Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth, Jr. is an American professional poker player. He is best known for holding a record 11 World Series of Poker bracelets and for his temperamental, "poker brat" personality.


Born in 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin, Phil was the oldest of five children. His father was a university assistant dean and Phil Jr. was expected to follow in his father's footsteps since an early age. He excelled in school and went on to attend the University of Wisconsin. Early during his college days in 1985, Phil was invited to play in a cash poker game. He continued to win the low-stakes games and sought out higher stakes, including a $100 buy-in game that included several professors and other members of the campus community. Due to his consistent success in these games, he paid off all of his student loans as well as built a bankroll of $20,000.

Poker - Early Years

He took this bankroll to Las Vegas to play poker at the casinos. Over the course of about ten weekend trips to Vegas, he managed to lose his entire bankroll. He returned to the college games in Wisconsin, where he re-acquired enough money to return to Vegas and try again. That trip proved favorable as he won more than $10,000. He went back home to officially withdraw from school in his junior year, and travel around the country in search of high-dollar poker tournaments.

Poker - Later Years

In 1989, 24-year-old Hellmuth became the youngest player to win the WSOP Main Event by defeating two-time defending champion Johnny Chan, and keeping him from winning his third Main Event in a row. He held that distinction for 19 years until 2008, when 22-year-old Peter Eastgate became the (then) youngest Main Event champion (the following year, Joe Cada broke Eastgate's record).

At the 2006 WSOP, Hellmuth captured his record 10th World Series bracelet. At the time, this tied him with fellow poker legends Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan. At the 2007 World Series, Hellmuth won his record-breaking 11th bracelet. He is also the all-time World Series of Poker leader in cashes (75) and most WSOP final tables (41), recently overtaking TJ Cloutier.

At the 2008 World Series Main Event Hellmuth made a deep run, finishing in 45th place out of a field of 6,844 to finish in the top 1% of the field.

Athough Hellmuth has not won a WPT title, he made three final tables, cashed 11 times, and has won $691,109 in WPT events. In other tournaments, Hellmuth is the season 3 champion of Late Night Poker. In 2005, he won the first National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Hellmuth took part in the 2008 National Heads-Up Poker Championship, losing in the first round to Tom Dwan. He makes regular appearances on episodes of Poker After Dark, both as a player and as a drop-in commentator. Hellmuth won his first Poker After Dark tournament in the first episode of the third season. He returned two weeks later and and won his second Poker After Dark title. He also appeared in the first and fourth seasons of GSN's cash game show, High Stakes Poker.

Hellmuth has displayed a good grasp of all categories of tournament poker and has claimed wins in a number of different games, even though all of Hellmuth's bracelets are in Texas hold'em. He is one of the most successful tournament poker players of all time and has won more money in tournaments in the last 10 years than any other player. As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $10,900,000.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1989 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $755,000
1992 $5,000 Limit Hold'em $168,000
1993 $1,500 No Limit Hold'em $161,400
1993 $2,500 No Limit Hold'em $173,000
1993 $5,000 Limit Hold'em $138,000
1997 $3,000 Pot Limit Hold'em $204,000
2001 $2,000 No Limit Hold'em $316,550
2003 $2,500 Limit Hold'em $171,400
2003 $3,000 No Limit Hold'em $410,860
2006 $1,000 No Limit Hold'em with rebuys $631,863
2007 $1,500 No Limit Hold'em $637,254


He is known as the "Poker Brat" because of his bad temperament at the table, particularly after taking a bad beat. He constantly complains about the playing style of his opponents and makes disrespectful remarks about their skills.

On one famous occasion, Hellmuth, who is very talkative during poker hands, got into a verbal fight with veteran poker professional Sam Grizzle., and the two of them went outside and had a physical altercation. Hellmuth claims that the fight was a draw and that neither one of them was injured.

During the 2005 Main Event he accused an opponent of not being able to spell "poker" after the player went all-in preflop with King-Jack against Hellmuth's Ace-King. During the 2008 WSOP, Hellmuth called Cristian Dragomir an "idiot" for calling Hellmuth's pre-flop re-raise with 10-4 suited. He continued berating him after being issued a warning by the floorperson and being advised by his close friend Mike Matusow to shut up. He received a one-round penalty, to be carried out at the beginning of play the next day, but the penalty was over-ruled after Hellmuth had a private meeting with WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack. Hellmuth eventually finished this tournament in 45th place, while Dragomir finished in 29th. Hellmuth reportedly apologized to Dragomir for his behavior the next day.

On "Poker After Dark" on NBC, Hellmuth asked fellow pros Shawn Sheikhan, Steve Zolotow, Gus Hansen and Huck Seed to stop talking while he was playing his hand after Annie Duke raised him. They initially complied, but they started mocking him after he himself started talking. Hellmuth walked off the set, but returned and was eliminated a few hands later.

At the 2007 WSOP Main Event, Hellmuth's sponsor, UltimateBet, arranged for him to arrive in an Ultimatebet racecar, escorted by 11 Ultimatebet models (one for each of Hellmuth's 11 World Series bracelets). However, Hellmuth crashed the car in the Rio Hotel and Casino parking lot when he lost control of the car and hit a concrete light fixture. After the accident, Hellmuth showed up Main Event two hours late. Some people thought that the accident was staged, but Hellmuth said it wasn't. In 2008, Hellmuth again made a grand entrance to the WSOP Main Event. As part of Ultimatebet's "UB Army" promotion, Hellmuth arrived in a convoy dressed in military clothes, with eleven stars on his helmet (for each of his eleven WSOP bracelets).

Poker Projects

Hellmuth has made several instructional poker videos, including his "Ultimate White To Black Belt Course" and "Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Poker System". He has written many articles for Cardplayer magazine and several poker books including "Play Poker like the Pros", "Bad Beats and Lucky Draws", "The Greatest Poker Hands ever Played", "Poker Brat", and "Deal Me In" (the first book published by Phil Hellmuth's publishing company PhilsHousePublishing). Many of his books have received lukewarm reviews.

Hellmuth was a spokesman for online cardroom Ultimate Bet. In 2006, Hellmuth replaced Phil Gordon as commentator on Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown. Along with Annie Duke, Hellmuth was a poker coach on Fox Sports Networks Best Damn Poker Show, which was sponsored by the poker site

In 2004, Hellmuth partnered with Oasys Mobile for the release of Texas Hold'em by Phil Hellmuth, one of the most popular multi-player mobile-phone games at the time. Hellmuth launched, a webstore where customers can purchase Hellmuth and non-Hellmuth brand poker gear.

There were rumors that there would be a reality shows and a movie about his life, but neither of these have happened yet.

Personal Life

Hellmuth resides in Palo Alto, California with his wife, a doctor at Stanford University, and his two sons. He places the highest value on family, health and personal successes.


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After much more review, its apparant that this ass-hole is on the con.....trying to shark everyone at the tables he plays on.

It's all bs, and too many players let him get away with it!

????? on January 2, 2009

Nobody can compare to hellmuth he's the best. If you say no well he does have 11 bracelets and that's more than anybody. So that makes him the best and shows it every time. Just because he sometimes whine it doesn't make him a lesser poker player.

Poker_Star on November 1, 2008

Did he give himself the Brat nickname cuz he aint no brat. He is 100% pure azzhole,a punk,dickhead,jerk etc. Brat is an awful soft term for him. Nothing better than watching Howard,Ivey,and Gus laffing at him in tht poker after dark episode lol We all know he can play,but he does get outplayed often,what a frigging prick.

headlessman1964 on January 7, 2008

Phil Helmuth is a great player there's no doubt, but I've been watching 'Poker after Dark' and I just keep thinking...shut up Phil and play the game.

He sat their and got all hissy about this not being poker and not playing in this show ever again. He was just po'ed because Annie Duke outplayed him and he wanted to get screen time. You're a great talent Phil, but concentrate on playing the game and not whining when you actually do get outplayed once in a while.

UMfanNohio on January 4, 2007

I wouldn't ever wanna hit Mr. Hellmuth. I'd just laugh my ass off at him when he cries. My favorite moment is when he lost to a Donkey who moved all in with KJ vs Phil's AK and sucked out a 3 outer on the river. Phil's "This guy can't even spell poker." is one of the best lines ever.

If you really wanna make a guy like this mad, just smile at him when he's blowing up. Phil is one of the best players out there. He usually puts his money in with the best hand and he wears his emotions on his sleeve. I love watching him play even if he is a cry baby, he's a remarkable talent

bad_dog76 on January 2, 2007

unregistered,u hit nail on head when he was called a punk,,i'll bet every man in America wants to pull a sam grizzle and knock this punk on his azz,,see,thts the thing about pro poker players,they listen to him and blow him off,,us blog writers in a game with him would reach across and slap the shit out of this boasting punk lol he can play,,but least class ever in poker history

headlessman1964 on December 31, 2006

10 WSOP titles (6) NLH...(3) LH...(1) PLH
6 WSOP 2nd's (3) NLH...(1) LH...(1) 2-7...(1)O H/L

No Hold'em tournament player compares!

????? on November 12, 2006

PHIL HELLMUTH is the whiniest, sissy mouthed gasbag that has ever "played" hold 'em poker. An aluminum bat should be available for all players at his table so they can whack him one (or three) when he whines or goes on a tirade. SOMEONE BEAT HIM PLEASE...he is such a sissy boy.

SHANKPIPE on October 18, 2006

What he did in this last WSOP is probably the greatest run
anyone ever had in a single year....HE IS ABSOLUTY THE BEST
7 holdem tournaments ave field of 939..ave finish 25th...
that's finishing ahead of 97.35% of opponents..had a win, 2nd, 3rd...finished 6th in a omaha h/l...unbelievable!

????? on October 10, 2006

you make good lay downs and good calls. you play good poker, but you are a complete asshole. I am gonna bust you one day.

SmartKidZ on August 22, 2006

Hellmuth is worth the price of admission for both his incredible play and his volatile personality. I love to root both for and against him just to see his response to both his great play and bad beats.
His ability to read other players is remarkable. I guess that's why he's a 10 bracelet winner in holdem. And if you don't believe me just ask Phil, he'll have no problem telling you how great he truly is

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

He is one of the best readers in the game. He is probably 2nd best in no-limit holdem

jarrel on July 25, 2006

Great player, but nothing was better than seeing Dannaman calling him a punk on the tournament of champions. Phil was speechless, left looking like a whipped dog. Very funny indeed.

