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Sep 26th, 2016. Given that there were so many old listings, only listings from users who have logged into the site over the last 3 years will be shown. Listings from users that haven't logged in for 3 years will still be active through the URL, they just won't be shown.

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User City Games Wanted
JOHNNYANDLondon areaholdem/omaha
Capt Kuchmaottawatexas hold em
floppedthenutzHamiltonnl hold'em
livingonriverOttawa and surroundinghold em mainly, dealers choice.. anything goes
ShooterRDGToronto (Beaches)Low Limit/No-Limit Tourney Hold 'em
gravityclubLondon Ontariotexas holdem, limit or not
will_hallTorontono limit hold'em tournaments
fido4life2TorontoNL- HOLDEM
generationdubOakville and Surrounding areaany
dj4rwrldLondon, OntarioLow Limit Hold'em
Freestylingino69Hamilton areano limit or limit texas holdem
iands8Niagara FallsTexas hold'em
Supermanspikeoakville, downtown torontono limit / texas hold em $5-20 buy in
frenchtoast88toronto bloor/ossington areaholdem low limit, tourneys and omaha too, I also attend a regular home game
ottawa1972ottawa/hullhold'em 1/2, 2/4
jasonc2345Ottawa , OntarioTexas holdem - Low or No Limit
JustinTanasLondon Ontariolimit/no limit hold'em
raoeiku17Toronto or Hamilton areaTexas hold'em NL or PL preferred, tournies, but any game type is of interest
dst12Londonlow limit hold-em(up to 5-10)
ck_p3t3toronto / missany holdem
rc244101Windsor CanadaNo limit holdem (tournament if possible)
dj_gonzoToronto and/or Brampton areaPoker... any and all!
pkrbillyTorontoholdem but Im open to different games low to medium stakes limit or not
jsandersOttawaHoldem, any limit, will host if neccessary
ebaymanMississauga/TorontoHoldem, low limit
bedard.richardOttawaNL Hold'Em
andy_mckeoughToronto, OntarioNL Hold'em only
michaelhollanddowntown TorontoHold'em
tkosophLondon/TorontoNL and Limit holdem
jaynraxTorontoHold'em, Omaha, Deal Choice night, prefer lo-limit
Iceblaze3ktoronto, ontariotexas holdem, limit or not
neilfadertorontolow/med limit holdem, tourneys
chartwickGolden Horsesoe - TorontoHold'em - Also looking for advice about Rama...are tables good there?
onthemoveprodTorontoHold Em
ashkewe.christorontohold 'em
J_RimZBrampton, Ontario AreaNo Limit Hold'em
dyejunkyPembroke/Ottawa AreaHold 'Em mostly, Omaha Hi/Lo
pokermail1London and surronding areaHold'em
wildaces_69OttawaAny holdem at all, limit or NL
c0rrosivOttawa, Ontarioholdem mainly
def_sam03LondonLow limit Hold em, 7 card stud
dr013Toronto (North York)Holdem 5 10 and higher, 2-4 card hi low (holdem, tahoe, omaha) 3 6 and higher, NL/PL holdem ring $200/$300 or greater max buy in (2 4 to 3 6 blind structure)
k.murdockTorontoLow Limit Hold'em
mtbrysontoronto / boltonhold'em, 7 stud, omaha, O8B
greckenLondon, OntarioHold'em
astrialKitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Brantford & SurroundingTexas Hold-Em No Limit Games/Tournaments only.
big_bnessLondon & Surrounding AreaNo-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments...$50 max buy-in.
surealLondon, OntarioHold 'Em - Weeknights after 11pm
litbolt1Mostly in Ottawa, Sometimes in TorontoHold'em
roblorussoWhitby - Toronto AreaNo Limit, Limit Holdem
walshybudnorth yorkhold em mostly, 7 card stud
paulmakesmusicBarrie OntNearly any... Hold'em, Omaha, 7 stud + variation (kings, queens, the good the bad and the ugly), 5 card. Tournaments or home games
swift0404oakville, GTAno limit holdem tourneys, $20 buy in or lower
ilaresToronto, Kingston, MontrealNo-Limit Texas Hold-Em ($50-$300 buy-in)
troywilsonSt. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, etcLow Limit Hold'em, Low Buy-In Hold'em Tournaments.
phillym50London and surronding areano-limit Hold ' em (5-10 or lower)
matthewfriesKitchener Waterlootexas holdem
wilfo9OttawaNL hold'em, lowlimit, 20-50$ buy in, tourneys.
