a busy man, but i shall check up for a reply when i can, take care mate.


Poker Mike on December 6, 2005

Originally Posted by frenchie
hows it going
my old freind

Unregistered on November 27, 2005

hows it going

frenchie on November 27, 2005

what the fuck

the devilfish on November 26, 2005

The one person I try to learn to from. This guy can take a crap hand and make you think he has Straight Flush. Thats the one think missing from my play that If I ever get a handle on it, I will turn Pro.

I beat there is only a handfull of players that can pull the stuff he does and get away with it. He gets into your head and makes you thing your pocket Aces are crap and you need to fold:) The same reason Gus scares them off. You never know if they played AK, AA, etc or 63 suited.

Unregistered on October 19, 2005

Instead of saying "nice hand" after losing to Raymer he says "I should have known better than to bluff a calling station". What a jerk.

"Gin..always gin"

The Judge on September 24, 2005

from leigh ... i never wrote that, so who did that was disrespectful and i know dave and played poker with him... hes sound lucky but good luck 2 him.. leigh ruderham

popeye on September 9, 2005

tom u litterally havent got a clue i dont suck arse but i can honestly say the devilfis is one of iff not the best in the fxxxxng world so f u u little cuecumber

the1don on September 1, 2005

great player and i like watchin this guy play

99. on August 31, 2005

"Needle programs" don't work anymore you fucking doorknob. Networks caught onto them a long time ago. So why don't you at least try and get a life? I mean, you were almost amusing for a little while now you are just annoying. STFU and get a personality.

Hey englishcat on August 26, 2005

Last post dreadful...Im posting from Australia via a needle program but Dave phoned on my mobile phone earlier..hes entering a tourney next week and wanted some advice..we chatted about strategies for ages and I think I left him in a more confident mood!

englishcat on August 23, 2005

Ok jetsfan I will..Dave phoned tonight and we talked for ages..Hes thinking of selling his boat Hearty!..I said "Oh Dave,why?"..he said "So I can buy a 200 foot yacht Cat"..I said "Sounds great Dave when are u doing it?"..He said "Very soon friend Cat"..He said I can name the yacht when he gets it!..good old friend Dave

englishcat on August 20, 2005

Don't forget to call me englishcat when you go out with dave, we'II have a blast.

JetsFan315 on August 19, 2005

Dave said them actually to the last post..He used them he said before the film ever came out..Dave has loads of sayings..he told me them when we went out..we laughed about them and agreed that Dave is the funniest player on the circuit!

englishcat on August 14, 2005

It makes me laugh to hear so many Americans slag the fish off as "barely semi-pro" etc. when you realise he came back from this year's WSOP more than 300k up. Ier what that says about the American pro's if he comes back with so much...?

Ben on August 13, 2005

Good point Ben..Dave once told me "If u are at the table and cant spot the fish then u are the fish"..truer words never said..I said to him whenhe phoned earlier "The fish are always on the bank squirming against you Dave"..he laughed and said "Thanks friend Cat Im the best"!

englishcat on August 13, 2005

Hiya all..Dave rung me earlier..Hes coming down to my neck of the woods to see his Uncle tomorrow..he said "Cat,tomorrow night how do you fancy a night out?"..I said "Sounds good Dave,we will go to the casino and clean up then go nightclubbing"..Dave laughed and said "Sounds like a perfect night Cat"!

englishcat on August 11, 2005

When I think of what a "fast company" poker player would look like, I picture Dave. He is a great player, enough said.

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

Hiya again..Dave and I have had a great day..Weve been out sailing on "Hearty" again!..we had loads of beer and got the same 2 girls as a few weeks go back on board!..it was nice weather and the girls were laughing all day and My and Daves Jokes..they said it was the best day theyd ever had..anyways Im back now and Daves at home cos he just phoned me let me now he was back safe..he said "Cat we will set sail one day next week"..gonna be so cool..see you soon Dave!

englishcat on August 7, 2005

doesnt he have a wife

Unregistered on August 6, 2005

I went clubbing with DAVE..We pulled 4 women lol..we made love to them all night..was great...am back home now..DAVE rung tho and said "Great night Cat"..I said "The best Dave"..he laughed and agreed :)

englishcat on August 5, 2005

Which is it? Are you screwing Shana Hiatt, leaving to see Dave, or about to play Phil Laak in a home game. Maybe you're golfing with Dan Harrington, or having sex with phil Ivey, you claimed on the other pages to be doing all these things on the same day.

