Gus Hansen

Gustav Hansen is a professional Danish poker player and is known to be one of the most aggressive poker players around.


Born in 1974 near Copenhagen, Denmark, Hansen (like Howard Lederer and many other poker players) grew up learning to play games. He became a world class backgammon player and a youth tennis champion. He traveled to the U.S. to experience the world and make money playing backgammon but moved back to Denmark to serve his country as a civil servant. After he was finished, he moved back to the U.S., arriving in New York in order to play high-limit backgammon and gin games. Later on though, his interest switched to poker and he settled in California where he started playing poker at the Ocean View Card Room.

Personality & Style

Hansen plays in many of the larger buy-in events. He has a very distinct style and has earned a reputation as a player who is he is not afraid to play any hand and play it very aggressively. Despite his success, Hansen has had periodic financial problems, because of losses during cash games. He is a regular in the The Big Game at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. He has admitted to losing a million or times.

His unique personality and popularity led to him making the 2004 People Magazine '50 Sexiest People' list.


Hansen has done a lot better on WPT events than on WSOP. Hansen is the only player to win three WPT open tournaments.

He won his first WPT tournament in 2002 during season one at the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. He won over $556,460 and instantly became a poker star. Later on in season one, he won his second WPT title with a win at the L.A. Poker classic for $507,190. He won his third WPT title with a win at the Caribbean Poker Adventure during season two for $455,780.

In 2008 he came in second to David Chiu at the Season 6 WPT Championship, earning $1,714,800. He also won the first WPT Bad Boys of Poker invitational event.


In 2004, he finished in 150th place in the main event.

In 2007, he finished in 61st place out of 6,358 players for $154,194.

In 2007, he finished 10th in the World Series of Poker Europe Ł10,000 Main Event for Ł41,630.

In 2008, he finished 160th in the main event for $41,816.

In 2009, he finished 9th in the $50,000 World Championship H.O.R.S.E. vent for $123,895.

Other tournaments

He won the season one $400,000 Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, winning the $1 million first prize.

He was the first winner on NBC's Poker After Dark, winning $120,000, as he outlasted a field of six pro's including Huck Seed and Phil Hellmuth.

In January 2007, he won the $10,500 main event at the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Australia, beating a field of 747 players to win the AUD $1,500,000 first prize.

Business ventures

Hansen has been involved in several online poker-related business ventures.

In 2003, he was a founding partner and of the online poker site, which was sold to Betfair in 2005 for over $15 million.

In 2005, Hansen appeared in "Texas Hold'Em Poker Advanced Strategies With Gus Hansen," one of the "Going All In" instructional series of DVDs.

In 2007, Hansen launched a poker forum and content website which held his blog and articles. He sold his interest in 2008.

In 2008, Hansen's book "Every Hand Revealed" was published. It was a hand-by-hand account of his win at the 2007 Aussie Millions.

In 2009, Hansen launched GusHansenTV, a free poker channel broadcast over the internet.

He is a Full Tilt Pro on with Full Tilt Poker.

As of 2010, he has 6 WSOP cashes (but no bracelets), 9 WPT cashes, 7 WPT final tables, 3 WPT titles, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $7,500,000.


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Drew get a clue, you DONK! I'm pretty sure many a pro has lost 300K in one hand, let alone 1 hour 300K to them is like $30 to you. You haven't lost $30 in one hand? In one hour? Maybe $30 is too high of a limit for you and your weak game.
I find it amazing how you mention this one instance where he had a losing session. Now why didn't you mention all the times he won, at least $300K in an hour moron.
Your post is the real "joke"

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

Ive seen Gus play. Online and in person @ the Belagio. He has money to burn. I've seen him donk away 300K in one hour and he's probably done worse than that. He plays the worst hands pre-flop and that includes Omaha as well as Holdem. Even a well respected pro (who shall remain anonymous) said "Gus knows very little about 'Pot Odds' hence the reason he plays garbage hands." The funny thing is, now that he has this horrible reputation for playing crap for cards, Full Tilt Poker is advertising this as one of his "multiple personalities" to save his reputation... ...... What a Joke!!!!

Drew1000 on June 16, 2007

Does anyone know if Gus Hansen is signed up to play in the big Partygammon tournament coming up in a couple of weeks?

gammongirl on January 8, 2007

Jimmy are you some kind of fag dude? You just love to talk shit to me don't you. Fact is just because you can't play a 38OS and break people doesn't mean Gus Hansen can't play poker. Anyone can play aces and kings, Gus plays poker.
Donkey Slayer knows exactly what he's talking about!

Jimmy stick to you .25/.50 limit games and you won't go broke. It's obvious you don't know shit about poker. I'd love to sit down at a table with and break you. It's obvious you're a DONKEY! Learn the game and then come back and try to talk shit.
Also try reading what I say dicknose. I NEVER said "any two cards ALWAYS win" like you stated. I said any two cards CAN win.

I'd tell you to go read a poker book to learn the game btu it's obvious you can't read. Now get off my Nutz Beeotch!

bad_dog76 on December 20, 2006

I'm not a fan of the way Hansen plays...since I'm the more conservative type. But the guy can play poker, I think Howard Lederer put it the best when he said on Poker Superstars III "There is a method to Gus' madness."

With the way Gus plays of course there are times when he gets lucky (though name a player that never won by sucking out an opponent and getting lucky).

UMfanNohio on December 4, 2006

gus is an idiot, he has like 10 cashes in the past 20 years check his record. the man's lost millions in his career. he's probably the worst player to evre walk the face of the planet. helen keller could've taken negreanu's money on that hand with the quad 5s, it was a cooler.

homervdoh on December 2, 2006

Jimmy Hustles doesnt know shit about poker, Hansen took down a 700k from negranue with quads. Gus wins more than he loses. Great player. You donkeys need to learn that he plays ATC because he can outplay you after the flop no matter what it is, you donks dont have the skill to do that, so stick with your 1-2 limit games and beat the old ladies that play with their bus fare

DonkeySlayer on November 12, 2006

Once again my friend, if u did your research you'd know that gus has gone broke by playing in the biggest game in vegas, 4,000, 8,000 limit. I guess two cards dont always wins. O but ya, great style

Jimmy Hustles on September 14, 2006

Any two cards can win according to Gus. I like his style. Solid player!

bad_dog76 on September 8, 2006

Gus is just a good strategist. He tries his best to show down the winning hand (whether it be pocket aces or 7-2 hitting a full house) when necessary, and knows when to make a good bluff. Great player in my opinion, very creative and unpredictable.

Unregistered on August 29, 2006

gus is one of the greatest players in the world.Althought his style seems wierd.

undertaker on August 28, 2006

Originally Posted by Unregistered
I need some poker advise!

I play poker nightly, and managed to win alot of home games, and promotional games, I won, a trip for 2 to Las Vegas, beating 16 players. Wasn't easy, but I did win. I play with my poker buddies, 30 guys, and always place in top 5.
My question: How can I beat a player, who checks my monster hands, and folds when I bet? Even when I check them, he has killer instincts and doesn't bet. I rarely beat him, but he is a tough player, one home game, he placed 2nd, out of 40 guys, and took home a massive pot. Anyways. Any advice how I can beat this guy, last night me and him played heads up, for a couple hundred bucks for kicks, we both went up and down in chips, I am a pro at low stacks, I went from 2 chips left, to chip leader. But then took a wrong turn, and he ended up winning. I need help :(
Anyone, feel free to email me some advice :)
sounds like to me that he must have a read on you if he is doing that consistantly. check ur launguage, body and mouth, and see if his instincts are really that good.

Unregistered on August 1, 2006

I have played with Gus.....there is a method to his madness that alot of players don't realize. Pay more attention to his chips vs his opeentents that are LIKEY to call. Sure he may come across as a loose cannon....but that is what he wants.

Eric on August 1, 2006

Gus is a pokergod, although he has been a little anonymes in the last couple of years in the WPT... Gus please get to a final table asap, the danes miss seing you there

Olstad on July 25, 2006

I need some poker advise!

I play poker nightly, and managed to win alot of home games, and promotional games, I won, a trip for 2 to Las Vegas, beating 16 players. Wasn't easy, but I did win. I play with my poker buddies, 30 guys, and always place in top 5.
My question: How can I beat a player, who checks my monster hands, and folds when I bet? Even when I check them, he has killer instincts and doesn't bet. I rarely beat him, but he is a tough player, one home game, he placed 2nd, out of 40 guys, and took home a massive pot. Anyways. Any advice how I can beat this guy, last night me and him played heads up, for a couple hundred bucks for kicks, we both went up and down in chips, I am a pro at low stacks, I went from 2 chips left, to chip leader. But then took a wrong turn, and he ended up winning. I need help :(
Anyone, feel free to email me some advice :)

Unregistered on January 3, 2006

Gus is my idol the guy plays almost everyhand he cant just sit back and wait for aces or somethin.i won a 200 person tourney by playing alot of weak hands.But dont get carried away.

undertaker on December 23, 2005


I played there non-stop all weekend, maybe we went head to head :)
Gus was there all night on friday and all day saturday and sat night, grinding away in the big game with the players you mentioned. I can vouch for that, it was quite a sight having all those players there at once.

Unregistered on December 20, 2005

Gus Hansen is loaded and dong very well. This is no lie. I played at Bellagio yesterday and Gus hansen was at the table right behind me along with Doyle Brunson, Chip reese, Sammy Farha, Phil Ivey, and Barry Greenstein. It was like the Poker Superstars Invitational all over again. Phil Laak and Ted Forrest were also there and Mel Judah but they didnt sit down and play. I personally stood over the table when Gus through out about 12 to 13 chips on top of his blind and I looked closer to make out the denomination. They were $1000 each, no joke. he had around $300,000 in front of him. Doyle was 2 to 3 seats down. I literally had to move for Doyle 2 times ad he left table to talk on cell. That is how close it was. I post this to put to rest all these sewing circle rumors that Gus is broke and owes Doyle millions. Another corroboration is the FSN one table event that aired around Thanksgiving in Monte Carlo, it was $125,000 buy in and Gus was alive and well there too. He is not broke, quite the opposite he was flourishing with that stack in front of him. Wow. I couldnt believe it. Not tournament money, real cash. $1000 chips each. Crazy but true. Anyone awake in the Bellagio poker room yesterday will corroborate this.

edub on December 19, 2005

Gus, You´re PRIDE OF DENMARK!!!!!!!

Making us proud at home

Haldolium on November 14, 2005

Gus is broke my man. I took him for all his money. That is a fact. He should stop playing 9 2 off.

Unregistered on November 7, 2005

Where has he been lately? A year ago he was winning everything, now I haven't seen him for a while.

Poker Deity on November 7, 2005

Gus is a very "Smart" player. The very fact you peeps that dish him tells me you know sht.

All those "Trash Cards" you peeps say are luck is plain stupid. He has done the numbers like all good players have done. The fact he knows what players like to play what cards is "Smart". Then you add that when he does play "Trash Cards" He has a high odds to catch them is "Smart"

Even the Dot Com peep copied his style and won is reason too see why. He learned what Gus was up too and used to his advantage!

Unregistered on October 17, 2005

Hansen is a top-class player and anyone who questions his credentials as a player is an idiot. 3 WPT titles me that the guy knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

Soyuz on September 21, 2005

hansen greenstein negreanu ivey best poker pros out there right now

van deezle on September 9, 2005

too funny, u think gus gets to final tables by playing loose and wild. ive sat at tourney tables with the man he is tight and aggressive just like all good players. if u think he plays rags every time just because thats what u see on tv then i have some ocean front land in new orleans id like to sell you.

a poker player on September 8, 2005

absolutely my farvorit player. win or lose, he's always the best in my book and very intimidating.

a-dumbass on August 31, 2005

gus can play amazing grace using his ass cheeks.something to see i tell ya

amazing on August 26, 2005

Gus is amazing he is the best poker player ever!

canadien on August 25, 2005

dirt broke went from 4k/8k down to 100/200

Everyone who still plays the big game on August 23, 2005

I am not a man whore. I only like englishcat, him and him alone. He is my soulmate.

JetsFan315 on August 23, 2005

how about u guys get a new diss, lets see here all u say is i am gay, a 7 year old can make that diss.

JetsFan315 on August 21, 2005

Yes GUS is LUCKY and more than that he has SKILL. He is the evolution of the poker player being able to combine the LUCKY and SKILL aspect of Poker. To prove how great he is I present an excerpt from an article written by STEVE BADGER:Before we get to that though, we have to consider how we can NOT adapt. With a field of over 2500 players, the greatest player in the world, whoever that may be, is very unlikely to win the event in their lifetime, even if they entered fifty times. Poker, including tournament poker, is all about getting the best of it over the long run. But now, while we can still get the best of it on our bets, there is no way at all to ensure any sort of payoff on that within our lifetimes. Long gone are the days when Johnny Chan could best a couple hundred players and win back to back titles and then place second the following year. From this point on, you could do everything right, and never even get close to winning in your lifetime. The long run ain't long enough.Don't get me wrong. Playing in an event like this can have a significant positive expectation for top level players, but it is a bit like being able to get 10,000 to one odds on a $100,000,000 lottery drawing. Great odds, a bet you should definitely make, but still you are likely to lose -- and there is not much you can do about it. Big deal if you study and practice for the next twelve months, and are able to play the 100,000,000 lottery with only 9500 to one odds!To win a No Limit Holdem event with over 2500 players, you need to have played well and gotten extremely lucky, simply because that is the nature of Holdem, but also because that is how a whole generation of players are learning how to play the game -- "I go all-in". Race after race, virtual coin flip after coin flip... even if you play outstanding poker, and regularly get significant edges over your opponents, for example every hand you play you are a 2-1 favorite, to continually not lose requires Alaska-sized loads of luck. This is unavoidable if your opponents force you to commit all your chips or fold. Folding 2-1 edges is not the road to Oz.

roster on August 17, 2005

Is it fair to assume that Gus either finishes very well in a tournament or bombs out early? Thats what i would think due to his aggressive style of play. He must take a few risks early to build a stack, then intimidate others with junk hands etc. If he makes it to a final table, he's usually the chip leader or close enough. You never see him just limping in as the short-stack. In other words, his tournament record is probably inconsistent unlike someone like Phil Ivey who consistently makes final tables even if he doesnt win many. So i think he gets lucky more often than most to win the handful of titles he has. It's all or nothing for Gus.