WesvickLondonlimit/no limit
habsrule129OTTAWAno limit texas hold em
k_grillsOttawa within 50 miles!!hold-em
eric_philiplondon, ontarioNL holdem up to 5-10 limit
borasnofGreater Toronto AreaNo Limit,Pot Limit Hold-em, 7 Card Stud Hi/Low, Omaha, A-5 Draw Lowball ( $20- $1000)
plintonGuelph/KitchenerLimit or No limit holdem, 7-stud, Low buy in, tourneys or house games
jordanbbc22Torontotexas hold 'em tournys or low lime like 2/4 i am ready!!!
prabhatsainiBarriePoker, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Evenings
kiyoshi_bellOttawaAny - Texas Hold'em
thopkinsLondonHold 'em $20 low limit or no limit. Can get many players.
oconnorToronto/MississaugaHold em, Omaha
mikelappanSudburyHold em .50/1 1/2 2/4 3/6
rgordilloDowntown TorontoNL Holdem cash games and NL tourneys
jason_hong35Kingston and surrounding areasTexas Hold 'Em (preferably NL)
ckck1London, OntarioTexas Hold-Em Low Limit Anytime After 9
uwobuckLondon and surrounding areaLow limit hold em
crimsonmask79London, OntarioLow Limit Hold 'em (Limit or No Limit, Tourneys preferred)
rosscampbell_caOttawaany hold em
arvisarvisarvisOttawaTexas Hold 'Em
Jefrey1919Georgetown Brampton MiltonHold em
onekaydownSARNIAHold em
eternlnrgtorontoNo Limit & Limit Poker
darkryder_1toronto/gtaholdem......limit/no limit
zymanKitchener, Cambridge, GuelphTexas Hold'em
phantasy_projectOakville or Hamilton areaTexas Hold'em
patrice.cloutiertoronto/oakvillehold'em ... limit and NL
kemoojcTorontoPoker Texas Holdem NL
matt.recoskieKingstonTexas Hold Em No limit Tourneys
dabomb_toronto- (north york)holdem(mostly), chicago
azsundeviltorontoprefer no limit hold 'em tournaments, some dealer's choice
koebel99TorontoNo Limit Hold Em
ericmcelwainKingston OntHold'em (Limit or NL)
radekMississauga/GTAAny poker tourneys, up to $100 buy-in
jeffpagettKitchener-Waterloo areaTexas Hold Em'
airanToronto and surrounding areasHold'Em, both Limit and No Limit
JaredFactleyLinsday, OntarioLimit Hold em, Omaha, Stud, Tournaments, Sit and Goes
walkinglimeWaterloo-Kitchenerany variation, <$50 per session
paulsantos1661Milton, Oakville, MississaugaNL Hold'em - Table or Tourney's - Up to $100 buy in
kathrochforeverOttawaTexas Hold'em any kind
skyride39MarkhamHold'em Tourney or cash games
jazz_brampton187toronto area, perfeered bramptonlimited holdem or omaha
mikeware76markham/toronto northno limit hold em
leojacobs13OttawaAny Texas Holdem games, email me details...
andrew_villaric0mississaugaNL holdem
johnnyfry2Metropolitan TorontoTournaments, Hold Em' Omaha, Hi/Lo
jeremy25toToronto/ScarboroughLow Limit Texas Holdem
kevoy1968LondonNo limit Holdem
jstarSarniaAny Game
flyfishr28KWNL Holdem, Tourneys and $1/2 -
johnnym20002000southwest ontarioholdem
gone2dalooLondon/GTANL Holdem Tourneys
brian_ptravistorontotexas hold'em limit/no limit
jibbernautToronto5-10, 10-20, NL
clint1Kitchener-WaterlooNL or Limit holdem
Kain_VII_Ottawatournament NL hold'em
Coral_Reef_FishHamilton/Ancaster/Burlington/Oakville/TorontoBeginner looking for low stakes games of poker.
