Sam Farha

Sammy Farha is a professional poker player currently residing in Houston, Texas. He is best known for finishing second to Chris Moneymaker in the 2003 WSOP main event.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1959, Farha moved to the U.S. after the Lebanese Civil War broke out when he was in his teens. After settling in Wichita, Kansas in 1977, he attended the University of Kansas and graduated with a degree in business administration. He moved to Houston, Texas to work with his brother.

Farha first played poker one year after moving to Houston, and won several thousand dollars. He quit his job in 1990 to play poker full time.

Farha won his first bracelet at the 1996 WSOP in the $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha championship. He later finished 3rd in that same event in 2002.

Farha's best tournament finish was his 2nd place finish to Chris Moneymaker in the 2003 WSOP main event, earning $1,300,000. On the second day of play Farha lost a major pot to Barry Greenstein leaving him with only 10% of the average stack. He was considering leaving at this point and was talked into staying by Greenstein. He lost the final hand to Moneymaker after going all in with a pair of jacks on the flop, only to be called by Moneymaker who had flopped bottom two pair.

A couple of months later, Farha beat Moneymaker in a rematch orchestrated by PokerStars.

After getting another cash in the main event in 2005 WSOP, he won his second bracelet in the 2006 $5,000 Omaha Hi-low Split, earning $398,560

Farha has appeared on the GSN series High Stakes Poker, in seasons 1-4.

Farha is a spokesman for Harrah's casino in Las Vegas and made a cameo appearance in the 2007 film, Lucky You.

As of 2009, He has 3 WPT cashes, 7 WSOP cashes, and total winnings exceed $2,300,000 in live tournament poker, even though he tends to play primarily in high-stakes Omaha cash games.


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Who the hell is "Dave Kaplan"? You mean Gabe Kaplan. Anyway Sammy is awesome. I love watching him play in the high stakes game. "Raisey Daisey" with Q6, off suit LOL! I loved watching Sammy take about $300K from that, donk, Jamie Gold with his aces.
Too bad Sammy actually had a heart and didn't take another $120K from Gold in the hand

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

i have to agree sammy gets me excited. i bet we would make good poker together, just kidding. i dont know who humphrey bogart is. but the important thing is, sammy is sexy.

jellibeans on January 22, 2007

I cringe every time I hear Dave Kaplan describe Sammy as "Humphrey Bogart". Sammy is the reincarnation of George Raft, the famous movie star of the '40's. Watching him is fun and reminds me of the old black and white movies.

Poppyswife on December 31, 2006

Everyone has his limit...Sammy reached his, and could go no farther....He knew he had Moneymaker beat, but no one can go beyond his limit. He is the poster child for all those who crashed at the gates of imortality!

????? on November 28, 2006

had gone thru every hooker in Vegas...but he does look like a poker player, don't he?

Zig on November 2, 2006

We ARE AT WAR!!!! Sammy is the THE MAN! Everytime I see the replay of that 2003 main event I always hope he'd call Moneymaker's bluff. He should've won that tournament. Maybe he was tired.

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

Haha how many poker players do you know that tell the truth?

Unregistered on September 6, 2005

How can you say he is classy when he lied to Moneymaker about folding pocket Queens.

Unregistered on August 24, 2005

loves to see flops

Unregistered on August 22, 2005

Farha is the "man". Classiest player on TV!!!

Kywildcat on August 21, 2005

Norman Chad is asshole

McDaddy11 on August 8, 2005


Unregistered on August 6, 2005

ya gotta love his style,especially the unlit cigaretteand his cool.He's one of my favorite players cuzhe can be aggressive at any time and he can bluffwith the best of them.

onibaku on July 25, 2005

I am going to kill Norman Chad if i hear that Sammy loves to see flops again. Someone shoot him.

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

Serves him right for selling those knocked-off cigarettes in the car park in Atlantic City.

Wizardio on July 13, 2005

his overall earnings at the wsop are over a million just an fyi

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

He busted out. That sucks.

Steve on July 11, 2005

he has dropped in the chip standings but is still in it. hes one of the pros left that i want to win it.

JetsFan315 on July 10, 2005

I am going to win the WSOP 2005.

