Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a professional poker player, author, and brother of fellow professional poker player Howard Lederer. She is considered one of the top female poker players in the world.


Born in 1965 in Concord, New Hampshire, Duke grew up in a family that played card games often. Her dad, Richard Lederer, a pretty famous writer and linguist taught at St. Paul's School. After she turned 18, she matriculated at Columbia University and eventually completed a double major in English and Psychology. After graduation, she went on to graduate school in psycholinguistics (a field within cognitive psychology), at the University of Pennsylvania.

She decided to leave school in 1992, after five years of graduate school and one month before defending her Ph.D. work. She married Ben Duke, a close friend from the same school, and moved to his home in Montana.

Poker Playing

She played poker in nearby Billings, Montana at the state's legal card rooms. Her brother, Howard Lederer, already a successful professional player, gave her tips, talked to her about the game, and also helped with her beginning stake. He recommended that she read David Sklansky's books in order to learn basic theory. After she read them she became a regular winner at the tables.

In 1994, Howard suggested that she she try her hand at the WSOP in Las Vegas. She did - and finished 13th in her first tournament, knocking her brother out of play. After this initial success, Duke and her husband moved to Las Vegas so she could play poker professionally.

She became famous for her 10th place finish (one short of the final table) in the 2000 WSOP main event while eight months pregnant.

In 2002, she moved to Portland, Oregon to work for a company that produced online gaming software, which was eventually used on UltimateBet. Duke and Ben got divorced in 2004. Because of this, she won a $500 wager with fellow pro Steve Zolotow, who bet her that her marriage wouldn't last five years. In 2005 she and her children moved to Los Angeles. Duke later started dating actor, and producer Joe Reitman.

At the 2004 WSOP, Duke eliminated her brother from four separate events. She also beat out 234 players in the $2,000 buy-in Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better for her first WSOP bracelet.

That same year, she knocked out 8 of the best poker palyers and won $2 million in the No-Limit Texas Hold’em WSOP Tournament of Champions, a winner-take-all, invitation-only event. At the time, this was the most money paid in a single event to a female poker player. The record was broken by Annette Obrestad during the 2007 WSOP Europe Main Event.

In the 2006 WSOP Main Event, she finished in 88th place out of 8,773 players for $51,129 in winnings. She was the 2nd highest female finisher, behind Sabyl Cohen.

As of 2009, she has 1 WSOP bracelet, 37 WSOP cashes total live tournament winnings exceeded $3,600,000. She is the top female WSOP money winner in history and holds the record for most WSOP cashes by a female.

Poker - other

Duke has said that she doesn't play in women's only tournaments because "poker is one of the few sports where a woman can compete on a totally equal footing with a man, so I don't understand why there's a ladies only tournament."

When she first stepped up into high-stakes games, she had to rush to the ladies' room to vomit.

She has been made fun of at the table because she has at times played at the table without wearing any shoes.

Duke, along with a few other professionals, has issues with the restrictions placed on players during televised tournaments, like the ability to wear sponsorship logos.

Annie works with, where she promotes the site and writes articles on poker.

Books & DVDs

In 2005, Duke published her autobiography, "Annie Duke: How I raised, folded, bluffed, flirted, cursed and won millions at the World Series of Poker”. She talked about her experiences during the 2004 WSOP where she won her first bracelet in the $2,000 Omaha Hi/Lo event. She also talked about a memorable TV incident with Phil Hellmuth on her way to winning the 2004 Tournament of Champions and its $2 million prize. The book also talked about her personal life, including: her anxiety disorder that plagued her in her early adult years, and the battles between her and her husband about her poker career, which eventually led to their divorce.

Her sister, Katy Lederer, an author and poet, also wrote a book about the Lederer family, titled "Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers".

Annie also released a series of instructional poker DVD’s in 2005 and 2006. In 2004, Duke tutored Ben Affleck at poker, who then went on to win the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

TV appearances

Duke has made appearance on: "The Colbert Report", "The Ultimate Blackjack Tour" playing Elimination Blackjack, "Deal Or No Deal", and "The Ellen Degeneres Show". She spent a season on the Donald Trump reality television show, "Celebrity Apprentice", and raised more money for her charity, Refugees International, than any other contestant. But Joan Rivers won the contest and Duke finished in second place.


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I had a chance to meet Annie at San Manuel tournament on Oct 25, 2007. I told Annie I wished I could play good poker like her one day and that she and I will be HEADS UP in a tournament. Then, she said "that will be a lot of money." She looks much better in person than on TV. Thanks Annie.

Cheerleader on October 28, 2007

btw,for all those that say she isn't like her brother are wrong also? tell me,what has Howard done to prove himself of any worth? lol he's a predictable drone that makes obvious plays,,longevity and losing 200 pounds shouldn't put you in an icon status lol

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

ever notice tht ultimatebet has the biggest **** (duke)and the biggest prick (hellmouth i call him)to advertise for them? u folks that dig her watch too much espn,,they glamorize her and noone on the circuit can stand her,,we all in Vegas know what she is,,and u dudes that think she is hot need a date,,although her new push-up bra makes her look decent,,her hubby was good to the kids also btw,,he is a good man

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

I have played poker with Annie since her poker days in Billings, Montana.

Annie has the "traits" of most successful poker players.

Daniel N. is correct, but can you knock Annie's success.

If you measure your life by poker, Annie is what it is all about.

No thanks!

Montana Mike

Montana Mike on November 16, 2006

She admits that she is a slut in her books, in so many words.
I like her game. But I wouldn't have just stood by and let her impose her will on the table, just because she's a cunt!

????? on October 31, 2006

What does my political affiliation..or, my assumed political affiliation have to do with......anything?

And how come half of what you say seems to be dictated by the fact that Annie Duke isn't a man? You continue to just refer to her as a slut over and over again with seemingly no basis whatsoever for an actual opinion, other than dislike.

You also casually ignore the fact that Annie was NOT the only player at the table who asked about the jacket. There were, in fac,t several, yet you continue to blindly pin it on "that stupid slut", who i s"garbage" even though I'm betting she's had more success at this game than the both fo us combined and tripled.

AdamWolf on October 30, 2006

Your another Democrate who wants to change everything,for the sake of change...IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE WSOP then you would have known that costumes were always in vogue ie: Puggy Pearson....but no, now the [edited] is distracted by it, and all the morons who want to come to her defense.

????? on October 29, 2006

My analogy is full of it? Interesting, that this is the 2nd post I've seen today of yuors that antagonistically berated one of mine.

My analogy is not "full of it", as your points ar emore or less....weak.

Citing a player tlaking is ridiculous, firs tof all, becuase there's a vast difference between a player actually talking themselves..and a giant constantly loudly jingling vest.

Interesting which Phil you decide to call an asshole, by the way.

Also, being as the camera are mroe or less required to be there..the tournament director can't just throw them out. Nor can the players hear Lon McCaren and Norm Chad.

My point, which maybe you missed, was about unneccesary distractions. This was one.

AdamWolf on October 29, 2006

What about all the bull shit that comes out of the players mouths, or that ass hole Phil Laak, and his BS....and speaking
of distractions, WHAT ABOUT THE MF ESPN CAMERAS, WHO CARES WHAT THEY PICK UP, they are a major distraction, as well as
the morons that ESPN entices to scream at the top of their
lungs..........your anology(radio playing) is full of it!

????? on October 28, 2006 fave poker playin' babe!

SHANKPIPE on October 19, 2006

The guy
's jacket was physically makign enough noise that it was picked up by the cameras for ESPN, constantly. Nonstop jingling. Rickies Davies was the guy's name, I think.

SO Annie and the redheaded English guy..Vos? btoh asked about it.

It's really not much different form people getting on others for cursing at the table or anything else thats a constant distraction. or for another example..what if I borught a protable radio and set it by me. And fi yuo could hear it easily, and it was a major distraction that wa sunneccesary..wouldn't you like to have it removed?

AdamWolf on October 17, 2006

Why did the floor person, in the WSOP main event, adhere to this her request to have another player take off his jacket
that had trinkets attached to it????....All you see, in the
old pictures of the past events, are crazy costumes etc.

But the moron at the WSOP had the guy take the jacket off, so that the slut could have her way. This proves to me that she is a piece of garbage.

????? on September 30, 2006

Jesus! What the hell is wrong with you people? Reading through these comments and seeing "She's HOT!" and "She's a MILF" You guys need to get laid, and FAST! This woman is not hot at all, not even close. She's disgusting and filthy. I wouldn't touch her with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

Another incredibly overrated poker brat who lives off of her brothers name. She'll never win another major title. Straight trash!

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

Stupid *****...Couldn't play poker to save her life. I love how she preaches to people about poker. Really Duke? I could beat you both drunk and high. Win another braclet that's not a fluke then talk.

Bender on July 29, 2006

Since all but one player (DN) agreed to chop the WSOP TC that Annie won before they even played, I don't put much stock in her winning that sit-n-go. Annie is a marginal player at best who is a world class whiner hanging on to her brother's coattails.

grdred944 on January 2, 2006

Originally Posted by wizardofroz
Neither Annie nor Phil deserved to be the final 2, but luck and plenty of help from Greg Raymer's poor calls never hurts. And Phil folding aq with more chips than Chan was incredibly stupid. Annie played real tight and scared early, and it should have bitten her in the a ss. She just kept catching cards when the blinds rose, and people falsely credit that to skill.

Amen on Phil, This guy is just plain annoying. I have yet to see any other player cry and steam over losing. If he would play better poker he might win a few. He has had so many chances too win and he chokes!

Unregistered on October 17, 2005

LOL is anyone monitoring this page? Bad people...Do you know that Katma is a bitch? LOl

ms_pockets on September 27, 2005


Just read her autobiography. My opinion of her has sunk even lower than before. It seems that most of the talk is correct.

She is NOT a nice person at all.

1. she admits to being a bitch

2. she admits to being a bad winner and a bad loser

3. does not get along with Katy her sister

4. attacks numerous other pros. attacks Jim Mcmanus, Andy Beal (calls him a fish), Kathy Leibert

5. admits to screaming at her husband in the prescence of casino patrons because he wanted her to come home for the kids.

6. admits to being outclassed at the high limits

7. admits to being a terrible wife, unwilling to compromise, very selfish, and loving to argue.