Unregistered on January 1, 2006

In top 10 tournament players of all time

????? on November 25, 2005

Phil Helmuth is good but only an idiot would say he's the best ever.

Dan Harrington - won a WSOP and made final table 2 out of last 3 WSOP's, which is more amazing when you consider the size of the fields.
Greg Raymor - won last year and finished in the top 30 this year out of 5600
Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan - Tied for the most Bracelets [One ahead of Helmuth]

The only award I give to Helmuth is the arrogance award, because every time he gets unlucky he has to whine about it, but when he gets lucky he always takes credit for it.

ElShizzo on November 18, 2005

Hellmuth may moan alot but there is no doubt that he is the best around, he maybe the best ever

jambo on November 17, 2005

Originally Posted by BRADLEY -NC
Nine wsop bracelets, contract, camp hellmuth director, national heads up champion....You don't get this unless you are a world class poker player....Here, read them for yourself, phil explains all his bad beats, suck-outs, and amatuer-ass plays that have been so unlucky...Quoted from hellmuth:

"i’m starting to feel that i’m super unlucky in all of the events i’ve been playing for a long time. I keep watching my q-q go down to ac-4c all-in before the flop on espn (club-club) at a wsop final table in 2004. And then the spade-spade finish in that same event after i’m all-in with 9-6 vs. K-5, and a board of j-6-5. I keep watching all of the bad beats i’ve taken, over and over again on television; like toto’s a-7 vs. My q-j after a q-8-7 flop for a $500,000 pot in atlantic city at the taj mahal on espn--last card seven; or in the 2003 wsop big one with my q-q vs. Jason lester’s j-j for $360,000 when a jack, on the last card no less, hit the board (again on espn); and then the very next hand my a-k vs. 10-10 took me out 27th that year; or my k-k vs. Antonio’s q-q at another final table at the 2004 wsop, he won that one on the last card; or the time t. J. Cloutier bluffed off most of his chips to me, only to discover, that miraculously, he had a flush (on fox sports net--where his heart rate spiked up as he suddenly noticed what he had). Or the k-k i picked up on tv vs. Mcevoy’s a-a in the ppt (on travel channel). Or finally, my k-10 vs. Doyle’s a-5, when he bluffed off his last $300,000 into a $200,000 pot after a k-7-3 flop (he turned an ace)-meanwhile i would have busted doyle, had $1.3 million in chips vs. David skalansky’s $200,000 (again on travel channel-this show just debuted)."

A few words Phill, "Stop counting your winnings till its over" You had at least Three you should have won. Then you "Choked" counting your winnings and not paying attension!

Unregistered on October 19, 2005

Originally Posted by Unregistered
phil helmuth might ( and i say might) be a good poker player but he is a horrible winner and a crybaby loser and his attitude stinks he is not a better or worse human being than anyone else

MIGHT be a good player? That has to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. Phil Hellmuth has won 9 WSOP bracelets in Hold 'Em ALONE and is easily one of the greatest poker players to have ever played a hand. To describe him as possibly being a good poker player is a bit like describing Michael Jordan as a decent baller. Fair enough his whining and griping after losing hand smay grate but his talent is unquestionable.

Soyuz on October 19, 2005

Originally Posted by PHIL IS THE GREATEST!
Fuck All You Who Dis Phil. Sure He Whines Big Fuckin Deal! Anyone Who Knows A God Damn Thing About Poker Will Tell You Hes One Of The Greatest Ever. Pros Admitt Such As Phil Ivey Who Eveyone Seems To Love Admits He Dosent Liek To See Phil Sit At His Table As Does Johnny Chan. So Fuck All You Haters Because You Know Hellmuth Would Kick Your Ass At Cards And It Would Be Fine To Se Eyou Whince Liek He Does!
whoever wrote this uneducated piece of support for phil just made his/herself look as stupid as phil does when he is whining

Unregistered on October 18, 2005

What a whinner! Phil needs to grow up....he behaves like a child when gets beat. He is not the only one can win at poker....I now turn the channel if Phil is at the table....bad behavior should not be rewarded....

Unregistered on October 18, 2005

phil helmuth might ( and i say might) be a good poker player but he is a horrible winner and a crybaby loser and his attitude stinks he is not a better or worse human being than anyone else

Unregistered on October 18, 2005

I don't see Phil's name anymore when I check tournamnet results (other than the National Heads Up)... does he not play much anymore?

cmillard on October 7, 2005

What's the deal, I never see Phil's name when I check out tournament results...(other than the National Heads Up) Does he not play in that many tournaments anymore?

cmillard on October 7, 2005

He's cool, know him pretty well, he is what you call a franchise at this stage in his career.. Great Player and a great person as well.. Went to his camp, learned a lot and had a blast.. go try his cell phone game its awesome..

Unregistered on September 20, 2005

Nine wsop bracelets, contract, camp hellmuth director, national heads up champion....You don't get this unless you are a world class poker player....Here, read them for yourself, phil explains all his bad beats, suck-outs, and amatuer-ass plays that have been so unlucky...Quoted from hellmuth:

"i’m starting to feel that i’m super unlucky in all of the events i’ve been playing for a long time. I keep watching my q-q go down to ac-4c all-in before the flop on espn (club-club) at a wsop final table in 2004. And then the spade-spade finish in that same event after i’m all-in with 9-6 vs. K-5, and a board of j-6-5. I keep watching all of the bad beats i’ve taken, over and over again on television; like toto’s a-7 vs. My q-j after a q-8-7 flop for a $500,000 pot in atlantic city at the taj mahal on espn--last card seven; or in the 2003 wsop big one with my q-q vs. Jason lester’s j-j for $360,000 when a jack, on the last card no less, hit the board (again on espn); and then the very next hand my a-k vs. 10-10 took me out 27th that year; or my k-k vs. Antonio’s q-q at another final table at the 2004 wsop, he won that one on the last card; or the time t. J. Cloutier bluffed off most of his chips to me, only to discover, that miraculously, he had a flush (on fox sports net--where his heart rate spiked up as he suddenly noticed what he had). Or the k-k i picked up on tv vs. Mcevoy’s a-a in the ppt (on travel channel). Or finally, my k-10 vs. Doyle’s a-5, when he bluffed off his last $300,000 into a $200,000 pot after a k-7-3 flop (he turned an ace)-meanwhile i would have busted doyle, had $1.3 million in chips vs. David skalansky’s $200,000 (again on travel channel-this show just debuted)."

BRADLEY -NC on September 19, 2005

If you guys really believe that Phil is going to read any of this you should probably get up from your computers for 5 minutes and hang yourselves...

Unregistered on September 12, 2005

this guy has made the best laydown in history laying down KK to AA preflop and the best bluff ive seen. bluffin tony d out of trip jacks, and the best heads up player in the game

99. on August 31, 2005

Fuck All You Who Dis Phil. Sure He Whines Big Fuckin Deal! Anyone Who Knows A God Damn Thing About Poker Will Tell You Hes One Of The Greatest Ever. Pros Admitt Such As Phil Ivey Who Eveyone Seems To Love Admits He Dosent Liek To See Phil Sit At His Table As Does Johnny Chan. So Fuck All You Haters Because You Know Hellmuth Would Kick Your Ass At Cards And It Would Be Fine To Se Eyou Whince Liek He Does!

PHIL IS THE GREATEST! on August 26, 2005

i hope phil became more quiet and not so loudly, he loves been center of atention.i think you re still are a champ

littleboulez on August 25, 2005

All I Have To Say Is Phil Is One Of the Best I Quote Doyle Brunson Here (From The Moment I First Played Poker With Phil I knew i was witnessing something special. it wasent long after that he became the youngest player ever to win the world series of poker. Enough said

The Kid on August 23, 2005

Did anyone mention a camp? Will Phil be actually with us in our tent?

JetsFan315 on August 19, 2005

From what I've seen, Phil is the biggest douche bag in the poker world. It's hard to take him seriously and although he's a great player, I feel his attitude at the table paints a big bullseye over him. It's really fun to make outrageous plays against him to see him get thrown of his game. The music and the meditating won't help Phil. The problem seems to be that you seem to have never had to physically work for a living and never got a good kick in the ass. You seem spoiled and lack class, but maybe that's just your poker persona. Prove me wrong.

nerd on August 15, 2005

he woulda finished far into the main event if his AK woulndt have lost to KJ with a jack fallen on the river

pocket9z on August 14, 2005

phil is a great player when he's not getting rattled, in my opinion though, i don't think that you can be a top of the line world class poker player if you can go on tilt and loose your whole chip stack over one insignificant thing.... phil is great otherwise and if he learns to control his emotions will be up there with doyle ungar and the other greats

poker on August 9, 2005

he is one of the best, he makes his tables funny to watch

McDaddy on August 8, 2005


Unregistered on August 5, 2005

Looking forward to meeting some of you at my convention "Camp Hellmuth" later this year. I'll be teaching attendees how to react after bad beats, including a) B*tching like a baby, b) Overreacting and talking to yourself, c) Feeling sorry for yourself, d) Insulting other players when they actually outplay you...and much, much more. Sign up now!

Phil Hellmuth Jr. on July 29, 2005

this clown is funny as hell to watch along with mike matusow. good poker player 2

twhacker on July 14, 2005

my final table....Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Marcel Luske, Josh Arieh, Men The Master, Scotty Nguyen, Ellix Powers, Gus Hansen, Daniel Negreanu...Do it ESPN

ZZZ on July 14, 2005

If you have to tell people how great you are then you're most likely not that great. Phil's biggest problem is he trys to hard. There's no doubt hes a damn good poker player but his childish actions are getting old fast.

KyFats on July 13, 2005

hes good but gets mad a lot

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

helmuth knocked out of WSOP on day one by Paul "quack quack" Magriel.

call the rest of the tourney with norman chad on July 9, 2005

I like Phil, although I know most don't. I don't hate him for his big mouth, but he shouldn't really whine so much (..or walk away from the table in the middle of games). If he were a bit more easy going, people might respect him more.

james on July 3, 2005

well, my opinion is i think that Phil is the greatest and my goal is to be greater than him one dAY.