Sam Farha on July 10, 2005

Hey sammy your the one guy in poker ive molded my style as my screename on pokerstars is Nexbigthang and it has a picture of you at the final table in why dont you give me a pic that has you at the final of 05. Good luck bro i will see you at a table someday.

Gil Marquez/ Gmarquez19 on July 10, 2005

he a great player

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

farha in great shape on day two. started day second overall. doesnt hurt when you double up on the very first hand dealt at the table on day one. farha with big stack. look out.

Unregistered on July 9, 2005

Nearing the end of day 1B, Sammy is among the chip leaders with 90000. Not a player you wanna see at your table with a big stack of chips. As a side note Moneymaker at last update was still hanging around at 9000. Each orbit now costs 1250 dollars so Moneymaker will need to find some cards and make a move soon.

wsop updater on July 8, 2005

this is the year of the pros at the world series. and in this main event you can see who is standing out. a poker pro knows how to adapt. last year was unpresidented in hbutow many people entered. butthis year with 3 day ones, a day two will be like playing in last years. farha is one of the chip leaders now.

loveland on July 8, 2005

whats with the tiger,he needs a boot up his ass

angry hard on on on July 7, 2005

Farha is a cool cat. I Don't like how he plays I admire it. I play like a sad rock(ultra tight) While Farha likes putting chips in the pot to see the flop. Head up He'd probably take me with his agressive style(not even begining to mention the gap in skill) But whats with the Cigarette? He doesn't actually smoke its all Image!And why do people focus on his Hold Em game? Hes a much mroe dangerous player In Omaha(I'd put him second only to Annie Duke the greatest living Hi/Low player)

BDST on June 13, 2005

Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer are excellent role models to the poker community. They have class and skill and are feared by most of all the top poker players today. They even are famous for their wins at the WSOP and have their website which you see on TV everyday. I feel that all you should respect them and admire their true ability to play cards at such a high caliber. I lso feel that they should have a signing session iwth Greg and Chris before every major tournament. Chris and Greg are NOT lucky...they are extremely skilled.....

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

I loved when he told Moneymaker lets just throw it all in and see what happens "you might have a better chance" and then said I mean "I might have a better chance" nicely put Sammy. Didn't work out for him but he's one of the best in the game and will be at 3 main event final tables before Moneymaker reaches 1.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

What the heck, how many people think this guy's Italian?! He's Lebanese.

pkirmips on June 1, 2005

Sammy is the ultimate Italian Pimp...Go Sammy

Moneymaker's Dad on May 25, 2005

this guy is a clown he let some guy called chris moneymaker bluff him out of the money like a million

Unregistered on May 1, 2005

if i could die and come love to be sam farha, just looking at him i would never bet into him

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

Sam farha, yeah baby, better then some internet kucky prick

daman69 on March 16, 2005

money maker's grandma could win the wsop with those cards. sammy farha is the coolest most suave playa in poker today.. money maker caught cards through out the bloody 2004 wsop and thats why he won.. catching a fukin ace on the river versus phil ivey is ass luck .. sammy is the king..

Unregistered on March 14, 2005

doesnt know the meaning of the words, conservative or tight. far too loose. also thinks he is in the mafia.

iveyfan05 on March 2, 2005

Moneymaker sux

Unregistered on March 2, 2005

sam is totally cool, so cool in fact that someone asked me to investigate him and I turned the offer down - and as far as him being a brown faced terrorist, get real, he's playing poker and doing quite well at it, not bombing casinos.Good luck to you sam - but ya know gambling is haram.

theinformationdetectives on February 20, 2005


POKER RUMOR OR TRUTH? on February 7, 2005

I heard he was kicked out of one of the hosting casinos of the WPO for repeatedly short stacking a pot or cheating a player out of chips and that he was escorted out of the casino by security. I've been told this by people who allege they were there and witnessed the ejection from the casino. Does anyone know if it's true? I also have heard he is somewhat of a hot head.

poker rumor or truth? on February 6, 2005

ive read this in other poker forums as well..i doubt it is true, as it would have been documented by some poker reporter that was there at the time...there are too many journalists there to not cover a story like until i read it or hear it from a reliable source, it didnt happen

iveyfan05 on February 6, 2005

Sammy is THE MAN

jimmie on February 5, 2005

Sammy's the best if moneymaker faced him regularly he would be crushed regularly!!!!