red_bigOttawaNL Holdem
cbf777772001cambridge, OntarioTexas Hold'Em
scott_keownottawano limit hold'em
NazimramzanKW/CambridgeHoldem (limit/no-limit), Omaha Hi, Tournaments
jamiekiddleLondon, Ontariohold 'em (limit or no limit, doesn't matter)
midasnfallsNiagara Fallslow limit / home game touneys
Kellen_aceTorontoPrefer holdem, limit or NL, Will play up to 10/20
steveradojaGuelph, OntarioNo-Limit Tournys
miniclubtrevLondon, OntarioTexas Hold 'em, Seven card stud, five card draw
stevebackupTorontotexas hold'em lo limit/no limit
saloojeeshirazKitchener/WaterlooTexas hold em & omaha
dan1toronto / GTAAny holdem at all, limit or NL
d_longmuir01HamiltonHoldem, Omaha, Stud
theperformancecoachOttawaTexas Hold'em
ethanwernervtOttawaNL Hold ;em and PL Omaha specialist, but will play anything really, not much of a limit fan but can play if the game is right, i.e. stud
thumpastyleOttawaNL Hold 'em
revz1373Brampton,Mississauga Ont.Texas Holdem-limit or no limit 7 card stud
g69Kingston, ONHold'Em
bignickelpokerSudburyHold'em, Omaha, tournaments, any limit.
cudmorespecKingston, ONHold 'Em
thewelly01OttawaNL texas
bryan_hipfanKeswick, OntarioTexas Hold'em
andy_889torontoNL hold'em tourney (no reserve)
mwvicanolondon, ontarioLimit or NL Hold em
pocket_aces21OttawaNL Holdem
andrewwebsterKitchener/WaterlooNo Limit Hold-Em $20-$40 buy in
patrick_l_wilsonOttawaNL and PL Hold 'Em.
s_styresLondon, Hamilton, BrantfordTexas Holdem
mikemarion50londonnl , limit for good money
don_candyman_juanToronto/MississaugaNO limit hold 'em tourneys
jiggah_10Ottawa-Gatineau areaHold 'Em
timaeus111LondonHold'em (any)
davelsteveOttawaNL Hold'em held on Friday's or Saturdays
ryder-leeLondonHold'Em, 7, Omaha, whatever
tb_fawcettToronto, Miss, New Market any where in the GTAany thing texas hold'em , omaha,
toanduyWindsorany holdem, buyin about $20
morrison311Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney CreekNL, PL Texas Hold Em...Low buy-ins (10,20,30bucks)
ianmcintyreLondon, OntarioTexas, Cash or Tourny games, up to $50. NL
aokGreater toronto areaholdem, or no limit texas holdem
nertz_oisarnialimit/nl holdem, omaha8, cash or tourney
michaeldesrochers88kitchenerNo Limit Hold 'em!
DL3373OttawaTexas Hold'em
clever_devilOakvilleHold em... limit or no limit... also tournys
kyle_banfillWindsorHold'em, preferably tournament style, $20-30 buyin
fivealiveWaterloo or KitchenerNL Texas Hold em, Pot Limit Texas Holdem, Omaha
ericcowellTorontoLow limit hold em
acebell1GTANo Limit Hold Em', Limit Hold Em'
david_w_holeWindsor, Ontarioany
nobelfurballOttawaHold Em - Tournament Style
da_malcolmToronto - Anywherelimit or no-limit
anvy15Toronto, Canadatourneys (no more then 20 buy in) ... winner take all or best 2 paid. Young crowd preffered. (18 - 25)
john.fitzsimonsburlingtonno limit
tekniq1GTA - Preferably the west side. (Live in Mississauga)20+ NL Hold'em. Prefer tourneys but also play cash games. I can bring extra people if anyone wants. You can add me to MSN or call my cell: 416-909-4545
ryan_poulin_420Ottawa, MontrealTexas Hold'em, NL, PL whatever
edward_ontarioOttawaHoldem, Dealers Choice
dirtyk_77London, OntarioNo Hold'em (high buy in of $100), Chicago, Boston, 7 Card
kazimibaToronto, OntarioTexas No Limit Hold'em
4jpmKingstonNo lImit hold em
sprocter5Peterborough, ONHold 'em... low - mid limit... no-limit... tourneys...
c_macmillanNorth GTA/BarrieHold 'em, tourneys....