The Joker on August 16, 2005

is he broke or not anyone?

Unregistered on August 16, 2005

Gus Hansen is a divine player! His ultra-aggressive playstyle combined with exeptional mindreading-skills makes gus a deadly player! be ware...

Jegerdina on August 15, 2005

i would play poker w/ gus anytime just to say i did, win or lose. hell, lets just get the unibomber and the magician in there too. that would be THE best time of my life! If i died the next day, i'd die a very happy girl.

slmg_2006 on August 14, 2005

I forgot jesus, gotta have him there too. i watch wpt way too much!

slmg_2006 on August 14, 2005

this guy is a cold calculating genius... it's only to an amateur that his talent appears as "luck".

skippy on August 12, 2005

gus hansen is the best that you can get!! i love his playing!! hell i love everything about him!!

mirandamorrison on August 11, 2005

I read that Gus Hanson is broke any truth to that?

Tom / BugerKingadic on August 10, 2005

Gus is far from broke. He is an amazing player, and those of you who said he's all luck and no skill, really need to pay more attention to his style of play. By being aggressive like he is, he makes the opponent second guess their hand every time. He is an awesome player, and definately a force on the felt.

Justin on August 10, 2005

let me clarify once and for all, gustav has a unique strategy which he may have gained from backgammon, he plays the player 90% of the time and the cards 10% of the time. Three WPT titles cant be wrong, I, like Gustav have mastered the art of backdooring, I play with little boys 90% of the time which gives me an adavantage in only having to play with myself 10% of the time. Get it?

JetsFan315 on August 9, 2005

hey idiot, u have never come in contact with me, and how old r u? all of u just say i am gay, 6th grade little boy? and btw hanson uses the rags with aggression and makes it work and he plays his opponent, he plays 90% of his game against the player and 10% cards. he can adjust to beat almost any1, hes the guy who has won 3 WPT titles, think about it, lets see u do that.

JetsFan315 on August 7, 2005

thanks for teaching us how to play like gus jets........and yes you do like to play with 6th grade little boys

getalife on August 7, 2005

Gus is a good player....but even his closes fans must admit...on many, many occasions he will be underdog before the big, get called. Be the underdog after the flop, get called. Then on the turn or river he will hit something and take the lead. That is not skill and he does that a lot. If you watch a lot of poker, you will not see many players be sucessfull playing like him. Nobody trys these dumb moves and it will get him knocked out of a tourny early as well. Good player at reading odds..but I must say that he gambles and sometimes hits and sometimes misses. If hes at a final table his luck is on a roll. If not you might hear that he went out in 57th place for a split second before commercial. He takes advantage of the fact that other players wont call crazy bets most of the time when he has nothing, and thats his best skill. Cya online

tyler moylan/ tylermoylan on August 6, 2005

the post after me saying 70% of u r wrong was not me. the idiot who tried to inpercinate me is an idiot, ur just jealous that i am smarter then u and better then u at poker cause i know percentages and pot odds.

JetsFan315 on August 4, 2005

Ugly ass MF, looks like a death camp survivor. When he starts flexing the muscles he doesn't have after another one of his "genius" suckouts I have to leave the room and puke my guts.

Unregistered on August 3, 2005

Gus Hansen is my favourite poker player! And all you people saying that its all luck, THATS WHAT POKER IS! You never know what your going to get, you just hope for the best!

Me. on August 2, 2005

i realized something about 70% of u r wrong. cause some of u say that hanson is horrible which is wrong, and the other half say that poker is just luck its not, in the long run its skill as chris ferguson put it, during 1 year its about 90% skill 10% luck and during certain hands it could be 99% luck 1% skill, or 99% skill and 1% luck, it pretty much verys from hand to hand. one hand that is 100% skill is when a player bluffs, because u have rags, at least thats what i think

JetsFan315 on August 2, 2005

ya cloutier is overated but u know what, Hanson is gonna be the best dam poker player that there ever is or was or is going to be GUS RULZ THE POKER WORLD

GusTheDaneHansenFan on July 31, 2005

I do respect the way that Gus plays and it works for him and i am a fan, but if his style of play was gonna get you to the top of the poker game and stay there then all the pro's would adopt Hansen's style. Hold em is, longtem, a skill game and when you play with rags and someone calls your then relying on a heap of luck with the flop etc. Even if you have mixed it up like a good one, people will 90% of the time call or re-raise with solid hole cards!!!! Good luck to the lad, cos he's different and different is good in a game where the rules are waiting to be broken! XXkingsterXX

XXkingsterXX on July 31, 2005

I just met Gus Hansen at the Bellagio in Vegas, he was playing $4,000 $8,000 dollar blinds. I wanted to meet him, so as he was walking out of the restroom I introduced myself to him, and told him how much of a fan I was. He was super nice, and we had a great conversation, I couldn't believe he was so interested in his fans! What a great Guy! Later on that night, he even stopped by my $4/$8 table to see how I was doing! I was in shock! Gus is Great! And Super nice too!!! I wish him all the best!

Rubie0604 on July 31, 2005

hanson's awesome, cloutier's overrated, but Ungar was the greatest ever

toronto shark on July 29, 2005

From watching him on television, it seems that Hansen is the man.

Birgit's on July 29, 2005

Explain why this clown is broke now? Cause he is playing low percentage poker that will make him a LOSER long-term.

Unregistered on July 29, 2005

where did u here he was broke?

JetsFan315 on July 29, 2005

"Posted by: To JetsFan on Jul 28, 2005 - IP= So loose-aggressive is a better strategy? Much more likely to bust out then. How does this clown ever accumulate a chip stack early in tourneys? I can't see his Q-5 and 2-4's winning many coin flips."

so many ppl say that about my screename (god ppl get a new diss) and anyways lets see u play gus hansen and win. no one can get to that many WPT final tables with luck and win 3 of them.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

and no he i am not loose-aggressive i am just saying Hanson is a good player who can play the player great, that is why he can play those rags.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

Man he is clearly one of the poker greats. Anyone ever watch the poker superstars tourney's? If he's not winning at the table of the best players in history, he's second at the worst. And buddy, trust me, he's not getting into showdowns with Q-5's and 2-4's early in the tournament, trust me. He's good at calculating pot odds and playing accordingly. We'll definitely continue to see him at final tables for years to come.

Wallacer on July 28, 2005

"Posted by: Kneegrow Please on Feb 01, 2004 This clown gets lucky as hell and hes lucky im not there to chop his ass down"

u think u can beat him but u can say stuff like "Its obvious hes bluffing" and stuff like that while u see the cards. besides he is the most aggressive player i have seen. yeah he keeps rags but he makes it work.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

Ever since the "Big" win, he has been winning everything, like the superstars invatational. I think Gus is the best player in the game right now actually I KNOW THAT HE IS! hes my favorite player, how he bets is amzing, blows me away, its like he can look right through and see the other players cards HANSEN KEEP GOING AND BECOME THE NEXT CLOUTIER AND EVEN BETTER WAY BETTER! AA

GusTheDaneHansenFan on July 28, 2005

i aggree with u but with one exception, cloutier is good but not a legend.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

So loose-aggressive is a better strategy? Much more likely to bust out then. How does this clown ever accumulate a chip stack early in tourneys? I can't see his Q-5 and 2-4's winning many coin flips.

To JetsFan on July 27, 2005

I laugh at all you degenerate ignorant 10year oldsthat think Hansen is a good player. Fact is, hisretarded plays have cought up with him and he isdead broke because of that. You can thank Doyleand the rest of the "Bellagio Big Cash Game" crewfor putting Hansen in a very very big hole.

Fast Eddie on July 26, 2005

"Posted by: Fast Eddie on Jul 27, 2005 - IP= I laugh at all you degenerate ignorant 10 year olds that think Hansen is a good player. Fact is, his retarded plays have cought up with him and he is dead broke because of that. You can thank Doyle and the rest of the "Bellagio Big Cash Game" crew for putting Hansen in a very very big hole"

and how old r u 12. lets see u play hanson. and who told u he was broke, ur mommy. hanson does play rags but hes a great reader and is the most aggressive player i have ever seen.

JetsFan315 on July 26, 2005

"...degenerate ignorant 10year olds...". how long did it take you to think that one up?, you dork. and how the fuck would you know if hanson is broke? do you get his bank statements? does he call you and tell you about his bank roll? unless you're his bitch i think we can all be assured that you know jack shit. to everybody who reads this, fast eddie is a dilhole and he makes up funny stories so everyone will think he is important. but in reality he is 40 and lives in his parent's basement

Unregistered on July 26, 2005

Anyone that brings up luck truly does not know poker... Doyle Brunson has been playing the Agressive style for all his career and being a multi millionaire and a 2 times world series poker champ, there must be something else rather the luck HUH? Gus Hanson has courage to push it just like Doyle did. Not many players can do that. Gus Hanson is a master at reading his oppenets, knowing when they will chuck it makes him a great player. He also uses incredible mathmatical skills. People think he is lucky hwne he is the underdog and ends up drawing out but he is suppose to one-third of the time...

Jesse/Secretz/michaelBlunk on July 25, 2005

he usally doesnt actually draw out what he does is he will pretty much bet anything and it will work. and for u new poker players, DONT USE HANSONS STRATEGY. he is an expect at reading and u have to be to use his style. hes too good with his aggressivness and his reading abilitys, thats how he wins. the reason he keeps rags like 7-2 suited is because he can make something out of it.

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

Seems fairly simple how to beat Gus in poker. Just play very tight-passive, limp in with premium hands and check the flop when u have made top pair, 2 pair, set. Then let this idiot bet big and go over the top ALL-IN. Then Gus will look down at his 10-6o garbage hand and muck it with fustration. I've also noticed that this guy bets unusually high with a great drawn hand (like if he has made trip 3's or whatever). So if the flop is rags or a low pair forms on the board, assume he has something and fold straight away.

Unregistered on July 25, 2005

tight-passive is the WORST STRATEGY IN THE WORLD. i mean u dont play many hands and u dont bet big or dont bet at all.

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

and thats not being tight passive its called check-raising. and lets see how that works for u against gus. he would woop ur ass.

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

Well, I have to admit that I used to think that Gus Hansen was extremely lucky winning with some of the hands he plays. My thought was that his hand selection would ultimately get him into trouble from a statisical standpoint. "But how can you argue with success?" I thought.... Well, it turns out that Gus Hansen recently lost $4,000,000 (his total cash roll) in a $4000/$8000 game mixed with $150K PL Omaha. There are a few regulars who play this game in Vegas (Brunson, Ivey, Reese, Negreanu, etc.) and luck ran out on Gus. In fact, he borrowed another $4,000,000 from Chip Reese and lost that!!! So basically, Gus is broke and in debt four million bucks.Now, we've all played with maniacs or loose cannons who seem to get lucky and we think to ourselves "in the long run you're definitely a loser" and if you thought that about Gus, it turns out you were right.

jdtate/back2rags/jdtate on July 25, 2005

yo tight passive is for suckers who get busted out in the first ten minutes.

toronto shark on July 25, 2005

who ever says gus is over rated does not know poker. this guy brings the most creativity to such a random game..he is an ingenious, fearless player and a natural winner.

toronto shark on July 24, 2005

the retards who keep saying they would take down gus, you guys are hilarious, where's your millions of dollars, and are you playing at the $500,000 buy in tables in you're not so quit talking shit, you don't make millions if dollars over a long period of time by getting lucky. Poker is a game of strategy, percentages and guts, and a little luck, if you don't have all those attributes you will never be a pro, so don't talk like you're the next brunson, you are not good, you are not a pro, fucking deal with it!

reality check on July 24, 2005

girls, he ain't all that, and if you keep giving him such attention, his already large cranium will swell even more so, to the point of encephalitis. he's a guy like any other that found his niche in life and he's reaping the awards. i've watched him play, and boy does he have some of the most predictable strategical moves i've ever seen. is there such a thing as luck- yes of course, and i'm sure he's had to use plenty of his share of it. remember, somebody has to win, and if he does, that doesn't mean that it was all about his talent or reads- chance is still a mathematical factor.

DK- from chitown on July 22, 2005

I'm sorry but how exactly is it playing the man when a tightass player puts all his chips in with nothing less than KA or a pocket pair, and Gus only has 10-Qo and says "alright, lets gamble" and the other guy flips over K-A. Then, Gus gets 2 queens on the flop to win. Where is the skill in that? Absolute BS luck through and through.

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

Gus Hansen is the most overrated player out there. In at least two of his WPT wins, he got extraordinarily lucky. He's no genius, he's just a very gutsy player and when he has a lot of chips, giving him a big margin for error, he becomes dangerous because he's willing to play anything.His style is similar to that of Hoyt Corkins. With a big stack, he trys to bulldoze people off the table, and if he catches his cards, it works.

OVERRATED on July 21, 2005

Hansen has no bracelets and his best finish at a WSOP main event is 150th in 2004.His legend has been built soley on what he has done in the WPT.

Reality on July 21, 2005

"Posted by: on Jul 22, 2005 - IP= I'm sorry but how exactly is it playing the man when a tightass player puts all his chips in with nothing less than KA or a pocket pair, and Gus only has 10-Qo and says "alright, lets gamble" and the other guy flips over K-A. Then, Gus gets 2 queens on the flop to win. Where is the skill in that? Absolute BS luck through and through."

u do know that every1 gets lucky once in a while. lets see u go against gus hansen heads up and see who wins

JetsFan315 on July 21, 2005

Gus is the man, every poker player is lucky. Get over it. He has great skills and is very intelligent.

Unregistered on July 21, 2005

i know its crazy ppl but theres a strategy called playing the player not the cards, and HE IS THE BEST AT THAT>

JetsFan315 on July 20, 2005

Bullshiat he is best at playing the player. He is just lucky. Johnny Chan does a MUCH better job of reading a player. There's a reason why a lot of people who think Gus is lucky, and rightfully so. Sidenote: The only honor I would ever have by playing on Gus's table is when I call him on his 2-7 all in with my pocket Ks, so folks stop worshipping his arse. He's more lucky than good. Real players know that his aggressiveness is disguised by foolishness and incompetence.