Hey Englishcat on August 4, 2005

Hiya all..Im at Daves now!.Im on my needle account so IP addy is the same...anyways Dave and I are about to go nightclubbing..Weve drunk loads of beer so are in the mood to go out and get some girls back to Daves place!Its going to be so cool :)

englishcat on August 4, 2005

But Dave you do know me..we are good friends..and anyways I know that isnt u lol..Im about to leave to go to Daves on the train..he said he will wait up for me then we are going clubbing..its going to be excellent tonight...I wonder how many women we will pull!

englishcat on August 3, 2005

Had a quick call from Dave earlier confirming the weekend..he sounded a lot better and said "Cat I cant wait til then,come up tomorrow"..I promised I would and will see Dave at lunchtime!

englishcat on August 2, 2005

Ummm... Dude, englishcat, I don't know you. Why do you get your kicks off acting like you know me? Get a life.

Devilfish on August 2, 2005

Ive just got off the phone to Dave..hes feeling a lot better and is fed up of being in bed all day..I said to him "Dave why dont I come up on friday and we play a home game at your place?"..Dave started coughing and whooping and said "Wow Cat I feel better already I cant wait to see you on Friday"..I will be there Dave..and if you are well enough we will set sail on Hearty on Saturday and have a good day out!

englishcat on August 1, 2005

Hi all,Dave is on the phone to me now..hes back home up North..Im afraid to say Hes feeling a bit ill at the min...has bad flu...I must send him some beer and grapes to help him..He sounds a bit groggy..Poor Dave!

englishcat on July 30, 2005

man i love the devilfish, i wanna see him and gus heads up in one of the wpt events, it would be great

crazydiamond on July 29, 2005

Thats awful..the last post wasnt by me..Update Dave just phoned me..its midday and quite rainy and he said "Cat its a good day to go on Hearty,are You up for it?"..I said "Of course Dave lets go sailing and drink beer"..he chuckled and said "Ive got a few woman friends to come on board so we will have fun"..I laughed and said "Dave you are deadly cool"...he said "As of course you are Cat"!

englishcat on July 23, 2005

Tut tut how awful..Im just back from being with Dave on "Hearty"..it was a fantastic day..we got very drunk and sailed for quite a few hours..the girls on board were a lot of fun too..they kept getting up and bring Dave and I drinks all the time..His girl was Called Sharon and the girl with me was called Kim...Kim was laughing all day at my jokes and Dave and I both dropped them off in their home town after the sail..What a day..We are going again very soon and Sharon and Kim are coming to!

englishcat on July 23, 2005

Hmm not funny lads..Me and Dave went on "Hearty" today and sailed round the South Coast of England..was a great day the sun was shining and the champagne was flowing..We both got quite sunburnt but it didnt matter we had a lot of fun and will sail again on Hearty next week!

englishcat on July 21, 2005

Of course the above 3 posts werent written by me..Dave phoned tonight..he said "Cat Im setting sail in Hearty tomorrow for a short sail,would U like to come?"..I said "Ofcourse Dave shall I bring the beer?"..he chuckled and said " I have vintage champagne on board Cat we will get v drunk"..I said "Ok Dave see you at 8am"...its gonna be so cool :)

englishcat on July 20, 2005

That above post wasn't by me. Dave would never say, "We'll get drunk," because he knows better than to get drunk around me, the cat. The cat gets really horny for young Asian boys and I would have probably violated several laws involving sodomy.Quit faking like you are me. There is only one englishcat, and that is me.I'm here, I'm queer, so let me jam it in your rear.