SICILIANO13N on January 19, 2005

Rumour has it he was caught taking chips from ... I can't remember which casino. Is this a lot of crap or is there truth to it???

HoldemJill on January 19, 2005

Farha is a great player, the prototype and image of what a pro player should be. Now could we at least get a decent picture of the man? I can't tell from that picture if it is Sammy or my college professor!

Obviously on January 16, 2005

I love his style, his attitude and his ability to handle the game perfectly. He is my favorite and I cant wait to see him play live one day !!!!!!

Tatertot on January 11, 2005

He is the greatest pot-limit Omaha player in the world, almost by general acclamation. Obviously can play no-limit a bit too, although I can't believe he made a perfect read on Moneymaker's pivotal all-in bluff in the 2003 WSOP and -still- laid down his hand. Also heard a story that Moneymaker, when he got heads up with Farha, offered to split the remaining prize money 50-50 and just play on for the bracelet, but Farha was so sure he was going to outplay and beat Moneymaker that he nixed the deal. Whoops.

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

To me that 2nd card looked like a nine, not a queen.

Eddie on December 30, 2004

Where are ya Sam? I haven't been able to catch you anywhere. Tired of seeing the same ol' crap from these guys.

MossyJaw on December 27, 2004

Sam Is The Best Poker Player Out There, He Isnt Just Great Hes Lebanese Too!!!!

ALI SAAD on December 21, 2004

Officially the coolest player out there.He looks and acts like a poker player should.Take note mike matusow (thats if you have the internet in prison! lol).

colin musgrave on December 10, 2004

Sammy, What kind of sunglasses do you wear to play poker. My husband would love a pair for Christmas. Thanks.

Kim B/tinybubbles042 on December 8, 2004

When i first watched poker...this man is the Man of all man...he looks like a true skilled poker player and became my favortite player right away when i saw his speech he made especially with the PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER status..damn that is so PIMP..HE IS THE MAN THATS what the other guy said...ITALIAN PIMP..lmao...keep up the talent sammy

cMEdaMC/cmeand1 on December 1, 2004

sammy is a good player, plays wayy to many hands but he has that uncanny ability to know what other players are holding,,well exept for mm in the 03 wsop haha,..seriously tho hes not as great as all the posting in here indicate,,he is overated for being on tv so much same with howard lederer

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Sammy's a class guy. Plus, everytime I see him he has the most gorgeous woman on his arm. He plays too many hands but he's a very good player.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Love You Sam You Are The Very Best When Will You Be On Tv Again/cant Wait To See You

JEANNIE BEANNIE on November 12, 2004

This Is For Mandy Sam Wont Answer Our Question About Atlantic City I Wonder Why I Am There All The Time And Would Love To See Him In The Flesh

JEANNIE on November 12, 2004

I think Sammy's a little overrated when it comes to Hold'em. However, this is because he is an Omaha player. Also, I like the fact that he is a very good sport.

Chad on November 4, 2004

love you sam would like to meet you in atlantic citywhen will you ever be there please answer Jeannie D

jeannie d on October 31, 2004

I would also like to know when he comes to Atlantic City. I would love to watch him. Tell us Sam!

Mandy Sue on October 31, 2004

I have a total crush on Sam. Hey look me up any day! I'll show YOU a winning pair, :)

bellernbsn on October 28, 2004

this guy is pretty cool

Shkerdhati on October 27, 2004

this guy never wins

raul on October 26, 2004

Sammy we would love to meet you. Your classy and suave. I watch you on televison playing poker all the time with my hubby. You look like you would be a great person to know. Sherlyn

sassybutswt49 on October 18, 2004

I had queens in my hand....I fold

Dyreekio on October 14, 2004

If you typed a list of attributes for the perfect poker player into a super computer (say deepthought for example). Then it would whir a little, hiss, splutter, then sing like an angel and dispense an image of Sammy Farha from my brand new dot matrix. bud-a-bing

Katchukablorg on September 19, 2004

Exactly as sam said, he's good against good players but bad against bad players (moneymaker). In a rematch hosted by online poker site, sammy killed moneymaker.