DaleMcCarthySudbury, Ontariolow stakes holdem
tricky_trini69OttawaNL Texam Holdem
j_big_ballerOttawaStrictly Holdem
kjbui64GTA (Brampton)no limit hold'em tourney or sit & go (less than $100)
shifu101downtown, torontonolimit
jonnyru12aOttawa-Hull RegionTexas Hold'em
kentferguson8WaterlooNo Limit Texas Hold Em
jamesjames1964ottawaany holdem
ecardwellSt. Catharines ONinterested in all
golabmariuszMississauga/GTALooking for no-limit hold'em tournaments, few players i know also would be interested
retsnaes_Windsor limit hold-em tournaments
lesslikelytoforgetitthiswayOttawa, Ontario$1/2 hold'em and omaha, PL or NL, max $250
kb_wintonottawa area - available anytimetexas hold'em
j_doxtatorLondonNL Hold'em
j_paqHamiltonNo Limit Hold'em, Buy in $5-$20
bbholdingsToronto - Yonge & EglingtonAny
justinweber_9Peterboroughtexas hold'em, any games, tournaments, any amount.
starlightdustOttawa - HullHoldem
lawrencesantosoakville GTAany
harnett72Sudbury, OnHold'Em
scottmosieTorontoLimit/NL Hold'em... will play up to a $50 buy-in (unfortunately have student loans to pay)
james_novak1torontono limit holdem
ronweissLondon Ontariotexas holdem
ptosh123OttawaNL Hold'em , Omaha, I like single table tourneys, cash games whatever
yannx_rabToronto/Scarborough (midland and finch) - anytimeAny type of texas hold'em
jake.bondysarniaNL hold em, 5/10, draw
abergelottawahold'em-low to mid level ring or tourneys
curtis.ruttOrangeville, Fergus, Guelph, Ontario areaNo limit Hold 'em; $20 to $100 buy-ins; Touneys or Home Games
soopaman_22London, ONNo limit texas hold'em - Tourneys or just small home games - Nothing too high ($20 buy-ins or so)
jonathandondeToronto (Thornhill, Richmondhill, North york)Cash games and tourney
c_verm2000Collingwood, OntarioTexas Holdem Tourneys or Games
ajwhite430Brampton OntarioHold em, low limit, some no limit tourney play
lep519Kitchener/WaterlooNLE, LHE
tomatuwoK-W - weekdays London WeekendsTXS Holdem
plawiudjMississaugaN/L $250 (or less)
blaine00717BurlingtonTEXAS HOLD UM
21rocketToronto (not GTA)hold'em, limit or NL, tourny or regular. price: NL ($100-300), Limit($10-20ish), Tourny($50-300)
kepi_2005Burlington, willing to travelTexas hold em, all limits/inc. tourneys
2handedslamTorontono limit hold'em
save_xfmTimmins, ONNo-Limit Hold'em
kewl1967etobicoketournaments 50 - 100 buy in
arst29TorontoNo Limit Hold 'em---- Tourney, around 50 buy in
zebrinalondontexas hold em NL or set tournament max 50.oo buy in no rebuys
jedburgh72Trenton, OntarioTexas Hold'Em
daslcampbelllondon/rodneytexes holdem any amount play ok
jpriouxOttawa/HullTexas hold`EM
jeremywatkinsTorontoTournies, $100 buy-in and less, small stakes limit, and NL holdem, Razz
gregjsmiGTANL and Limit
golden_phoenix57Anywhere in the GTA and aroundAny
moneymancaOshawapoker any
james_odonovanlondon ontario canadaany but hold em nice
ben_zeemanOttawaHold'Em Mainly, but will go for any poker action
parent_joelGatineau-OttawaTexas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low
passthewhiskeyTorontoany limit holdem game from 10 / 20 and under
clegg12000Kitchener waterloono limit tourny or cash only
3kpc1KingstonTexas Holdem,
seliesenKingston areaNL Holdem
nsteve_23Windsor/Lasalle/Amherstburg, ON and a 3 other players looking to play....