8. admits to being a snob towards anyone who does not have her level of education (yep, it is true. check the book out for yourself)

9. admits to be extremely annoying at the table.

10. speaks candidly about how Daniel Negreanu waged war against her, some of it over Jennifer Harman whom Annie is jealous of.

11. admits to breaking up a marriage out of her desire to win at all costs.

12. attacks Mcmanus by calling him short, and fat (even though he is neither)

13. admits to flirting with men for the sole purpose of disarming them at the table.

14. admits to gloating over the "country bumpkins" back at the tables of Billings Montana

15. admits to being a former pothead, and party girl. admits to hanging out all night celebrating with her poker friends boozing it up when she should be home with the kids.

16. admits to kicking her husband to the curb after she became popular.

Folks, the woman is a bitch. And now every time I see her on those UB TV commercials I will feel like hurling even more.

Compared to Jennifer Harman Annie has ZERO class.

Unregistered on September 12, 2005

Daniel Negreanu on Annie Duke

"Well, on one occasion of several when I played at the same table with Annie, she was lording it over the table about the fact that she was a doctoral candidate in linguistics, and I am pretty sure she said University of Chicago. But that was nine years ago or so. My memory is certainly not perfect.

I just happen to have been in the linguistics Ph.D. program at the
University of Arizona at one time myself, so I tried to strike up a
conversation with her about linguistics. As soon as she realized she was in a conversation with a man who was more intelligent than she was, and better educated than she was, and who knew more about linguistics than she did, she suddenly lost all interest in the conversation and said something to the effect of "I am here to play poker, not to discuss linguistics." I felt like saying "Then why did you bring up linguistics, if you did not want to discuss it?" But I said nothing. It was obvious why she brought up the subject of linguistics. It was part of her general attitude of intellectual superiority over a bunch of stupid, uneducated low-limit holdem players.

I have never said another word to Annie since her rude brusque remark to me, but I subsequently played at the same table with her on several occasions, both at the Mirage and the Horseshoe. I have had ample opportunity to observe her rude, obnoxious, totally self-centered behavior. If you are not a poker celebrity, you do not even exist, as far as Annie is concerned. I was an eyewitness on the rail, about six feet from Annie, to the 2000 WSOP incident when she was screaming hysterically about the string bet incident being the worst thing that had ever happened to her in a tournament. Several spectators made comments about what a rude obnoxious bitch she was.

I have also observed confirmatory examples of other behavior which Daniel N. cites, such as her propensity to talk ABOUT other players in their presence. If you are going to insult someone, as Annie frequently does, at least direct your comments to the person you are insulting. After the little linguistics incident, on another occasion, she talked ABOUT me in a very insulting and derogatory manner to the other players. This rude behavior went on for many hours, during which time I was staring holes through her every time she started talking ABOUT me. She never once made eye contact with me. One of my friends, who was also in the game, reported that after I left, someone asked her who I was. Even though she knew my name, or at least we had introduced ourselves when we were still on speaking terms, and had played with me on several occasions, she replied that she had no idea who I was, and that she had never seen me before in her life.

Like I said, if you are not a poker celebrity, you do not even exist as far as Annie is concerned, except as an object of derision and ridicule.

I'm often asked what makes me think that this woman is such a low
life. Here are just a few examples of facts that make up what this
woman truly is as far as I‘m concerned. For those of you who don't
care to read it, you can stop now and save your complainin':

1) Wanna Split it?- Playing in a stud 8 or better side game, Annie was
heads up with one other player. After much betting it appeared as
though Annie had the high hand and the other had a low made by sixth
street. The player with the low board asked if she wanted to split
it. Annie said, "Yeah, ok". The player threw his hand toward the
muck expecting the dealer to start chopping the pot, when Annie said,
"Wait, only if you have a low I mean."
Once she said yes however, the pot should ethically be split.
Despite virtually everyone in the game explaining to Annie that once
she says yes to a chop, she has to chop. She wouldn't budge.
Finally, after much hysteria she decided to give the player back ONLY
the money he put into the pot. Had the tables been turned, she's
still be blue in the face about how unfair that was.



2) I swear on my kids!- Annie habitually leans over to look at the
cards of the person sitting beside her in a game, whether they like it
or not. Well one day one of the players was fed up with her sweating
her neighbor's hole cards and he spoke up about it. She obliged
saying, "Ok, I won't look anymore."
Not an hour later, a triple draw hand comes up, and she is caught
red handed looking at her neighbor's hole cards again. This time the
player objected furiously, "I told you to stop looking at your
neighbor's cards!" To which she replies, "I SWEAR ON MY CHILDREN I
WASN'T". This was an absolute lie. She saw EXACTLY what card her
neighbor got and ANNOUNCED the hand before it was turned over, also
saying something to the effect of, "Oh you would have made it anyway."
**A 4 had been flashed that would have been her neighbor's card.
Instead she received a 6 to complete a 2-3-5-6-7, which is the third
best hand in 2-7 triple draw (the 4 would have been the mortal
nuts).** Later, Annie falsely claimed that the player who was upset
with her threw a chair AT HER. Again, impossible.



3) Just checkin'- Playing in a one table satellite for the main event
at the WSOP, Annie was up against Tony Ma and Dan Alspach. Tony moved
all in on the button, Annie folded in the small blind and Dan began
studying. After some time, Dan folded his hand, and Tony threw his
cards towards the muck telling Dan "Aces. I had two Aces." Well
after the hand hits the muck, Annie GRABS THE HOLECARDS, LOOKS AT
THEM, and says "Just checkin‘" as if she had done nothing wrong.



4) Sitting in a short handed 300-600 mixed game in 1999 I was
unfortunate enough to have to sit beside Annie. Again, she has a
simple rule that she lives by, "It's ok for me to look at your hole
cards when I am out of a hand but I can't show you mine because I
can't give away any information". Niiiice. Anyway, after about 30
minutes of her sweating my hole cards, I KINDLY say, "I'd actually
prefer it if you didn't look at my hole cards since we are short
handed and all." (5 handed at the time). About 15 minutes later,
another player sits down in the game making it six handed.
So know after I've raised before the flop and she'd folded, she
looks over at my hole cards again. This time saying, "It's six
handed, I can look now". Niiiice.



5) Oh my God, it's so my seat- On a Monday night Annie walked into the
poker room to put her name on a list. When the seat opened up, the
floor man called out a name that wasn't yet present. Annie said, "If
he's not here it's my seat." To which the floor man replied, "He's
just outside, he's on his way."
"Oh my God no way! You can't do that! You can't **** up a seat if
you aren't even here!" After much bickering the poor floor man
succumbed and gave her the seat.
Wednesday night, EXACT same scenario, only this time Annie was the
one who was first up on the list but not present at the time the seat
was called. Now this time, she is arguing for the OPPOSITE ruling.
"Oh my God, I was right here. I was here to put my name on the list.
I didn't even leave the building" (how the floor man is supposed to
know that is anyone's guess). Anyway, after throwing yet another
hissy fit she got that seat too. This is one of Annie's common
practices: "Argue NOT for what's fair and just, argue only for what
benefits you." Niiice.



6)This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in a
tournament- At the WSOP main event in 1999, Annie was involved in a
pot with another player who had limped under the gun. Annie raised
the limper from the button with A-7 offsuit. When it got back to the
limper, he went to make a raise, but DIDN"T SAY RAISE, and then went
back to his stack to raise even more. Well, in any no limit
tournament that is considered a string raise. Not always called, but
it's a string raise nonetheless. Well, another player, Steve Kaufman,
called the string raise to the dealer's attention. To which Annie
shouted, "Oh my God, you're not even in the pot! What are you doing!
Oh my God, this is the worst thing that even happened to me in a
tournament!" etc.
She was upset with the fact that she had now been raised the minimum
by the limper and was "forced" to call the extra 60,000 raise. After
lambasting Mr.Kaufman for something he had EVERY RIGHT to do, she
ended up flopping an ace and WINNING the pot because of the called
string raise. "Well maybe that was the BEST thing that ever happened
to me in a tournament." Snort, snort, giggle, giggle.



7) Cup Boy- Finally, my first ever meeting of this woman was at the
Four Queens in 1996 when I was just barely 22. Up to that point I'd
had virtually no success in tournaments in the US, but was eager to
learn from the so called "superstars" of the game.

** Before I go any further, It's important to give you a little
background info. At the club I played in in Toronto, we had no
bottled water, just purified water you could get from the gallon. So
I'd fill up a Styrofoam cup with water, and when it was empty, would
leave it hanging from my lips so the porter wouldn't take it away and
I'd have to waste another cup. This became somewhat of a habit you
could say.**

So here I am in this tournament, where across from me was this woman
and another well known tournament player. This woman doesn't know me
from Adam, but goes out of her way to ridicule and make me feel like
an outsider. As though I didn't belong in her "clique". After
witnessing her behavior I was pretty sure I didn't want any part of
that "clique" anyway.
KNOWING I could hear every word she was saying, she says to her
"clique" member, "Oh my God, what's up with cup boy over there. I
wonder what that cup's all about. You think it's for medical
reasons." She then went on to giggle arrogantly. At this point I
actually spoke up and said, "If you'd really like to know there is
actually a pretty normal reason for it?" Apparently acknowledging my
existence may have looked less "too cool to talk to the low limit
players" if you know what I mean.
In conclusion., with two odd tables to go I play a hand against her
in which SHE WINS. I had a good amount of chips at this point and she
was all in for less than a bet on the river. I had actually bet the
turn with a draw, and checked the river when I made a pair. The board
was (10-8-2) A- J. I held Q-J in the blind and called her raise from
middle position. I checked and called the flop, and bet the ace on
the turn hoping to steal it. On the river I made jacks, but didn't
think she would call me with a worse hand but may check a better hand
or even bluff. That's not important though.
What is important, is that she berated me for playing the hand that
way! "Oh my God, if you were going to call on the river anyway why
didn't you just bet?? I mean, oh you know what forget about it. I
shouldn‘t be educating."
I was beyond puzzled, but to be completely honest slightly
embarrassed. I was there alone and knew no one in the tournament
whatsoever. At the time I wasn't certain if I actually made a
horrendous error or not. I may have spoken 20 words the entire
tournament, and couldn't fathom why someone would want to be so mean
to a complete stranger?
Anyway, I later thought about the hand and realized that she was
absolutely WRONG about the correct strategy in that situation.
Considering the information I had, I played the river just fine.