englishcat on July 20, 2005

That last post wasnt me..anyways Dave and I met at the boatyard..we picked a 45 foot yacht and Dave said "Seeing as you are my friend Cat you choose the name"..I said "Well Dave lets call her Hearty"..so thats the new name of Daves Boat..we are sailing next weekend around to Ireland where Dave has a 2nd home..I shall tell you what we get up to soon :)

englishcat on July 18, 2005

OK, that last post wasn't me. I mean how could i even afford to rent a yacht when I make five bucks an hour cleaning the spluge off the windows and floors at the nude dance booth place by my mom's house? Dave is a good friend, and I am sorry for giving him herpes. I am so sorry David. Cheerio.

englishcat on July 16, 2005

What I meant to say was five pounds an hour. And that was after I got a raise in salary. I said five bucks an hour because I just took a trip to the U.S. I snuck my way into the luggage compartment of a 747 jumbo jet bound for Vegas. It was very cold. When I got to Vegas I stalked...um, visited my favorite poker players. After bonding out of jail...um, leaving my hotel room, I made my way to the Rio hotel to play in the WSOP main event. Unfortunately I proceeded to spend the rest of my bankroll on all of Vegas' finest crack whores before I got there. I was dead ass broke but I still had to play. I got to the Rio and tried to pass a counterfeit ten thousand dollar bill signing in under the name Phil Helmuth. I thought no one would notice. I was never told that ten thousand dollar bills aren't in circulation and that there was already a Phil Helmuth in the tournament. I was immediately arrested and after numerous full cavity searches, I was told that the crack whores had given me aids to go along with my herpes and got booted back to England. Upon my return my citizenship was revoked and I was deported to Siberia. I am now in a gulag awaiting execution. I will be drawn and quartered tomorrow morning. This is my last letter to the known civilized world. Goodbye everybody I guess I deserve it. My mommy always told me I was an asshole.

englishcat on July 16, 2005

Last post quite amusing actually lol..but of course I didnt write it..anyways Dave emailed me earlier and said that hes looking at yachts in a sailing yard tomorrow and would I drive down and meet him and help him pick one..I said "Of course Dave you are my friend and a few hundred miles is nothing in the name of friendship"..Im waiting the reply..I will let u know tomorrow what yacht we picked!

englishcat on July 16, 2005

Dave rung tonight and we chatted about the world series..anyways after an hour of chatting Dave said "When am I seeing u again Cat u r such a good friend we should go out somewhere"..I said "Dave, we shall go out soon maybe hire a boat and go sailing and drink beer all day"..Dave said "Sounds idyllic Cat"..anyways I ve booked the yacht up for the end of the Month and we are going sailing..how cool is that?

englishcat on July 14, 2005

he didnt do so bad in the wsop. he made a couple of in-the-moneys and i heard he got 3rd in a NL holdem event. way to go dave

Unregistered on July 14, 2005

I think the reason for Dave's early exit was his loss of his cat badge the night before the tournament began. He told me he had just treated himself to a hearty wank when he realised that the badge had disappeared from his suit. Even in his soiled state he looked frenziedly for it but it was nowhere to be seen. Bloke was devastated.:(

Wizardio on July 13, 2005

Whats a comma? anyways Dave rung me this afternoon..he said hes looking forward to coming back to England and asked me if we could go out on sunday night for beers and a home game..I said "Of course Dave,I shall buy u a pint and U can tell me about Vegas"..Dave said "Ok deal Cat I look forward to seeing you"..Dave was also saying that its hot in Vegas..I said "Dave we are all warm blooded creatures"..he said "I always learn from you Cat"..anyways see you at the weekend Dave :)

englishcat on July 12, 2005

wasnt that line of a movie

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

devilfish ko'd on day one.