Rick on September 14, 2004

i love Farha's playing style and his style in general. In the 2003 WSOP, that was the best head-to-head's i have ever seen. i would have loved to seen Farha win it all.

patrick/scitty/patrick_sb_44 on September 13, 2004

Saw Him In Vegas At The Nugget Labor Day Weekend Playing 5k-10k A Hand Blackjack. Had A Stack Of 100k In 5k Chips... Hes Loaded...

POKE HER FACE on September 8, 2004

Just love to watch the Poker tournament and Sammy is a fav! Very classy man.

Heartspark on September 7, 2004

Sammy Farha is the best. I had the chance to meet him over labor day weekend in vegas and he let me sit at the table with him and also gave me money to go but a camera to take pictures. Sammy if you are out there i need to know where to send a copy to. Your biggest fan!!!

Tracy Meyer/T-Rae/meyer_tracy on September 6, 2004

Great player, but his aggresive style doesn't even compare Gus's.

Gus is the man on September 4, 2004

yeah..he's ok

Phil Hellmuth on September 2, 2004

Lebannese players rule!

Sammy Yassin on September 1, 2004

Whew,Sam Farha can play poker with me anytime!I think he is very classy and sexy!I would love to meet him!!The eyes and that grin!!

moonstarjo2004 on August 30, 2004

Sammy and Moneymaker? PLEASE!!! No contest--my money would be on Sammy ALL day, any day! Even if sammy was severly handicapped in chip count... I sweat sf....

slick willy on August 30, 2004

Sammy you are so cute!!! Are you married?

Jay on August 24, 2004

Guess What Farha Should Have Won And Moneymaker Luck Out When He Got That Running Ace On Ivey So Moneymaker That Fat Slob Wont Be Heard Of Ever Again In The Wsop Main Event

mr. boyd on August 24, 2004

Sammy, Sammy, damn you're the best.

Si Doan on August 20, 2004

just beacuse he didnt make it far in the 2004 wsop, doesnt means he sucks, phil ivey, john juanda, paul darden, hellmuth, men the master, they all didnt last long but they sure dont suck, check yourself

pokerstar18 on August 17, 2004

Sammy farha is by far my favorite poker player and i would do anytihng to have his skill and wisdom

holdemhound on August 17, 2004

sammy is simply the best. enough said.

cohocorp on August 17, 2004

2004 Poker will not be fun to watch without Sammy Farha.He is just so cool. I think he looks like Humphrey Bogart, except better looking...

Andie on August 16, 2004

he sucks didnt get past Day one on the WSOP 2004

Fred on August 16, 2004

Very skilled player.. he plays almost every hand though.. but still very hard to read

Holdem on August 15, 2004

this guy looks like a poker play, bets like a poker player and is a poker player, he could bluff out gus hansen and the same day bust out daniel negraneu. this guy kicks major ass!!

poker kid 442 on August 15, 2004

what r u blowen him.i enjoyed his play in the 2003 wsop loike everybody else. but lets it we have not seen him since not even in omaha. hope he is doen well in cash games

gotubeat on August 15, 2004

isnt Sam farha half irani too??

haffe on August 14, 2004

I think Sam farha is one of the best poker players out there, because he is very smart, and he has a great pokerface.No one can read him, and he always takes the same time even if he is bluffing or not. Everyone says that he bluffs alot. But Sammy farha doesnt only think of the money, when he plays tournaments he want to play holdem not to play tight like everyone thinks he should do. Thats the different with him, He had fun the whole week in WSOP 2003 and came second. I think that is very strong of him. And Hes Looks doesnt make him a bader pokerplayer if you know what I mean :) He looks like a maffia typ of guy :) and He seems very generous, you must have a personality in Poker, like any other sports..

Haffe on August 14, 2004

Althought Sammy hasnt won that much and isnt known that well compared to others, he is a pretty good player and what i like about him the most is that he is difficult to read at times.