Couple years go by, I get lucky and win a few tournaments… and all
of a sudden she is all nice to me. Phony nice of course, but nice
nonetheless. The more I got to know this woman however, the more I
was witness to her true colors and the more I disliked her. Despite
making my BEST efforts to tolerate her obnoxious personality I no
longer wanted to put up with it.
The only thing I'm sorry about in all this, is what it has done to
many of my friends who happen to have thicker skin than I and can
tolerate Annie. It puts them in a peculiar position. That I regret.
Other than that, NOTHING I've ever said to her, or about her is
something I'd ever consider apologizing for. Those are my true
feelings… and I sleep well..

You see, I don't NEED to be Mr. Phony Nice Guy, all I gots to be is
who I is. I ain't gonna say what y'all want me to say, I'm onna
say wazz on my minds when I feels like it. Na' I mean? Damn



Don't get me wrong I've done some pretty stupid things in my time.
I'm not afraid or worried about what anyone has to say about me, it's
all out there. I have few secrets if anyway. I been broke, blew some
stake money, loaned railbirds, staked deadbeats, been on the borrow,
all kinds of bad decisions. That's real. In all honestly though, I
ain't NEVER disrespected no man or no woman unless they had it comin'.
I was never one to see bullies get their way, and I was never one to
close my eyes and shut my mouth when I see somethin' I don't like. I
keep hearing, "But Danny, this isn't in your best interest. "Danny
just go with the flow and don't rock the boat." Hell no!

You a cheat, I'll say so.
You a bi-atch-- I'll say so.
You a angle shooter, I'll let my peoples know.
You a fraud? huh, I'll expose you and feel no way…y'understan?

I'm out. "

gulfport on September 3, 2005

I have played many times with Anne she smells like no bath in a couple of weeks, hair not shampooed in a month and a very rude and arrogant person, I look forward to the day when she is a street person.

Jim Hillard jpbrogan on August 28, 2005

Anyone know exactly what led to her divorce

question on July 30, 2005


answer on July 30, 2005

"Posted by: Cheftom555 on Jul 10, 2005 - IP= think Annie is one the greatest players in the game and not just the best female. ANYONE who says she got lucky against "Crybaby" Phil is just stupid. She out played him to death. Phil didn't know which way was up. How is it luck when you beat someone with the worst hand? I consider Phil to be one of the worst players in the game, but Annie beat a lot of great players in that tournament."

lets compare annie duke to phil hellmuth. Annie Duke: 1 Bracelet won the WSOP of champions. Phil Hellmuth: won 9 WSOB BRACELETS. annie is good but so many times during that tournament she should have been out. oh and a side comment, SHE IS HOT.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

annie u r awsome at what u do!! don't ever change!!!

bullet23 on July 25, 2005

she"s divorced ?? no wonder she is kicking ben aflecks butt in side games. she's a pro for sure

loveland on July 19, 2005

That was funny!

LOL on July 19, 2005

"Posted by: on Jun 02, 2004. annie is pure evil she treats people like shit she will never succeed"
She won TWO MILLION DOLLARS--beating NINE other professional players--ALL MEN--including her own brother. This kind of success, I'll take anyday. Who wouldn't?

Sammers on July 17, 2005

Annie is not that hot. I don't get all the attention people put on her. Clonie Gowen is hot, Michelle Wie is dam not, not Duke.

Poker fan 1452 on July 16, 2005

annie duke is a good player but no MILF

Unregistered on July 16, 2005

Why she got a divorce. She obviously has to be in control, and I promise you she wore the pants, that poor guy is lucky to get out NOW. Rather than wasting more years with this degenerate gambler. I hope Annie hooks up with Mike Matasuw and then gets cheated on when Mike and Layne Flack hook up.

Gee I wonder on July 14, 2005

Has anyone said "Annie Puke" yet? She used to steal $ out of her mom's purse when she was a teenager(and probably still does). I read it in her sisters book, PokerFace. She won the fixed WSOP Tourny. of Champs, my informant working that game said the deck was stacked when it got down to the lederers and hellmuth.

CheckFolder/PokerStars on July 13, 2005

"Considered one of the world's best poker players, having knocked out Phil Hellmuth and eight other poker legends including four past World Series of Poker champions to take the title and win $2 million in the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions in September 2004. Duke, was the only woman to play in the No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em winner-take-all, invitation-only tournament, established by Harrah's Entertainment and ESPN. Deafeating a field of 234 players in the 2004 WSOP $2,000 buy-in Omaha Hi/Lo tournament (winning her first WSOP bracelet) and winning the Bellagio 2004 $2500 Limit Hold'em event makes Duke the only woman to ever win two major tournaments in one year. As evidenced by these three wins, each a different game (Omaha 8/b, limit hold'em and no limit hold'em), Duke is an all around skilled player". WHEN ANY OFF YOU CAN MATCH THESE CREDENTIALS YOUR CRITICIZM WILL BE LISTENED TO. UNTIL THEN KEEP YOUR GARBAGE TRASH TALK TO YOURSELF.

Otthello on July 12, 2005

annie is a good poker player and maybe she will be the first woman to win the wsop some year

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

I don't know which is sadder ... the slamming of someone you probably don't know or being unashamed to show the world how ignorant you are. If you can't spell it or figure out the definition, don't use the world! Sheeeeesh! I feel awful for Annie and her children - divorce is ugly regardless of fault - I believe she is a very good player, a bit quirky and fun to watch ... just adding to the new-found popularity of poker in general and Hold-em in particular.

deeralemap on July 11, 2005

How can anyone say Annie is hot??? She has a bad hair dye to go along with her bad attitude. If you want a truly HOT Poker Babe, try Clonie Gowen!!It's sad the ESPN has to bias their coverage of her because they are so desperate to find a female "Doyle Brunson" type. Annie is good, but overrated. If she were a man, she would NEVER get the kind of coverage she does. She would be considered mediocre as a pro.

Sea Vulture on July 11, 2005

Look, it's really simple. We like to watch Annie because we all want to bang her. I'm not the least bit embarrassed to say it and neither should you be!

Let's face it on July 10, 2005

I think Annie is one the greatest players in the game and not just the best female. ANYONE who says she got lucky against "Crybaby" Phil is just stupid. She out played him to death. Phil didn't know which way was up. How is it luck when you beat someone with the worst hand? I consider Phil to be one of the worst players in the game, but Annie beat a lot of great players in that tournament.

Cheftom555 on July 9, 2005

annie duke bounced early in day one of WSOP. im sure the room is quieter.

the sun wont come out tomorrow, no more annie on July 9, 2005

Why was it that everyone says shes one of the best female players, if not THE best, but i never ever see her at WPT final tables. She enters them, i know that much, but is ALWAYS sitting on the rails long before it gets down to the business end. Even at the invitational one with like 12-15 pros, she couldnt even make it to the final 6 there. Does she specialise and excel in cash games? I dont see how else she can be so well-liked and respected. You'd think she would win at least one tourney but no.

Observer on July 5, 2005

Actually dude she won a tournament of the "champions". I forgot who hosted it, but it had Lederer, Hellmuth, Cloutier, and some other huge names.

Scott on July 5, 2005

Id also suggest a tanning salon for Annie Puke.

Unregistered on June 24, 2005

Annie isn't a nice person at all. ESPN(well the media WSOP thing) Paint her to be the womanly mom of poker ever since the pregnant thing. Shes got a greed streak about a mile wide and dislikes non pro players because of their idodic calls(shes a seriosu bluffer) While none of these things make her a great person She plays better Hi/Low then anyone else I've ever sat with

Vegas on June 13, 2005

It's obvious that you guys just love annie and think she is great because thats the way that ESPN has painted her to be. It's just proof of this that she was voted to the Tournament of Champions over the likes of Scotty Nguyen, Dan Harrington, Gus Hansen, and Ted Forrest. I know that she won, but just because someone gets lucky doesnt mean they are one of the best players in the world. I have seen her play, and I have seen Jenifer Harman play, and it is pretty obvious who the better woman player is. For those of you that like her, you watch way to much ESPN, who justs plays her off as the best player because her brother also plays.

AnnieHater on June 9, 2005

I have a long time friend that I just got in touch with who sat down at a table with Annie Duke. He told me that people who think Annie Duke is a sweet, graceful and caring poker player need to not believe everything that ESPN displays. He said that she was extrememly rude and obnoxious. I read Daniel Negreanu's comments about Annie on rec poker and it said that she(agreeing with Hair Canada) has poor hygiene, degrates other players and has an attitude problem. Just go and read James McManus's book " Positively Fifth Street." When Annie Duke made a bad read on a hand and through it away and then looked at that the other person't folded cards, then said, " Just Checking." That is just flat out annoying and rude, in most casinos you can get thrown out for that. Ask many of the pros about how Annie acts at the table and they will tell you that she is not what she appears on ESPN. All of you feminist women who think that the people on here who are giving good evidence of why Annie is actually a very mean, annoying and unclean player need to realize that we are not trying to bring down the female gender, we are just giving sufficient reasons for are opinions, regardless of Annie's sex. Annie is a bitch and there is much evidence to prove that and maybe you people should get off your asses and look it up to see if we're lying before you start defending her dignity.

Dirk Diggler on May 31, 2005

Wake up people!!!!!!!!!! She is nothing like her brother and you people must know nothing about her if you think she is a classy player.

Dirk Diggler on May 31, 2005

Hair Canada you are right. I did here something like that. I read in bluff magazine that in real life she is actually a bitch. I first realized that when she yelled at Jungblut at the 2004 WSOP just because he threw his cards into the muck. She is a bitch and I wish that ESPN would show her true personality.