Hanson_the_fraud on July 20, 2005

That just shows he's a lucky SOB. Of course its good that he could tell he had pocket aces, but to move all-in PRE-FLOP with junk such as 2-3 knowing u are an 80% underdog is pathetic, im sorry.

To MikeRizz on July 19, 2005

Gus Hansen has really appealed to me as a phenominal palyer. I have seen him play in several tournaments and he never once has not amazed me with his skill and presecence at the table. One day i hope to play against him as he bluffs my ass on a 2 7 off suite. It would be a honor to ever be at the same table as him.

r2theh22 on July 19, 2005

I play with my moms credit card - she was pissed until she found out i now had a $20,000 bankroll so i gave back the $10 i ripped off her plus another $5 for her troubles.

Unregistered on July 18, 2005

Gus Hanson is a Genius. I wanted to share who yall something that happened at the 10/20 NL table at the Bellagio this year duing the series. Gus was sitting at the table with about 10 grand when my buddy Luke bought in the table for 4,600. A few hands later Luke was in the small blind and picked up aces and raised it to 600. Gus, in the big blind makes it 1200 to go. It folds back around to Luke who makes it 2400. Gus moves in and Luke calls with the aces. The flop comes off 2-3-3, a pretty good flop for aces - except when you are playing Gus Hanson and he moves in with 2-3 offsuit. His explanation for the play - "Luke, I knew that you would have to have aces to call my all in and I didnt think you had aces. Would you have layed down kings?" Luke - "Yes, i would have layed down anything but aces." Gus felt alittle bad it so he bought Luke back in the game with 2000, which he proceded to bluff back in the next hour. THE GUY IS AN ABSOLUTE MACHINE!!!

MikeRizzTheProphet on July 18, 2005

Guss Hansen is a poker genius. He doesn't need cards to win the hand.

Russ on July 18, 2005

poker poser=someone who started playing poker after watching rounders on dvd last night ,someone who plays on party poker using there moms credit card, someone who thinks moneymaker is the best poker player in the world but hansen is no poker poser may be broke from the big name but not a poker poser.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

For all you bitches that think Gus is lucky, that has horse-shit written all over it. LUCK is a word used by BEGINNERS. Why do you think every time you turn on the damn tv you always see the same people at the same final fucking table kicking the shit out of people like you. All you people that believe in luck are a disgrace to the game of poker and should be hung.

Stephen on July 16, 2005

gus is one of the best but Stephen, poker does have luck involved in it. it is a skill game but has a bit of luck in it.

JetsFan315 on July 16, 2005

All the people that call Gus Hasen lucky are probably the same ones who learnt to play poker by watching the TV.He looks lucky on TV because they only show a small percentage of the hands,not the countless ones that he folded.So of course their going to show the interesting/lucky/bad beat/crazy bluffs because it makes for good TV.So before you start yaking on about how you would take him and check raise his a$$,trying playing in a proper game of poker,not some lame college affair.These guys are pro for a reason!

Rounder277 on July 15, 2005

I think i've figured out Gus' style. He likes to play "junk" hands like 10-6 or whatever, and raise em pre-flop because he knows anyone who calls will probably have a couple of high cards like J-K, A-9 whatever.. so on the flop, it might be something like 2 6 8 so hes hit a middle pair. Then he can bet it out and others should fold with such a raggy flop. On the contrary, if the flop looks dangerous like J K A he might try to bluff at it if he senses weakness, otherwise if someone else bets first or goes over the top he'll happily muck his garbage hand. I mean, we'd all like to see the flop with big slick or close to it, but a lot of the time the flop wont be K A 7 or whatever, it'll be junk like 2 6 T and thats what Gus tries to play at. Does this make much sense?

Observer on July 14, 2005

gus is an extremely talented player, anyone who says he is lucky is correct but he puts himself in positions to become lucky by risking his chips. Obviously sometimes he is not lucky because he hasn't won a WPT event in the last 2 seasons, but im expecting that to change!! GO GUS!!

PokerGUS on July 13, 2005

Gus Hansen's hyperaggresive style works well in tournaments, but it is an all or nothing style. I seriouly doubt he plays that way in the early stage of the tournament. If he does then he must bust out of alot of tournaments very early. As for him being lucky, NOBODY has won a tournament without getting lucky at some point in the tournament

Unregistered on July 11, 2005

Posted by: Kneegrow Please on Feb 01, 2004This clown gets lucky as hell and hes lucky im not there to chop his ass downno he doesnt he is the MOST AGGRESSIVE PLAYER I HAVE SEEN. he plays some bad hands but he can win with them even without luck. he could have 7-2 suited and the board would be nothing and he would win the hand

JetsFan315 on July 11, 2005

gus is defintly a good player in my book. gus if yur readin this all the people that say stupid shit about you they can all go blow a goat.the reason your good is beacuse you have your own style,and thats like 1 third of the fukin admit youv got more chips then commen sence sometimes.but id like to see some internet chink try to win some thing.i mean im more of dan harrington fan myself beacuse i play like him.but gus will kick any of your chinky neger ass anyday.dont take that shit gus.your the man.MM

up yurs on July 6, 2005

Has he been involved in the 2005 WSOP at all?

Unregistered on July 5, 2005

Those of you who think Gus Hansen can't play poker don't UNDERSTAND the way he plays. Gus takes advantage of the fact that when people are facing a raise with a marginal hand, most of them fold. Most of the "junk" hands Gus raises with never go to the flop because most of the time he just steals the blinds. when we see him call a person's all in with a "junk" hand, gus has already accumulated alot of chips by stealing blinds, and if it's not a great deal more to call, gus does it because to him, he's free rolling against them with chips that he won stealing blinds. The reason he seems so lucky, is that on tv, all they show are the all-in's that he comes from behind to win. it's television people. Isn't it more exciting to see someone come from behind to win? that's why they show so many hands where gus sucks out. lol. you simpletons. manipulated into hating gus, thus making him and poker more popular. i'd pity you, but you don't even deserve that.

It's not luck on July 5, 2005

"luckiest guy in the world". He is danish not swedish

what do you know on July 1, 2005

Hanson can definitely play and play extremely well at that - anyone who doubts his ability is deluding themselves. As for his debts, I'd imagine all the top pros experience that at some stage in their careers, particularly early on.

trigger_m0rtis on June 29, 2005

Geez, i wonder why Gus would be in debt raising with J-6 and 2-4 out of position. The mind boggles. But seriously, his success in the WPT alone should help pay off any debts.

Observer on June 29, 2005

I find it so interesting how people judge his play. I admit the first couple of times I saw him play I thought he was a bit careless then I learned more about poker and relized what he was doing and why. I stongly believe that if you don't think Gus is an excellent player of the game then you don't understand poker completly. He does not have to be your favorite but if you don't respect and understand his play then you will never suceed in poker. Maybe if all of you who had negative comments about Gus learn more about the game and at least what he is doing you can stop talking about poker on the net and someday actually talk to Gus in person while you are playing him.

Lyn on June 28, 2005

I live in Vegas and play at alot of the different casinos. My friend and I were actually told by two dealers that Gus owed markers here in Vegas exceeding $2 million. They said he was in Monte Carlo trying to earn it to come back and settle. I have heard this rumor quite a bit, but have never heard it was Doyle. I think that part is conjecture. I have played up at WSOP and its true he hasnt played an event yet, but I hope he will be at the WSOP. Altough regardless of how great you are, with that large of a field it is up to the poker gods. You can only control the decisions so far before the cards determine our futures. A good example would be MoneyMakers misread that he had the best hand(3Queens w/ A kicker) in 2003 series against Phil Ivey (9s full of Queens)and hit his ace on the river. Or his pocket 88s later on which were all in against Pocket Rockets and he hit his set on the flop. He clearly was not the favor preflop, but luck is so prevalent in a field of thousands, skill can only go so far.

edub on June 28, 2005

The best way to play against this guy is when u get a good hand like A-10 or better, pair of 8s or better.. let him raise with with his junk hand, then go ALL-IN immediately. The clown will have to fold almost every time. If u have a moderately good hand like Q-10, 10-J.. try to limp in and see a flop, dont call any of his raises. If you hit a top pair or good drawing hand (open ended str8, flush draw) immediately go ALL-IN. This should fustrate Gus for sure. The main thing to remember - if the board is all rags hes probably hit something so get out immediately unless u hit your high cards good.

Unregistered on June 27, 2005

Gus is a experianced player who makes careless errors. He needs to strenghten his play. His blufing at innapropriat times can and does mess him up.

PDuggy/Pduggy/lol on June 26, 2005

not bad of a player but im gonna beat him someday!remember me michael nick name shift

michael/shift on June 25, 2005

All of those posters who try to model their game on Hanson are wasting their time as his style is so idiosyncratic that you can't really learn to replicate it. Bit like a sprinter trying to model his running style on Jessie Owens or Michael Johnson. Not really going to happen is it?

trigger_m0rtis on June 22, 2005

To those who keep writing, that Gus is lucky, I just wanted to remind you of the fact that he an live, by playing poker...! it takes more than luck to win at the Bellagio for example... so you guys can go back to your lousy work tommorow, and play your 0,25-0,50$ on the net, and meanwhile, Gus will be earning hundreds of thousands, with his "luck"... Stefan Jørgensen, Denmark...

Groffe1864 (DK) on June 21, 2005

Has anybody told these people that poker is about making another guy fold a good hand when you have rags. I guess all good poker players are just lucky then. If it was all about luck there would be no poker. 9 out of 10 hands Gus will make you fold and win a lot more than that one time that another player wins - when you add it all up you get 3 WPT titles.

Max on June 19, 2005

I think that Gus is a very talented player who has won 4 WPT and is the offical Bad Boy of Poker And hes not only an awesome poker player to watch but a complete STUD!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxy on June 18, 2005

Cause he is dead broke due to Bruson and co. I guessyou won't be seeing him in WSOP any more.

Fast Eddie on June 14, 2005

Gus hansen is a poker god!!! It takes pure GUTS to put all your money on the line with a seven deuce offsuit and make another player fold the best hand. He is a master manipulator and his moves are very calculated. I personally think he is in the top 5 players in the work.. Ive seen this guy read through huge bluffs that any other player would fold to. THE GREAT DANE RULES!!! GO GUS!!! Oh and btw.. 4 WPT titles = skill (not luck)

Black Aether on June 14, 2005

Why is he MIA from the World Series so far? Anybody know?

DantheMan on June 13, 2005

Gus Dont Listen To Any Of These Fools Your My Favorite Player In The World. I Think Your Style Throws Everybody Off When You Play,so Then Its Really Tough To Read You. Peace Out Gus

chicago luv 23 on June 12, 2005

Doyle Brunson once said show me the luckiest player in the room and ill show you the best player at the table...For all you hatters, Gus revolutionizes the game with his aggressive style..This luck b/s needs to stop b/c in poker u require some luck to win but to have 3 WPT Titles and beat the best players in the world at the Poker SuperStars Invitational thats all Skill and calculating the odds.

YoungGun on June 11, 2005

I think gus is great.he got me watching texas holdem.he,s the best in the world and those gus wannabes suck

janet on June 10, 2005

Gus is the best there is. He knows when and how to play a hand perfectly. He is BAD ASS!!!!

poka man on June 10, 2005

I agree Gus does not play by the book and I think that's good, because when you really get right down to it any two cards you hold before the flop can create a hand....I was watching the Bay 101 last night and saw him take third playing trash hand...finally someone else caught a card that set him back. It's nice to see him fall once and awhile because it gets old watching him catch lucky flops and turn cards....not to dis-credited his ability to play, but he is very LUCKY at times period!!! Especially when the other guy has him bet going into the flop. Still a great player and always will be....

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

i'm definately no math expert, but i would say poker is 30% luck and 70% skill IMO. all poker players catch lucky breaks.. but some are able to set them selves up to get better breaks, i think Gus can do that. besides that, I think he plays great - he plays the way the books tell you not too, so while many players play "by the book", he will take them out without a prob. because they ignore the fact that any two cards can win, its just the matter of playin the player.

Darginok on June 5, 2005

I just kicked Gus's butt in headsup play online. I just wish it had been in person and for real not just a computer program. But.... it was still fun to beat him. oh yea, he went all in after the flop with 3 queens, I made my flush (queen high)at the flop. and then just waved good bye to him :-)

MidKnight on June 2, 2005

what most are missing is that by the time u see gus on tv and decide you are an expert on his game, he has already made it through the field of hellmuth's and phil iveys. he also plays in the highest stakes games all the time. no one can play in these games for more than a week or so unless the can hold their own against ivey, brunson, chao and daniel

dilluan on June 1, 2005

One thing that puzzles me about Gus - he never seems to look at the man, like no stare-downs, no searching for tells etc. He just looks at the community cards and thinks "should i bluff with my 4-2 off suit?" or "how do i trap this guy with my monster hand?" Its strange. I'm also wondering how this guy builds up a huge stack in tournaments early. He cant be messing with J-4, 6-5 etc early on or he'll go bust pretty soon.

Observer on May 31, 2005

This guy doesn't stand a chance against people like Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey. I'll never forget when he said I have 10, 8, offsuit I have to call for sure, and the lucky bastard caught 2 pair and took the pot. ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS GUY IS A JOKE AND IS WAY OVER-RATED.

Nick/gushater/Dantell1965 on May 30, 2005

What makes Gus Brilliant is how difficult it is to play him. You can tell on the tables no one wants to be in a hand with Gus as they dont know whether hes got absolute rags or pocket rockets. In my opinion he is the most difficult player to read, which ultimately makes him extremely difficult to play.

Raflas on May 30, 2005

Gus Hansen is my pick to win this years WSOP Main Event!!!!!!! Good Luck Gus

Hurricane_Ivan on May 28, 2005

Gus is a big inspiration to all hold'em players. He both play the cards AND the players very well. Nice to see a guy from Denmark doing so well in WPT :D on May 25, 2005

Gus,I LOVE YOU !!!!!!You're my idol!!! LOVE YOU !!!You have a fan in Brazil....You're the best!LOVE YOU!!!!

gabi75 on May 24, 2005

He does dump money like there is no tomorrow.A friend of mine met him in a bank in Paris. My friend needed $3000 for an appartment. He couldn't get that much in one day on his creditcard. Gus gave it to him, and said: see u next week. Bring $3000 and we're even. Either He's dumb, or very good at judging people. My friend showed up next week, and Gus got his money. He won that pot, and respect from me and my friends!