Brandon "boo" Carter on June 27, 2005

I don't ever wanna picture Greg Raymer or Phil Hellmuth in fruit of the looms. Bowlers are in shape than those 2 guys. Raymers bracelet would be a necklace for me. Phil well he's just down right ugly. Maybe that's why he's always so mad.

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

Phils, The Real Deal, All Of You Keep Coming Here To Talk Smack About Phil, I Smell Jealousy And Envy, Its All Good Just Keep Coming Back To Support Our Boy Phil. Kick Ass 2005 Wsop.

FAN IN MICHIGAN on June 6, 2005

Phil is an excellent player but his childish attitude( agreeing with PokerVertigo)is absolutley ridiculous. When Chris Ferguson hit the nine on the river to make a miracle full house over Phil's straight in the Nat'l Heads Up Championship. I believe that was a real test to see if Phil could contain his childish behavior for one hand. Yet agian he failed, he hit the deck with his head on the ground resembling an infant who didn't get the flavor of pop sicle he wanted from the ice cream man. Phil in my opinion is one of the best players in the entire world but his immaturity and his child like tantrums make me want to hurl. If this 6'4 baby can just shake someone's hand and say " nice hand" it would be more unbelievable than James Woods winning the 2005 WSOP main event.

Dirk Diggler on May 23, 2005

I know what u good friends with phil..he was over here last month we played a few games for a few thousand..u know loose change..anyways i had 10 10 and raised..he called..flop 10 4 7..i checked he bet and i said all in..he called..he had queen 7..anyway i won..he started saying i shouldnt raise with 10s and i listened then said "phil mate why not?"..he didnt know what to say..anyways we are still good friends

englishcat on May 23, 2005

Well, never thought I would be saying this.. but congradulations Phil for winning the National Heads up tournament, you deserved it. I too, like many others cannot stand your whiny attitude towards your opponents and the way you berate them when they out draw you is absolutely disgusting and appauling. However, that being said, if you can somehow manage to start behaving maturely and start adopting a more professional attitude towards the game, I think people will start to give you more respect. Congrats again, and good luck at the next WSOP!

PokerVertigo on May 21, 2005

If anybody needed an ass kicking, it would be this punk.

ok. on May 21, 2005

Phil you are a nagger. I think one one one Lederer, Raymer, Chan, Reese, or Doyle would have rolled you for sure. Go suck on your momma's titty you baby

bender2004 on May 19, 2005

Chan should have rolled you with KK vs TT. Even I know to drop tens with a huge freakin bet to me.

bender2004 on May 19, 2005

Annie Duke got lucky against me, I couldn't have played any better. It took me all my skill get throught the field but luck knocked me out. Like I said, if it weren't for luck I guess I'd win em all

Phil Hellmuth Jr. on May 18, 2005

His confidence is at an all-time high *believe it* and he wins the National Heads Up Championship" against Chris Ferguson.

Greenstein420 on May 17, 2005

If they awarded golden toothbrushes, instead of Bracelets for winning events, He would certainly benefit.Floss might help too.

how about on May 11, 2005

you all just wish you could be 1/3 the player he is

Catch666 on May 10, 2005

" If there weren't luck involved I guess I'd win every one." - Phil Hellmuth

Dirk Diggler on May 9, 2005

I LOVED watching Annie Duke whoop his a**!!! He's a good player, but a real class A JERK!

ItalianYankee on May 9, 2005

Man, I have to say that reading these threads made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants. I am just learning poker and have to say that I find Phil interesting. He is both funny and talented. I wont stoop to making personal remarks about him, but I agree that he does get a little out of hand with his remarks. Be well.

DojiMaster on May 8, 2005

What was everybody talking about Phil not being able to pay his bills after 9 wsop titles?

trojanSc on May 2, 2005

Hellmuth is a little bitch who just crys about losing i never seen this guy win at anything,just because he thinks he is better than everyone else but he sucks at poker. i got no repsect for this clown shoe.

Unregistered on May 1, 2005

Who is this guy? He reminds me of someone I saw at the Bellagio once begging anyone to put him up in a tournament. Sad.

loser on April 30, 2005

everybody that talks shit on phil is just jealous...u sit down with him and play a little poker...see whos crying then

Phil is the man on April 19, 2005

He is the best. He won the Heads up championship, beating 64 of the best players in the world proving once again that no one can beat phil.

Theo. on April 17, 2005

Moneymaker would have thought to himself once he won the wsop that "Hey I can mix it with these big guns!!" Goes to the Taj to play in a big limit game and gets cleaned out by a dead money moron who in turns gets cleaned out by Phil Helmuth who in turn gets cleaned out by Annie Duke. Then Phil goes home to sulk! As Phil is walking out of the Taj to go home to sulk how he lost to Annie Duke, he bumps in to Sam Grizzle who is busking outside the Taj for money to play the $1/$2 table inside the Taj and makes Sam drop his harmonica. Sam is annoyed and punches Phil in the Face. Phil screams like a little girl and starts crying there and then while Sam Grizzle gets picked up by the police who are enforcing a new law that bans hobo busking midgets standing in front of casinos!

Moneymaker is Cool on April 16, 2005

to fonda, u wouldnt be saying that if he busted you like he has with so many players, (he would bust you so that u wudnt have chips to lie next to ur teeth)

Unregistered on April 11, 2005

Phil is a jerk. On of these days if he doesn't watch his mouth he may find his teeth laying on the table next to his chips.....

Fonda Peters on April 8, 2005

Everyone knows he is the best poker player in the world, hes young and has won as many gold bracelets as doyle, who can beat that?!?!

Dan Carter/dan_is_the_king247 on April 7, 2005

all you people saying this guy is overrated. How is that possible when only brunson and chan have matched him in terms of WSOP bracelets. When you people have won as much as he has THEN you can criticise him, and yes he does whine but every great winner whines either publicly or privately.

Unregistered on April 4, 2005

who the hell cares about his brother.. go take that shit somewhere else!!

medal_cure on March 28, 2005

phil hellmuth can read souls, need i say more

mike/maverick/mhadley1984 on March 28, 2005

I love Phil's yoga techniques - he's also extremely sexy and warty. I agree with maverick above. Genius.

Damo/ Massive Cock/ bigwilly on March 28, 2005

Anyone's game before the flop

Duffy on March 28, 2005

I fucking depsise him. Sad bastards staying on cash tables makin money. Boring as fuck. And fuck you Clebbes. Toss pots. P.S. It's my birthday next month at leigh cricket ground

Marsh on March 28, 2005

Does anyone know Phil's email??

dlimburg04 on March 25, 2005

His brother is a much nicer guy --Dave Hellmuth. A lawyer in Minneapolis ---Hellmuth & Johnson or

Brad on March 25, 2005

Not me check ip's.Its sammy the brick.Who reckons he plays part time and is rated the best college player by cardplayer...all lies!

uk defender on March 22, 2005

youre 16...stick to 5 dollar games, if you even think about getting into bigger games youll lose the shirt off youre back

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

does anyone know how to email phil?

Mighty Wingman; gregginator on March 18, 2005

i'll just ask one of you guys since no one will answer me. since i am only 16 and can only get in to some home games that are like 5$ buy ins, how do i find the games that can win me some real money. i want to move my game to the next level and i cant really do that if no casino or big money home games will let me play and my friends are tired of me beating them. what should i do?

Mighty Wingman on March 18, 2005

THis is the real Sammy the Brick and I gotta say that these losers posting as me is a compliment, you fucks want to be me.

sammy the brick on March 17, 2005

I Can Tell You Right Now That Phil Laughs At You Haters On Here Because He Made It And You Didnt Bottom Line. He Doesnt Even Read This Shit

nathan_anderson12 on March 14, 2005

To those that think Phil is great, I ask only one thing. Where would Phil come out in the following equation? Tournament wins + cash game wins - tournament entry fees - tournament travel and lodging - state and federal taxes - cash game losses.

Longshot on March 14, 2005

phil is the best ever player so what if he whines so would u if someone called with rubbish and got lucky phil the greatest

neil,nelly,nellyboymount on March 9, 2005

phil wins the heads up tourney this week....where are all the phil haters now? good job phil

iveyfan05 on March 6, 2005

I don't see any message boards up hating on Michael Jordan's 10 scoring titles, his 6 NBA Championships, or his 5 MVP awards. So why hate on Phil for his competitive attitude and his 9 bracelets. I mean he constantly puts his money in with the best hand. If anyone here had anything bad to say about Phil...chances are they already lost their money to him, or wouldn't stand a chance.

The Kid on March 4, 2005

Phil is the most overrated crybaby around. His books imply that he has zero poker knowledge to impart. His Omaha chapter....was that a joke or was he trying to teach people to be ridiculously bad on purpose. When I've played at the same table as him, he's cried and moaned about everything. He has the perspective of a 5-year old. If he bluffs, it's obviously a great bluff and you're a moron for not folding. If you draw out on him, you're a moron. When he draws out on you, he's a genius. Ev and pot odds seem to mean nothing to him, except when they support his own arguement. I'm of the opinion he didn't drop out of school because of poker, he was just too stupid. I'm also of the opinion that he's a net loser in poker.

Phil_Hellmuth_Sucks on March 2, 2005

it is ridiculous how much phil gets sucked out on. People complain about his attitude but if you put all your money in constantly at at least a 3 to 1 favorite and have some ammature or bullshit player catch a bellybuster and suck out on you you would complain too. Shit i wouldn't even take it as well as phil does. keep up the good work phil. For real if there wasn't luck involved you(or me) would win them all.

Jeff B. on March 1, 2005

jeff b. good point

Unregistered on March 1, 2005

I think Phil is the funniest guy in the world without meaning to be. He got punched out by sam grizzle. HAHAHAHA

Dirk Diggler on February 28, 2005

Fun to watch just to see the him meltdown when he loses a pot. Great reader of other players but lets his emotions get the best of him and affect his moreso than a great player should. I've read many poker books, but haven't bothered to pick up his, because I truly believe he wouldn't impart any useful knowledge onto anyone else.