neilescLondonTexas Hold`em
danzellerHamiltonHold'em NL tournament style
davidjosephkurtSudbury / Northern Ontarioup to 50$ pref. NL
bignasty0316Kitchener/WaterlooAny n Every
itsdylanOttawa/OutaouaisNL holdem
timduncanmvpdowntown torontoNL hold'em cash and tourneys
james_jarvis6TorontoNo Limit Holdem
dan_leblanc49KingstonNo-Limit, Tourneys, etc.
funkshifterCobourg, OntarioNL Texas Hold Em'
marty0315TorontoNo Limit/ Limit/ Omaha/ Heads Up
bigp691Toronto OntarioNL Holdem Buyin or money is not an issue email me
doctorsyrupLondon, OntarioNo Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Style
kevin_huynh22Hamilton and Surrounding AreasAnygame
Matt_nj9Mississauga, London and PeterboroughTexas Hold'em
the_other_dimentionBarrie/ GTAHold'em.
derek.legaultOttawa - GatineauHold'em
cactus_j11Georgetown, good for brampton, missholdem, tourny, buy-in, w/e just email me some info, peace
cappoxxxCambridgeNL/L Holdem
bradiam24Sudbury OntarioLow limit holdem or tourny's
callumknightlondon Ontariotexas hold'em
pseguin19OttawaNL hold' em
bartholmue_096London, OntarioNL TEXAS HOLDEM POKER
joey_le_Mississauga100 max buy in NL texas hold'em
sueharoldbramptontexas holdem cash games or tournaments
curiousgeorge_24Toronto or close byHoldem - Only low buy-in tournaments - $20 - $ 50 Max.
madder_1kitchener-waterloono limit hold'em tournaments or cash games
pete.newtonKitchener/WaterlooAny hold em, Omaha
casinochrissy6969Hamilton, OntarioAny, prefer texas hold 'em
liveeverydaykingstontexas holdem
scottyb_1983Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, DundasNL Hold 'Em
cicularenergySt. CathrinesTexas, 7 Card
wilbitronxToronto/ScarboroughAnything up to $200 buyin cash games
ashtray_waterlooSt. CatharinesHold 'Em, Omaha
neb913Sarniaanything, any limit.
greg.signatureTorontono limit hold'em tournaments or cash games
rpccrazyOttawaHold'em, nl tournements
quackenbushjasonLondon ont. will travel for something of interesthold'em
scott_lemke66Mississauga1/2 NL or lower, 50 dollar tourny or lower
justinchallisBurlington, OntarioNL Hold Em
cigar_Jmississauga or hamiltontexas holdem. tourny or cash games
robreynolds1Guelphno limit texas holdem
epicsnowskateKitchenerNL texas hold em <=50$
superstar_blOttawa/Gatineau/HullNo limit Holdem
jonathanrussellBarrie, Ontario, Canadatexas holdem
gregrcr3owen soundholdem, no limit or 5 10
fathermichelKitchener-Waterloo-CambridgeTexas Hold'em
gin_smississauga or torontoNL Hold 'em tourneys
lukasznasiadkaOakville // MississaugaNL Hold'em up to $200
jaketucker989Peterborough, Ontariolooking for tournys's in Peterborough
npsriverrangerKitchener-Waterlooany low limit or small buy-in....
civ_99torontoNL hold em
bigp69Coming from Bayview and Eglinton. Any area is fine.1/2 NL, 2/4 NL. Cash Games prefeably.
BIG_Slic_KKingstonTexas Hold'em
london-home-gameLondon ontairoTexas
Smite_69OttawaNo Limit Texas Holdem
pool0038Ottawa, anywhereNo Limit Texas Holdem
astroboiiiMississaugaLimite or NL Hold'em, L/NL Hold'em tourny's
dalezcoolKitchenerTexas Holdem NL tournaments
candu32Barrie/AllistonTexas Holdem
duaneagibsonguelph,cambridge ,kitchenertexas no limit hold em
williethegoodbarrie,bradford, newmarkettexas hold-em and others
lindsay_godonBradford, Newmarket, Barrie or any part of the GTANL Texas Holdem
derektritesBradford, Newmarket, Barrie or any part of the GTANL Texas Holdem
bobby_curtolaOwen SoundLimit 2-4, 3-6/ No Limit, low limit tourneys
claytonmadokoroOshawaCash, Tourney
cassiersozaybrantford areanl texas-hold'em 25-50$ buy tournament style (looking for weekly game)
passingmoosecamridge, kitchener.Poker - 5 card, 7 card, or holdem.