Dirk Diggler on May 30, 2005

According to Negraneau, she is rude, degrades and humiliates people, has horrible hygene, and expects people to worship her because she's Annie Duke; but you'd never know by the way the media sanctifies her as an iconoclast ambassador of poker. Note that ESPN never made mention of her head-turning tirade after she got knocked out of the main event. She bluffed off her short stack on a tiny pot that didn't even amount to half of her bet (smells like a bluff) and went ballistic when the guy who called only had an ace kicker to go with the paired board. She then blames her early exit on "inferior players" who chased cards all day and sucked out on her pots. Her demeanor is as bad as Mike Matusow's but you will never see her portrayed in a negative light. Ahh the power of editing.

Hair Canada is right on May 14, 2005

Read Negreanu's blog on Rec Poker if you think she's a bloody saint. Rude and obnoxious and what guy would not WANT to like her. Semi- good looking and a great player. Her tirade at this years WSOP was fun to watch. The board pairs she bluffs off her stack, classic

HairCanada on May 11, 2005

Is that all you men think about?! Take a pill and whack yourself off...I LOVED watching Annie kick Phil Hellmuth's a**!!! Annie rocks!

ItalianYankee on May 9, 2005

If it's all luck then why do we see the same players at final tables all the time. With any gambling luck is a big factor but to say poker is all luck you are complelty wrong. You obviously don't understand poker.

Unregistered on April 28, 2005

Hey, GBtheGOAT why don't you get a clue,poker is nothing but LUCK!you little cross-eyed weasle,I don't care what anyone says,it's Capital L,U,C,K

The Dirty RAT on April 27, 2005

Seems people either lover her or hate her...Great talent...Top 50 in the world easy (and I think most of us would be jumping up and down for weeks if we could say that about our own play) Dont know if she is a hag or not but I love her play and she is one of the most beautiful woman on earth for sure. Better looking then poker talented and she has tons of talent. I cant believe some of the crap written about her. If she was your daughter would you want to read that crap.

GBTHECOACH on April 22, 2005

Look, grow up. It is easy to see everyone's hole cards and know what to do.Who the hell cares what you think until you sit and win.As far as the junior high trash talking, spell correctly and you might come off as only being infantile.Get off the couch now and then and grow the sack to talk to a real live woman and you might like it.Then again.....

silent cold on April 21, 2005

You talk about sexist men, hey at least we can spell Shauna HYATT's name right you numb skirt. LOL

Wah Wah Wah on March 14, 2005

Does anyone recall what 2 hole cards Annie was holding in the hole in the final hand against Phil Helmuth in the WSOP winner take all tournament of Champions???? The hand she won with?

Curious on March 10, 2005

"She is the best female that ever played the game 2. She is quite obnoxious and stuck up at times; many pros and hi-limit players don't like her attitude Posted by: Dirk Diggler on Mar 02, 2005 - IP=" Annie is a great player, got lucky against Phil in the TOC heads up but wasn't rattled by the better players at the TOC.

Connord on March 1, 2005

Annie, we need ya at Full Tilt. Come Join Your Brother. FTP is fast becoming a murderers row of poker players. All the real rollers are there. Bring Phil and Antonio over to FTP where the real ballaz ball.

bender2004 on February 28, 2005

We will never grow up! Cheers, Peter Pan

Hey Molly on February 28, 2005

Nicely said Molly. Unfortunatly, these men have no clue. I agree it is insulting to all women and it makes me sick too.

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

Hi Annie i love watching you play but stop crying champs dont cry.

Annie Fan on February 27, 2005

What do you mean she hasn't won? She beat Phil Hellmuth in the WSOP Tourney of Pros for 2 mil.

pokah on February 27, 2005

what is wrong with you people? All you guys that can only think of MILF and "doing" - go screw each other! This is a poker site and the fact that all you can talk about is sexual shows how StupiD and immature you are. Go to a playboy site and jack each other off! You insult ALL women with this kind of talk - including the women you know and love. You should be ashamed and I (almost) wish that a woman you know and love is treated EXACTLY the same way y'all have treated Annie here - with this disrespect. I say almost wish - cause I wouldn't wish it on any woman. Why don't you start a web site on how HOT the men are you bunch of jerks.

molly on February 25, 2005

Because the only way you know how to TRY to get ahead in this world is with insults and stupid innuendos. GROW UP! Annie - congrats! and although I HOPE you don't read all these stupid, ignorant, scared men comments - know that there are people out here who just appreciate watching GOOD, INTERESTING POKER!

molly on February 25, 2005

kudos to the above post and doyounotgetit. Well said.Let those who have performed better than Annie in the same class and level of tournaments speak up and all othres keep silent. You go girl. You are a good player, regardless of your sex, state of pregnancy or emotional state. Just remember, the same idiots that have made these rude and crude comments are the same idiots that hold a K2 off suit and belly ache and complain when they get beat by Ace's full of kings, staying they were "rivered". Consider the source, keep it in perspective adn then take all their money.

rivahqueen on February 21, 2005

really? you guys think annie is hot? evelyn ng..hotttt...jen h...cute....cyndi v....cute....karina jett ..hott...annie duke....not so much lol

iveyfan05 on February 17, 2005

You people are either idiots or you are children and should have your web time more closely supervised.

Unregistered on February 17, 2005

Fair enough if youve seen it yourself.I stand could always be hormones..that time of the month!;-)

uk defender on February 16, 2005

im not saying shes always like that,,,who knows, she may have just suffers a losing just sucked that she didnt wanna take a pic with an obvious fan and his wife/g/f...

iveyfan05 on February 16, 2005

I think Annie Duke is a really gud poker player. She is very pretty and ye she could be classed as a "MILF" athoulgh i dont think it's any of the Joe public's buisness wot Annie does in her private life so just lay off. I have never met Annie myself so i cant really make a true comment but i think that if she doesnt talk to one of her fans after a long game of poker then she doesnt bloody have to. If someone came up to you after you'd just finnished work and you really wanted to get home you wouldnt be interested would you? It's the same in Annie's case. When I see her playing she brings an ounce of happienes to the game. Makes everyone laid back rather than being really serious all the time. In short: Great poker player, Great mum and great person. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Dibble (e-mail me at dibdibs) on February 16, 2005

Annie Is Hott

JOHN DOE on February 16, 2005

Iveyfan05,I doubt very much whether you are in position to make an informed opinion about annie duke being a "good person".I mean,your'e only repeating what youve read on the internet with RE to Negreanu etc.You dont know her...never met her.Come on!Dont just repeat what youve read on the internet as if its YOURE opinion.

uk defender on February 15, 2005

not repeating,,,i have seen her interact with fans personally...i lived in vegas for over a year...she was very rude in dealing with a young couple when i saw her..granted im not sure if she had a loosing session ,or was just in a bad mood..i just dont see why she didnt pose for the pic and be on here way

iveyfan05 on February 15, 2005

the way annie treats others,in no way makes her a role she a great player of she a good peson...hell no..

iveyfan05 on February 14, 2005

DYaugo is a very dumb shit. role model? Ha! if she is a role model then what the fuck is the world coming to?! And DY dumbshit some of us here actually DO step up to the plate. we are not all just talk. why dont you go back to popping your pimples aye?

vampyre on February 14, 2005

Sammers I agree with you. Most people on the site that make commenst are upset because they never will have the a fraction of the talent it takes to to play cards like Annie. She is definitely one of the best if not the best woman player out there...wait let me think about that one....OK I thought about it...she is the best period!! Am I bias? And her brother is definitely a class act all the way. Any of you wannabe moron poker players on here who get off bad mouthing a PRO should step to the table and throw your ca$h out there and see how far you can go. I'm willing to lay odds you won't last the first day in a high stakes, why? Because you no HEART. Look up heart in the dictionary and you will see Annie Duke!! You guys are low lifes...Annie if you read this remarks from others just ignore them...they are moron and they don't know any better. Good Luck to you and may you continue to win and be role model for other aspiring players.D

DYaugo on February 13, 2005

ftr? i play at party poker and pokerstars ..and my name isdiffrent there than here

iveyfan05 on February 11, 2005

hey i played with iveyfan05 online once (your the guy from FTR right) i called your AI raise preflop with K-10 suited, you had KK, but I won with a flush. sorry

vampyre on February 10, 2005

"but it was suited..."

Unregistered on February 10, 2005

Just wondered what limits you guys play?live or internet etc?

uk defender on February 7, 2005

live i play baby nl...1/2 nl/ 2/4 i play mostly limit like 1/2 2/4...lotta sngs tho,,pretty much anywhere from a 5-20 dollar buy in..depending on how im playing...which right now is piss poor...keep getting sucked out on...ppl calling huge prelop raises with ace rag and catching ....i play mostly on party poker, but also on statrs and full tilt..i live like 50 minutes from atlantic city so i try to get there a few times a month...i prefer live play, but its easier to play online, but not as profitable for me yet tho...

iveyfan05 on February 7, 2005

billy, save your finger tips. just shut up.

Unregistered on February 5, 2005

It's intriguing that so many say that there are pro players that don't like Annie for some reason or another. Annoying behaviour? Emotional releases? Getafreakinclue, Annie knows EXACTLY what she's doing. If it has an effect on her opposition, it works; she wins. Don't like her? Damn, she's not there to be liked, shes there to take her opponent's money away. That's the game. Is it a Ladylike game? Is it a gentlemanly game? No, the best games are barbaric bloodfests, BUT they are PLAYED by ladies and gentlemen. Bankroll yourself with ten grand and see how long YOU last at Bellagio. If you are successful and make a living, you won't have many people that like you after you take their money. Until you can do that, you are not in the right place criticizing Annie, or Phil, or any of the people who make damn good money playing a game. Those of you who think you are, quite simply put, are full of shit.