Benny Chavez on February 27, 2005

phil ur really good, i hope to have the honor to play at the same table as you some day, im only 15, but soon!

kyle on February 27, 2005

phil is a crybaby ...he has no class. What good is knowledge if you dont apply it. He has no clue..who cares about his braclets..what does he have right now?

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

mor than u'll ever

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

Phil gets off on the fact that he now has an identity. Because ESPN made it known that he is the "Poker Brat", and continues to show footage of it, he feeds off of the fact that he has some sort of identity that people respond to. So he may have been a jerk before for real, but now he is just being an asshole for the TV time.

Santa on February 25, 2005

phil hellmuth is a poker god

PhilHellmuthJr.Jr on February 25, 2005

OK did anyone watch WPT "poker by the book" last night? What happened completly proved my point in that Phil completly let's his emotions effect his play. He was chip leader (by drawing out on his opentents 3 times I might add) then he gets drawn out by Doyle. He was his usual self and became very upset, of course when he drew out on players I'm sure he felt justified. From chip leader to out in 3 hands because he was on tilt. This is why he is not the worlds best at poker. He really needs to work on his steaming, it is not only annoying but it effects his play

Unregistered on February 23, 2005

For the record I do think he is a good poker player. However, his emotions at times with the "suck outs" makes him a weaker player. If you do not understand that his crying is not effecting his game then you don't understand poker at that top. One of the main differences of "professionals" vs. good poker players is the ability to deal with getting sucked out, losing and all the rest that comes along with gambling professional brings. I can't believe that he can be that focused on his game when his emotions are running that high.

Unregistered on February 21, 2005

I think the real question is whether Phil is a winning or losing player. IMHO Phil may be an overall loser. In ring games, I have personally heard him say he had lost all his tourney wins in cash games, and this was at a point when his total tourney wins were $3 mil. Who cares how much knowledge or how many bracelets he has if he can't get the money home.Look at it this way. If you took Phil's total tournament wins plus cash game wins and subtracted federal and state taxes, tournament travel and lodging, entree fees and all cash game losses, would you bet Phil is a lifetime winner or loser. I would pick loser. Furthermore in the 1990's, I would guess that Phil was 1 of the top 100 ring game losers for the decade.Phil certainly has poker knowledge and tournament knowledge --- the math, the logic, the psychology and the art. BUT so what if you're an overall loser. Some poker "greats" are there to get the money but some "greats" are there just to show others how great they are. Phil is in the latter category. I and many others (who are better than me) have seen Phil make a call knowing full well he had the worst hand just so he could prove to himself that he had guessed his opponent's hand correctly.Fame is one thing, being a cash winner is another.

Longshot on February 21, 2005

Nicely said "longshot".

Unregistered on February 21, 2005

i agree,phil doesnt deal well with suckouts...does that make him any less of a great player??no.!!! he has the respect of the pros and the braclets to back it up...

iveyfan05 on February 18, 2005

i agree that getting sucked out on is part of poker ,but when it happens to a player like me ,i play low limit and baby nl i still get mad...let alone for the stakes phil plays for...calling phil tighter than lederer is just crazy...howard is as mechanical as they come..still a great player,but lets call a spade a spade

iveyfan05 on February 17, 2005

Regardless if you are a professional then you need to learn how to deal with the suck outs. If you can't don't play the game!

Unregistered on February 17, 2005

phil made a very amazing call in the legends of poker tournament when howard lederer hit the belly buster, genius let down

flush80 on February 16, 2005

I completly agree with you "doubt it". I agree I have seen him make some great lay downs but whenever I see that I do think how many great hands he must of laid down when he had the best of it. They probably don't show that on TV as much. But you gotta expect that he lays down hands when he does have the best of it. I do think he is a great player but I do not like him personally. Something about the way his play is..too mechanical, for me not enough heart. As good as he is something is missing. And I can't stand the way he crys about losing, even when he is sucked out. Why be a professional poker player if being sucked out effects you that much...THAT'S POKER!

Unregistered on February 16, 2005

howard lederer is wayyyy more tight than phil, so right away i know you have no clue...annie duke??i know she beat him heads up that time , but none of these ppl have done what hellmuth far as losing his never, im more than sure you are not qualified to say one way or another...all the players you mentioned, while they are good players, would all agree that they are on a lower level than phil has been on through his poker carrer

iveyfan05 on February 9, 2005

first of all tobias...hellmuth is not best player of all time...for one he is too tight...he prides himself so much on laying down good hands in the face of a better one that he often folds the best hand...he is far to afraid of the bad beat that he doesn't gamble nearly enough...he thinks to much of the math and the pot odds that he forgets about the feel of the game and the fact that he already has the best hand...i think he was alot better back in the day...but he has lost his nerve...he is washed up....too afraid to lose his money...sometimes in poker u have to be willing to lose in order to win...gus hansen, antonio esfandiari, howard lederer, phil ivey, lane flack, annie duke, these are all players that would absolutely demolish this guy heads up...phil is a loser now...and he will be until he gets over himself, comes down off of his pedestal that he has put himself on, and starts to gamble a bit

doubt it on February 8, 2005

Phil is a crybaby who needs his diaper changed. He give poker a bad name, now if we are talking class Howard takes the cake...a true poker player with class. Also Doyle, but that goes without saying.

Dan on February 8, 2005

what are you talking about???? Phil is the be NL Holdem player of all time. 9 WSOP titles. I also love to watch him bitch at the table.

Justy on February 8, 2005

he's not the best poker player in the world! There! I said it!

Unregistered on February 6, 2005

First of all anyone putting down phil about going broke or not being the best poker player in the world is stupid and must have no poker expierence because every good poker player has gone broke atleast once in there poker career and having 9 wsop bracelets must mean he is a great player........what phil himself would say " I am a "eagle" soaring above all others"......neverless he is the best player of all time.....and thats a fact.

Tobias/pokerpunk on February 5, 2005

phil stop thinking u have the best hand u r beat

nato on February 3, 2005

about 95% of the time he does have all his money in with the best hand...ppl just suckout on him alot...

iveyfan05 on February 3, 2005

Ironic. I guess your name's Horse's Ass for a reason.

Unregistered on January 25, 2005

If you are a great poker player, you're also great in taking down people physically. However, an old, small man named sizzle or something knocked the best of Phil Helmuth, embarassing.

Henry on January 23, 2005

Yeah, it is. Phil's a good player though. However, I have seen him get outplayed before.

Unregistered on January 23, 2005

Bless you, Phil Hellmuth. Everyone else please grow up and be mature.

horse's ass on January 23, 2005

well hes been playing poker for a few decades, so im sure hes been outplayed on a few hands before sure that if we had ppl watching every hand that we played, we wouldnt play EVERY one to perfection...he always has all his chips in with the best hand..he does try to "overread" some of his opponets..he made a few bad laydowns to that toto guy i believe it was a wpt even, but im not sure..might have been a lowel level wsop event....made a toughlaydown to chan in the toc...all in all the 9 braclets all in NL HOLDEM speak for themselves

iveyfan05 on January 23, 2005

phil is one of the best nl holdem players ever....its that simple...funny how ppl that only know poker since 2003 think they know it all because they watch espn....phil is a legend..he always has his money in when he has the best hand...ppl do make some loose calls and suck out on him....thats poker...and yes he whines, but thats him being the "poker brat" that sells millions of books...guys a legend , so give him the respect he deserves

iveyfan05 on January 20, 2005

Phil can put you on a hand like he's looking right through you. I am continually impressed.

The Z Man on January 19, 2005

amazing player but thinks everyone plays the game with the same stragey he does. He has to face facts that there are idiots or as he likes to call "elephants" who will call everything. Although him and doyle are tied obvioulsy he has a lot more time to win more.

have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

also he says what most of the other players are thinking

have to be in it to win it on January 17, 2005

Phil, had great oppurtuntiy to win the big one from 2000- to 2003 only to be outdrawn in big crucail hands. He had one of the best world series ever in 2003 winning three bracelets and deserved to make the final table at the bi one. Tournaments are what is in, and when he is dedicated he is the best no limit player in the world today, and probalby second best ever behind Stu Ungar

Poker Mas on January 16, 2005

Maybe all 9 bracelets for Johnny and Doyle didn't come from holdem, but Hellmuth has still only won the big one once.Not to mention Action Dan Harrington, who made the final table in 2003 and 2004 against the biggest fields ever. Heck, phil got put out before day 2 this year, and barely ever ranks anymore other than a brief stint in 2002.I do not deny that Phil is an excellent player. But like Josh Arieh, he absolutely whines up a storm when other people gamble. He seems to think that they should not be able to gamble(Even though it has been proven that those who take chances often are the ones who advance)From what i gather, Phil intentionally acts the brat to get more airtime and sell books.The problem with Phil is that he is useless outside of a tournament. He has NEVER won any big stakes games, where Chan, Doyle, Harrington, and others make their real money. Most poker players want to make a name for themselves just for the simple fact that they will attract Rich "Dead money" to the high limit tables. It has been this way for years. The above 3 I mentioned are all former champs, and they all have been proven to have made 20x more money on the high limit tables than they have winning the tourneys. Hellmuth has never been able to do this. He consistantly goes bust trying to. Sheesh, he was just talking about his financial problems at the tourney of champions. I fail to see how you could win that many tourneys and have financial problems, except that he let it slip in an interview that he has "Horrible luck lol" at high stakes games.All in all, he needs an attitude adjustment, and he needs to learn to play high limit with the other champs aside from tourneys.

Hey Eddie on January 14, 2005

eldan, u got to be kidding, 3 bracelets and 15 or more cashes in the 2000's is anything.. wat the hell do u expect..with the fields so large its guna make it a lot harder to win tournys, but phil will get his 10th bracelet this year, good luck phil..(odd year)

pocket 9s on January 14, 2005

Phil Hellmuth never had trouble paying the bills except for when he was just starting out. He's a smart guy and a hell of a poker player. Besides how can you go broke when you wife is a dr. at Stanford. Everyone gets upset from a bad beat, and besides espn pays him to act the way he does just so people will watch to "see what hellmuth does next".

Hellmuth is King on January 13, 2005

Phil Hellmuth is the best tournament NLH player on the planet, no contest

Unregistered on January 8, 2005

Many people see him on TV or read his book, so they all know how he plays. Antonio owned him in the last WPT tourney that I watched. He's got skill, but everyone knows his moves.