stevo on August 11, 2004

great poker player and looks like one 2

smash on August 8, 2004

farha is a stud, but clearly he is not at the top of the hold 'em world

michael on August 1, 2004

Therefore I felt like I had about a 20% chance to win the whole thing with 45 players left. However, I was dismayed to find out that Sammy Farhad was drawn to my right at the beginning of day 4, not because I fear him at all (although I believe that he is the best pot limit Omaha player in the world), but because he is very-very reckless in no limit Hold'em (by the way, I love Sammy!). Although I expected Farhad to do more damage to himself then to the other great players, I did witness him take out Tony Dee on day 4, when Farhad played Q-J off suit very poorly.Tony had raised it in middle position with Q-10, and Sammy called with Q-J off suit (I hate his call here before the flop). After a flop of Qh-10h-3d, Tony bet out big, and Sammy called (his call here was OK). On fourth street the 6s came off, and now Tony bet out $40,000, and Sammy called (by now, even the spectators in the hand knew Tony had Q-J beat). At this point Sammy cannot beat any hand at all, and he has to know that Tony is going to bet his last $50,000 on the river if he has Q-J beat. I believe that this adds up to an easy fold for Sammy. However, a jack did hit on the river, and Tony bet his last $50,000, and Sammy called and won.This was a pretty brutal way for Tony to go out! Sammy would have only had about $170,000 left if he hadn't hit the jack on the river against Tony-assuming he called the river. In any case, I thought, "Whoa, I didn't like the way Sammy played that hand at all. He will come after me weak soon, and hopefully give me a bunch of chips."

Farha sucks at holdem on July 30, 2004

That writing above is from showing all you farha fans he just got lucky to make it. but he is a great PL omaha player

Farha sucks at holdem on July 30, 2004

Tournaments... and especially big ones do require luck to win. However, the dead money term exists for a reason. If you don't know what you're doing you don't have any chance at all. The best player doesn't necessarily win but a competent one surely does.

Hohum on July 24, 2004

sammy farha is the legend of all legends in the world of poker!

mo. on July 22, 2004

Sammy Farha has the best image/look of any poker player. I may emulate him.

SlfMade on July 18, 2004

this comment is for the moron comment above. farha would have broken even for the trip not lifetime and he didnt need to make a deal, hes a millionaire and has been for some time now, he only plays wsop tourneys and high stakes cash games.

the truth on July 11, 2004

Out of all poker players i thought sammy would be ahead in the money lifetime. Then i heard the comment he made if he won the tittle in 03he would just break even lifetime. I was a little supprised. Oh another thing most WSOP split the pot more evenly behind the cameras. Sammy wanted it all. If he made the deal he would have got another half mill.

splat on July 2, 2004

What the--- No Sammy for 2004! Was really looking forward to seeing him play. Still love ya Sammy.

MossyJaw on June 21, 2004

What about when Farha tried to get a read from Scotty Nguyen with a sorry ass smerk? Nguyen smerked right back and could have beat him playing blind. Nguyen and other top pros outplay this smelly jew all the time - dude plays too many hands.

shiznit on June 20, 2004

he rocks i loved the way he made hellmuth look the pillock he was in in the wsop 2003

stanford on June 19, 2004

Sammy, every time i watch the moneymaker bluff at the final table im like common sammy call call, even though i know how its gonna turn out, tuff play and he is like a statue, hard to read. good luck this year at the wsop

pipman07 on June 7, 2004

his game is the real deal.. classy man deserves the bracelet. but i dont think he cares that much about it

Dogma on June 7, 2004

Sammy is by far one of the better players out there today, his style of play is great and he is a rock hard player. I hope he wins the WSOP soon

youngone on June 7, 2004

Dear Sam Farha, Are you married?

highendbroker on June 7, 2004

Sam Are You Out There!!! Would Love To Hear Some Comments. I Really Love Your Style. When In A.c. Look Me Up.

susie on June 3, 2004

Well I think Sammy deserves a nickname...what do you think? I suggest the nickname "The Spider" since he spins his web, waits for the kill to come to him, and devourer the prey. Plus I think it has a nice ring to it.Sammy "The Spider" Farha.TMI AkA "Snuffdabluff"

Snuffdabluff on May 24, 2004

farha is a real life tony montana

chancellor on May 24, 2004

he won it last year, he isn't johhny chan so what,(he kicked out johhny chan tho) luck cannot win you the whole damn tourney. HE IS ONE OF THE BEST OUT THERE NO MATTER WHAT ALL OF YOU GUYS SAY...oh by the way this is farha's post thingy so yea he's a great player too

QUIT TALKIN SMACK on May 23, 2004

Wife likes Sam Farha and would like to get a signed picture if possible. Does anyone know how to contact him or any ideas. She has supported me in my involvement with poker so I thought I would do somethin nice for her. Thank you so much for your help in advance. Just respond and I will check back.