DoYouNotGetIt? on February 3, 2005

Nicely Put

Unregistered on February 3, 2005

reply to doyounotgetit: i dont mind her being ruthless at the tables..thats not my problem with her...its the way she treats ppl away from them...i have read player interviews that say she treats ppl with talking about a specific player thats way more successful than her, so i know its not jealousy..i dont care if she is pure evil at the tables, there is no reason to act that way away from it...look at players like ivey, negreanu,harmon,..all very good human beings at and away from the tables..annie is a whiner and a crybaby,i am not doubting her talent at the tables..i just wish her personality would catch up to her poker skill...there are lots of pros that make a living from poker without acting like a spoiled rotten 12 yr old...i never said i would last at the my above post was on her behavior and not her skill..maybe you should try reading it before attacking somebody .....

iveyfan05 on February 3, 2005

sorry if you took that personally, those were my thoughts on the overall concensus. iveyfan, i know that in this medium interpretation of plain text is wide open. i was just commenting.Now with that said, there are a-holes and there are saints. It's a fact. If this were a forum to discuss human behavior in general, and not how it relates to poker, I could consider your rebuttal reply relevant. If my wife were still home I'd ask her to define complex exhibited by your reply. Since I know you'll take it personally, I'll ask. Why does it make a fat rat's ass what Annie does away from the tables as far as this forum goes?Now if you rally want to be attacked, you have given me plenty of ammunition to attack you with. Just scroll up and re-read your posts.Your Honor, the prosecution rests, I'm done.

this is Billy again (aka DoYouNotGetIt) on February 3, 2005

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my wife is a MILF and she secretly appreciates being called a MILF.

Billy again on February 3, 2005

your honor? rest my case?lol....i can tell you are ONE of those people.... we all know the type....they type ythat are utterly convinced of their own greatness and importance...are you of such a small mind that you cannot see that it's possible to be a great pro and well liked? as for attacking me personally, if you feel you need to do that to validate your meager exsistance then fire away... im more into poker than bashing somebody i don't know over the internet..i'd much rather discuss when to check raise or how to slow play ...but you do what you feel you need to...

iveyfan05 on February 3, 2005

annie is such an inspiration. i love watching her play.

pokerprincess on February 2, 2005

shes a great player no doubt..but why is it she always seems to be whinning...

iveyfan05 on February 2, 2005

yes her email address is I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOUR .05/.10 SORRY [email]ASS@HOTMAIL.COM[/email]

Unregistered on February 1, 2005

Anyone know her email address? I need it.

Big Al on January 30, 2005

She made a fool out of hellmuth and makes good money. What more could a man want?

jbare on January 16, 2005

Annie rocks! Without question she's the best female poker player in the world. Yeah, she's hot too! 99.9% of you who slam her have never even met the woman. You all talk a lot of crap like a bunch of old gossipping hens. Annie, you're the best. Good luck in the future cutie.

Bumblebee711 on January 15, 2005

Annie is one of my favorite poker players to watch on TV. I wish she were on more often. I have never seen her act like anything but a lady. That is one of the things I like best about her. My wife and I both agree that she has striking good looks. Annie is the best all-around woman poker player in the world today!

Nine Ball/fsmith35 on January 11, 2005

great poker player yes.....good not even a little bit....shes striking alright ..the same way star jones is striking

iveyfan05 on January 11, 2005

Annie Is The Shit

Unregistered on January 4, 2005

annie is a god player, but SOOOOO annoying,,,i hate it when she doesnt get her way, she gets that voice thats on the same level as nails on a far as how she looks.....she does bear a striking resemblence to regean from the movie the excorsist,,, and i mean after the devil takes over

iveyfan05 on January 3, 2005

You go girl!!! You keep doing exactly what you are doing because it seems to be working quite well. I have been called a c**t, ect.. at poker tables but I smile because I know got under their skin. How can people say such awful things? Even if you did meet her and she was rude, haven't you ever had a bad day?

Tilly Lace on January 2, 2005

Fucking men out there who don't have a big enough brain to comment on her poker skills they have to be pigs cause she happens to be a women. I know guys your brain can only think of one thing at a time.

Unregistered on December 28, 2004

MisterC: I can't find those articles Negreanu wrote about Duke. Do those links you listed still work? Where else can I find them?

sarah on December 28, 2004

I wonder if annie has been approached by Hugh Hefner to pose in Playboy?

jbare on December 26, 2004

Annie and her brother Howard remind me of Karen and Richard Carpenter?!

Mr Postman on December 21, 2004

I Just Cant Belive How She Took Out Her Bro

AL. on December 21, 2004

gratz on your wins in 2004!! Hope to see ya do even better in 2005. Just a thought, it is a good thing you took Howard out with the 6s. He was steaming on Phil and I feel he would not of played well heads up on him. You owned Phil (Hellmouth)<-- pun) and it almost made me cry it was so cool. Keep up the great work.

Hooten/Monkeyman/mouseowl on December 10, 2004

You are a true inspiration to me. I hope one day to have some of your accomplishments! (Not only in my dreams).

Nicole Gomes/Nickie/nicolegomes_us on December 9, 2004

Note to "bora bora": Why don't you tell all of us how much money YOU'VE won this year? Anything close to Duke's $5 million. Huh? What'd you say, little man? I hear whimpering? Yeah, didn't think you rank anywhere.Listen up idiot, if your dick is HALF as small as your brain, you're in BIG trouble with the ladies.

GL. on December 5, 2004

Don't talk shit about Annie- she'll kick all your asses in cards anyday and you all know it

lauren07 on December 4, 2004

ps--- poker is not all luck, you just suck at it

lauren07 on December 4, 2004

Annie is a terrible poker player that should put her socks and shoes back on and sit on her bum and not her feet. She only wins because nobody takes her seriously.

bora bora on December 3, 2004

Having met both Annie Duke and Jennifer Harmon in social settings I have found them both to be very friendly, warm and intelligent women. All this vile talk about them in here is not only demeaning to them but uncalled for, rude and disgusting. This is a forum about poker and should be kept to that topic. I readily admit that I said Annie was a MILF and I apologise for that crass comment. Now that I know her calling her a MILF is something I would never say to her face so it really shouldn't be said in here as well. Lets try and keep the comments in here to poker and let's not demean our great game.

Stud7. on December 2, 2004

I have a poker business opportunity I would like to email to Annie Duke.May I have her email address? Rick Firth -deleted-

rfirth1600 on November 30, 2004

best woman poker of all-time

jnoceda on November 30, 2004

Annie Duke = Annie Hall personnified by Diane Keatonin that Woody Allen s movie. LOL

RobertGillesLaPalme on November 29, 2004

annie duke in playboy?? ewww evelyn ng yes ..annie duke hell noo..

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

would love to see annie in playboy

imzzbest on November 27, 2004

Does anybody know if and when Ms. Duke will be on the cover of NEWSWEEK? She told about a photo shooting when she was on the Larry Grossman Show.

Henning on November 26, 2004

ok as far as skill yes shes a very good player. but lets admit it, shes the most annoying person in the world..she whines like a fat kid at a weight loss camp..also as far as looks shes not so hot, jennifer harmon is wayy hotter than her,,

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

Your Brother Is Better Than You

hey on November 22, 2004

Annie was brillant in TOC. She, like everyone else who plays poker got some breaks, but for the most part she played exceptionally well. Women do have to work twice as hard to get half the credit of men. Good Job, Annie. You can be my coach, anytime.

anglfish/heigert on November 18, 2004

i meet anne at foxwoods she finished 9th wpt. Nice politeprettier in person.Pleasur to talk with.

vette man on November 17, 2004

Annie keeps getting better and better at her game. In the end, that will be how she is measured. You guys who want to label her as a bit%$ have this neaderthal attitude that most of society has dropped in the last 20 years. I like the fact that she dropped out of Penn. I hate that school :-)

slvsc2 on November 15, 2004

SHES HOT, im ALL in with her lol

billybabe on November 14, 2004

Annie is definetly a MILF, but she absolutely did not deserve to win the Tourny of Champions. She got lucky over and over, and Raymer for some reason decided to double her up again and again with his poor all-in calls. Hellmuth should have beaten her, except she outflopped him every single hand.

Nightwolf on November 11, 2004

she is cool.and THE BEST FEMALE POKER PLAYER.she may only have 1 bracelet.but she is consistant.very1 loves her.

i hate the river on November 5, 2004

Annie is amazing. I have to agree also that she is a very beautiful woman. I think the fact that she plays poker, very well, makes her all that sexy.

tHe_NeXt_BiG_tHiNg on November 4, 2004

Annie Duke is smokin....I think shes hotter because she plays poker but definitly awesome.....I like to see her beat players I dont like....I dont like when she beats Daniel Negraneu....hes the best

Whitey on October 31, 2004

I just watched that 10topPlayer 2mill contest wow annie won and yes shes pretty hot.

BCpokerBoy on October 31, 2004

I think Hellmuth is kind of the type of competitor John McEnroe was... the more pissed off and whiny he is, the better he plays. He´s probably the best player around. Although to see him loose always makes me laugh my ass off because of the fact that noone want´s to see a jerk win. Annie is a great player, but i think she owes the victory to Greg Raymer who made a ridiculous call against her and of course the "knock out" of her brother. My spelling might be bad but i´m a swede, so go easy on me...

biggus dickus on October 23, 2004

She is cunning...I admire her ability to stand with the males and no take no S*&T!..go Annie!

wabbit on October 23, 2004

N SIXX.. oh my god.. your right. how much of a fool do i feel now. Of course, people that earn lots of money are obviously great people. PFFF COME ON. Most of the ALL of the people I know that earn top dollar are complete dicks cos they treat ppl like shit cos they think they are gods when in reality they squat when taking a dump like the rest of us.

Unregistered on October 20, 2004

props to her on winnging the tournament of champions, the girl has skill

Matt Hicks/ lil DOYLE/hicks_c_02 on October 20, 2004

Annie Duke was part of a story in Entertainment Weekly (Desparate Housewives on cover) on the popularity of poker and rising stars. She is mentioned by way of her working to improve Ben Affleck's game. Good for her.

Gigohead. on October 18, 2004

Some of you need to chill out. Whether she's a bitch or not, barefoot or not doesn't mean jack squat. Most of you (me included) would get your a$$ handed to you if you played head up against her. Face the real world folks, she's a pro earning top dollar, while most of you still play with monopoly money.Outta here.

N Sixx on October 18, 2004

Luck is always part of the final equation. There is not a player alive who can win at the top level without it. Some people seem to have more of it than others, and if that makes them champions that's okay too. Annie is fortunate sometimes. If poker was all skill and no luck it would not be as fun as it is. The combination is what makes it alluring. Hey Pal, if hurling will make you feel better, by all means go do it.

baggywinkles on October 16, 2004

Annie is all woman...and women are in touch with their emotions much more than men, or at least they show them more readily. The fact that Annie cries when she's filled with emotion makes her more attractive and feminine. The fact that she has had four children makes her more attractive, and the fact that she's a Kick-Ass poker champ makes her irresistable. The guys that want her to stop crying and showing emotion in a game/tournament are actually asking her to become more like a man, and hide her feelings. That's a really dumb expectation. Let's forget the macho BS and just enjoy watching a terrific lady win.