He's sold out on January 5, 2005

U people are a trip if you knew how to play maybe you would be playing......uMMMMMM

wow on January 1, 2005

Phil You Rock,i Ove When You Get Under Your Aponents Skin.

SIKBOY on December 30, 2004

He is the greatest hold'em player ever. Only player with 9 WSOP hold'em bracelets. Johnny's and Doyle's have not all come in Hold'em

Eddie on December 30, 2004

Hey floppy, lick me. Hellmuth is good, but he's still an asshole who is amusing.

sweatynutsack on December 28, 2004

phil i know your amazing and all, as you continue to say, but whats happening? you havent done much since the 90's and your ranked lower than very many players who dont make such auspicious claims as you do such as vinny vinh, james mcmanus, and even ben afleck

eldan on December 28, 2004

Hellmuth is the best player in the world. Get over the fact that you are jealous. I love when he moans and complains when people play like crap against him and win. He needs to berate people and put them in thier place. He should just start slapping people with his 9 bracelets.

floppynutsack on December 27, 2004

dude i dont care if are the best poker player in the world. i certainly think ure one of the top 5 but u gotta lose the whiny attitude when u lose. Luck is a part of the game. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

hellmuth hater on December 24, 2004

"if there was no luck in this game I would win everytime"

Unregistered on December 24, 2004

None of the above guys have any success these days in no limit holdem.Chan did o.k at 5 dimonds WPT event,Doyle plays cash successfully, Ungar obviously no longer with us.Hellmuth...well he's won all of $64,000 this year in tournement prize money!!To make a long story short the mentioned players above dont cut the mustard anymore...its all Negreanu, Juanda, Seidel, Ivey,etc... the old guard are struggling.No one has been able to dominate poker continuously...every dog has its day...Negreanu is on top at the moment and players like Fischman,Arieh are comming through the ranks(even though these two players display questionable table demeanour).Things change..especially as poker is so competetive and popular these days the old players didnt have the large fields to battle through. Hellmuth is in decline.Its know secret amongst the top players and dealers...has he won a wpt even?NO.Has he had much success recently NO...can he play high stakes cash with the big boys NO.Yes Phil has joint most WSOP bracelets and is still a million times better than all of us who post here,and is finnancially loaded.But he makes most of his cash doing semminars, signing ..personal appearances.Plus he is paid to enter the big tournements because of his past victories and ESPN fame.The sad fact to all you Hellmuth fans is...there are alot better players around today.Open ones eyes and look.

Warwick Cotterill on December 22, 2004

All of these comments, especially the negative ones. How many of you have walked the walk.

Rob on December 22, 2004

No, im no where as good as any of the guys mentioned above.I admit that.But I deal to them regularly so I have knowledge as to there current success.

Warwick Cotterill on December 22, 2004

Phil your the best in poker people are just jealous because they dont have the guts to tell it like it is.

trendytra on December 20, 2004

in the top half dozen NO LIMIT HODLEM players of all time...Ungar, Brunson,Moss,Cloutier,Chan, and Hellmuth

Unregistered on December 20, 2004

Enjoyed seeing hellmuth swearing and shouting at his elimination from the Bellagio WPT event.Claimed the guy who bust him was the worse player he had ever seen.Phil your'e pathetic and have no fans because of your classless demeanour.

al-zaquarwi on December 17, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is top 5 of all time regarding no limit hold'em along with Brunson, Chan, Ungar, Moss, and Cloutier. A living legend who will win at least 5 or 6 more bracelets before all is said and done. Hard to think he WON'T become the greatest player of all time. His laydowns are insane and you can only lay down great hands when you trust your reads as Phil does. His reads are what separate him from the pack. A LEGEND.

mje on December 11, 2004

phil how are youre oreos? thanks for signing my chip at foxwoods

jay11674 on December 7, 2004

phil is thge first one that admit he gets rattled, but his 9 wsop titles back up the fact that this guy is as good as they come

djnpa_30 on December 2, 2004

Well, I bought the book today. I only play hold em so i can only use half the book. This guy is good. I don't like his attitude on the tables but im about to learn alot. Good Job Phil on that note.

JMT23. on December 2, 2004

This guy is a complete idiot.

some dude on December 1, 2004

Phil Helmuth is obviously a skilled poker player. However, when he lets himself get rattled and emotional, he becomes absurdly poor - he got completely played at the WPT final table because he got so emotional he was throwing tells out almost as fast as he was giving chips away. It's also incredibly unprofessional for him to rag on other players - especially the very ones who trapped him, outplayed him, and avoided his plays!

matt on December 1, 2004

The only reason I play to be the best is to kick this guys ass in the game. Of course I can't do that until i read his book. "Thanks A lot PHIL!!!!"

JMT23. on December 1, 2004

poker is considered gambling and there isnt skill to it get a fucking clue

Unregistered on November 29, 2004

When u lose, Phil, chant OMMMMM Namanda Namanda Namanda OMMMMMMMM. Be Zen!

GamePolice on November 29, 2004

if poker is all luck, explain how the same players keep doing so well ??are they the luckiest ppl ever created??????get a clue moron

djnpa_30 on November 29, 2004

YES Phil has won the wsop main event,youngest ever winner,and 9 wsop bracelets,fanatastic tournement player/cry baby etc etc.Surely the best players make lots of money consistently playing cash.Phil cant do this.Chip reese??ever heard of him?not a big tv star like hellmuth but he is a regular winner in the biggest games at the casino I work at,he is revered amongst all the top players...he isnt broke...and isnt a cry baby.

warwick cotterill on November 28, 2004

i agree that phil is a "poker brat" thats a moniker he placed on himeself because like you said,it sells books.i agree he does act like that because its his"image" but lets give the guy his props what he has done in poker is legendary..and seeing him get bashed by a bunch of ppl in here that started playing poker because of espn is unacceptable..ive been playing for only about 5 years or so, but i still respect great players,something these wanna be rounder, espn watching ,play money on the internet losers know nothing about

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

I love how most of you just respond to what you see on t.v. and chit

x888 on November 28, 2004

since nobody looks @ doyles page i have to say that he is one fat piece of ****..nobody every says that he one the main event when there were 30 and 50 people in it great accomplishment he gets whooped his fat fucking ass today by more agreessive players

Unregistered on November 28, 2004

get over it poker is all luck! ie moneymoker...arieh..williams

get a clue on November 28, 2004

you can tell a lot of pros just dont care about tournaments anymore because with all of the ametuers the little skill in poker is just not relavent

Unregistered on November 28, 2004

poker is all luck?????than explain how dan harrington can win a braclet than go to back to back final tables..what is he the LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD???poker is 85% skill and 15 % luck. any pro will tell you that he needs a little luck on his side to win a far as brunson gettin blown away by the new younger aggressive players why dont you ask scott fischman about that one..the member of the crew the supposed new bredd of poker player got his ass busted by doyle this until you get your facts straight, dont post in here you make yourself look retarded

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Sorry, djnpa_30, it doesn't work that way. His poker accomplishments are great however HE sets himself up for this criticism when he chooses to continue to be a jerk. Do you think his agent/manager is telling him to chill? No way. Phil knows that he'd be just another goofy looking white guy playing poker if he kept his emotions in check. He plays up this a-hole image because he knows it sells books and keeps people talking about him. 2500 people at the WSOP final in 2004 and Phil gets the TV time he does because ESPN knows he'll be a jerk. You are correct in your observations about most of the people on this board but Phil made his own bed and regardless of his accomplishments, he'll forever be known as a jerk because of his manner. He is probably comfortable with this because (again) it sells books. BTW - I've heard the same thing about him and cash games. They guy is a great tournament player but when you have to rely on tournament income solely, you can't have a good attitude.

slvsc2 on November 26, 2004

for all the idiots in here that call phil overrated all i have to say is 9 WSOP braclets..also the youngest winner of the main event can you losers make fun of a world champion player when 99% of you guys have never played poker in a casino before...bunch of wanna be rounders..this guy has earned his stripes while you guys sit home and sleep..he plays for millions why u losers play online for play money...until u accomplish what he has,,,stfu

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

Excellent poker player - no secret there. Major cry baby and poor sport - not much of a secret there. I've heard this guy speak in public a number of times, and he always says that it is the TV production crews that make him look like a poor sport, that it is all spin-doctoring. One moment he says he hates that they spin the truth the way they do, then the next moment he is saying he appreciates it because it makes him more known and he makes more endorsement $$$ out of it. What a half-wit! I've seen it in person, this guy is a loon, a total pouting crybaby. Like someone else said - great poker player - pathetic human being. Grow up you little foot stomping child.

Yike on November 24, 2004

Phil really thinks he's the best player around does he??Why cant he play the biggest game then with the best players???

coreen on November 24, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is the man. So he what. I saw one guy start bursting out crying in these years WSOP when he got knocked out. The TOC was 2 mil to the winner, 0 to 2nd place. Whatever the reason for his loss, his being pissed off is understandable. And his attitude that he is the best player at the table (combined with real skill to back it up) is part of the reason he is so sucessful. Yea he can come across as a whiny biotch but thats why it's fun to see him lose and blow up, too.

Jaime on November 23, 2004

phil you need to grow up or stop playing poker..your just a washed up has been...move over loser

richardeum on November 22, 2004

Everyone Knows Phil Hellmuth Cannot Beat The Biggest Live Games.he Has The Bracelets And Is A Fantastic No Limit Tournement Player,but The Truth Is He Wont Play With The High Stakes Players Because He Cant Control His Steaming.if You Steam In A Tourney You Lose Your Chips And Get Knocked Out Losing Your Buy In,in The Cash Games Theres No Limit To The Amount You Can Lose And Phil Hasnt Got The Skills Needed To Beat These Games Are The Bread And Butter For Poker Players And Phil Hellmuth Cant Play With The Best In The World.

BELLAGIO DEALER on November 18, 2004

I enjoy watching everyone in poker but Phil. His attitude is horrible, but I recently saw him state on TV that he was working on it. I believed him until I saw him act like such a baby when Annie beat him in TOC. Work a little harder, Phil, or you will go down the tubes.

anglfish/heigert on November 18, 2004

Philly babyget down to Hull...I'll play you £100k H2H anytime...