Unregistered on July 9, 2005

Dave rung tonight in tears..he told me "Cat I dont know what to do Im having a crisis of confidence"..I replied "Dave,life is one long path with many crossroads u have to pick the right road to walk down"..he brightened and said "thanks Cat"

englishcat on July 9, 2005

Yes Daves at vegas now...and about the late nights..When Dave plays me at poker we normally end up playing and boozing til 4am and the next day he normally plays a big tourney..so there..Daves booked into a great hotel he was telling me..the room service is exemplory and the waitresses are cute he told me :)

englishcat on July 8, 2005

aggressive style. respectable player. not afraid to move his chips around..

loveland on July 8, 2005

cat, u dont no devilfish. u dont know any of these ppl and none of them need ur help, u need there help. and besides the main event started today so hes probably playing it in it right now. and what the hell do u mean get into the hand quick. and besides none of these players if there smart r gonna have a late night. they should rest up there gonna be playing all day and night. and remember moneymaker, he was like the 5th to be eliminated in 04 after a late night(even though he sucks anyway)

JetsFan315 on July 7, 2005

Received a rather worrying e-mail from Dave this morning - apparently his prized sovereign ring has gone missing. I told him not to panic and that I'll contact Elizabeth Duke immediately and ask for a replacement but he wasn't having any of it. Told me that it has huge sentimental value as it dates back to his days as a pawn broker when he bought it off a blind elderly lady for 4 quid and a packet of Cheese straws.

Wizardio on July 6, 2005

Daves rung me tonight when he was in a hire car on the way to a pub in vegas..he was asking me tips and strategies for the world series..I said "Dave you have to get into the hand quick and make sure u win it"..he thought for a while and said "thats profound Cat I shall certainly do that"..he said tonight hes going to relax and have a few beers and maybe pick up a woman..I said "Dave I hope your wife dont find out"..he laughed and said "What she dont know dont hurt her"..how we laughed :)

englishcat on July 6, 2005

Englishcat. You are violating the terms of your probation by contacting Dave in this manner. Stop now or I will haul you in again and put you in a cell with Bubba Brown again.

Johnny the parole officer on July 5, 2005

Hehe v funny..Daves on the phone to me now actually..we are talking about the world series which starts soon..he says hes going to win this year easily and have I got any tips for him...Ive said to him to relax and not to get over excited..He thanked me profusely for my words of advice and told me he`s so going to win this year..He told me It will be a double what with us getting the Olympics and him winning the world series..I laughed and said "Youre so cool Dave"..he replied "Thanks Cat but so are you"

englishcat on July 5, 2005

Yeah good old Dave certainly likes his cod and chips although I think he had developed a liking for skate last time he was over. Spent many a night getting boozed up in Hull with Ully and then heading back to his gaff for a little heads-up action. Even played some cards.

Wizardio on July 4, 2005

Lol V good wizard..Dave rung earlier hes really looking forward to the world series..said he went for a big steak in a restaurant there..he said the waitress asked him where hes from..he said "England"..after that dave said she kissed him and said she loved englishmen...anyways Dave hurry back to England so we can go nightclubbing like we have the last times we met

englishcat on July 4, 2005

Received a postcard from Dave last night - confessed to me that he's feeling a little nervous but thinks the poker nights we had a couple of months ago will stand him in good stead. He admitted that he's learned more from those whoopings than 20+ years of tournament competition. He now rubs his lucky badge before each flop.

Wizardio on July 3, 2005

Dave rung me earlier on his new phone..its a posh new camera phone..sent me a few pics of him in vegas with the girls and at the table..he said he cant wait til the action gets under way and that hes looking forward to our home games which we play often together..he misses English food and drink he told me..I promised next time hes here we will go out for fish n chips and beers...he said "Id adore that cat"

englishcat on July 3, 2005

Dave rung me tonight..he says hes in top form for the world series..says he will win it this year and noone will get in his way..says that gus and phil have no chance..I told him this attitude will pay off greatly at the table..he loved hearing me be positive about him..good luck dave

englishcat on July 2, 2005

SEnt Dave a lucky badge last night - one of a cat swiping a butterfly. Very classy and it only cost me a couple of quid. He'll be wearing it in the WSOP.