Help on May 23, 2004

He might have finished 10th in Omaha, but he was a first day LOSER in The Big One. New champ this year.

MM's a joke alright on May 22, 2004

Hey geniuses, check out who just placed 10th at the WSOP Pot limit Omaha tournament...your buddy Chris Moneymaker. I think people need to wake up and realize it's not luck to win this thing, all players need luck, but skill takes it down. Moneymaker recently won another big holdem tournament, and his 10th finish in Omaha also proves he's not a one trick pony. Get a clue haters. Incidentally, Omaha is supposed to be Farha's game but I did not see his name on the money list.

Moneymaker's no joke on May 20, 2004

Sammy Farha is awesome! Classy and refined. And I just love it when my fellow Lebanese people are doing well for themselves. He is a star!

ibizakitty on May 17, 2004

Sam Farha is just beautiful for an older man. I would love to meet him. hehe. He is my favorite player. I love it when he says lets gamble. sends shivers down my back hehe.

Ramona / evansongsunsoar on May 16, 2004

I saw sammy last week at the Golden Nugget poker "tent". He had a younger woman sitting in a chair behind him. She was patting his back now & then and seemed to be his "girl". Though I'd like to fault him for being with such a young one, I can't. He was as always...impeccably dressed and a gentlemen.

Adrienne on May 16, 2004

Sammy is the best. Is he married and what is his age? Would love to know. I think Moneymaker was just lucky, Sam played a classier game!! Bravo Sam

susanp09 on May 15, 2004

This man has game.. he just looks like a poker star.

SP. on May 10, 2004

Farha is a stud.

Chris on April 15, 2004

One Of My Favorite Quotes From The Wsop Of 2003 Was When Dutch Boyd Was All-in And Farha Has King-two Of Diamonds And Says, "lets Gamble"

THE DUDE on April 12, 2004

I was hoping he would take MM out last year.Oh well,keep at it Sammy.

Roy Batty on April 2, 2004

sammy was the chip leader on day 2

Pokerstar18 on March 31, 2004

While watching the 2003 wsop they fail to mention that he was in the 2001 wsop, probably wanted to build the drama or something

Pokerstar18 on March 31, 2004

I Love This Man!

Unregistered on March 25, 2004

i think sammy also played in the 2001 no limit hold em championship event, check out and look in there archives

pokerstar18 on March 23, 2004

What does Sammy do while in Houston? Does he do something else besides play poker? I enjoy watching him and think he is a great player.

Adrienne on March 22, 2004

Interesting reading on comments made on the 3rd and the 4th , there is no 'think ', no 'i could 'THERE IS ONLY I AM,and I WILL ,Facinating how a weak hand shows itself in print.

Myth on March 15, 2004

moneymaker sucks sammy is sooooooo much better than him go sammy we love you...

carol on March 11, 2004

sammy will you be at the horseshoe to play poker is year.if so we will be there to see you,and wish you luck

300 girl on March 11, 2004

sammys agood poker player,but if he ever played spades with me in prison i would sell him for that cigarette he keeps in his mouth

MACKISGOD on March 8, 2004

Farhe is the coolest poker player outthere, and everyone needs to bow down.

Ace. on March 4, 2004

okay's that joint treatin ya

FrankyDaPit on March 3, 2004

well franky it has a great buzz but i think i could beat you too franky, do you even know who i am? in my hs years i beat chris ferguson at our neighborhood games

grom on March 3, 2004

Light my cig and go enjoy your 3rd place finish harrington

Sam Farha on March 2, 2004

i think if farha and myself wents heads up i could beat him but he is an impressive player i must say

grom on March 2, 2004

"I said I had a pair, high pair, and a flush draw, queen high flush, if i make it... I had a pair of queens in my hand"Money - "you had queens in your hand? There wasn't no Queen on da board wasser???"Sammy" i had queens in my hand"Nice Lying moron!! you got you ass rocked

MoneyMaker baby!!! on February 29, 2004

My grandma and I love to watch Sammy at the poker table. He is as handsom as he is taleted. How could you not love a man with such kind eyes?

dcs2js on February 28, 2004

"You must have missed your flush?"