DEVILFISH on November 18, 2004

meet phil hellmuth "The Poker Dick " at foxwoods he's too busy counting his money to spend a minute with the public. he should take a lesson from "Texas Dolly" now he's a REAL GENTLEMAN!

corvette on November 17, 2004

He's a jerk. Period. I'm tired of Phil telling us that he is working on his attitude. He knows he can't. If Phil stopped telling us he was a poker brat he'd be just another player. When Annie busted him in the WSOP Tournament of Champions he could only focus on her odds of winning. She got into his head and out-played him. Period. He is a great player but as long as he keeps this attotude he'll never reach his potential.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Hey Phil I have more respect for you now than ever before.I did my report on you for my speech class and I got a 97% on it. Thanks alot. LOL. Just remember in 7 years I will be putting a new definition to the term "filabuster". LOL

Rosebug on November 16, 2004

Phil played in his first satellite at the Golden Nugget...very nice young man then and always was when he played in my satellites,I know, I was there...Best to you Phil and your family

"tHE SATILLITE LADY" on November 14, 2004

He probabally had a high fever as an infant and it affected his motor skills too.

Yeah.... on November 9, 2004

well phill i know its wednesday night and your probably out at the tables or with your wife but i wanted to know ,when you get some time, what a kid at nineteen should be doing to get started playing higher limit poker games. Your a big fan of mine, i know you started playing less hands because amatuers wouldnt let you just pick up pots and it seems the same for me my table image has gotten to the point where i have to have it because everyting is gettiing called all the way down. so i guess some advice would be great thanks man.

will fuselier on November 9, 2004

Sammy the brick is fool.People are joking about J7 being a good hand!,don't you understand when someone is joking?obviously not or you wouldn't have written a thesis in answer to someones post.

sammy's a prick on November 7, 2004

Back again kids. First I'd like to thank the late stu ungar for his thoughts. Q5 is indeed another 'hidden premium' as we Pros like to call them. The reason the typical amateuer doesnt understand the hidden benefits of playing these overlooked hands is because the theory is very complex. It really does take someone like me, Phil Helmuth, to understand it. Part of being humble is realizing one's true abilities, and denying my world class mastery would be a lack of humility. At least thats what this guy Sammy the Prick tells me when he emails me every 20 minutes or so. Geez, how do I block that guy's emails? i need a restraining order or something. some kind of fatal attraction going on.Anyway I'll be back again next time to try to explain the complex theory of hidden premiums. Good luck to all!

Phil H on November 7, 2004

Phil is one of the best players of all time. He has nine bracelets, that takes a lot of skill to accomplish. Besides that, he's definetly enteraining to watch.

Nightwolf on November 6, 2004

phil has definetly got a case there.I'd like to reccommend Q5.Think about it,have you ever lost a hand with Q5

stu ungar on November 2, 2004

Phil is definitley a great player. However, I like him the most because his constant whining is very amusing. The sad part is that he's serious.

Chad on November 2, 2004

Hi Phil, My name is Emily and I'm 14 years old. I love poker and I think you are a great player, but you need to work on being more of a gentleman. When I'm 21 I plan on going to the main event and kicking your butt. LOL!! See you in 7 years.

Rosebug on November 2, 2004

I think Phil is awesome...who cares if he gets mad when he loses who doesn't. I wish Phil would make it to more final tables but I'm sure he does too. Phil would be fun to sit by in a tournement

Whitey on October 31, 2004

Some of you apparently didnt believe it was really me when I posted my tip about 9-4 being better than QQ, but for those of you who know, here's another golden nugget: J7 is a MUCH stronger hand than people realize. if 8 9 10 comes on the board, no one will EVER think you have J7. Also since your cards are far apart in range, it adds a lot more hidden possibilities to your hand. not to mention if three 7's hit the board. Imagine that! you'd have quads! So you pretty much always want to raise big with J7.

Phil H on October 31, 2004

Phil, you are a great poker player and my poke hero but I'm coming for you remember my name!

Fast Eddie on October 24, 2004

phil is the john mcenroe of poker and my favorite player. get his books.

darren on October 23, 2004

phil it was funny when u got beat by annie..after u lost u were kicking stuff and cursing...ure a great player and all but i was laughing so much when u lost no disrespect but i thought u were goig to tear the place apart. ;)

Aces high on October 22, 2004

Hey in regars to phil losing at wsop0....wasnt it hilarious when norm chad...thr announce said that phils new book should be" cry like a baby" when phil busted out. I know this is about Phil hellmuth .. but isnt norm chad the best? hes so witty lol

sonee on October 22, 2004

I met phil in England to when he was promoting his book,he was really nice and answered lots of poker questions,terrible breath though.

warwick on October 21, 2004

well as much as i hate him, he is doing something right because he does win quite often although his behavior is childish, phil grow up.

Aces Down on October 21, 2004

you hate to say it but the man has extreme skills, but you really, really hae to say it

lil Doyle on October 20, 2004

Phil is such a great poker player, I have no clue why you idiots say stuff about him when if you played him you would be driving Kenish's truck. You people dont realize that Phil always makes the correct decision and gets outdrawn or sucked out . He always makes great moves on his opponents and if you lost to such bad beats as much as him you would get sick of it. Let me tell you I know a lot about it. Losing from luck sucks.

Brunson on October 20, 2004

Phil's my fav player, and he's hilarious. He knows he's funny too. Get over it. And that person talking about 9 4 and maybe even suited! i really think that was some jackass trying to get the forum worked up

Rounders SE on October 20, 2004

they finally did it got three jerks on a tv show telling you how to bet.if these guts are so great how come they lose.

sonny on October 18, 2004

this guy is a moron with a seriour attitude problem...i wish he'd grow up! I hate 'im? I hate 'im! I hate 'im!

ouch on October 16, 2004

I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting Phil and his wife at the Arclight..and btw Thanks Phil! (yes, he's married) Phil and his wife are very nice people. You can berate Phil because of his temperment, but until you've been in his shoes, playing those exact hands, and being beat by those exact hands you will never be able to relate to how he obviously feels. Phil is obviously an excellent player and we all enjoy his temper tantrums as it quite apparently gives us all something to write about. Phil will always take the time to stop and sign an autograph and to chat. He is a very approachable person who is quite down to earth, despite him being a modern day poker icon. I think Phil is a multi-dimensional person, which is something most pro poker players are not. Phil is a family oriented man, which makes me have great respect for him, and he has a great business mind which makes him stand above the rest in the world of poker. It's a sad commentary that so many posts are full of hatred. I regret that both for Phil and for the poker world. I thought we'd gotten past that back room illegal game image and had become a more respectable "sport".

RivahQueen on October 9, 2004

phil is a great player ...he overthinks occasionally....that has probably won him a few titles......but, his mentalilty is that he is matched to the best players in the world.....when he meets a tough (unread) amateur he explodes when they play a less than perfect response....sorry phil not every hand in poker is text book...(it would we awfully boring if they were)....math plus balls equals...hold'em

bullets (onthewind) on October 9, 2004

Bumped into phil at a bookshop in England. Asked for his autograph which he gladly gave and everyone started looking and glaring. Told him I thought his book was great and he invited me for a coffee up in the coffee shop. Strange though cos we talked more anout the weather then we did poker. The guy is a geezer.

inyourface on October 9, 2004

I dont think Phil is so much of a whiner more of a person that is totally passionate about the game. Next time you see him play watch him when he folds. He pretends to carry on playing the game in his head continuing to read his opponents to see what they have. Completely dediciated to The Game. Personally when he DOES have one of his strops I find them highly ammusing.

oopsididitagain on October 6, 2004

Probably the best player ever. I would have said Doyle Brunson is but in his day there were no where near the amount of people playing it then.

grrrrrrrr on October 6, 2004

Phill I think poker is all about skill and some luck and like u said at the table with Annie Duke If the game took all skill i would have won. i think that is true because you are the best poker player i know. I am reading your book right now and let me tell you it is improving my game by alot. I am taking all of ur advice write back if u get a chance if not then 0o0o well good luck on then next game you play

stiskid on October 5, 2004

Whining aside, he lives his life right, plays solid poker on a level that 90% of the posters above do not even comprehend, and wrote one heck of a good book. Best poker book I've ever seen.

xeef on October 2, 2004

phil is the best hold em player ever.. hands down

acez on September 30, 2004

too many of you haters talk out of your asses. Please, i have to agree with pokermessiah about the wsop TOC, Annie duke got EXTREMELY lucky with her 6's against her brothers 7s, and greg raymer practically gave all his chips to her. She also got a rush of cards at the end against Phil, with those kinda cards its hard to lose. Phil played amazingly, and when he loses to weaker players, its almost always an unlucky beat. He has an amazing poker mind, and even great players like doyle and lederer respect him. So just shut up already. using "LOL" at the end of every other sentence makes you haters look like idiots.

G.. on September 28, 2004

It was so fun watching my Annie beat out poor ole crying, whinning, bad loser Phil. Phil needs to grow up! What a moron.

I love annie on September 24, 2004

Nothing Has Been Sweeter Then Seeing "phil" Cry After Annie Duke Played Him Like A Rookie!!!!!!! Great Job Annie!!!

tinmantyke on September 23, 2004

stu ungar was the best all around gamblerever lets get that straight nobody could play with him if he was still around the only person i could see giving him much competition would be phil hes amazing he layed down top pair to annie duke many times and made amazing calls... phil plays excellent without a doubt

PokerMessiah on September 23, 2004

Phill you are one of the best poker players out there and I love watching you play. I am only 15 but you are one of my hero's thanks Phill and keep up the good work.