Jacob; Denmark on May 23, 2005

Best player ever.. He playes so good on bad hands like 2-4 off suited...

Magnus/Halle/Hallahan_kb on May 23, 2005

i play heads up against gus - i raise 10 tousand, gus goes over top with 30 tousand, i all in with 10-7 against his 3-6. I catch a 7 on flop but gus hits trips when the flop cums 7-6-6. I lose entire money on one hand. Top job Gus now watch out - next time i RAISE U and u dont call!

Hon Le on May 21, 2005

Rumor has it that Gus is the biggest fish in theBellagio big cash game. Apparently he owes Doyle4 million and had to skip Vegas. Not exactly rocketscience, everyone that plays on pokerstars knowsthat Hansen dumps money like there is no tomorrow !!

Jimmy the worm on May 21, 2005

For everyone who says hes all luck..... its obviusly more than luck if hes won as much has

chris on May 20, 2005

Hansen is generally a good reader, you have to be to make calls with the worst of it, more often than not, he calls with coinflips or 3/2 dog hands (like QT vs AK) likes to gamble to knock opponents out. However, Chris Ferguson absolutely schooled him in the Head's Up Tournament. Pushing all in with A3 on a KKx board, Ferguson played him perfectly flipping over the QQ. Gus is a great player, but I would like to see him at a final table with Ferguson, Ivey, Harrington, Sklansky, and Negreanu. Play this table 10 times. Hansen will end up 6th or 5th more often than not. Knows how to beat the onliners and the other aggressive players. But more patient players that know not to push all in preflop on coinflips and 3:2 advantages, will just wait him out and burn him over and over.

Unregistered on May 19, 2005

Gus Hansen plays the Super System. That's all, straight by the book, no magic to it. He just does it exceptionally well and has the luck one needs to suck out on someone when it counts.

Unregistered on May 19, 2005

Gus is just amazing! plays the perfect game no matter the cards he one knows the moves he is going to make, he is imposible to read...

Frances on May 18, 2005

WTF - wether he had T8off vs . 77 or AK off vs 77 is the same ods - so actually it´s a pretty darn good call presuming no one else went in...

Another Dane on May 17, 2005

Gus was amazing at the shooting star-it'll show on june 8th. i live in san jose so we went to watch and he made it worth the 6 hours i spent standing plus he georgus

maria on May 17, 2005

does he have a personal website/official website?

maria_elana on May 17, 2005


john thampi on May 15, 2005 are incredible!!!!all says it cause' there are nothing els to say. and by the way...good played vs. Daniel Rentzner...eller hvad fanden han heddder

yes barca er mestre!!!!!!!!:) on May 14, 2005

Gus spiller da bare helt kanon! Jer der siger han vinder fordi han er heldig..? ja, i kan da bare skide i havet!! Dejligt at se at en dansker kan komme sĂĄ langt i internationalt poker,, :) Respekt..

Maiken on May 14, 2005

Mr Hansen, I salute you. You are awesome, I'm proud to be Danish when I watch you on telly! Go get 'em tiger!!

Anette on May 13, 2005

Favorite poker player to watch ever! w/o this man poker just wouldnt b the same, he is a true gambler!KEEP IT UP GUS

fridaynight on May 13, 2005

I have been watching poker for about 18 months and playing in tournaments and on line for the last 12 months. Gus was immediately my favourite player and I love to watch him in big tournaments. If you are reading this Gus and would like to take me out for a meal and give me a few tips I am all yours.

jackie.meecham1 on May 12, 2005

I've been watching WPT for awhile now but I haven't seen Gus in quite a long time. Does anyone know where he's been?!?!

Z-Unit on May 12, 2005

You people in here who have the balls to say Gus is bad. I wonder why all of you spend most of your time on the internet posting comments instead of playing. Probably because you all suck and a player of Gus' caliber would bend each of you over. Gus plays in some of the biggest games in the world when you are all at home playing low limit hold em with your friends for pennies.

Dirk Diggler on May 11, 2005

Yeah Gus's "great" play included calling an all in from Antonio E. (who had 77) when Gus held T8 offsuit. He caught a card on the flop. Yeah, real genius play. When he got his card he started flexing his girlie muscles. Gus, spare us that sickening visual, please. Just that is enough to put your opponents on tilt. You look like a death camp survivor, you fucking doorknob.

WTF on May 11, 2005

He is nicknamed DD? I think he is also nicknamed "Terminator" since he is the only guy who can eliminate so many other players

D.D? on May 10, 2005

i think that Gus Hanson is the greatist poker player in the world no one come pare not danile nugranu and defonatly not ramer

taylor / macleren_f1_rules_all on May 9, 2005

I watch Gus back home in Copenhagen...Oh my sweet jesus, he is baad..No wonder, he´s got the nickname D.D. (Dangerous Dane).

NorthSide on May 8, 2005

Paul Philips has been nicknamed "MiniGus" once... hahaha... He followed Gus Hansen everywhere, and at the final, he got the same clothes and haircut just as if they were cousins... I'm sure Gus didn't like that feeling hahahaha! Gus is only 29, plenty of time to get better than any old veterans...

Mini Gus on May 4, 2005

Gus hansen is so lucky.One day he was just walking down the streets of monte carlo and a bag of gold fell out of the sky. Then a cute danish chick said "hey thats my money! But its ok you can keep the 5 million in that bag marked with a dollar sign because I think backgammon players are hot.Why don't you come back to my place some time. I turned out that she was bi and gus was got involved in some hot threesomes. But after eating all that whipped cream off their young supple bodies, he had to go to the bathroom. He crapped out gold coins(by luck) and a deed to a multimillion dollar mansion. Then his newfound lover said hey gus my cousin is benny binion, he will make sure that you never lose at poker again.

Gus hansan on May 4, 2005

O hes just good.He is an amazing player in a wide variety of games, not just TV suckouts. You are all just jealous.

Gushansan on May 4, 2005

Gus is a luck box..I've watched him play and he needs to take lessons. Stu Ungar would destroy him if he were alive facthe would estroy anyone on the tour!!!

Unregistered on May 3, 2005

you have to have 3 things to be a good poker player, you have to have skill, you have to be willing to take risks and you have to just get lucky sometimes. and Gus does all that. Hes one of the best poker players i ever seen

eLem3nT on May 1, 2005

FYI....Gus is not married. Last interview I read on him he said he does not have any plans in the near future on getting married either. He is happy being single. He just has not meet me yet..hehehehe!

To Tory on May 1, 2005

is gus married?

Tory/Ej/ej_313 on April 29, 2005

Good luck, held og lykke.Elsker at se dine aggrassive træk, selv når du ikke har en god hånd. Simon

Bustersmith on April 25, 2005

Gus Hansen is a good card player, though I think he might be a bit overated. I feel like in the long-run a player like Howard Lederer or Dan Harrington will have a more profitable career, as there will be less variance in their play, and they can avoid big traps Gus' aggressiveness can get himsef into. Also, sometimes playing recklessly happens to work out even though it was not the correct play (Varkonyi in 2002 against Hellmuth comes to mind).

John. on April 25, 2005

omg, this guy is a god, i'm an amatuer and hope to someday as good as him^^ I ABSOLUTELY LUV WPT AND SEEING HIM PLAY THE WAY HE DOES MAKES ME A FAN OF POKER!!

sunna on April 23, 2005

First time I ever saw him was yesterday, all I can say is WOW !! He won the million and deserved it! Anyone who thinks he is just lucky is an idiot.

uncle walt on April 23, 2005

Gus is a Star in Denmark - pokers is played anywhere now because of Gus' idol status. At the present the police uncover a lot of illegal poker tournaments. Our Casinos are ofcourse furious at these so-called self-established tournaments :) Nobody have played any REAL poker in Denmark before Gus Hansen - thats a fact.

Henrik Dahm on April 20, 2005

Gus is the best player on the WPT. He currently has 4 WPT titles which is the most of any player in the WPT. He was also inducted into the poker hall of fame. When he wins it is not luck. Gus was fomerly a backgammon pro player and has taken his skills from that game into poker. If I could choose one pro player to mentor me it would be only GUS.Keep up the great work Gus.

gusnumber1fan on April 16, 2005

Gus hansen you're legend

fox on April 12, 2005

gus is an amazing player to watch, is he the best? in time, very likely. is he a skilled poker star? no doubt about it. gus is the sort of player who makes things happen, makes player have to make decisions and almost always reads them perfect when they make them. most people who post crap bout players like gus r just jealous cos the only time they seem to have the nuts, they're playing with themselves not with cards.

HOLDIN THE NUTS on April 10, 2005

No limit holdem isn't about playing the great hands. It's about playing the okay hands great. Gus does this in his own original, and quite successful way. He has a great amount of self control, knows when to fold, and knows when to go ALL IN. The guy is the best no limit poker player to embrace the sport, and only someone that can beat him should be able to say otherwise. (by the way, Gus knows that a small percentage of poker has to do with luck, and uses this to his advantage)

AaronS on April 10, 2005

im NOT saying im better than gus but i dont think hes all that great not even in the top 50 nl holdem players as far as im concerned

overrated on April 9, 2005

gus hansen is The best no limit player in the world right now. The only player that he could be compared to is stu ungar who is dead now.Although stu ungar was the best ever and no1 will ever be even close to as good as he was. but id say gus hansen is second best to him

steevl13 on April 7, 2005

Doyle Brunson once said show me the luckiest player in the room and ill show you the best player at the table...For all you hatters, Gus revolutionizes the game with his aggressive style..This luck b/s needs to stop b/c in poker u require some luck to win but to have 3 WPT Titles and beat the best players in the world at the Poker SuperStars Invitational thats all Skill and calculating the odds.

YoungGun on April 7, 2005

There is a saying in poker that you have to win races to win tournaments. Gus has won many races but Gus plays the player and not the cards 99% of the time. Another element that makes him an excellent poker player is that he makes some excellent Laydowns. He isnt dumb in his play and projects that in his table image. He is an amazing poker player to watch.

porkpiec18 on April 6, 2005

Gus is bling man, just doin'his thing. Hold stilen, så de ka' lære det.

Alexander/songobongo on April 5, 2005

Man, I hate hearing idiots rant about how players are just lucky. Remember they only show the best hands on WPT or any televised events. Gus has a great understanding of the game and also incorporates math into some of his decisions. You'll soon see when his book is completed.It's easy to play suspect hands against tight players. try it.7 out of 10 times you can bluff ure way out of a hand against a good player.

This Guy on April 5, 2005

One can debate Gus gambling style over and over. The fact is that he is a great poker player and like all of us he masters the math of the game perfectly. The thing is that many people are mixing up internet poker with live poker inspite of the big differences. Real Poker is 30% math and 70% read while internet poker is the opposit. I think Gus masters all the styles, would he be in the WPT finals otherwise?

Pokermaster on March 30, 2005

"Posted by: Kneegrow Please on Feb 01, 2004 This clown gets lucky as hell and hes lucky im not there to chop his ass down"

yeah right what does three WPT championships say to you it's not all luck for him he is awesome

JetsFan315 on March 28, 2005

Doyle Brunson once said show me the luckiest player in the room and ill show you the best player at the table...For all you hatters, Gus revolutionizes the game with his aggressive style..This luck b/s needs to stop b/c in poker u require some luck to win but to have 3 WPT Titles and beat the best players in the world at the Poker SuperStars Invitational thats all Skill and calculating the odds.

YoungGun on March 27, 2005

sammy the brick. Reading his last post just makes me laugh he's trying to discredit a top pro!!saying he can play well against weak players but not strong ones....well i would love to have the money that Gus has i mean as sammy the brick says he plays in the biggest cash games 4000/8000 and is a big loser but still he plays it regularly for the last 2/ just makes you wonder a)Why he continues to play it? and b)Where the hell does he get the money from to continue playing in it?....Either sammy the prick is full of shit or Gus Hansen is a crap poker player hmmmmm not sure which it is!

uk defender on March 16, 2005

He has played well against week players, his 3 wPTwins have been against weak players whom he, like Ivey, and Daniel N out play week players on the flop with weak hands, and thats great, the difference is that Dan and Phil can also do that against strong players. THough he won the Super Stars Invitational, he won it with many suck outs in the early goings. Better players like Reese, Greenstein, and Brunson had HORIBLE LUCK in that tourney. As far as cash games, his style does not suit cash games, and he's known as a loser in the top cash games, in the Bellagio game with Brunson, Greenstein, Danny N., Ivey, and Reese, where it's a mixed game, usually HORSE, or SHOE he's a real fish in these games, for 3 reasons. 1. he's a one trick pony, tournament hold em is all he can do well at, he's also a horrible stud hi/lo player, 2. he's playing against top players, not college kids who play online, 3. his style is too wreckless, it works EXTREMELY well at tournaments because you have to build your chip stack quickly to be able to keep up with the blinds that continue to rise. You all tell me about editing on tv, the same can be said about the toruneys on a whole, all we see is what he wins, what we don't see is that he loses more turneys than he wins. Yeah he still wins, but he can't do that in a cash game, where there is no rush to get chips, where solid play is best.

sammy the brick on March 15, 2005

awesome player. looks a bit like my friend mivvy!

devil rod on March 15, 2005

Respect for Gus Hansen. If you call his play for lucky then you'll never know how to play yourself.Who said poker by the book is the most effective?Har jeg ret eller har jeg ret!

Respekten on March 14, 2005

Yeah he is a loose player, but when he calls with these "shitty hands"he is sending a message to the table.Players make a note not to try and bluff him as he is likely to call...also the fact that he is very loose pre flop means it is hard for any one to get a read on him..and then his post flop play is what really sets him apart.I dont understand how you can criticise him "sammy the brick",if he is a calling station then there is no way he'd have the success he does in tourneys and cash games.OK then Sammy the brick how do you account for his success??

uk defender on March 14, 2005

I agree Gus is way too lucky...he "sucks" out on the River too many times. I seen him catch his last card to make his hand. He is a joke! I'n getting sick and tired of watching him play.