Jim McDonald/baggywinkles/baggywinkles on October 15, 2004

That last comment... in fact... the last 2 comments make me wanna hurl. If I was a girl I'd pick a fight with her a send her home in an ambulance.

Unregistered on October 15, 2004

Neither Annie nor Phil deserved to be the final 2, but luck and plenty of help from Greg Raymer's poor calls never hurts. And Phil folding aq with more chips than Chan was incredibly stupid. Annie played real tight and scared early, and it should have bitten her in the a ss. She just kept catching cards when the blinds rose, and people falsely credit that to skill.

wizardofroz on October 15, 2004

All anyone needs to know about annie duke is that she's a decent poker player, she's one of the only female players, and she's hot. None of you people who haven't met her need to know anything other than what I just told you.

Andrew/DarkTremor(stars)/tal_tempest on October 14, 2004

Annie is a "very special gal " in every way. (beautiful bright and such a great poker player)!!!!! I,'m so very proud of her.Shes my niece and no one can say anything bad about her to me!!!!!!

Joaninphilly on October 13, 2004

tell me another player who has broke down and started crying in the middle of a tournament ... any size!!!!

JohnCates. on October 11, 2004

annie made a complete jike of herself on the TOC. All that crying set women back 20 years in poker. If you don't want to win the hand ... why call .... she should be grateful Raymer dumped all his chips to here so she could even have a chance to win anyway.

johncates. on October 10, 2004

and another thing ... how does she make the TOC over Dan Harrington?

johncates. on October 10, 2004

Glad to see Annie finally win a big event rather than just ride on her brother's coattails. Word is that Annie has left her hubby and she and Ben Affleck are quite an item. Clonie has left her hubby also and has a new stud muffin for a boyfriend. I hate to hear all of this. It would be nice if women could become poker stars and keep their relationships/marriages intact. Just keeps feeding that old philosophy that poker is a "seedy" game which is something I had hoped we would overcome and bring poker into the world of respectability and overtake that boring game of golf! Annie is not a pretty woman by any means.......she looks very rough....the looker of all the women pokwer players is that's a beautiful woman and she's one heck of a poker player.

eyesgottaknow on October 9, 2004

im 40 and have a photo on [email][/email] and think Annies sexy even if she wasnt a card me Annie im Paul -divorced Italian male..... your HOT

paullybs on October 8, 2004

Annie was very lucky to win the tournement of champions. Let's look at some of the luck she had, AQ beating KK, 66 beating 77 raymer hitting top pair on the flop and annie outdrawing him on the turn, and other multiple times. Not to mention how many great laydowns phil made against her, there's only so many times you can throw away top pair, and each time phil did, he was beat, there was nothing he could do about it. I admit, annie is a solid poker player, but she gets too much credit than she should. Why is she even in the tournement of champions, yea she won a omaha hi/low event, but their were many and i mean MANY other players who had won more events and were probably more derserving. Kathy Leibert has been playing poker longer than annie, and i believe (don't quote me here) that she has won more cash/tournements than annie. It just puzzles me at the credit she gets.

Mike/teecoy(pokerstars)/teecoy on October 8, 2004

Annie. What was that outburst all about at the 2004 wsop when you were playing that young lad who didn't muck properly. Threw your toys out the pram a little didn't you. fortunately you proved my point that you are an idiot. And your a mum?? tut tut. Shame really.

shadey on October 6, 2004

I think she's a good player. Maybe has a little too much of that "a woman can beat the men" attitude as if it's something she's out to prove. And I didn't much care for her complaining when she was knocked out of the main event. The guy didn't really make a bad call... He thought she was bluffing, and he was right. Nonetheless, she seems to know her way around the poker table.

Tbone on October 6, 2004

Ive had the pleasure of playing with annie back in 2001,she was very nice and played her hands well taking alot of my money,she did however have the worst breath i have ever known.

frederik on October 5, 2004

Daniel Negreanu's a prissy little queen! Who cares what he thinks about Annie?

Unregistered on October 5, 2004

you go mellomama, upmyarse you have a little growing up to do. its so sad to see that some of you cant see what a great poker player and WOMAN that Annie really is, keep up the great playing Annie, I think you are the cats meow. Thank you for paving the way for us.

Odd1 on October 4, 2004

Annie is 1 lucky, babbling biotch. Her play is quite predictable, and her hug and near waterworks after knocking her brother out of the $2 million game was so pathetic.

wizardofroz on October 4, 2004

"upmyarse" you prove my point precicely. People here (except for the ones who have something nice, relevant or meaningful to say) are taken with a grain of salt in my book. Especially you, I have a small son, so how would you like me to wish death upon your mom? Of course I don't, and I wish you good health and long life, even though you have shown yourself to be a total "arse" of the truest nature. Go Annie.

mellomama on October 3, 2004

good work women!!!!!!!!!! but i want to see you in play boy soon.

butt muncher on October 2, 2004

WELL! As I stumbled on this page I was so shocked to read all the lowly lies, gossip, and stupidity coming from some of the haters here! Shocking. And I appreciated reading the other stuff in between. Personally, I have been playing Hold'em for about 3 years now, starting back when Hoyle games were at Uproar, more recently at pogo, and have, over this time, developed a real passion for this game. I had never heard of WSOP, or any of these players or events until just recently, when I saw some of this year's WSOP on ESPN. (The first time I laid eyes on Doyle Brunson, his magnificent expressionless pokerface really stood out from the crowd.) And the first time I saw Annie Duke was during a commercial, when she was triumphantly holding up a couple of fistfulls of cash, and I was like, who's that girl? Well now I know! And I now happily play at UB very often, and have lots of fun there, among other places. But since I've just been an internet player and not a follower of the sport and it's players, as I said, I had no idea who any of these people were until very recently. When you are skilled enough to play at the level that they are at, of course some people get jealous of you, your ability, talent, and all that goes with it. If I could say anything to Annie Duke, it would be that I was so happy to watch her win the TOC, because I was rooting for her. And with all the total crap I read in here, I would be a royal bitch to some of these losers too, lol. But seriously, some of this shit went a little too far in my opinion, and Im hoping some of the commentors, like that dork Jim, got banned. If Annie Duke is having personal problems, That is her buisness, and I'd like to meet a person who doesn't have any personal problems, "star" or not. I wager a bet that her family and friends are very supportive of her, reguardless of what anyone else thinks, and I wish her and her entire family the very best blessings in life. Also, I noticed the sharp decline in obnoxious comments after the date that they aired her win at the TOC. (until this last little bit about a DUI or something.) And that's her buisness, and if I was her I'd be thinking how looney it is to read these people who dont even know me talk smack and gossip about me like they know me so well. But as a psychology major, I'm sure she probably understands all that, and doesn't sweat the small, ignorant stuff. Go Annie, you have been an inspiration to myself, and countless others, I'm sure. And as for however she sits at a table, Im sure it is comfortable to her, and that's what matters.

mellomama72(akaDrDaft)mellomama72 on September 30, 2004

Annie congrats on your win you are going to do fabulous in 2005. girl you got it, win it all.

Unregistered on September 30, 2004

I read through most of these comments and was really surprised at the level of comments below the belt. If you don't like someone you could be a little less childish about it. I haven't had the opportunity to meet Annie but I certainly wouldn't mind. Although the is, to me, extremely attractive, I would like to learn the game. Watching the World Series the last few years, I am impressed at her playing ability and the ability to shut off all emotion. Being able to play at that level with that intensity is a great ability. Congratulations Annie on your wins this year and I wish you more in the future.

christysboy63 on September 26, 2004

she dint get into hellmuths head...three words OUTFLOPPED OUTFLOPPED OUTFLOPPED

smash on September 26, 2004

congrats on the tournament of champions win you deserved it, but i cant lie i was wanting howard to win it cause he also deserved it, but the reason i think wsop is even having a tournament of champions is because its hard to get to see pro's play each other cause there is so many amatuers but hey nonplussed is right you cant say phil hellmuth is a has been, hes far from that

pocket7s on September 24, 2004

How can you do anything but love this poker queen. Annie is not only one of the most attractive women on the planet, but she also has an incredible mind....just ask phil helmuth. He found out what I already knew...Annie rocks!!!!!

omahapokernut on September 24, 2004

Where the hell did the MILF come into play?...this is P-O-K-E-R not Poke-her...leave that sex shit where it belongs...Annie - congrats on another win, the 2004 Tourney o' Champs...Damn woman, KICK SOME ASS IN 2005, I got all the bets covered that you win the 2005 MAIN EVENT!!!! (then Amarillo Slim can cut his throat, LOL)

Pokrstudent on September 23, 2004

Big congrads Annie, seeing you not only get into "Phil's" head, but you looked around while in-there, Any chance you saw any signs of intellegent live...he's such an ass!!! Myabe you can teel me why he lost, I mean listing to Phil play, new what you had every hand. And when you showed him your 9 keeping the K hidden, best move of the day!!!

tinmantyke on September 23, 2004

I guess if it was just Annie's great luck for winning the Tournement, then the "fat one" had the greatest of luck when he won the far as those berating AD.....there are very few players that are even likable, with most be obnoxious Phil Helmuths types, and I'll take AD anyday compared to them.....

observer on September 23, 2004

Phill rules Annie just got lucky I hate her so much she allways trys to look at people's cards.I love it when Phill crys at the table, keep up the good work Phill.

Artist on September 22, 2004

"The best all-around woman poker player in the world today!"- Phil Hellmuth, Jr.

Slayre on September 22, 2004

I too was thrilled to see Annie whoop Hellmuth's whiny little bitch ass. I also again that some of it was luck but hello! it's poker some of it is always luck. Nobody can control the cards that fall. I think that she deserved that win way more then Hellmuth with his horrible table etiquette, what a soar loser. I think that Annie is one of the best players in the world. Keep it up girl! DOn't let these envious boobs get you down!