Wizardio on June 30, 2005

Trapper enter some satellites on the websites to get to the big tourneys..shouldnt cost u too much.

englishcat on June 22, 2005

Just finished watching last nights match in monte carlo with the devilfish at the table.I take it this match is sometime ago?Oh well, don't spoil it by telling me if he wins or loses!

Trapper on June 21, 2005

ENGLISHCAT!!!! of course he has a chance :)Question for you englishcat.I am a newcomer to this game of around a couple of months.I signed to a poker website a couple of weeks ago and i have already won about 20k.I would really like to give it a go live with the big boys, but not sure how to go about it without paying my way in!Englishcat..what is the best way to get on the circuit? Thanks for advice in advance! Trapper.

Trapper on June 21, 2005

Devilfish may not be the BEST player in the world, but being a typical Brit, he has the biggest character.

Ton on June 20, 2005

devilfish is one of the world's best players and he would destroy you all heads-up, as he's considered one of the world's best heads-up players too. so wut if hes a brit. he'll take any of u anyday and time. englishcat ur a retard if u really played dave u probably couldnt even afford ur internet connection. i dont care if u hate the guy, if u say he sucks at poker then u dont kno anything about the game.

Javi/TheCid/Gatamesa on June 11, 2005

devilfish, a true legend of the modern game.. he's so good at putting people on hands.. i was lucky enough to play with him once, suprise, he won the table but i learnt so much from him, dave, i salute u , a true legend!

jedi on May 30, 2005

This guy is a pimp pure and simple. He gets a lot of action at the table, and away from the table if ya guys know what I mean.

titty on May 28, 2005

He entered the final table with about a 7 to 1 chip lead on Ivey and drew out a straight to beat him.

HJJ on May 15, 2005

â€*his dude is so smug! I saw him against phil ivy and he won. Really , wats with the nickname "Devil Fish"

Someone on May 14, 2005

Omg I Saw Him On The Tv And He Has A Nickname And A Suit

Unregistered on May 10, 2005

for the man that carries in everybody elses money. They pay this idiot 10.00 an hour to lug around the 400k the winners will get. Thats as close to money as you will ever find yourself...hired help

This guy will always be famous on May 9, 2005

Dave, you were the first profesional I started to follow and still my favourite player. I ain't in your league yet, but I'm getting there so hopefully I'll get to play you before you retire.

Mad Maz on May 4, 2005

hey devilfish u r my fave player!!!!!!

macca on May 2, 2005

I do not understand why all this abuse is going on .... its a game of cards ... which i understand most of these guy do for a living .. i think the american guys are great to watch .. but my interest in dave ulliot .. is unique ... he has a style of his own as do all players whatever nationality ... if you read this dave i am your number 1 female fan from scotland who txt you on thursday night on live poker channel to ask you to come to scotland to teach me how to play poker ... comment with jesse maye was you did not know how old i was .. well answer to that is ... old enough .. so fancy teaching a scottish lass just let me know x

mcassie28 on April 27, 2005

Never heard of devilfish until a couple of nights ago. e lost in the party poker tourney on channel five. till, he impressed me with his card play. 'll keep my eye on him!

Trapper on April 26, 2005

i know dave fairly well actually..weve had beer together and shit..ive played him heads up for 100 quid stakes and im up 10 3 at the mo..seeyas again dave for another home game and i`ll take some more dough off u :)

englishcat on April 4, 2005

Alright Dave - how ya doin mate, playin a game at 12 Wellesley soon, if you wanna come round feel free. ok catch you later Dave.

hilly (Hull Rugby League) on March 28, 2005

You are actually correct, in fact some say it goes back before the game Poque (French) but the game as we know it is all American. The point I was trying to make is that the Americans feel that because they invented it, they are the best at it. You gotta laugh at them sometimes, they are so OBVIOUSLY pathetic at times.

Aspirin on March 9, 2005

England invented football but we accept that we are currently not the best. America (in the main) invented Poker, it's a shame they can't accept that there are overseas players who can compete with them and beat them. There is a good life outside of America that 96% of them will never see... Such a shame!