crazystar52scarborough ontarion/l texas holdem tournament only
unoriginal32miltonnl holdem
r.mcculloughlondon limit holdem
rowsatthemountainlondon,ont -or Collingwood areaany
jgraceOttawa, OntarioHold Em' - various others
andrew_stupid182TorontoHold'em, Omaha-nothing crazy in terms of buy-ins. $5-$50 for Tourneys. $1-$2 ring.
amx1329Orillia....will go to barrie or ?Hold 'em
lovebirds1Ajax /Pickering (GTA )NL holdem sit and go or tourneys
mbigrouthKitchener, WaterlooTourneys ANY BUY IN low-to-high doesn't matter, just want to play Hold Em
dannybenipalbrampton ontariono limit texas holdem
johnnyp194barrieno limit hold'em tournys or no limit hold'em ring games
jeremybrimbleoshawaNL or fixed limit hold'em
rated_r_03Toronto/Brampton GTANL Texas Holdem
blaircLondonNL Holdem
epson006Brantford and surrounding areaNL, Limit holdem, omaha
tocfCambridgeNL Hold'em
stanton-Caledon Ont.20$ & under NL Hold'em
qi.studmuffinOttawaNL,PL,Limit Hold'em
baker462junkkingston ontarioany all
lockey59brampton, Gta, Ontarionl holdem - tournies
kyle_fullartonOttawamainly NL texas hold 'em
BenoitLacelleOttawaNo limit texas hold-em
ag600THUNDER BAY /ONHoldem and 7 card stud games and tourneys
tiger6_sirsarnia and surrounding areasno limit tourney style
ahbroudo1KingstonNL hold'em
jaggedjamesfoxGuelphNL Holdem
jasoncarandangTorontoany texas hold'em no limit, prefer low blind structures
murtha_69peterbrough,lindsay,newmarketnl holdem
canadian_archerywindsor - essex countyNL Holdem, 2 guys looking to play.
mikevallileeSudbury, Ontariono limit
Michael_L_BollmanOTTAWAtexas hold'em
revelation19_11durham ajax pickeringany
cooooldude_25Port Colborne, Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls$10-$40 buy-in NL Texas Hold'em
rdavismarkham, thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, Vaughan5/10 & 10/20
nooze2kLondonany, prefer Hold'em
shanloongToronto/GTA/Richmond Hill/New Market/vaughan/mapleNL Texas Hold'em
primo86London, OntarioNL Hold'em $5-$20 buyin
kokkoros_peterLondon, OntarioNo limit cash games
ivargorrNiagara FallsTournament or moderate limit cash games
BlairhLondon OntNL Hold'em
derbie843Trenton/Belleville, ONNL Holdem - Tourney's or Sit'n Goes ($10-$20 buy-in preferred)
brandondesrochers7LondonNL cash/tourn
jpxx1Windsor, Ontario10-20 limit hold em, Omaha, Omaha 8 or better, crazy pineapple
pablo_8493Kingston,OntarioHoldem,nl/l/pl 7 card stud,and others
sean9241kitchener, waterloo, guelph, stratfordNL hold-em for both myself and my wife
mikeymac22bramptonany holdem
jeff.roachOakvilleHold Em
crazy_curt_71Kingston, OntarioNL hold'em tourneys
belfontismyheavenmississauga, brampton$50-$100 tournament freezeouts or 1-2 no limit texas holdem cash games
mills.jBarrie and surrounding areaLow stakes friendly holdem
chris6Peterborough, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering, Ajax, TorontoLimit Hold em
joshuah333richmond hillany
jeffmanweilerburlington JULY 2ND 06!!nl tourny, 20-40 buy in
itinklenowAurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill$5-$20 Freezeouts, $1/$2, $2/4 limit holdem,
maasioKitchener/WaterlooFriendly NL Hold'em Low limit
nicolas_morin83ottawano limit
sboyd57London, Sarnia,Stratford, K/WNL Holdem
bertbarndoorOttawa (Barrhaven preferably, but not exclusively)NL Holdem tourneys (not interested in limit or cash games) Thanks!