Artist on September 22, 2004

To find out if Phil is the best all you have to do is ask him! Way to go Annie Duke.

rru on September 22, 2004

Rahul Desai...i have never heard of u, u are poor, and u also suck, u dont even come close to being as good as phil, and u never will be, u will never win a tourny in your life, when u win 9 WSOP bracelets... give phil a call, BTW, when phil was against annie, he got outflopped every single time, nothing against annie but phil is 10 times better than she is...phil can run his mouth at any table he wants

smash on September 22, 2004

(impersonating phil) . . . waaaaaaaaaahhhh..

the grand old pimp from 1975 on September 21, 2004

man! seeing phil hellmuth loose 2 annie duke was the happiest moment of my life! phil ur a wanker! and u need 2 re-examine ur view of urself, u are not that good! infact ur a whinging cry-baby who constantly looses big to amateurs not because they are lucky or "UNBELIEVABLE" but because you suck!!!p.s rahul, i agree, both phil and mike are cry babies! and there is nothing more annoying in a poker player than some1 who cant take a beat! take a page from daniel negreanu

Jumbles on September 21, 2004

Phil you make yourself look like a complete idiot when you open your mouth at the table keep it shut and people will respect you more. I wanted AD to beat you because of how you act and run your mouth. Did you forget to take your meds that day??

Unregistered on September 21, 2004

Right. if you have 9-4 and two dueces fall on the board what do you have? Jack shit. Now what do you have if you have QQ instead? num nuts. Also, what would you have if another queen falls? You turd burgler. I would personally hunt down and kill anyone who bets with a 9-4.

Unregistered on September 20, 2004

what can i say about PHIL, he is still the man, and nobody will ever top him, he is my favorite looker, i hope he is still availible to marry cuz i could use a restless man in bed. ALSO, phil your bad breaks on QQ and KK are just tough luck, you still are the best, in everyway possible. DREam of me phil, cuz i am dreaming of you.

the BIG k-Mill a.k.a. GLEN- again on September 20, 2004

Hello Phil my name is Garrett "Gay" Russert i am in love with my brother Nolan

Garrett and Noley Russert on September 20, 2004

I won a few thousand dollars from Phil Hellmuth at Taj Mahal. I extended my hand to him before he left because he was upset about losing so much, and he cursed me out and walked away. Phil, if you read this, I hope you know that I am a better poker then you are. You are not all you are cracked up to be. You may have won many tournaments and have a lot of money, but in reality, you are just a cry-baby. Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matisow should get a hotel room together, they can cry with eachother and make hot sensual love with eachother after they are done with their bitching. By the way, I am a single Indian male looking for any female (or male) to make love to me. As you can see, I am quite desperate for any sort of carnal pleasure. My AIM screen name is thebrown16. If you are interested, send me a message. Thanks!

Rahul Desai AIM: thebrown16 MSG ME! on September 20, 2004

u whine to much about phil whining too much dont watch the one of the greatest poker players ever lived it u dont want to see him whine..ive seen worse

smash on September 15, 2004

I'm a dumb ass for folding Ace-King against Toto's Ace-Queen at the Taj.

Phil Hellmuth on September 14, 2004

this guy whines too much.

Whiner on September 14, 2004

hey Ohil H the guy who wrote about the QQ and 9 4 are you a retard or have you jerked off all your brain cells? QQ wils wif you don't hit 2 pair, it wins if you hit a pair either 9's or 4's it wins if a Q hits it wins if you hit 9 4 and 2 kings aces jacks or 10's hit and your 9's are shit, it's dickheads like you that make this game bad and i understand Phil when he gets pissed off at tourneys i've hit the roof when the impossible happens and you happens to break my AA KK QQ with shit

sammy the brick on September 13, 2004

wow Phil H i hope your're either joking or have an IQ of 58

ForGlory on September 11, 2004

Just so you all know, i would much rather be dealt a 9-4 than QQ in any situation. 9-4 can make a 2 pair, while QQ can't. Also if it's suited, the 9-4 can make a flush while the QQ won't. There's some little known poker wisdom for you guys.

Phil H on September 8, 2004

Hellmuth is a good player. And like Ben said, very good at reading his opponents. I think he's built a Chan like reputation that when he does get good hands, people get out of his way and fold so he can't rake in the big pots.

Ken. on September 6, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is the best poker player playing right now. No one can read people like he can, he almost always gets his money in when he's ahead - that's why he gets so upset when he loses.

Ben on September 4, 2004

best player alive

scotty on September 2, 2004

he folded pocket kings 4 times where his opponent had aces be4 flop so fuck you all for saying hes bad. He is theb est that will ever live

Unregistered on September 2, 2004

Phil is a fantastic player with serious social flaws. He comes from a nice family it seems. I cannot believe he learned this behavior from his parents. Despite all of that he is a highly skilled player with several WSOP bracelets. You don't win that many by accident. Love him or hate him he is one of the best ALL time. The bracelets don't lie. How many do you have?

pokerface on August 31, 2004

Phil is one of the best, if not the best tournament player out there. Everyone that has made a bad comment really don't know what they're talking about. He has a lot of stress so he takes it out at the poker table, and manages to win. He's an amazing player!

Mike Skud/ big fan/ WiseGuy317 on August 29, 2004

how can the worst poker player in history have 9 wsop bracelets and earnings over 5 million? insane, he can cry about every single hand if he wants, he gets outdrawn everytime, phil hater, u loser, in every game people whine, and theres always guna be sumone who whines i see worse at my home poker games

smash on August 24, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is one... No, THE worst poker player in poker or maybe even world history. I meen it, he is one of the worst losers and winners i have ever seen. And hes not even that good. If you love poker maybe you should take a look at Daniel Negreanu. Know this guy is funny and even laughs when he loses, he doesent get out of his chair and rip his hair out. And plus daniel is so good there arent even words to discribe how good he is! Thats it HELLmuth Saten worshipers!!!!!!

Phil Hater/poop on August 23, 2004

Phil does piss and moan, but almost always gets sucked out in big hands, so has a reason to piss and moan... an awesome player, great intuition and skills.

DSL on August 22, 2004

bay area represent, phil, i hope to see/play you at oaks card club someday

lettucce on August 21, 2004

Hellmuth is easily the best and Grizzle sux

Kolby on August 18, 2004

phil is hilarious, poker wouldnt be the same without him. I love it how he always shows up late and tries to get attention, but he got bs'ed out of everything this year, he will win the wsop again some year.

Unregistered on August 18, 2004

"What did u guys put in my Oreos?"..phil u rule

smash on August 17, 2004

phil has it tougher than the next guy since everyone at the table is gunning for him. they all want the bragging right to say they were the one to knock him out. if he didn't act so childish, maybe he wouldn't be such a target. i know if i sat at a table with him and someone else like daniel negreanu, i would gun for hellmuth, since negreanu isn't a crybaby.

cohocorp on August 17, 2004

Phil Hellmith is a fish? Okay, and Wayne Gretzky was just a hockey player and Michael Jordan could ball a little. I don't care about Phil being upset when he loses, especially on a bad beat. If any of you had actually been knocked out of a tourney on a bad beat you would understand quite well. I think it's funny we went from arm chair quarterbacks to arm chair poker players. Hey, guys/gals: the people that are playing, you know they can't see the cards, don't you? Until you can post even half of Phil's credential, shut up and go work on your game. The man has earned the right to say whatever he wants at a table. And as far as him winning just because he enters a lot of events, no that theory doesn't fly. Howard Lederer, who is my favorite player, enters a lot of events but he doesn't have nine bracelets. Stop telling Phil to grow up while standing there pointing the finger like a bunch of kids on the playground.

Shaun/thechosenone1975 on August 14, 2004

he is the best tournment player ever, even ask the great johnny chan

sarts on August 14, 2004

Phil is a very good player, but He thinks he is ALL THAT, in WSOP when he had AK , and the flops comes, he did get hit the ACE and the KING,farha had 2 from flush, then he Checks, then Sam farha checks, then on the turn it like a heart, it didnt help someone.. and sam farha has jack queen suited, then Phil raises and sam farha calls, then he raises more , and farha raise over him then phil calls,then farha gets flush on river then he says, How can you call with that hand ?? I think Phil played very stupid, If he wants to win that hand he cant check on the flop..when he have the ace and the king..I dont remember everything but something like that..

haffe on August 14, 2004

Phil Is Great Entertainment

JERANDY on August 14, 2004

I dont like him either, but... ..he is still one of the best in the world. Look, there are a lot of personalities out there in general walks of life that dont seem to mesh with the general liking. His is one. I think him to be one of those guys that his friends refer to as, "Look, Phil is a good guy, you just have to know him." Now, dont any of you tell me that you have never had friends like that in your life. Dont get me wrong I disagree with his post-play style as do most, however, I dont know the man...some people out there do, and THEY would be the ones best qualified to label him. Not armchair wannabees like we are. Just a thought. Good luck to all.

raisingorleans on August 14, 2004

phil, u just plain rule, i hope to see u sumtime in the future

smash on August 12, 2004

Phil is the greatest player in the game today. He only loses pots to stupid out draws and never makes a wrong move (percentage wize). To all you out there that hate him because he whines: You have my full permission to tease him if you only had half the skills and understanding that phil has. You go Phil. Good luck in the future. And as a final note, could you stop having all these bad beats aired on t.v. its giving me a headache watching some idiot outdraw you on a 1 in 100 shot.

Chipmaster on August 11, 2004

hes got a wife rookie

Gun it on August 9, 2004

Phil RULES, wat can i say, he makes great bluffs and folds. You cant argue with 9 wsop bracelets, and BK u dont even know wat yer talking about..if yer talking about the main many have won that twice...not many...and he already has 9 bracelets and he will have more in the future...all u phil hatters out just say he is a whiner and a crybaby but how about u all just stop whining and crying about how he plays, i would love to play againts him at a table but he would have my money in no time...UR MY IDOL PHIL...Good luck in the future man, get them black 9s

smash on August 8, 2004

PHIL, guess what......YOU RULE, i love watching u and ur by far my favorite player

finny on August 8, 2004

Good player, He just needs to grow up. He thinks he should win them all. " If luck wasn't involed I WOULD WIN ALL THE TIME " LOL, gROW UP pHIL.

dusty jim on August 8, 2004

Great play by Phil in Sunday's $2 Million + No-Limit Holdem tournament. Near the end of his run, everytime he would raise, he'd get reraised, then would fold. He complained about others going over the top on him. Then finally, he got a 6 6 and went all in, but someone called him with a 10 10, and Phil was eliminated. Great play, Phil. hehehe

Poker Observer on August 7, 2004

I'd be quite pissed if I got outdrawn by someone holding Ac4c and I had Queens and the suited clubs caught a club on the flop and runner runner clubs and especially against a tool like Gavin Griffin calling with Ks5s? Like Phil said, he couldn't play any more perfect than he did that day at the PL hold'em.

brill on August 4, 2004

He cries too much.