Aspirin on March 8, 2005

Actually poker was 'invented' by the Europeans, during the 17th and 18th centuries where it was known as 'poque', derived from a game known as As Nas in 16th century Persia.Whilst it is true that America has taken that game developed it into it's modern format, creating new flavours such as the immensely popular Hold'Em, they cannot take credit for 'inventing' poker.

mikkyT on March 8, 2005

Who gives a shit where it was invented..Id play it even if hitler invented it....hmmm actually if it was invented in france americans would call it TEXAS FREE-DOM

Unregistered on March 8, 2005

barely semi-professional... doesnt know when to fold.... wins to many times by sucking out..

iveyfan05 on March 2, 2005

Devilfish... BEST player ever. my Poker idol

Sephrioth on February 21, 2005

Devilfish is one hell of a poker player. I think the thing that sets him above the fields of other players is his class at the table. UK Defender, I am not trying to bash your country. Actually, it would be the one place I would move if I ever left the US.

Shaun on February 20, 2005

df is the man

tiny tim on February 17, 2005

I lived in Hull for 12 years (Devilfish's residence) and he's sort of known around town so I might be a bit biased, but he is the sole and only reason why I watch poker on TV - the guy has got me hooked and I've decided to take up the game...all because of the devil...he is a bit arrogant but to me he is the archetypal poker player -- looks the part, plays the part, is the part!

goro on February 13, 2005

I havent seen the show where he wins,but from what ive read on the internet i think he is a student from London and not a poker pro.

uk defender on January 30, 2005

yeah, hes not a pro ..during the interview right before he won, hes telling norm chad how he has to get a job when he gets back to the u.k...he was saying how he doesnt find poker intresting , he feels its mostly luck...he a high stakes backgammon player in the u.k...he caught a great rush of cards, it seemed he was almost embarrased by the win lol...either way, it was fun to watch...

iveyfan05 on January 30, 2005

james vogl i think.

uk defender on January 29, 2005

vogl ,,yes thanks very much

iveyfan05 on January 29, 2005

what do you think of devilfish iveyfan05? in the UK we had a programme called late nite poker and through that devilfish became well known to the british poker fans(this was '99..'00,before the poker boom).From what I can see he seems to have a great table image which he uses well and seems to be an extremely aggresive player.I am interested to know what sort of limits he plays in cash games?,because ive only heard about him playing tournaments. Also have you heard of the Hendon mob?there a well known group of English players who play alot of the 10k events?,i know there not quite up with the American big boys (negreanu,ivey etc)but i certainly think Ram Vaswani out of the mob is a talented player.Watch out for him at WSOP 06!!

uk defender on January 28, 2005

david is a truly great player. no getting around that..hes a very dangerous player,and a lot of fun to watch. i have heard of the hendon mob..there is a post about them in fullcontactpoker. ppl in the u.s. that know poker should have heard of them...ram is a really good player.. i rememebr seeing him get some airtime at the wsop..wasnt catching many cards,,but he's defenitley a really really good player..i am also a fan of the guy from the u.k that won a braclet in a smaller buy in nl holdem event at this years wsop...i seemed to have forgotten his name..he was the guy that said iwont hold the cash up in the air, cause im british and that is vulgar ...he was fun to watch cause he was so ho hum about the win..he kept saying it was all luck,,and true enough he did get great cards at good times, i still thought he played well..if you can remember his name, i'd appreciate it ....

iveyfan05 on January 28, 2005

I'm an American and I don't hate Devilfish, or any other poker player for that matter. Anyone who makes a living the way myself and millions of others can only wish for has my respect. The US versus the UK thing is very old, kids. There may still be some amusement value in it, but not much.