mkachler_77Windsor Ontarioany
escalade69AnyNL Holdem
drew_drew_69OttawaHold em, High/Low limit, Tournaments
patsy_forgetSudbury, OntarioHold Em
patrick_forgetSudburylow stakes hold 'em (prefer no-limit)
jbrowningOrilliaNL, any limit
yldmanlondon ontarioany hold-em or ohmaha games
nikolarocksaurorano limit hold em poker turnys only
cdouglas79Guelph, Rockwood, Actoneverything
luckycharmspokerLondonNo Limit Texas Holdem: We run game every Wednesday, 1-2 NL in London, MSN for details
morgs_emailtorontoNL tournys upto $60
machine.vulloGuelphany low stakes Hold'em
Rokco505Windsor, TecumsehAny poker games.. !
joelewisHamilton$100 buy in or better evenings or weekends
cpenriceGuelph/K-WWhatever, mostly hold'em
batman1Kitchener-WaterlooHold-em (Limit or NL) 2-4 limit, 1-2 NL preferred
jibbinghippoKingstonNL/Limit Cash Games and Tourneys
jag.parhar061aurora/new market/richmond hilltournaments only
cdnstylesBarrieNL Hold'em Tournys or Sit n' Go $5/$10/$20/$30 buy ins
carajoSarniano limit holdem
achauha3560Brampton/MississaugaTournaments low buy in
ice_dice_alizeVaughan/Richmond Hill2/4 Limit Holdem, 1/2 No Limit Hold'em Cash Games, 20$ 30$ 40$ 50$ Tourneys, Number of ppl doesn't matter
marko_505GTACash Ring Games with high blinds and high buyins
markculliganOshawa/Courticeany no limit hold em tourney's
trueblack22Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington , GrimsbyNL holdem,Omaha
half2stratford on.holdem poker
shanedinsdaleBarriehold em tourneys or cash games.
fallensoldier99Trenton/BellevilleTexas Hold'em
rock_bottom888ottawa, limoges, surrondingsnl holdem
thor75511Barrie, OntNL Texas Hold'em
cce2002missisauga, milton, brampton, oakvillenl holdem, omaha, cash games or tournaments
mcmahon11Brampton, BoltonNL hold'em tourneys
captain_willyOshawa/WhitbySit n' GO up to $50, or NL $1/2 $100-$200 buyin
timarnold80KingstonAny holdem game, limit or no limit
Monksy_18Guelph/KW/MiltonAny Hold'em
DAD_lerouxKitchener , Waterloosit n go tourney
kandm11Oshawa$20-$100 Buy In Tournaments, Any limit cash games
chris.hodgsonBarrie and surrounding areaNo Limit Holdem, Cash and Tournements, As well as Free Bar Poker for Points
dxspipKitchener/Waterloo (Anywhere roughly an hour drive from there)Anything...Ring or Tourny
ken_molkoskiNiagara Area, St. Catherines, Welland, ect.NL Holdem' Cash/Tourney & Limit Stud
karmaxflyerBurlington (ish) ontario canadatexas NL holdem
sicilianmaleNiagara RegionNL HOLDEM and HoldemTournaments $10-$40
buck.1982Whitby, OntarioHold'em No limit tournements
GamzXpertAlliston :: Barrie :: Aurora :: OrilliaNL Hold'em Tourneys
zeppelin_74BarrieNL Texas Hold 'Em
dhardwickBarrieHoldem, Omaha, Stud
bjc1113Kincardine, ontarioNL teaxs holdem max $30 buy in
rob2GuelphTexas Hold Em
MarcusG_19SudburyNL hold em Cash(low stakes) and Tournies
siliezarsOrangevilleNo Limit Texas Hold'em
misterbillKitchenerNL Hold Em
zeuster92Thunder BayNL Hold'em
richagnewAjaxAnything in Ajax / Pickering / Oshawa
Angel69_pokerWindsorNo Limit Hold'em
boozy_smurf69Vaughanno limit texas hold 'em - freeze outs
squish3eToronto(North York)NL Texas Hold'em
jebone_cacathunder bayholdem and nl holdem preferred
sgh5100MississaugaNL Texas Holdem
samerelamKitchenerNL holdem
atsimkinsOshawa / WhitbyNLHE
amesh25Barrieno limit texas hold-em