LittleLuLu on September 22, 2004

Yes, it is true you need to be lucky to win a tournament. But you also need to know what to do with the luck when you get it. A well deserved win in the head to head final 2. Helmuth might actually be as good as he thinks he is if he had more respect for his opponents. Annie took advantage of this and destroyed his ability to read after she showed the 9 in response to his showing a king. You got beat by a girl Phil. LMAO if he thinks that is shameful.

get real on September 22, 2004

Eh, you're calling Helmuth a has-been, but, c'mon, he's won the main event, and won 8 OTHER bracelets, including 2 in _2003_. 2! So, I don't think calling him a has-been is quite fair. I wouldn't really call him whiny at the table as I would just call him _mean_. I mean, if you should beat him, he rails on your for being stupid for calling in the first place, and spits out a bunch of numbers as to why. When he said, he plays at such a high level that he gets frustrated at the table, he's absolutely right. I mean, don't any of you have bosses that are absolute pricks during the work day, but are actually pretty nice guys when it comes down to it? So, call Helmuth what you want, but he's definitely not a has-been. Like they said on the broadcast, he might be the best living hold-em player - since all nine of his braclets at the WSOP have come in hold-em events. As for the Ace Queen, he was right - I think it was the right laydown. I mean, AQ is a nice hand, but it's not a made hand, and he wasn't at the point where he really needed to call for so much of his stack. Besides, he still ended up at the final 2, right? And of COURSE him hitting his 10 on the river against chan's kings was really lucky. But that's poker - any hand can win. What was great about the Tournament of champions was seeing these professionals really go at it. I mean, they're all good players, and it was good seeing them playing well. Annie Duke showing him the nine was GREAT, even if he didn't totally fall for it - I mean, he said, "That's too reckless for you - I'll bet you flopped two-pair." Helmuth is proof that, if you play by the percentages, you can do great things. I mean, Doyle Bruson and Jonny Chan are the only other two people to win 9 bracelets at the WSOP, and it took Doyle 12 years longer to accomplish it, and it took Chan a while too. The reason Helmuth is my favorite player is because he has no problem being frustrated at the table. But I mean, even with Annie Duke, he didn't have much to be frustrated about. She didn't make any really crappy calls. I mean, the call against her brother was a bad one, but it was an understandable one. Her brother couldn't really say, "What the heck were you calling me with that for in the first place?" So, Helmuth at the end was more mad at himself. I'd be frustrated if I finished in second place also.

nonplussed on September 22, 2004

Annie beat him cause she got in his head and worked her magic. She was awesome! When you act like he does you are bound to take a huge fall.

rru on September 22, 2004

You rock, girl! congrats on your win against phil helmuth. AWESOME play, gutsy moves and a truly exciting match. nothing was more satisfying than seeing you outplay Helmuth! The trip threes with the jack kicker (to Phil's trip threes with q kicker) was a little bit harsh but you recovered nicely. Loved when you had K - 9, flopped two pair, and then only showed Phil the nine to f*ck with his head. hehe. Nicely done.

Pokergal on September 21, 2004

Eh, Helmuth is great though. He's a real jerk on the table, but Annie Duke got really lucky in the heads up play. I mean, there's only so many times you can both flop top pair at once. I mean, K7 vs K9, Phil made an excellent laydown, and even after she showed the nine, he said, "I had a feeling you flopped two pair". So, I mean, hands where you both have tens, and the flop is 10 x x, eventually one person is going to go all in and the higher kicker is going to prevail. So kudos to her for playing well, but I think luck was on her side, big time. That being said, I thought it was GREAT when she started crying after she flopped the set against her brother. There should be more of that at the poker table; people realizing they _shouldn't_ have won the hand, they they made a _terrible_ call, and they got unbelievably lucky. I mean, even on the turn and river, Howard was still drawing to four cards. But yeah, I thought she was great about administering the bad beat - and she didn't brag about it, or dance around the table.

nonplussed on September 21, 2004

i agree nonplussed -- with both sentiments about Helmuth and with the fact that Annie had luck on her side -- no doubt. Phil did make the good laydown. It could've been an entire different game, however, if Phil wasn't so afraid to play his A-Q against Johnny Chan earlier in the tourney, but ya never know. Annie did have luck but I've never seen anyone win without luck. Raymer had a ton of lucky moments to win the WSOP as did Moneymakes last year. I think it's how it goes but it's how you play it when you get those lucky runs that matter. I agree, the heartfelt emotion shown when she won with inferior cards was appreciated. Personally I thought it was one of the more interesting tourneys I've seen.

Pokergal on September 21, 2004

Go Annie! she made my day! watching her beat phil hellmuth!! happiest moment of my life!! well not quite, but still!!! sure she got lucky! but in the end, luck is party of poker. moneymaker, good player, but got tonnes of luck. raymer, great player, but got lucky (i.e his 10's vs mcclains aces) so yeh, annie got a bit lucky @ times, but she made the most of it when she was lucky and made the most of it when she got good hands! and thats what makes a great poker player! it was fantastic to see a girl win that table! especially one with the class and skill of annie duke. and as for phil hellmuth, he was once a great player, but that one victory in the main event, went to his head, and has never left his head! every table he sits at, he thinks he is the greatest player on the table, and its just not true. poker is a game of skill and luck, and phil hellmuth forgets that! he things because he is midly skillful he deserved to win everything!! NOT TRUE!!! he is a jerk, a whinging crybaby and all around arrogant prick! it was so satisfying to see him fall hard on his arse! good work annie!!!

Jumbles on September 21, 2004

I agree annie got lucky but im glad she beat phil he has got issues. She hung in there ealy with short stacks but made the right calls and made alot of all in calls that got her to the final with phil. It was just her night.

KrisH on September 21, 2004

how big of a cry baby am i... annie rules i loved watching her beat helmuth that LOSER!!!!!!

phil helmuth on September 21, 2004

So happy to see that whimp Phil go down and the cry about it afterwards

Unregistered on September 21, 2004

It would have been cool to see her and her brother go at it for all the money, cant stand Helmuth.

Unregistered on September 21, 2004

Absolutely lucky. She didn't deserve to survive any of her all in bets that put her in position to be in the final 2. She would only win that tournament maybe once out of a 100 times.

SpecialK1224 on September 21, 2004

SO all you haters of Annie Duke... yea she just owned Helmuths bitch ass... stop hating cause your not that level...

Ricemode on September 21, 2004

the beat on helmuth will go down in history as one of the best ever!!!!!she was so farr in his head, he didn't know if he was coming or going.i'll bet he's still babbling like and idiot.

chase/cmatthew on September 21, 2004

she plays well but looks ridiculous with her feet proped up at the poker table listening to those damn headphones.

acesfull on September 20, 2004

Hey Annie:i Love A Woman That Is Happy To Be A Milf....drop Me An Email And Any Chance You Doing Playboy?vg

tinmantyke on September 14, 2004

OVERRATED. Harmon is a much better female player.

Gus is the man on September 4, 2004

solid player at omaha but i've never seen her solid hold'em play. best female player on the circuit.

brill on September 3, 2004

whatever annie duke is a great player and you know it you are just jealous

Unregistered on September 1, 2004

Why all the excitement over Annie Duke? I sat with her head-up at Bellagio for only about an hour and a half and took $7000 from her. I mean, she looks great at the table, but she's just another player. Seriously. Play her some time.

YeahRight on August 30, 2004

yo don't hate the player hate the game

tryla on August 25, 2004


Unregistered on August 23, 2004

Here's the link to Daniel Negreanu's thoughts on Annie:


MisterC on August 22, 2004

Just remember this about Ben Affleck.... He did win the Cal State Poker Championship this year.... not too shabby! And Jen... it's just a matter of time!

Stud7. on August 21, 2004

Wow! Ms. Duke's page has by far more comments than any of the other players I have visited so far. What's interesting is the low level of comments made when the player HAPPENS to be female. What a perv and misogynistic way to look at life and the game we all love.

AlisoninVegas on August 20, 2004

hey pokergal, i am also sorry to hear that you are being treated badly. i have also been called names for the way that i have been winning, i guess you are right it is because we are girls. Annie i hope that you keep up the good work

AceofSpades on August 20, 2004

thanks Stud -- Not all guys are like that, most are really cool. You can always tell the jerks from the class acts and that's in all walks of life, not just poker. See ya at the final table one day!Jen

Pokergal on August 19, 2004

Hey Pokergal.... sorry to hear you have been treated poorly. All of the people I play with in tourneys, live games and home games would never treat a woman like that. We are not all bad. You go girl and make your dream happen... it's my dream as well to win some major tourneys... I have made the final table in 5 tourneys so far and I have been playing for two years. Not big money yet but I keep on trying. Good luck to you and maybe we will meet at the final table.

Stud7. on August 18, 2004

that was funny when she kept bitchin about how that one dude did something wrong with his chips..I forget what but yea she acted like she just lost on some bs. and whats this deal with affleck, I mean I love that dude hes a great actor but just because she taught him how to play he's suddenly a "world class" player, haha

Unregistered on August 18, 2004

i think annie duke is so hot the way she plays barefoot with her foot propped up

Unregistered on August 18, 2004

Hi -- I do play but not professionally (at least not yet but it's my passion and a goal) i practice everyday to get better and consider myself a student... hopefully will get the honor to play along side the greats one day including ANNIE! :)In my smaller games, I have seen first hand how some men (not all) react to a woman in the game, after a great hand I've been called everything fron a "lucky c--t" to a total slut? Previously I had no idea that Pocket Aces or even a decent bluff could make someone either of those things but I guess that's part of it when you are a lady in poker :)Way to go Annie and best wishes!

pokergal on August 16, 2004

I love Annie Duke! She is an inspiration to me... She played while being pregnant and tries very hard to be the best mom while playing poker. She is definitely a very nice person and most of you criticize her because you are jealous. She is amazing and one of my dreams is to meet her someday. As a person with Crohn's disease, you value every day to the fullest. You meet people who inspire you to be the best you can be. Annie is one of those people. I sincerely hope someone can help me contact her so I can fulfill my dream. Love to all!