Unregistered on March 14, 2005

gus hanson is lucky plain and simple.... plays pure trash hands then gets as lucky as hell on the flop

iveyfan05 on March 14, 2005

he probably has x-ray vision which allows him to see the flop before it's put out. that's cheating, using ur superpowers.....

LOB on March 14, 2005

he did double up like 10 times at the bay 101 day 1 when he came an hour late

LOB on March 14, 2005

Sammy are you really that dumb? Let me explain something...when you are watching Gus it is on TV, when you watch something on TV there is what you call editing. When something is edited it means they only show you some parts of it. They will not show the hands that Gus lays down..that would be boring..they are going to air the hands where Gus makes his moves on people. You call him undisiplined because he does not know how to lay down hands, well just because they are not showing it on TV does not mean it does not happen. A big part of poker is playing the player and sometimes people actually make moves on people and that's called "bluffing". Maybe you have heard of it?

Unregistered on March 13, 2005

bluffing only works when you're betting not when you're calling, Gus isn't an aggresive bettor, he's more of a loose caller, and the fact that his calling with crazy hands is a recurring theme at all tourneys he is shown in. Editing or not you know that Gus is loose, and much too wild.

sammy the brick on March 13, 2005

The man knows his stuff...GUS du har min fulde respekt.!

Danish Bacon on March 11, 2005

I already said that Gus is a great reader, and numbers man. I just happen to think that he is too stubborn and can't make the big lay down, that's the sign of a truly great player. The best players occationally lay down even the best hand.

sammy the brick on March 11, 2005

What makes you think your right sammy the brick...maybe what you think is Gus being "stubborn and can't make the big lay down" he is really creating a table image where his opponents know he will call bluffs and in the long run he will get paid off with big pots. How can you criticise him for being stubborn when you only see selected key hands on tv...its not a true reflection of how the table is playing. He wouldn't win big tournements or be playing in big cash games if he couldn't make big lay clearly dont know much about poker which is probably why you chose to come on this website and abuse posters and pro poker players.

uk defender on March 11, 2005

I just saw Gus Hansen at the Shooting Star tournament. Without a doubt, he was the most personable, friendliest player in the room. He always stopped to say hello to fans, and he gave several fans extra poker t-shirts, including taking off his sweatshirt and giving it away when he ran out of extras. I was so impressed with his attitude. I don't consider myself a "fan" of players, but I'm now a fan of his. Best of luck, Gus, and keep being a genuine nice guy.

pokermom on March 11, 2005

The fact that he he plays in 4000/8000 games says it all,and he's also won a few wpt titles.Why do people keep saying he's a bad player?!obviously people are just joking...but it does get boring reading it

uk defender on March 10, 2005

sammy is right,,,gus needs to learn how to fold hands...he has no concept of the idea of pot odds,,,and even if he did he probably wouldnt follo it.... Needs to start playing good, plus he IS broke at the moment.

iveyfan05 on March 9, 2005

He need to get the concept of pot odds? What a ridiculous statement.

Unregistered on March 9, 2005

gus is class takes a gamble with a rubbish hand and gets people of a good hand hopefully he will do well at the wsop 2005

neil,nelly,nellyboymount on March 9, 2005

I think this guy has the best style there is. It's just fun, and in the end he gets money! He's not one of those people who sits there for hours just grinding away, slowly bringing in chips at a steady pace, and that's what is great about him. I'm rooting for him at the wsop 2005. By the way, I'll be there some day.

The Gopher on March 9, 2005

Gus' style wouldn't work for most people, and i'm no exception, but the fact that I know nothing about poker is your stupid asumption only because i disagree with you that Gus is a master. When you're raised an insane amount of chips and can't laydown 63 offsuit as was the case in the final game of the first round of the poker super stars invitational, that shows me that you are not disiplined enough. He held his cards hoping to get lucky. The pot wasn't offering him the odds, what 2-1 on a possible 8-1 off chance he might hit a monster with that hand? The man is a joke and we all saw what he's made of at the WSOP and the fact that he's broke now and is getting his buy ins from other players is proof that he sucks ass.

sammy the brick on March 8, 2005

Once just did not understand what he was doing....I was going to try to explain but you won't get it...He was setting things up so he could win the OVERALL tourn. I do not think that you don't understand poker because you do not agree with me that Gus is a master but if you do not understand fully the purpose of what he does then you should not give an opinion. If you truely understood why Gus did what he did then formed your opinion maybe I could believe you get poker. And I am guessing you did not hear that Gus is broke from if you believe everything you hear then you are sad. You may of heard Gus losing over a million dollars in an evening playing cash games...however take into consideration the 3 million he won the week prior. That is how cash games go...for's loose big and win even bigger. That is the way he plays. How can you say someone who has won all that money sucks. I understand people not really liking his style but to say that he or anyone one of these professionals suck is very very wrong.

Unregistered on March 8, 2005

Yeah he can read opponents well, sure he figures odds out quickly, but who gives a fuck he never folds, he's an undisiplined player who can't bring himself to fold when he reads his opponent as stronger than he. THen he hits his flop and wins. When you call all in with the first hand at a tourney with AJ against Chip Reese you're a moron not a master.

sammy the brick on March 7, 2005

Sammy...get a have no clue what you are talking about...but keep posting cause the more you do the more obvious it is you don't understand poker well. You are making a fool of yourself on all the poker remarks and you don't even realize it...I find that pretty amusing. Gus is a master at what he does, the way he plays is not for most people but he is good enough to play the way he does. You are not good enough so Gus's style would not work for you at all.

Unregistered on March 7, 2005

in my opinion gus is the best poker player in the world and i'm so glad that he chose poker instead of backgamon i hope gus continues to play poker he got me into the game and i hope i can get at least half as good as he is

willie on March 4, 2005

sammy the brick go you should stop coming to this website and just go back to playing online poker with fake money. You've never played a real tourney in your life. Get a life. GUS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Dirk Diggler on March 3, 2005

Gus Hansen is simply a poker master. He has no fear, never intimidated and he is never rattled. He is reckless and fearless with unbelievable skills. Luck has nothing to do with it, I will admit I have seen him draw out on some hands but in the long run the fact of the matter is, is that Gus Hansen is one of the best if not the best no limit hold em tournament players in the world. I can only hope I can become half as good as him.

dirk diggler on February 28, 2005

I played Gus and tried to bluff with 4 7 os and I KQ I won....afterwards he asked if I would teach him how to play.

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

it would be a honor to play with you! your so good!

kyle on February 27, 2005

Gus Is Simply Amazing,The best that I have overall personally seen due to his aggressive and intimidating yet cool calm and collected style. Keeping Panic away is key. Hus controls this better than anyone that I've seen in the situations that he should .

SniffSniffEXPLOSION on February 27, 2005

you guys claiming you play like gus and blah blah blah there are too many wannabe gus. no doubt gus is a great player and a lot of young kids think that is the way to play the game. although he has the ability to make the strong hands fold 95 percent of you who claim you play like gus hanson dont win a dime.

PhilHellmuthJr.Jr. on February 25, 2005

gus er for syge han kan det shit med poker

great dane on February 24, 2005

In the daniel negreanu evaluation of Gus's playing he says that gus plays a very mathematical game.Alot of these top players are always been talked about as being very good at maths.I dont understand...what exactly are they calculating?...1st of all I am doing a Masters in Maths so Im not "completely" without a clue.I understand the claculating of "pot odds" which is straight forward.I understand the implied odds too.But these calculations are hardly rocket science...and alot of the probabilities for holdings(such as a set turning into a boat or quads on turn/river etc)can be memorised if you play often.I understand when players say "there is alot of power in the pot" and that it is matematically correct to draw to it. What im trying to say...are what else is there to mathematically calculate apart from the basic' hardly have to have a math whizz to do.I'd love to hear a step by step play as to what math calculations go through Gus/barry/ungar when making a play/call???Can anyone help with this??

uk defender on February 23, 2005

Ok, nobody really cares if you like or dislike Gus. So in an effort to post something with some actual value let's understand Gus's play better. Any playing style has strengths and weaknesses. I see two huge strengths to Gus's play. Playing anything- by playing this way Gus completely disallows other players from reading him pre-flop. Big chip-pusher- the pots Gus plays are big. His opponent wins 10 pots, Gus wins 10 pots, Gus's pots are bigger, advantage Gus. I've noticed Gus rarely stares at an opponent, maybe a quick glance, but even that is rare. Yet he does seem to read them well. Makes me wonder if he uses timing to read there hand ?? For those who say Gus sucks-out alot. YES !! This is an additional benefit to seeing alot of flops, and playing alot of hands. But this is not the KEY to him winning, just a fringe bene to playing lots of hands.

mellofello on February 22, 2005

Anyone interested as to how Daniel Negreanu rates Gus Hansen as a poker player check out Daniels site.[url][/url] then click on forum,and go to player profile.Gus Hansen profile has just been added.Just thought id mention!

uk defender on February 20, 2005

By far the most entertaining player in poker.

theboss on February 20, 2005

he has some poker dvd wit antonio esfandiari, phil laak and andy bloch. it's like a 3 disc set. not gonna buy it though.

LOB on February 20, 2005

An absolute blast to watch. Wanna see him and Layne Flack go heads up.

Jenni Rebecca on February 19, 2005

Gus is an excellent player and like most he has his own style of play. I've seen him out draw a few good players on the River, but that's just the way the game is...hope he continues to play. It's entertaining to watch and learn.

Dan on February 16, 2005

im a risky poker player myself, and i admire him he is really good

dahnya on February 15, 2005

The guy is simply amazing. I do agree that raising with a 2,5 off suit on a fairly regular basis is very risky play, but when everyone at the table knows your repuatation and is scared as hell of you then it is a great advantage. Sure if I sat down at a table in Vegas and played the way he did I would probably get called and eventually crushed. But I'm not Gus Hansen either. People are afraid of him because he could wipe you out at any moment if you dont play your hand right.

Greg on February 14, 2005

Poker(any game)-33%skillz, 33%luck, 33%guts, 1%gus hansen.

Henry on February 11, 2005

Gus is a good player, but I have seen him very lucky at times...but I suppose that luck does come into play

Dan on February 10, 2005

I wanna know how this guy does it!fantastic big buy in tourney success and he plays in the biggest cash game.From the tv shows ive seen he always seems to get lucky....but obviously anyone who knows anything about poker knows that there is definetly some method in there,im guessing because he is a pretty loose player and gives lots of action he also gets lots of action when he holds good cards?!I would love to understand more about his game....its alot more exciting than watching alot of the poker players.If anyone has any insight to his style(though I do know its loose)and strategy please post,im wanting to read some informed opinions.This site is mildly amusing at first,but gets quite boring after reading all these wnnabees slagging off top players.PS-Check out [url][/url] got an interview with gus.

uk defender on February 9, 2005

I just read the interview with Gus, thanks for letting us know about that. To answer your qeustion well I acutally think in the interview Gus explained his style quite nicely and I think you already hit the nail on the head when you said "He gets lots of action when he holds cards". Due to his extreme aggressivness and loosness Gus will be called more then almost any other player out there. Gus is a true gambler and if you pay attention to his style he is in it for the big payoffs. He is very mathmatical in his play, however he also reads his opponents very well. The way Gus plays is dangerous not only to his competitors but people watching who want to play like him. It takes so much skill and practice and of course a big bank roll to play like him. Simply put I see Gus's style the same as how casino's carry the odds. At casino's you can win but if you play long enough you will eventully loose your money. Gus may lose because of his loose play but eventuall he gets what he lost and a whole lot more back.

to uk defender on February 9, 2005

Gus Hanson is just plain amazing, going to revolutionize poker and how people play it. His aggressive style and the acting and the way he reads people makes his holdem style unlike others, he is def a legend og the game.

Ld. on February 8, 2005

Best in the world period.

Unregistered on February 7, 2005

good player that gets lucky when he needs i think hes great,,,, i guess time will tell...

iveyfan05 on February 7, 2005

...the next ungar

the next gus on February 7, 2005

Gus Hansen is the lord of poker players. Thankfully any nasty comment that is thrown at him on this site doesnt effect him as a player.Yeah, I am sure that even he would admit there have been times where he got in a little over his head and got lucky. We all get lucky somtimes. But you cant depend on luck to win a championship. and that is just what Gus Hansen has done, more than one time. My favorite was the one I just recently watched where he single handly put out all seven players and took home a million dollors. The final hand he flopped a small straight and he just stayed calm and collective and had Johnny Chan eating out of his hand. Thinking he had the best hand Chan went all in, Gus quickly called and proved once again that he is the best there is at what he does as he took home another first place win. Way to go Gus. I am your BIGGEST fan. Brandi from Louisiana !!!!

Brandi on February 7, 2005

u have a crush on him. :)

Unregistered on February 7, 2005

he won just about every all in on a slight outdraw.

Unregistered on February 6, 2005

I have been watching Gus very closely and I have 2 things to say. 1. He is so god damn aggressive it is scary (everyone knows this). And Yes everyone loves his style of play. 2. And I know I will get shit for this but watching him I have noticed that he is VERY LUCKY! Yes I know he bluffs the shit out of everyone, but I have never seen 1 person get as lucky as he is. Yes Poker requires luck. Yes he has AMAZING skill, but you can not hide the fact that Gus will pull a river card out of his ass to win any tourneys. I know he would kick mine and all of your asses at the tabel. My advice is to bring all your good luck charms because your gonna need it.

Unregistered on February 5, 2005

Damn.... he won the poker superstars invintaional knocking out everyone!!!!!!!!!! u'd think he has the deal wit the devil. i know he's a good(and very lucky) player, but that doesn't happen.

LOB on February 5, 2005

I have just started watching poker very recently,and love to watch Gus play. He is awsome. Do you think I could get some lessons from Gus on playing poker? Is he married? [email][/email]

Tammy on February 4, 2005

Gus is one of the most inspirational poker players out there. When being the player with the least amount of chips, is as deadly as someone being the chip leader. His actions tell it all during his play. What a poker player.

Heavy17 on February 4, 2005

You can only play 7/6 offsuits so many times before you get busted....with that said I still think he is the best in the world for the type of game he plays.... I wouldn't suggest it: but he does it at a level that could be considered borderline genius!!!