Sam Farha on February 28, 2004

and you folded

Chris Moneymaker on February 28, 2004

Farha is a real-- Italian PIMP oh yeah he's also a good poker player as wellv

v.. on February 27, 2004

This man is the most ENTERTAINING poker player in the game right now. He is so funny, and he knows what do do with any given hole cards. FARHA IS THE MAN!!!

Most Entertaining on February 23, 2004

what a poker player he is what every poker player should be smart and enjoyable to watch

arod on February 19, 2004

Farha is the man! He is an amazing poker player. Be aware of this dangerous mind-reader. He will take 100,000 in one hand.

Big Ant on February 19, 2004

what a gentlemen. but, he will take your eyes and sell them to you!

rookie on February 12, 2004

my favorite player. so entertaining, and just "looks" like a great poker should look. i like chris moneymaker a lot, and i'm sure he's going to get better and better, but everyone and anyone i know who enjoys hold'em agrees that Sammy was the best player at the table.

Eli/laxd77 on February 1, 2004

Sammy takes my tie for second in favorite players to watch. He is, though, exactly what a poker player should look like. I was glad to see Farha place so high in the 2003 WSoP, but HATED to see him lose to Moneymaker.

Bubba on February 1, 2004

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Eskimo Clark
Evelyn Ng
Farzad Bonyadi
Garry Bush
Gavin Smith
Greg Raymer
Gus Hansen
Harry Demetriou
Hasan Habib
Hon Le
Howard Lederer
Hoyt Corkins
Huck Seed
Humberto Brenes
Isabelle Mercier
Jason Lester
JC Tran
Jeff Madsen
Jeff Shulman
Jennifer Harman
Jesper HougaardNEW
Joe Awada
Joe Bartholdi
Joe Beevers
Joe Cada
John Bonetti
John Cernuto
John D'Agostino
John Hennigan
John Juanda
John Myung
John Phan
Johnny Chan
Jose Rosenkrantz
Joseph Hachem
Josh Arieh
Juha Helppi
Julian Gardner
Kassem "Freddy" Deeb
Kathy Liebert
Kenna James
Kirill Gerasimov
Layne Flack
Lee Watkinson
Liz Lieu
Marcel Luske
Marco Traniello
Mark Seif
Martin de Knijff
Matt Matros
Maureen Feduniak
Mel Judah
Men Nguyen
Michael Mizrachi
Mike Matusow
Mimi Tran
Oklahoma Johnny Hale
Patrik Antonius
Paul Darden
Paul Magriel
Paul Maxfield
Paul Phillips
Perry Friedman
Peter Costa
Phil Gordon
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Ivey
Phil Laak
Ram Vaswani
Robert Varkonyi
Robert Williamson
Ron Rose
Ross Boatman
Russ Hamilton
Russell Rosenblum
Sam Grizzle
Sammy Farha
Scott Fischman
Scotty Nguyen
Stan Goldstein
Steve Dannenmann
Stu Ungar
T.J. Cloutier
Ted Forrest
Thomas Keller
Thor Hansen
Tiffany Michelle
Tim Phan
Todd Brunson
Tony D
Tony G
Tony Ma
Vanessa Rousso
Young Phan

Poker Personalities

Brandi Hawbaker
Mike Sexton
Norman Chad
Shana Hiatt
Vince Van Patten
Wild Bill Hickok

Business & Industry

Anurag Dikshit
Barry Shulman
Benny Binion
Calvin Ayre
Lyle Berman
Matt Savage
Ruth Parasol
Vikrant Bhargava

Poker Groups

Hendon Mob
Team Bodog
Team FullTilt
Team PartyPoker
Team PokerStars
The Crew

Online Players

Brian Townsend


Andy Beal
Ben Affleck
Cindy Margolis
Gabe Kaplan
James Woods
Jennifer Tilly
Jerry Buss
Mimi Rogers
Norm MacDonald
Shannon Elizabeth
Tobey Maguire
Wil Wheaton

Poker Authors

Andy Glazer
David Sklansky
James McManus
Lee Jones
Lou Krieger
Mike Caro
Rolf Slotboom
Tom McEvoy
Vince Burgio

WPT Amateurs

Harley Hall
James Tippin
Randy Jensen

Fictional Players

Cincinnati Kid
Mike McDermott