Wooleybear on August 16, 2004

Annie is a great poker player, female or male, she is a pro, that omaha hi/low championship is no fluke. I guarntee you she'll win the main event soon. She is amazing, go Annie!!!!

poker kid 442 on August 15, 2004

pokergal, do u play 2. annie hope to see you with more braclets soon

Unregistered on August 11, 2004

congrats Annie on your win! These women-hating, sore losing, talentless men are so annoying, way to show the world that us ladies can play too.

pokergal on August 10, 2004

sorry tommy g whenever i come on here there are not a lot of people telling the truth about annie, and i do hope that she has much more success in the future

AceofSpades on August 9, 2004

Great poker player and yes a MILF!!!

Hedoggy on August 8, 2004

annie is a great player and great job in the omaha tourny, there will be more bracelets in her future

tommy g on August 8, 2004

Hey PokrStudent, i am glad that you are one of the few who is actually congratulating Annie on her win

AceofSpades on August 6, 2004

Congrats to Annie on the Omaha win. Best of Luck to you. Kick some more ass next year!!!!

PokrStudent on August 5, 2004

what the fuck are you talking about. annie duke is the nicest person you could ever meet. she is a great poker player and a great mom. don't you people have anything better to do than to talk shit about her. besides how could you know unless you sat down and talked with her. she is the sweetest person you could ever meet.

AceofSpades on August 4, 2004

Of all the poker players out there, Annie is my least favorite. A snotty, self righteous, stuck up bitch. No class whatsoever, she puts her stinking barefeet on the table on a regular basis. I've seen her do this and I've seen other players reactions. James McManus writes about her in "Positively Fifth Street". He said in a tournament someone went all in on Annie and she folded. She then reached for the other guys cards and looked at them, saying "just checking". you have to pay to see. The icing on the cake was when she started crying over her misread in the 2004 WSOP main event. What a sorry loser.

Ray on August 1, 2004

One of the best players in the world.. (BAR NONE). Have known Annie for a few years now and have watched her play great poker and seen her grow into a star in the poker world. I have been with her at different places and see how she has never turned down anyone for an autograph. Not only does she sign she will answer questions and is so polite to the people. She is an amazing person and I just don't see how anyone could write a bad word about her if they have spent anytime with her. Annie is a wonderful person as well as a great mother. It's time for all of you to show a little respect to one of the nicest people in poker. I am fell lucky to call her a friend.

shady on July 31, 2004

I think Annie is incredibly cute and talented. I think she is devoted to her family and her job as a premier poker player. And her perched upon the chair barefoot is always a treat. I have been fortunate to be able to converse with her on Ultiamte Bet and she always seems willing to talk to those at the table.

Unregistered on July 28, 2004

Anyone who has been talking shit about Annie is jealous and has issues and really needs to get a life. Tontos way

AceofSpades on July 28, 2004

annie is a just a personwho plays poker. anyone who spreads lies or stories is ignorant. why not take shots at GW instead

Unregistered on July 28, 2004

Yeah seriously. I have always been a great fan of annie and i am proud of her for how far she has made it

AceofSpades on July 28, 2004


tjm on July 21, 2004

okay...this chick needs to realize that she's got the prettiest poker face in the industry. After she realizes that she should then market that face to the country and help urge millions more to play poker, needs to put her face on everything they can. Poker is definately a fad right now on college campuses like my own, people like us would love to see more annie duke. What a hot name!

ROCK on July 11, 2004

hey everyone im going to tell you something many dont know. There will be a new book coming out by an old friend/relative of annie's. Its tittle will be something like lap dance or backseat annie. That im not sure of,but it goes on to talk about the tough start and humble beginnings of annie. from what i can understand she and howard earned their money from many failures and rough beginnings. Even Annie will be shocked by this book.

look at me im special on July 10, 2004

"Shut up you palistine"?What in the name of Ted Bundy are you talking about??Calling smeone a country isn't exactly what I'd consider a blow to one's ego.

Alecs C. /Alecs /cassleung on July 5, 2004

I like Annie Duke... I understand that she can be tough to talk to but she has a right to be left alone if that's what she wants. It's too bad to hear about her split with her hubby but I've been through that too and I wasn't the most friendly person to be around when that was happening to me. Cut her some slack. By the way.... you are a MILF, Annie

Stud7. on July 5, 2004

hey satan love??? I think the word you are looking for is "philistine" which when used as an adjective means: "one who is boorish and uncultured." "Palestine" once a country is now an area of Israel. Maybe you heard about it on the news?

Stud7. on July 5, 2004

annie duke is a great player, and seems to be a very down to earth person. and, she attended the University of Pennsylvania, which is very impressive.

steve L. on July 4, 2004

shut up you palistine! what the hell does any of that have to do with poker?!?! you didnt even mention annie duke, do you even know what she does for a living?go preach on the street and catch an ass whoopin!

satan love on July 2, 2004

she is nothing special at poker, a cry baby for sure

sportsbettor on June 28, 2004

annie duke dropped out of university of pennsylvania? i thought she has a phd. in psychology.

you can't call dis baby! on June 28, 2004

All of your losers that whine and have never had any of the success of the people your talk about are really pathetic and needy. You all wreak of jealousy and insecurity. Get a life.

Amen Herman on June 28, 2004

"Just not. Least you be JUDGED." Read your scripture folks. It applies 24 hours a day in all environments. Not just on Sunday. Next time you want to make a comment think to yourselves, "What would Jesus do? Would he approve of what I have to say?" Looking at most of these comments the answer is a resounding NO!

GodsWord on June 28, 2004

I used not be a fan of Annie, I kinda thought she came off as rude and demanding. I met her in Vegas a few weeks ago and I couldn't be more wrong. We talked for about a half hour about poker andhow she was doing. She gave me some pointers and was very down to earth. Very sexy women also.

TTboy on June 26, 2004

Man, don't you people have anything better to do in life than put somebody down? Apparently some of you haven't taken your medication. Lay-off Annie. If you really want a piece of her, try sitting down and playing like a man. (Good luck with that too)

herman007 on June 23, 2004

I like how this "Pro Player" managed to get knocked up 8 months before the most important poker tournament of the year. Then this fat ass comes strolling in pregnant and expects everyone to treat her like a queen.

Krieger on June 20, 2004

its amazing how if a woman is aggressive she is a capital B but if its a man he's a good player... you people really do need to get a life

nothinbutdatruth on June 6, 2004

annie is pure evil she treats people like shit she will never succeed

Unregistered on June 1, 2004

wow, some of you people are rather harsh about Annie. I bet you all haven't even met her and you are judging her. Let those who are innocent cast the first stone.

jereshkigal on May 30, 2004

annie is getting a divorce. apparently she caught her hubby cheating. I wonder why....

stax mcbluff on May 25, 2004

Annie is Awesome......Don't be hate'en people

Longshot on May 24, 2004

Annie is in a virtual tie with Melissa Hayden for Wicked Witch of the East. A prime example of a woman who uses too many batteries. BTW, Soccermom, you are easily tilted and play for shit when this happens.

Maverick on May 22, 2004

Her and Howie are awfully tight. As Hon Le would put it...too close for comfort.

Tilt on May 18, 2004

Once you reach "celebrity" status, you have to expect fans to want your autograph and a short chat. Not sure if I understand why Annie would deny her fans this opportunity, however I don't know the circumstances of the interruption.

Adrienne on May 17, 2004

Yeah well, we ARE the people Annie was having dinner with, and we didn't enjoy being interrupted so rudely. So put that in your pan and fry it, toad! Who taught you how to be so rude, your parents?Sammers (Lederer family member)

Sammers sammers1 on May 16, 2004

played 3 levels at 2002 WSOP with her, she is an outstanding player

jackten on May 15, 2004

Annie Is So Cute At The Poker Tournament I Ever Seem, I Always Keep My Eyes On Her And Support Her!! Someday Annie Will Teacher Her Kid How To Play Poker.

DEAFWORLDPOKER. on May 15, 2004

check RGP to see what kind of a slime ball she is the articles weren't in card player

Unregistered on April 27, 2004

Matt - Which articles are you referring to? I am not questioning your honor, I am just curious b/c I thought I read pretty much all of Daniel's Card Player articles and do not recall seeing that one. If you could just list the title(s), that would be great. I don't know anything about Annie Duke. Thanks alot in advance!

cfh888 on April 16, 2004

Annie's the coolest. Always willing to say she taught me how to play Triple Draw.

Sevin on April 1, 2004

Actually, a lot of pro's don't like Annie. Daniel Negreanu wrote a lot about how he didn't like her. Apparently she is very obnoxious and annoys the other high limit players at Bellagio a lot.

Matt on March 24, 2004

A far cry from her bro Howard but is the best female player out there

brill on March 24, 2004

Is Annie doing a television series on her life? I heard a rumor...

Unregistered on March 24, 2004

try dating someone else other than your brother

augustusmaximillien on March 21, 2004

It seems to me someone wanted an autograph while she was having dinner with family. They did not get it, of course.

Hmm on March 17, 2004

"she is a rude, obnoxious, stuck up, wannabe. ask any of the pros what they think of her they will tell you she is low class slime" - takes one to know one i suppose. good luck with that chip on your shoulder.

Unregistered on March 15, 2004

Annie is hot....nothing sexier than a MILF playing poker! Hope to see Annie at the Bellagio some night.

Garrett/VitaminG/the_vitamin_g on March 10, 2004

she is a rude, obnoxious, stuck up, wannabe. ask any of the pros what they think of her they will tell you she is low class slime

thetruth on March 9, 2004

"thetruth", I would like to know which of the pros has said that. If they even did say that, it sounds like they may be just a bit jealous. Maybe she took their money in a game.

Brenda W. on March 9, 2004

She has game. I'll give her that. Her brother is the man even though I am a Chan fan. I still like my girl Jennifer Harman. Annie is probably one of the best women poker player's out there but its annoying to watch her play being barefoot and sitting all weird.

civil66 on February 23, 2004

you dont see her win though

KC Kid on February 12, 2004

smarts and intensity: a winning combo.

Rookie on February 12, 2004

I really love to watch Annie play. It's refreshing to see a female make it so far. Playing 8 months pregnant, and still finishing 10th! That borders on the line of insanity, but you have to admire her commitment. Good luck to you, Annie!

Brenda on February 6, 2004

This chicks got GAME!

FSU1 on February 4, 2004

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