17brad17Londondealers choice/ holdem/ omaha
thebannonstratfordLow Limit(3-6,5-10etc)
mattykiesWaterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Torontoany and all
spoons004oshawanl holdem tournys
pwphil1234BellelvilleNo Limit Texas Holdem
FieldsLondon/ThamesfordCash Games up to 1-2 (Texas holdem, omaha), and Tournaments up to 50$ buyin
bill_jenkinsOrangevilleno limit hold'em
lkshengNorth YorkNLHE Cash games. $1-2, 2-4, 2-5, 5-5
roegoutlawPort Perry1/2 NL Cash Game
toronto__maple__leafsburlingtonthat can have players 17 and older
dorina29texas holdem no limet
o_boudreaubramptonno limet 1-2
dawnsboyrichpetawawaholdem tournaments
daveyharilondonmostly NL tourney but any will do
pokerchip21Ottawatexas holdem
love_toride69KitchenerNL hold em, Omaha HI, cash games only
athleteswbstoney creekany
pokerjokkrdowntownlimit 2/5, 5/10 freezeout tourney
bigmeechjrSt.CatharinesNL Texas Hold em, Omaha HI/Lo, Omaha Hi
ramnjampokerDurham RegionNL Hold'em
s_hill34744LondonNo limit texas Holdem
ruby_807SudburyNo Limit Holdem tournies
paul_passoccerBarrieHold em- tournaments-higher stakes
leunggregListowelnl hold em
mysterio29Barrie, MidlandHoldem
antilagjmtorontohold-em, omaha
adaciwOttawaNL Holdem
bruce_martinMillbrookTexas hold em
iacolucciBarrieLow Limit games
smokn_rayray69LondonNo Limit Texas Hold em
clive_tfpOakvilleNL Hold'Em in the Oakville area
pat_telekingstontexas hold hem
KarenPboltontaxes holdem
localhostLondonNL Holdem'
free2100gNewmarketHold'em, H.O.R.S.E.
ancillaMiltonNL HE, PLO8, HORSE
matt_man53HamiltonNo Limit Hold Em
welder148sudburyno limit texas holdem
anthony8206MiltonNLH$1/2 PLO$1/2 $2/5
lougod99kettlebytexas holdem nl
youknowjakedamanHamilton, Burlington, TorontoAnything, (Hold'em, Omaha, 7-Stud including variations, 5-Stud, 5 Draw, Triple Draw)
ajgilbert76Guelph, K-W, CambridgeNL Hold em' tournaments
looch45waterlootexas holdem
gunner_1999Toronto1 - 2 no lomit holdem
ilovespringtopBarrieNo Limit Holdem
morganraymondbramptonno limit hold em
joshteechManitoulin island, M'chigeeng.N/L Holdem.
bizking011HamiltonLimit Hold em cash game
gtmib72Oshawa and durham regionholdem and omaha
icloseuHamiltonNLHE, LHE, cash, tourney
dave_clarke4KingstonNL, Stud, Limit Omaha, Pineapple, Texas Holdem
GladiatorMarkhamNL Holdem, Omaha High
GuzzlerOshawaWill organize and run your tournament for you, and bring a bunch of players with me.
tima44North York1-2, 2-5
Gbrandt3Kingston/ Toronto1/2 NL 2/5 limit holdem
inkblotzBarrietourny and 1/2 games nl
K-W Texashold'emkitchener30-50
bigmikev52oshawa1-2 2-5 nl tourneys
BlackIrish77KingstonnoLimit holD'em
LowRollerPokerCourticeAnything lwo stakes in Durham. MAX .25-.50 for cash games MAX $20 tournys. anything lower is great
ShipitonetimeSt CatharinesNL Holdem, PL omaha hi
CJonesKingstonHold'em but interested in what's out there
SpadeMonsterbramptonTexas holdem
getem76woodstockpretty much any
trickyrickypeterboroughNL Texas Holdem
greedybwasmeottawahold em
boziiiiAjaxCash Games
ChevisimoLondonhold em, omaha, razz, stud, etc...
juddlyniagara fallsholdem or PLO local
thenextkidpokerToronto (Downtown)$50 (or less) Tournaments, $1/$2 (or less) NL Holdem
adam_woodspeterbrough,lindsay,newmarketNL Texas Holdem
KemosabeOttawaNL Texas hold em, around 1-2 blinds