Shaun on January 24, 2005

devilfish is by far the best looking player around! i love to watch him play...

pochoprincess on January 22, 2005

best looking? he looks like the principal from ferris bullers day off with a greay hairdo lol..still a great player tho

iveyfan05 on January 22, 2005

why is it only the americans seem to hate devilfish? bad loser? what about the muppet called helmuth, now that is a sore looser.devilfish would wipe the floor with him and most of your other top players, if they are so world class why not show it by playing outside the states.class in a glass, devilfish.

zuumo on January 21, 2005

until david has 9 wsop braclets ..stfu about him being better than phil....i dont dislike david, hes a great player,,,but not on thesame level as hellmuth

iveyfan05 on January 21, 2005

keep it up df

Unregistered on January 10, 2005

A miracle poker play

Unregistered on January 9, 2005

The 'DevilFish' is a living legend, all you Yanks who cant take the fact that a fellow Englishman beats the hell out of you all should wake up and smell your decaff coffee. Ill see you all at WSOP 2006. At the final table. Im basing my game on the Devilfish

imallin49 on January 6, 2005

im basing my game on the devilfish???????wtf???are you like 15 years old?????to be good in poker you need to find your own style....im basing my style on gus hansen....lol...doesnt work that way....

iveyfan05 on January 6, 2005

Go devilfish, poker player #1

ubershaw on January 3, 2005

What a player you are my hero, becoming a much better player thanks to you. My dream is to play you in Vegas some day. Good luck

Devilfsh on December 26, 2004

Seen devilfish play well on late night poker and on wpt does he play cash games,if so what sort of limits.Im intrigued as to how this british player would compare to the top yanks at high stakes cash games.

english poker player on December 1, 2004

really good player. i do agree that he does play too many hands,but ith his skills its hard to fault that,,a bit arrogant,but you need to have an ego to make it in poker i guess .all in all hes a really good player

djnpa_30 on November 30, 2004

big up the devil

simonjj on November 30, 2004

he's a muppet apparently..always chasin

ucky on November 18, 2004

i know uncle devilfish,he has a really nice family

Ink on November 16, 2004

you dont know the devilfish or his family.I know the devilfish and i do not think he would approve of your phony attemps to mock him.you disgust me

Pete on November 16, 2004

Just saw Dave play a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Must say I became an instant fan. Though Ive only just started following poker tournaments he has been a class ahead of anyone I am yet to see play. The guy played quite a lot of hands (relative to his opposition), won almost all of them, and he had crap cards throughout the night... what more can anyone ask of a poker player?

al. on November 12, 2004

To the critics, personal abuse and ridiculous challenges are born of the emotions top card players want in their opponents - jealousy and disrespect. Dave Ulliot is class, accept it, move on.

Justo on October 27, 2004

im 14 and a big fan of The devil fish. ive played poker for about a year. Dave was un luky in the european championship and should have won but on the day he was unluky to keep his lead

craig/caigedgley on October 20, 2004

un lucky NOT to keep hid lead

craig/craigedgley on October 20, 2004

great player, you cant play him heads up for nothin i play a cash game with him and this guy can play man if he makes it to the final two forget a bout it you lost

pocket7s on October 7, 2004


Garret Russert on September 20, 2004

Tom get a life.

Mark on August 5, 2004

The Devilfish earned his nickname during the very first tournament he ever played in Vegas in January,1997 against The Master. With everyone shouting, "Go on The Master," Dave's mate yelled, "go on The Devilfish," A name attached to Dave by Stephen Au-Yeung in Birmingham, Inventor of the Casino Table Games:Casino Hold'em Pokerâ„¢, the own of the websuit: devilfishpoker.com. The next day the headlines read "Devilfish devours the Master" and the rest, shall we say, is history.

Stephen Au-Yeung/ s on August 5, 2004

Another sorry Brit player who thinks he's the best.

Tom on August 1, 2004

devilfish is poker god!!!!!!!

travis on July 30, 2004

How good and classy is the devilfish. Its not often a scotsman is so praising of an englishman :), but he is the man. I just wish we could see more of him on the TV.

Jim "I wannabe as good as the devilfish" on July 25, 2004

I think The Devilfish is an amazing player and his ability to play bad hands is amazing.