Lance/jparnell on February 3, 2005


Gregger on February 1, 2005

does anyone know if he's metrosexual?i saw his nails when he was playing poker superstars invintational and they were even and looked really nice. i never saw that on a straight guy before

LOB on January 30, 2005

in mid nov 2004 my wife played party poker with her and someone who said it was you. I have always admired your play and please count on me as your admiring fan. GO GET EM!!!!!!!

bill bori/billy-bob/billjud222 on January 25, 2005

gus hansen is a great player, holdem is not all about luck. luck has barely anything to do with the game, its all about how much you bet, reading your opponents, etc. people who say gus hansen just gets lucky are just retards

hotsauce on January 24, 2005

Hey, im just another fan of Gus Hansen.... After they have startet to show poker all the time in TV we in DK see a lot to Gus Hansen, and he is with out a dout the coolest player on the tour.... how many tours has he won in 2003 and in 2004 ??kim- big fan

Kim Vestergaard from DK on January 16, 2005

Gus is a great player and his intertaining style will attract much attention to the btw saw Gus at Jazz House, Copenhagen partying last night. Wish I had a deck of A's he could have signed =)

ChiKane on January 15, 2005

@moxieripper on Dec 15, 2004 Hansen is the most common surname in Denmark :n

Unregistered on January 15, 2005

He's from Denmark!!! And we are very proud of him.

Molle3000 on January 15, 2005

Hansen is only the third most popular, after Jensen and Nielsen, but there are almost 250.000 hansen in a population of 6 mill.!! Gustav on the other hand is is a bit more rare, but coming up, only 3114 Gustav´s and 2777 the year before that. Now for the big question, how many Gustav Hansens are there.... only 98 in Denmark where he was born. See those facts you did not have on Gus..... ;)

Gustav Hansen on January 15, 2005

Gus is the best at what he does besides Stu ungar

Iowa81 on January 15, 2005

Some people might say he just win because he is lucky, and yes sometimes he is butTrue luck consists not in holding the best of the cards at the table; luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home. I like that crazy dane...because im crazy too and also from Denmark

albo26 on January 14, 2005

Hej Gus, du styre simpelthen for VILDT!!

Big Gus Fan on January 14, 2005

a famous cardplayer once said "show me the luckiest guy in the room, and i will show you the best cardplayer"...i believe that man was Doyle take it for what its worth. I believe him. Gus is a hell of a player

Unregistered on January 13, 2005

I've found Gus to be a mentor. He takes a 6-2 offsuit and turns it into a winning hand. I've definately changed my game up a bit on hands I play after watching and learning from him. He is definately a wonderful player!!!

Gus's biggest fan on January 9, 2005

I am a huge fan of Gus but as "his biggest fan" above states that there are changing there playing style to play more like Gus. I understand wanting to do that but not too many people can do what Gus does and get away with it so be careful. That is what makes him so special! But I wish you tons of luck!

Unregistered on January 9, 2005

go denmark

aaaadk on January 8, 2005

i have heard that gus does really well in cash games..he plays at the bellagio alot agiant the whos whos of poker phil ivey, brunson,negreanu,chip reese....hansen is a truly sick player,, can never put him on a hand or a style...truly world class

iveyfan05 on January 6, 2005

No one compares to Gus Hansen, u can say all u want about luck but luck doesnt get u 3 WPT Titles. Always play the player and it takes balls to win it all.

YoungGun on January 6, 2005

I've just started to watch poker on television and in the beginning I didn't think that it was that great. Then, however, I saw one of Gus' wins on the WPT and I thought it was great. I like his aggressiveness and it is definitely players like him that makes poker fun to watch.... GUS RULES!!!!

Charlie / Denmark on January 5, 2005

This is Gus' comment to people thinking that he is just plain lucky:"I love that they think I'm lucky. I don't mind at all. I mean…let them just think I'm lucky. I think it helps me if, if people think I'm a little bit crazy because there's definitely rationale behind a lot of things I do. They might seem wacky but I'm not totally crazy... just a little bit."

Charlie / Denmark on January 5, 2005

second best player to negreanu, hell of a player

wolfy14 on January 5, 2005

I watch this guy again and again, and for the life of me I can't figure out how he does it. One amazing player, playing a style that would cause 99% of poker players' games to implode but that obviously works well for him. Occasionally, just for fun, I try to play in his style in online tournaments and I get my ass whipped on a regular basis...although, come to think of it, his style is based on superior reads on his opponents so it really wouldn't work very well online. One of the greatest no-limit players in the world, but I'd be interested to see how well he plays other, limit-format, games, especially cash games.

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

A renown percentage player like Howard Lederer called Gus Hansen one of poker's deep thinkers. What do you think carries more weight - the opinions of Gus's peers or a collection of internet idiots?

Robert Dudek on January 4, 2005

Is Gus only lucky? What a bunch of losers some of you are. He is skilled, cold as ice and I love his agressive play. To all the wankers who think that luck has brought him near the top; get a grip and learn some more about Poker..

Proud Dane on January 4, 2005

you beat me out alot but i came back and one a pot im proud ahah

jack on January 3, 2005

There are only two possible explanations for Gus Hansen's success, one is that he is psychic; the other that he has a deal with Satan. Either way, I hope I never run across him playing online.

MUPAWA on January 2, 2005

Gus is my favorite No-Limit Holdem for many reasons. One reason is his unstoppable agression. Another is ability to play post-flop. My favorite quality of Gus is his heart. He fears no one and can compete with the best and win (FSN Poker Super Stars) Hes also a mathematical genius who knows the number. Its impossible for anyone to be consistently lucky so ppl should realize this guys for real.

td8118 on December 28, 2004

any of u ignorant ppl that talk trash about Gus Hansen obviously dont understand the game of poker. what they show on tv are only the hands with lots of action. if you've ever sat down with Gus Hansen at a table u would know he plays 5 strong hands for every one weak hand. So u shouldnt call it luck when a person lays down trips to him on the flop when Gus holds nothing. three hands ago Gus probably beat him in a showdown showin him a big pocket pair

SCREW U A HOLES on December 24, 2004

Is Gus sexy or what? He's just amazing

Gwen on December 22, 2004

We should all pay are dues to Gus Hansen..he is in their with the big boys playing the biggest cash games at the Bellagio and holding his own.Well done on graduating from the tournement scene and holding your own against the worlds best.

Warwick Cotterill on December 22, 2004

nikman7, then your blind if hes the best player in the world

Unregistered on December 19, 2004

Gus Hansen Rules, I was watching him play against Hoytt low stacked,and he won 1st place, I respect him for his play, He made hoytt doubt himself, he gave him a lesson on poker. Gus you are my idol, I hope to mmet him one day!!

Pokeroo-007 on December 19, 2004

This guy has taken Brunsons supersystem to a new least Doyle had some sort of starting hand regime(small suited connectors were favourites) but Gus can play ANYTHING the same way.Forget the math,pot odds etc...he plays purely on position and is an absolute genius.A joy to watch and surely a WSOP main event winner in the making.

biggum on December 18, 2004

Gus's style will make you keep guessing once you believe you had him figured out. Unpredictable and in my eyes the best player in the world.

Nik/Nik/nikman7 on December 18, 2004

Gus is selectively aggressive. He chooses his moments, with or without cards, to flex his poker muscles on the table and he is an expert at decieving his opponents with his bets. He also plays as recommended in Doyle Brunson's 'Super System' whereby you often call a bet you know you are behind in with the intent of breaking a player.

Will on December 15, 2004

Hey Gus,if You Read These Posts, I Always Root For You And Am Never Let Down. I Am 1/4 Danish From A Family Of Hansens From South Haven, Michigan. Just Wondering If You Know Of Any Family Ties In West Mich. Keep Kickin Ass Esp. "uni-bomber". I Hope He Got Stuck With That Knickname Cause He Seems Cool But The Unibomber Was A Senseless Killer.

moxieripper on December 14, 2004

Gus is the bad boy of the WPT. Really enjoyed watching Gus play. Can you recommend any poker schools in the Dallas, TX area? Thanks

jmarie on December 14, 2004

Does anybody know if he has a fanclub?

Unregistered on December 9, 2004

Oh my goodness ladies!! What is all of this about, "Is Gus single??" Give it a rest all ready. I mean really, no one adores the man more than I do, but ya'll don't stand a chance! Trust me, you're just going to have to be content w/ admiring him from afar!! This room isn't for desperate women looking to hook up. It's for Gus Hansen fans to remind everyone why GUS IS A NL HOLD 'EM GGOODD!!

tre_shai on December 7, 2004

I think everybody knows all that Tre_shai, let the ladies have there fantasies. I also don't think they are desperate women. I don't think Gus would mind he had many female admires.

Unregistered on December 7, 2004

I heard about that. Gus IS very sexy and I am glad he was picked. I LOVE GUS! He's also a great poker player, my favorite!!

Unregistered on December 6, 2004

did you all see that gus is one of PEOPLE magazine's sexiest men alive this year?

ladyluck on December 4, 2004

intimadating and loose: a wicked combination

brill on December 2, 2004

I love Gus, he's SO hot! Dear God, i hope he returns to Denmark soon... Does anybody know were he is in the world at the moment?

jegelskerGus on December 1, 2004

gus is a wild man and a great player..would hate to see him at my table and i know every pro feels the same way..

djnpa_30 on November 30, 2004

Dear God, please do me a favour. Come back from retirement for just one day, put some extra brain into those people who just have not learned the most important lesson in life: RESPECT. Gus Hansen may not be the overall best poker player in the world, but i think he has deserved a little more respect. What do all these guys get from calling a guy like Gus "just lucky"? Well, I think it has something to do with their childhood, probably daddy was a bad daddy or something. But please, all you disrespectful people, if you want to punish your parents for what they did to you, call them or call 911. And don´t call Gus and other great players "lucky". Thats what they are, no doubt! Because they take the chances to be lucky. That is the difference between them and you. Keep it up, Gus.

Henning on November 26, 2004

Gus hansen isnt really that much of an agressive player,he is a loose player pre flop as has been mentioned before.There is a difference between being a loose player and an aggresive one.

chetwin on November 24, 2004

Just watched show after show of the poker tournament he was a part of and thought he was an amazing player! For all of you who claim that he's just lucky...NO ONE is that lucky. He is one of the eight best poker players in the world. None of those guys are just lucky.

doxypixie on November 24, 2004

i used to like the way gus played but now im not really down with his style..too aggressive plays too much garbage...its gonna hurt you gus in the long run

richardeum on November 22, 2004

Gus subscribes to the theory that any hole cards can win out on the board. I play a lot of cash games with people who try to emulate Gus by playing every hand. Thank God for Gus since these people are like ATM's for me. What they fail to realize is that post-flop, Gus does actually analyze hands and does not ride every hand to the river. Once again, people are taken in by the fact that WSOP/WPT et al only show the exciting hands and the all-in hands. Sit with Gus at a table on his way to the final table and you'll see an analytical guy who does know how to fold when he doesn't have the best hand. Gus is a great tournament player and decent cash player.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

gus hansen=gus handsome

Unregistered on November 15, 2004

The following post is from our friend Sammy the brick aka Sammy the prick..(it's up there dated 11/7) "

Posted by: Sammy the Brick on Nov 07, 2004 - IP= shit shit shit all you're saying is shit. What the hell can you tell about your opp hand when you have 2 cards in front of you? NOT A DAMN THING. If you have 5 3 off suit you know that he might not have that same hand, it's unlikly but who gives a shit? thats not a great hand anyway? Like I said before he can read people very well but don't tell me he's doing lots of math with the limited info you get from 2 cards. Heads up is a psychological game, you see an ace son board or a pair you raise and take it down because people are afraid, you don't do much math. You think yourself "he didn't raise we're heads up he doesn't have an ace" or "2 7's we're heads up unlikely there is another 7 out, this is far from difficult math. Hansen is lucky and can read people thats the secret of his success, the fact is he's also wreckless and losses more than we see on tv."

this proves to me he has no idea what he is talking about. Read what he put carefully, he does not understand the game of poker at all. If you understand poker really well and the mathmatics behind it then this post is stupid. I understand why he hates Gus so much cause he does not know how to beat players like him. It's that simple. Oh geez I see an Ace on the board better raise so my opponent will think I have one..stupid..what if you were re-raised Sammy and DID not have an ace? I think you're the one who would get out of the hand running scared. That's what Gus would do to you. Learn the game better.

Unregistered on November 8, 2004

Guesswest@hotmail I completly agree with you. You actually get it. People who dont' get it..and that is you Sammy the brick..will never understand that so I would not waste anymore energy trying to explain to these idiots..and Sammy if you are such a good player then why you have all this time to be putting all these posts here..why don't you go make some money with your superior poker playing? A lot of people don't understand the way Gus plays, I personally understand him more then any other player. His skill is beyond most people which is why he is such an intelligent player. Have your opinion people but remember it is just an opinion. Luck IS needed for poker but you can't get where Gus has with luck alone. It's just not possible. If he was as bad a player as people here seem to say it would NEVER happen. You guys are just jealous cause he does know how to play and plays it very well AND he is super hot!!!!

Unregistered on November 7, 2004

i have enjoyed watching gus and others playin on the tours,i have a question to gus or anyone who cares to answer,i do verry well im most tourneys i play in,however in most i seem to drop most and or all my chips toward the end,any and all comments are welcome [email][/email]

holdem35 on November 6, 2004

i think there is this perception with the way gus plays that he's not doing the math, but if you watch his plays he IS doing complicated math and getting it right - the difference is unlike most players he doesn't seem very concerned with his own hand - he's working out the odds of someone having something that'll beat him, the odds of his opp having a hand that he'd call a 20k raise with, a 200k raise with etc then value betting accordingly - most flops are gonna miss your opp in heads up, he may have junk cards but but its still great value when you can bet your opponents hand odds against them - and another thing, i heard someone say he overbet pot odds on a flush draw, those odds look a lot prettier when you have a plan to win the pot once you miss! i guess basically people say he's lucky because they see him win with poor cards, but aa and 27 look exactly the same when you don't have to turn them over! and gus is a master at winning without a showdown - he's a fantastic player, and i love his crazy neck rolling!

guesswest on November 6, 2004

What the hell can you tell about your opp hand when you have 2 cards in front of you? NOT A DAMN THING. If you have 5 3 off suit you know that he might not have that same hand, it's unlikly but who gives a shit? thats not a great hand anyway? Like I said before he can read people very well but don't tell me he's doing lots of math with the limited info you get from 2 cards. Heads up is a psychological game, you see an ace son board or a pair you raise and take it down because people are afraid, you don't do much math. You think yourself "he didn't raise we're heads up he doesn't have an ace" or "2 7's we're heads up unlikely there is another 7 out, this is far from difficult math. Hansen is lucky and can read people thats the secret of his success, the fact is he's also wreckless and losses more than we see on tv.

sammy the brick on November 6, 2004

He is a very aggressive player and before you call him lucky why don't you watch & pay attention when he doesn't hit the hands and pays heavily. That being said, he wins tournaments consistently hence it's much more than luck.Dangerous player, dangerous & risky style and that's the bottom line. It's a lot harder to play like Gus hansen than Dan harrington. Note that I do consider Action Dan to be the superior player.

Unregistered on November 6, 2004

If you are being beaten in a hand and get a lucky draw. Thats called luck dumbasses! And that seems to always happened for Gus. There is a difference between luck and skill. Idiots!!! Stop calling his luck skill!!! You idiots are so dumb! His aggressive style does win him the chips but the luck is what saves him most of the time. I think he made a deal with the devil.

luckyster on November 5, 2004

The Best The Best The Best.that Tells You All The Truth.well 2nd Best Negreanu Is The Bets,lol,well Anyways Makes Final Tables,wins,invited To Poker Superstars,what Else Can You Do To Be Good People?,are You Nuts?yall Who Say He Sucks Would Last 10 Hands Against Him.u Sitting At A Table With Him Would Make U Peepee Your Hes No A Respected Pro For Nothun.

hate you all who hate him on November 5, 2004

Gus has some steel nads when it comes to NL poker. Very admirable.

Chad on November 2, 2004

The one who seeks the luck wiil find it. If you have the brain, talent, pation, skills and balls Gus has it all.......If you want to join me in a fanclub write me at: [email]RSKNADK@YAHOO.DK[/email]

DANISHFRIEND on November 2, 2004

Why does one pursue poker as a way of life? My mind never took that turn. For those that win, there are thos that lose. But Gus'thrives on the competition. I think winning is his driving force, to be the bestI think money is not his driving force He is driven by the love of gambling. And he is [email][/email]. I wish there were a way to know his TV schedule in advance. Com'on Gus us the secret. Your personality comes across loud and clear. I like the way you play with the TV cameraman. I would say you enjoy your life to the utmost. Continued good play and good luck. Frank

Frank Wheeler on November 1, 2004

I think Gus is a wonderful poker player. I admire him in the way he plays. He is not too bad to look at either.....haha! GO GUS! Just a female fan from Oregon

Just a female fan on November 1, 2004

I heard that Gus Hansen busted out, went broke and had to take out a loan. Any truth to this rumor? Anyone know where I can read more?

eiuhall on October 31, 2004

Gus is a bad ass. I think he's awesome. He's the kinda guy that you would want behind you in a bar fight. He is one of the best to watch

Whitey on October 31, 2004

I wonder where he lives? Is he a globe trotter or does he live in a hotel in Vegas? He seems to be every where. I'd love to watch him play.

Pot Committed on October 27, 2004

i think gus is quite possibly the best looking man alive. he is absolutly amazing at poker, hes what made me start playing cards. wow is he hot, i even tracked down a poster of him, which is hanging in my room, surrounded by cards, he is AMAZING

kenthetrashman07 on October 27, 2004

to ME, gus is the best living player but its a tough argument but if he wins poker superstars invitational there will be know argument

pocket7s on October 27, 2004

gus is one awesome player. Always in control and my god, would I love to get a piece of that!!

pinky on October 27, 2004

Gus stands out. When you watch him you can almost see the gears in his head working. He sees the whole table better than anyone else, like Gretzky in hockey. He doesn't play stiff and his face shows it. He is unconventional and that is what throws guys for a loop. His instincts and propensity to make something out of nothing is not luck but genius foresight.

RainmanAKQJ on October 26, 2004

Gus is like those guys who play free internet poker, he's annoying and does win a lot of races with pure chance plays. he does have great reading abilities, but i've seen him have the worst hand heads up countless times and win just with luck. Like the AK AJ duel with Reese are you telling me his skill magically made the J land for him on the river. i hate players like this, the game is fucked because of them, we have 2600 players at the WSOP and morons beating pros becuase of this type of play.

sammy the brick on October 26, 2004

and by the way he may beat the guys at the WPT but he got his ass waxed at the WSOP

sammy the brick on October 26, 2004

I just started watching and playing poker a few months ago and Gus has been my favorite all along. He is an awesome, ballsy player. Anyone who says different is just jealous of his good fortune. I just watched him lose this WPT but like he said, he'll be back. And by the way, Paul pushed him out by pure luck. It's a game. But to go as far as Gus does as often as Gus does takes a hell of a lot more than luck. Paul wins.....THIS time!

guslover on October 26, 2004

Didn't read all the responces but it seems like people forget he pays attention to position and who is tight and loose. Many tight players fold after the flop ( if they went in before the flop ) if they hit nothing or only a small pair. He plays off that and betting position. Poker is a gamble and that is what he does best!

DarbyWalters on October 21, 2004

O.K., I'm feeling a little confused here. Does he or doesn't he have a girlfriend?

TIZIDGR8 on October 20, 2004

3 titles, i dont care wht you play that is skill and noting else, he can remain calm betting on nothing, a true mental card player who i tip my hat to

lil DOYLE on October 20, 2004

Okey, i don't want to argue about his talents and i'm surely not eligible to give comments on his playing style, but what i;m wondrring about is why he had to call an all in raise fromm Freddy Deep In WPT final with his Q 9. okey what did he put Deep on? Why does he put big proportion of his chips in the pot for an all or either diffrent amount of bets with hands like 9 5 suited or such? do you consider this as undrestanding the math of poker, or he put players at all times on hands lesser than he is holding?! we all have seen how crazy he has hited flops , where he should have no part in them logicaly.maybe there is something that i don;t undrestand from this game.!!

Amir/Tus on October 18, 2004

Hey I think that Hansen is one of the best players around. He knows his stuff. If he can beat out Scotty Nguyen, he can definetly win the World Poker Tour. Hansen knows how to play the players. That's what counts. If you can do that, then you'll go far in the poker world.

Hiole /foulk100 on October 15, 2004

My Dad just got me a hat that was signed by you. He was at the BIG DOG I think and got to play against you and other poker superstars..His name's Mike Riley. Thank you so much for the autograph! your my favorite player!

DEREK RILEY on October 13, 2004

Gus, in my opinion, is one of the best NL Texas HE players ever. He definitely knows what he is doing at the table. Since Gus is known as a very aggressive player, he can play high ranked starting hand the same as he plays low ranked starting hands and still bluff people out of the pot, because they never what kind of cards he is playing. That is why he is a dominating force at the FSN pokersuperstars invitational at the momnet.

R Wald on October 12, 2004

Has anybody been watching poker superstars invitational, the one Gus has been kicking butt on (of course)? I've just gotta ask, does he have something in his pocket or is he just happy to be playing poker? I think now I understand why he is called "The Great Dane".PS. I lOVE GUS!!!!

Unregistered on October 10, 2004

First the W.P.T and now on fsn kicking butt.This guy rocks,in my eye's he's the Bruce Lee of poker.I can't wait to see him play again,fun to watch.

tallent on October 9, 2004

I just met Gus @ Bellagio on 10/05/04. What a gentlemen. One of the best.

badnan on October 8, 2004

I have to agree! Gus is a major HOTTIE!! He is also a very good poker player.

iggygirl on October 4, 2004

Gus is one of the best poker players in the world somtimes it looks like luck but u take anyother player they woulndt call with a 2-8 offsuit he just got the talent to play the game not let the game play him

redneckpokerking on October 3, 2004

Yes, Gus is a major hottie --- doesn't matter how he plays. Yum yum!

Stick Man on October 1, 2004

anyone see what place he finished in at the WSOP 2004?

annie duke on September 30, 2004

When u watch tv u easily gets the impression that guys like Gus have a lot of luck and u see them make apparantly silly moves. But on tv things are taken out of its context. Superaggressive players like Gus are extremely difficult opponents, and they are likely to get very well paid when they really hit a hand. He is a great player, although not my favourite.

indiscreet on September 28, 2004

well, i have loved gus forever.. hes so incredibly hot, i have all of his tournaments and games tapes.. that love... im in LOVE with gus!!!

wordup on September 26, 2004

Does anybody know if Gus is married or has a girlfriend? Seems a lot of ladies like Gus...I think they would all like to know

Unregistered on September 26, 2004

I have three words to say about Gus---HOT, HOT, HOT

rru on September 24, 2004

Try's the only one I know of. PS...YOU ROCK GUS!!!!

Lyn/ckenney10 on September 22, 2004

You negative people can't hold a candle next to Gus. He's a fantastik player and one sexy guy. You should all be half as good as him. He's got 4 bracelets. What have you got?????

Pattycake on September 22, 2004

Hello! I was wondering, does anyone know if he has his own website or anything? THANX!

ElvishLOTRfan on September 21, 2004

I watched Gus play in the Poker Stars Invitational last night. Ok - so he gets lucky - but to get lucky you have to have the balls to make the plays that he does - plain and simple. Guess you could say he has the balls AND THE Nuts to win at this game.

Daisy_If_Udo on September 19, 2004

GUs is without a doubt one of the best players of all time. He is a master of deception and he's mastered the art of the bluff. Even though he does get lucky but it's poker who doesn't get luckey. He's got my respect and he should have all yours you don't have to hate the player hate the game. It seems to me that everyone who hates him here is just pissed off because they'll never make it and he did. So quit being jealious and give him respect

Donny Don K on September 16, 2004

Wild man, I like his playing style.

Rick on September 14, 2004

If no one knows this yet: Gus is in the process of launching an online poker site. Right now it is in it's Beta Testing Phase which means if you download the software, you can play freerolls all day long for real cash prizes that will be transferred to your real money account when the site launches. The best thing - There is no restrictions on the money or how much you can win and periodically Gus Hansen and Erick Lindgren play in the freerolls, so you get a chance to play against the pros so all of you out there that think they can take out him out, there is your shot to try it. I can almost guarantee it won't happen. Good Luck to you though.

pkrgddss77 on September 9, 2004

I love this guy! I learned more about this game from Gus then any player on the tour. I am surprised more do not play like him. He has the table on tilt most of time. No one can tell if he's got a 10 high or pocket Aces!

GreatDanesRock on September 9, 2004

anyone watch that legends of poker thing on fox-sports net. In the second round, he got completely lucky...granted, he is a great player but i think he has more luck on his side than just about anyone. do u ever see guys like phil ivey or howard lederer getting this lucky? no! they play the game right and dont make shit bets to get them in trouble. anyways greg raymer is a pussy and i wish he'd get his 3rd heart attack over already

teddy hos-a-felt on September 8, 2004

Everyone says he's lucky, well lets put it this way, the cards flop the same for everyone else, so why is it just luck when Gus hits. Come on people. He plays brilliantly, that's what's great about his game. Nobody at the table ever knows what he has. MASTERFUL!! In a game that's all about reading other people, and finding tells, everyone is guessing when it comes to Gus. I've never seen anyone have an entire table so confused with their play. And that's what makes him the best player. Noone can figure out what he's playing, they guess, and if they guess wrong look out, he's got ya. He's not afraid to throw money in the pot, and for that he has all of my respect. Keep up the good work Gus. And to those who doubt his ability- let me know when you are at a table with him, I'll be sure to watch, point, and laugh when you are broke.

chupe on September 8, 2004

TO GUS...I have been watching poker now for about 6 months and am truely fascinated by you Gus. I can go on about what a terrific player you are...but you already know that. All the people who called you lucky, they just don't get it, and that's ok. If they want to see your talent as luck then that's there lose because maybe they can learn something by watching you. However not too many people can play the way you do and succeed at it, that's where you set yourself apart from the rest. There is something about you..I love your smile, the way you carry yourself, your eyes as they brighten up as you are winning, the cute faces you make when you are thinking about you next move or your last move....everything. I am not any kind of poker groupie or any type of groupie for that matter but I would love to meet you Gus...wish you lived in the states. Anyway just wanted to say I think you are great I would LOVE to hear from you (by E-mail)sometime if you ever do that( I'm not just a fan because of your poker skills but I'm a fan because of YOU!

Lyn/ckenney10 on September 8, 2004

OK who here thinks there good at poker. By good i mean do you have a million+ bankroll and hold 3, not 1 not 2 but 3 WPT titles also do you have the greatest respect from howard lederer, daniel negranu and more top pros. this is what Gus Hanson has i rest my case.No wait i dont i also want to add who thinks live poker is a card game and who thinks its a people game. I think its a people game as a card game to me signifies that you need the best hand to win and in poker its not true, take last night i had picked up a tell on my friend Andy of when he was going to fold and as i was in the SB, him in the BB and when it folded round to me i saw his tell and raised all-in with my 72o and picked up the blind. Gus plays the person.He also knows how to play the flop,turn,river so well that he can get away with his style of play.I also strongly believe you can be lucky and win one wpt title but to win 3 and make another final table now thats skill.Monk.

monk104 on September 7, 2004

Anyone who can make a living at backgammon is EXTREMELY talented, and no doubt is quite skilled. The more I play backgammon, the more I am convinced that it is pure luck. Just goes to show how much concentration is needed.

GoneFishing on September 3, 2004

is he married...

inlovewithgus on August 31, 2004

I've never seen such a great player like Gus, he makes it fun to watch poker. I was never a poker fan now I am.

Leslie on August 27, 2004

He just finished in the money for the 04 main event.

realmenplaygin on August 24, 2004

I just saw him come from behind and masterfully destroy Hoyt Corkins in a Carribean Challenge. Poker is always part luck, but this guy is a true master. In the interest of full disclosure, I also have a crush on him. What a body on that guy.