Unregistered on July 18, 2004

lmao @ joe dirt AND leigh ruderham lol read again what ya both posted and please please please tell me you didnt laugh as hard as i did when i read it LMFAO

NimbusUK on July 13, 2004

devil i like your play and am a fan, but where did you go? Do you not come across the pond as much or just having a bad year?

rodman on July 10, 2004

devilfish u r great since i tried to play like u i have started winning

tom fleischer on July 4, 2004

hey devil dish, meet me at the commerce casino at the 1 2 table where i will take you down like a mad man...........can you handle that?

joe dirt on June 14, 2004

you are crap at poker and i will take all your money becasue i am better than you, meet me at the pomme dor hotel if you are man enough

leigh ruderham on June 10, 2004

He earned his nickname in Birmingham, England not in Las Vegas. from a Chinese fellow called Stephen Au-Yeung who gives everyone a colorful nickname, who own the websuit: devilfishpoker.comalso the Inventor Of a Casino Table Games: Casino Hold'em Pokerâ„¢

Stephen Au-Yeung/s on June 8, 2004

Devil, Biggs, and Hon Le all got hammered at the Crazy Horse II during this years WSOP. They were hilarious; tipping well and drinking hard. Ahh...the poker life rocks!

ItsNot_a_Tumor! on June 3, 2004

remember the student in the bookies when you showed me your 'devilfish car'. i won the twenty pound tourny at napoleons and am coming fishing after you soon. hope to see you on the cruise and in paris. you are a legend dave

will on May 28, 2004

OK cash player (beat him regularly at the Vic) but, one of the best heads up players I have ever seen. Good guy away from the tables.

DemonJoe on May 28, 2004

Devilfish is the poker pimp

Black 19 on May 26, 2004

Used to deal to him back in the early 90's. What a bad loser, always used to do his nuts and moan about it constantly. not on my christmas card list

dodgy on May 25, 2004

met him and he was a twat his gf wears a devilfish t shirt HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man too funny

anon on May 20, 2004

hehe hey ..hmmm isnt he married??? uh oh tsk tsk

caseenojoh on May 20, 2004

Devilfish is an amazing and very classy player, I'm just starting out with Hold 'em and he is my idol. I wish him all the luck though I'm sure he doesnt need it.

Scott on May 5, 2004

lol....it says in the description about his nickname

Devilfi$h on May 1, 2004

does any one here know why he's nicknamed Devilfish?

confused on April 27, 2004

Harry, you've obviously fallen for the hype of TV announcers. Go rub some salve on your face...this guy is a decent player at best as far as top pros are concerned.

Nate71 on April 26, 2004

Devilfish is a joy to watch, watching his calculating and concise execution of competition would inspire anyone to play poker

Harry Ward on April 24, 2004

go devil fish go , kick ass your unreal , love to watch u play

prowess on April 18, 2004

as a 17 year old player this guy is my idol, had the pleasure of meeting him several times and an all round nice guy!

sam on April 16, 2004

always a pleasure to watch; mysterious, masterful, calculating, charismatic - just wish I understood the bloody game! :)

Susie on April 9, 2004

hello mr. devilfish! i tihnk you're really fit

jennie kellett on April 5, 2004

The man wins card games what more can you say...any of you would LOVE to sit at a table with him..and more than likely walk away with nothing..Ulliot is among the Poker Gods

NimbusUK on March 31, 2004

a true northern monkey with eyes of a serial killer but i have to admit hes a dam good poker player

s4cash strapped on March 22, 2004

Go do it for Hull Dave... and for yourself. Congrats and loads of respect!

Scoots on March 15, 2004

True class

NL. on February 28, 2004

Devilfish you are awesome! I love watch you play & you are my poker idol. xo

Colleen on February 14, 2004

Dave is my poker idol! He is one of those rare players who can make a hand out of nothing.

Jay (1 of a kind) on January 24, 2004

Flying the flag for England............Go for it Dave

Rsy on January 19, 2004

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