Jackie/skichick on August 20, 2004

Anyone who says Gus is dumb (haffe) is a complete idiot themselves and obviously has no idea how to play poker! You don't become the richest poker player if you arn't the best. He maybe lucky but he knows the game so well and the percentages behind the each hand, a complete champion and the best most exciting player in poker, complete legend!

Loose-Cannon on August 17, 2004

I just watched a WPT game the other night where Gus won by playing wild but smart. Amateurs will say he plays stupid but I think he's one of the greatest players in the world. I've seen him play several times and can't wait to see him again...he's such a fresh breeze compared to many other players who never dare to gamble.

Linda on August 17, 2004

I've been watching Gus for a while now, and he's the best!! He has great instincts. He's never afraid to play a hand, no matter what hand he might be holding. And I'm not just saying that because I have a HUGE crush on him either. ;)

tre_shai on August 17, 2004

idiot. is he lucky he won 2 wpt tourneys, placed in the final table like 4-5x. fuckin loser..he'll destroy u. i'll destroy. fuckin the mom on everyone loves raymond is a better poker player than u

i hate haffe on August 15, 2004

Everyone who keeps mentioning "luck" are morons. Luck is, and always will be a part of poker. If you cannot recognize Gus' talent, I want to play poker with you because you clearly don't have a full understanding of the game.

PokerFan on August 15, 2004

Gus is just class, the most entertaining player ive ever watched!

Sas on August 15, 2004

he is the greatest bluffer alive, I would give him my whole stack and 2-7 offsuit and no worries. This guy is a rock who's filthy rich, keep it up gus, i hope i can play you some day. gl

poker kid 442 on August 15, 2004

Im not impressed by gus, think he plays very dumb, he really players like a amateur, and we are not gonna talk about his luck..

Haffe on August 14, 2004

Gus Hansen is my idol. He plays great. I mean he raises before the flop with junk hands like when he raised with a 6,2 of suit. I love the way he plays

Mad Monkey on August 8, 2004

I think Gus is a good loose aggressive player, He takes losing as well as he takes winning,You must be willing to lose to give your shelf a good shot at winning. I would think thats why you will see him play a lot of hands. He can play any two cards he is delt and play them well, if he has the chips to play. His aggressive play can be a plus for a tight aggressive player.

dustyjim on August 8, 2004

gus hansen is the best in the world. and not to mention he is the hottest man alive. all you haters can die :-) oh my god he is so good looking.. the reason i watch poker

your trash man on August 1, 2004

Hansen the best in the world lol how many braclets does he have?...Thats what i thought not near as many as hellmuth and chan,what kind of idoit calls off there chips with Q10 sounds like varkonyi to me

Hansen below average at best on August 1, 2004

"I love that they think I'm lucky. I don't mind at all. I mean…let them just think I'm lucky. I think it helps me if, if people think I'm a little bit crazy because there's definitely rationale behind a lot of things I do. They might seem wacky but I'm not totally crazy... just a little bit." Gus

Kenshin on August 1, 2004

Gus Hansen is a poker genius!!! No player can ever put him on a hand!!! If you take away the hole card cameras you would think this guy is always playing pockets or AK, AQ!!! This guy is going to be around for a very long time!!! He reminds me a little of STU UNGAR...BY FAR SECOND TO NONE!!!

BruddahV on July 30, 2004

STU UNGAR...The greatest No-Limit Hold-'Em player EVER!!!

BruddahV on July 30, 2004

You can win maybe 1 title with luck but to make numerous final tables and to win 3 takes great skill, Gus does get some breaks on turn and river cards but you have got to have the balls to be in to win, I get the WPT in Scotland on satelite - fantastic

Dave Mac In Scotland on July 24, 2004

hell yeah meatcleaver, dunno how calculating gus is. read his profile on wpt. there's a whole method to the madness. he's using backgammon's theory of expectation and applying it to poker. plus he can sense weakness better than any1 its not just about the probability of the cards, but playing the man you freakin idiots. wut good is AA when the flop is 3 7 7 ??? BYATCHEZ!!!

pokerpimp on July 22, 2004

he's been to the wpt final table more than anyone byatchez!!!!

pokerpimp on July 22, 2004

gus is good, thats all there is to it.

gold digger on July 20, 2004

He's good alright but I have seen him get outrageously lucky a few times, like when he raised with 8 5 offsuit & andy bloch called him & gus flopped a FH, then again, I've seen him get done a few times also.

Zappa on July 19, 2004

Listen all you envious little wanna-be poker players: It's so pathetic to read all you sore loosers write about Gus being lucky. I'll tell you what luck is; it's when ability meets opportunity, that's all. I have known Gus for many years and even played BC against him in Copenhagen, and Gus is a calculator and a great reader of people, that's why he's "lucky"

Meatcleaver on July 19, 2004

aGreSsiVeness at it's bestcome on he made the walk of fame along with brunsonand his so young!

Eric/ K on July 16, 2004

i love gus! i look up to him when i play texas holdem and im only 15, i love the game and thinks its awesome! when i began to watch the world poker tour, gus was the first one that caught my eye, playing these outrageous hands! i think hes an AMAZING player and will be around for a looooong time =)

Erica/miSs eriCa/LiLtinkAbelLexOx on July 13, 2004

Some say his a lucky, crazy player. But with all aggressive players as long as they know when to fold as Gus does it works. And he has 2 wpt titles the proff of his ability is right there, you can be lucky once and win one but its very, very lucky to win twice and therefore his wins are down to skill, heart and guts. Monk.

Monk104 on July 12, 2004

Gus is a masterful skillful player. He appears reckless, but he understand the power of a strong bet, and also he plays off his own wild repution which gets him paid off on his big hands. Hopefully others will try to copy him, because I like nothing more than sitting at tables with reckless idiots who are not skillful and masterful :)

Jon on July 11, 2004

Du er den største Gus!!!!

gus-ofir on July 9, 2004

GUS Rules!!!! When he plays a 3/7 offsuit and and gets a guy with pocket kings to fold, I literally come up off the couch screaming. He's better than watching the Superbowl!

Daisy_If_Udo on July 7, 2004

Just wanted to add that I know for a fact that the guy was a straight-A in math... So I'm thinking, he may be lucky, but he can count his winnings and laugh at all u suckers calling it mere luck!

jazzISfun on July 6, 2004

luck is a big part of the game, and how lucky can you get...come on lucky enough to win 3 wpt titles, i dont think so...hes one of the best out there because he likes to take risks that not many people will take.

Adam on July 2, 2004

I think Gus is soo hot! Is he with anyone?

Sara/bunny/yelofar1604 on June 26, 2004

Gus is my Idol.. if I could be any pro player I would deff be this guy. H eis aggressive, and can read anyone. Lets not fool ourselves and say that he hasent had his lucky days, but show me one player that has not. Bottom line is there are no words to describe the caliber of Gus, but he is one of the greats. His name is listed at the top with Doyle Brunson... IT is easy to talk bad about him, but he is there having fun and winning money and you are here talking bad about him...

neo on June 23, 2004

Hon Le ran him over last week in Belmont.

jon on June 21, 2004

Gus Hanson best player ever? WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT? OK!!!! WHAT...bye

lil Jon on June 20, 2004

MastaP...I hope i live by you...I need your money!

Charlie Murphy on June 20, 2004

amazing player. right - with a bankroll you can play aggressive. tight, but aggressive - thats what im sayin dude.

adde on June 20, 2004

As i was reading a lot of people called him lucky. Sometimes that is the case but he puts him self in the postion to be lucky. He is an amazing player.

Icecreamman119 on June 19, 2004

IM going to put it plain and simple. His skill before flop is pretty good. But his after flop play is simply amazing. Yes he plays any two cards but thats because he can. He can play so well with his hands after flop. If he flops a pair he will usuallyy know if its good or not if its a high or a low pair. He is an amazing player!

tony. on June 19, 2004

Gus Hansen plays masterfully. He knows exactly when to play junk and lures players in to play lesser hands when he has the nuts. For those who hate on Gus are just jealous they don't have a WPT title under their belt let alone 3.

king on June 13, 2004

Those guys who are insulting Gus sound just like the guys who wil say: "oh my god, thats the 10th time you got lucky, keep playing those bad hands and Ill take you out."Guess what - Gus will have robbed your ass som many times you wont have a roll left when you finally get a hand you dare play against him.You are the same guys who thinks no-limit is about playing cards...And you are the same guys who think you could just wait for a hand and call him down...You have no idea on how to play no-limit. Gus does...So before I see any of you take him out. Shut Up!!

PB. on June 7, 2004

Word, its about playing the players.

Unregistered on June 7, 2004

everyone gets lucky hands here and there. gus won twice on the wpt....odds are that it was more than luck, but you 1/2 wits refuse to think about odds. instead of ripping on gus's game, rip on his lame-ass muscle-flex celebration.

j. coryell / chiastic_slip on June 1, 2004

Gus, I like your style. I play much like you, but a bit tighter. Just pray you never get hooked up with me and I have the nuts. YOU WILL LOSE!

JSP from Cleveland, Tennessee on May 30, 2004

Hej Gus din lille fisse, jeg smadre dig i texas nĂĄr du engang kommer til DK :)

storpik on May 28, 2004

You Were Lucky Those Kings Held Up U Twat Your Raises Are So Predictable You Are Not A Card Player And If I See You Flexx Your Muscles Anymore I Will Throw Up

Dan on May 28, 2004

He got fuckin lucky! Are you blind? The guy will never be a winner in the long run. His shit will catch up with him for sure.

Unregistered on May 28, 2004

luck is not a issue with winning players in poker. Did he just get lucky when he won two WPT events?

black 19 on May 26, 2004

He plays so bad its unreal. He was drawing nearly dead against Hoyt on the Pokerstars cruise and just kept sucking out. Come on this guy is just running LUCKY. He will never last becuase his luck wont.

Unregistered on May 23, 2004

I would like to see you take down hoyt with the same hands.

Unregistered on May 23, 2004

I've seen him win 2/3 WPT titles, he is real good & my favorite player 2btw; on the second day off day 1 on WSOP he's second in chips (more peepz with more chips in first part tho) but I want 2 see him win!

J_RIP on May 23, 2004

Gus is phenomenal-I'm his newest fan. We could all learn how to play better poker from him.

Tina on May 22, 2004

i could take this guy out, i would check raise all day long on his a**

Unregistered on May 21, 2004

Just won another WPT event. This guy is sick! No Hon Le, be he's damn good.

Jammer on May 18, 2004

hell yea he did jammer, this guy is my favorite player

Unregistered on May 18, 2004

mastaP - don't you mean you play just like HIM. no one can compare to gus hansen.if you call gus hansen a "lucky" player, then you dont know poker at all. He does things no other player or professional would do.

joseph on May 9, 2004

I saw him make a real bad call in one of those events (he did hit his flush though) where the pot odds most certainly were not favoring him. Having said that, every other hand I saw him play he played brilliantly, so I don't really have an opinion either way on him. It is better t o be too agressive than too tight, and he's certainly very aggressive.

Burt on May 5, 2004

He Is An Awsome And Very Intelligent Player... He Rocks

POKER QUEEN on April 17, 2004

Fantastic bluffer of the game, incredibly talented and hes going to go far. Never seen anyone as confident in pushing mass chips into the middle! Good Luck to him!

Flannerz on April 8, 2004

Hi all did you know that Gus Hansen was one of the best backgammon player in the world before he started playing poker. All You who try to cheat yourself by telling he is lucky wake up this man is a master in no limit holdem and yes it sometimes looks like he is lucky but his skills are very very good he is maybe the best and at the same time most agressive player in the world.

latzie on April 5, 2004

wish I could luck out for 3 wpt titles

ac. on April 4, 2004

looking forward to seeing gus in another final table ,its always better to watch gus play,

GREAT DANE on April 3, 2004

this guy is absolutely the same as me, and i am 18 and will take the poker world by storm when when i turn 21. gus' play resembles mine extremely, its almost like he copied me. watch out for mark the sharkus manley.

mastaP on March 15, 2004

word grom word. One time he was raging but this cat has got style and i dig that. Dont get caught up in ur bluffs baby and dont call the blinds as much gussy my man.later baby, nicky baby

nicky baby on March 6, 2004

an extrodinare first class player. but take this from me, he is a rager.

grom on March 2, 2004

3 WPT titles, not a real player u say beener?! don't be silly!

NL. on February 28, 2004

Gus is just talented period!!!!! He has a great game and a great abiltily to read his opponents.

MB. on February 28, 2004

his luck will run out. he is not a real player

beener on February 26, 2004

They called Doyle brunson a lucky guy too!! Enogh said. Keep it up Gus.

BillyTSlim on February 24, 2004

Heard he joined the new site Gus Hansen

Jim Wood on February 23, 2004

Yes, I must disagree with the accusations that Gus is just, "A lucky guy." He is a master of deception and manipulation, he almost always extracts the maximum and loses the minimum. When Gus raises with junk a guy reraises he can just fold, he has great instincts and isn't easily trapped from what I've seen. IMO it's really amazing he can win tournaments by playing so aggressively! Yeah sure, Gus will outdraw a few guys occasionally but 90% of the time he will be stealing their pots and making them play horribly. Excellent strategy, outstanding execution. A great player to look out for.

Gman on February 19, 2004

Very Good Player, Can Handle The Pressure Watches The Table, He Definetly Earns My Respect.

zman1979 on February 16, 2004

The previous comments that Gus´ results are purely based on luck are purely ignorant to the fact that in the long run poker is always a skill game. Gus has won WPT events twice and cleans up in the highest stakes games in the world. He masters reading opponents and the maths of the game close to perfection.

PB. on February 9, 2004

i just watched his game the other night. Wow, he's absolutely amazing. I think a lot of it was luck. I guess he's just a lucky guy. He knows how to bluff himself through the game. All i can say is: Talented!!

lauren/laursy/skittleness on February 8, 2004

Without chips Gus is a wreckless player. However, like most good players, WITH chips he is an animal to deal with at the table.

curtom on February 8, 2004

This clown gets lucky as hell and hes lucky im not there to chop his ass down

Kneegrow Please on January 31, 2004

An extremly amazing player. I was one of the amateurs lucky enough to be in the Poker Stars Cruise and meet this gentlemen. He is the new evolution of poker players who will revolutionize the No Limit game.

Dino on January 26, 2004

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