Ryan on August 3, 2004

It would be nice if you updated your website, followed through on your newsletter and made good on promises to promote the game...

blackrook on August 2, 2004

look, he might be good! but hes a frigging cry baby! honestly~! losing gracefully is a fantastic quality, mayb some1 should give him some lessons! what a whinging little boy!!!

james on August 2, 2004

Phil Hellmuth is the greatest Texas Hold 'em player of all time, hands down. He would put Stu Ungar to shame.

p.. on August 2, 2004

phil has shown that he has the skill by winning nine wsop bracelets along with the main event in 89. he just needs to work on his attitude. he forgets that part of poker is luck and sometimes the cards are against you...every poker player has to deal with that

rhk on July 29, 2004

i couldn't agree with you more, rhk.

anasmith on July 29, 2004

I think everyone who has something negative to say bout Phil should look down to see how many WSOP braclets they are wearing.

mademybonz on July 26, 2004

Hellmuth is a plonker. Looking forward to him getting a smack in the mouth for his attitude. Long live the devilfish

Jim on July 25, 2004

Phil is a whiner, but that is part of his personna. Someone should give himj a pacifer at the tourneys! Phil is a good player but he does not read people as well as he thinks and he needs to work on his sportsmanship, especially since he wants poker to get the attention and be in the same class as golf. As I recall, he had a really hard time reading Hoyt Corkins at Fozwoods 2003, whom he said gave him nightmares for months after Foxwoods 2003. I was diasppointed to see Phil ignore Hoyt's outstretched hand to shake when Phil went out. To me a great poker player includes one who is a good sport and congenial loser. You were outplayed, and outsmarted, and outlasted Phil and you should have been man enough to shake the hand of the man who took you down.

RivahRat on July 25, 2004

Yes, I hated Phil at first-- the same way I hated John McEnroe-- But I love his "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS" face when he gets slow-played and busted on the river-- what a tool-- just what poker needs-- Good luck, buddy.

Dan on July 25, 2004

yeah shifty, phil was in the taj playin 200-400 and he won every hand just cuz he got every1 scared and on tilt. this guy will cut u up so fast u won't even know it

pokerpimp on July 22, 2004

A big girl, whiny assed loser, poor winner, eve worse loser and with all that quite possibly the best ever tournament poker player in history. Don't you guys get that he chooses to be a bad loser because it helps him win ? All you idiots who are challenging himand saying you will clean him out would just be tilting fish in a barrell to this guy, just like many others have been in past tourneys.I can't say I like the way Phil plays but hey it's his style and it works, it just doesn't do it for me but I can still respect his play.

HackerJack on July 20, 2004

At least HackerJack understands a little about the game of poker. It is a game of perception. Phil Hellmuth has created for himself the perfect image. Almost every single person that has commented in this post would be at such an incredible disadvantage to him because you hate him so much. Anybody that has the acknowledgments in poker that Phil does has an incredible grasp on himdelf and the game of poker. He makes very few mistakes, and when he does, it is because he made an incorrect read on a person, not because he is an idiot. Read some more books, play some more poker, and create your own winning style of play. Complaining about someone who is whining is never going to make you a better poker player. Maybe you could even learn something from watching him.

shifty capone on July 20, 2004

Yes, Hellmuth is quite a whiney loser, and I love seeing whiney losers lose. It was quite amusing watching him get completely decimated by Hoyt Corkins on the WPT recently. I can't wait to see him lose again.

me too on July 19, 2004

i hate phil helmuth and he is the biggest whiner in all the poker land. if he would shut up and play for a second maybe he would do better. my favorite helmuth line is, "Why did you call with a Queen-Jack offsuit?" after he has been knocked out of yet another tournament.

Unregistered on July 17, 2004

Just finished my first look all the previous postings. WOW I have never seen such poor spelling and grammar in one place. The fact that Phil can play poker for a living, and has for almost two decades, says volumes about his abilities. I bet he can even spell and probably has a mastery of the English language, whinning included.

packrat on July 15, 2004

Phil's great, but he doesn't like it when people beat him on hands that he feels should have been folded or what he feels are bad calls on the part of the other players...what he doesn't realize is that people know his game and that is why he gets schooled fairly often

channy john on July 13, 2004

Don't know you personaly...heard of you...seen you play on got mad responses here...good and bad. I hope one day I can make you go broke again...

Joey "Stacks" on July 13, 2004

Man you are pathetic. I played you at a small tourney in atlantic city and i took you out with a 3 4 suted. you had a king 10 off suit and the flop was K,4,4, HAHA. you realy dont know me.. Im number one. everybody knows that!sory budy but i finished 1st winning 12 grand!!! Bought a picture of you with some of that money and gotta homeless person to piss on it.

ScottPat3 on July 13, 2004

9 braclets, enough said.

Unregistered on July 12, 2004

Look all you fine folks. Phil is one of the best poker players of our time. But this year he is working on other things. why work on other thing if poker is so profitable? Just a tought mako.

mako on July 10, 2004

People, Phil had Tito totally picked off and suffered a horrible beat. I'd have fallen down too. Watching that sucked.

herman007 on July 7, 2004

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question of mine... when you win a poker tournament, is any of your winnings taken as a result of taxes? thanks!

Blackfire on July 6, 2004

Phil ur a good player but it pained me to see u get pwned by Toto in the U.S championship

Unregistered on July 6, 2004

met phil at the bellagio last year,he was really nice and chatted and signed autographs,terrible breath though.

kenko on July 6, 2004

phil annoys me, but is funny when he makes fun of sam grizzle

phil annoys me on July 4, 2004

Check out Phil's graceful back flop on the World Poker Tour after Toto took all of Phil's chips with a winning draw on the River. Gimme Helmuth, Scottie Nguyen, Dutch Boyd, Sam Grizzle, Amir Vahidi, Sam Farha and The Nature Boy at the feature table and we'll make you forget the final "Friends" episode... Now that's entertinment!!!!!

The Nature Boy on July 3, 2004

You will never again win the World series of Poker.

bk on June 30, 2004

your days of being the best are limited.......beezee is about to make his pro debut

get your money took on June 30, 2004

A ton of people don't have nine WSOP bracelets, Kaos.

herman007 on June 27, 2004

There are a ton of people better than Phil besides brunson, take the great Johnny Moss for example. There are many others if you need more proof.

kaos on June 25, 2004

I read this guys book and not only did I like it but it improved my game... With that said I cant stand him... Although he is a good player is is also a good cry baby.

neo on June 23, 2004

NINE WSOP bracelets. Yeah, what a fish

herman007 on June 22, 2004

Do you think this guy ever gets laid? The Queer has a ton of cash and I bet even fat chicks turn him down. Whata fuckin' dork.

rookie on June 20, 2004

i really hope you read this phil if your sooooooooooo great please give me a chance of a life time 2 play you heads up i think your great but i know u hate gambling poker players come on phil heres a challenge for you

stanford on June 19, 2004

Has this guy ever had a girlfriend in his life? Has he ever gotten laid? I always just see him break down into tears after he gets knocked off and go hug his mommy. Great poker player but such a dork!

RickJames on June 18, 2004

hellmuth is the best ever, watching him play poker is better than sex

robby on June 15, 2004

never change phil

Unregistered on June 9, 2004

u gotta love this guy tho..and recently it seems he only loses on the worst beats..check wsop 2k3 and all the wpt events...but stu ungar is till the best player ever...

kenny on June 7, 2004

This guys a phuckin grown up cry baby !!!!Im 15 and i act more mature than him when i lose a hand!!! LOL

Phil Hatta on June 6, 2004

Someone get this guy a diaper

Boo hoo on June 6, 2004

Nice line about him crying to his mother. I don't think this guy has ever been laid. And I believe he's married. Phuckin' dork.

VABORIS on June 5, 2004

Phil makes the greatest calls and folds

cryt on June 1, 2004

Hes good at what he does everyone acts differently when they have bad beats phil likes rolling up on the floor. i like going to the video games and playing boxing or something and punching the wall after a bad beat. Ive had my bad beats and ive almost lost it but i havnt seen him totally lose it. AND ALCOHOL DOES MAKE U DO STUPID STUFF LOL.

zman1979/matt_wells63 on May 31, 2004

How can you like a middle aged man that cries to his mother when he loses????? You would think that Sam would have smarted him up but nope, he's still the same whiney, little cry baby that he always was!

Sean Townshend/ stownshend39 on May 31, 2004

Phil, I took your cash in a side game in Tunica during the world series of poker. You try to bully all that play, but you can't bully me as you remember. Not bad taking over $6,000 mainly from you in that stud game! Stick to tourneys!

JSP from Cleveland, Tennessee on May 30, 2004

Phil is definetly one of the best, and is still a fairly young player. But, hes the kind of guy that cant be wrong, he thinks everything he does is perfect and whines when hes beat. He needs to wake up and realize this is poker, everyone has there tough beats, you just have to get over them. Phil, your not perfect, but your extremely good.

RATMfan72 on May 29, 2004

Phil is a very talented player, but he is totally full of himself. He thinks he is so superior to all of his opponents. Although he is better than most poker players, he is not as spectacular as he thinks he is and he certainly makes his fair share of mistakes. It's time he came down from his high horse. Overall rating: A-

Mary420Jane on May 25, 2004

Phil is the most entertaining poker player i have ever played with...his skill and patience makes him the best in the world...maybe 2nd best ever....behind doyle of course...I had the pleasure of getting taken out on pocket queens by phil...And as for sam grizzle...hes a little bitch...P.S. phil's book play poker like the pros is amazing

Hellmuth Jr. Jr. on May 25, 2004

Phil, explain to me why you'd go 15 bets heads up with a guy when you aren't holding the nuts? When you slowplayed AA preflop, was it really that impossible for you comprehend someone calling 42o from the SB? Ya know what they say Phil...better to win a small pot than lose a HUUUUUUGE POT and and go on complete tilt afterwards. I'd love to know what's the most times you've rebought in a live game....gotta be double digits.

Maverick on May 22, 2004

from the first time a sat at the poker table i knew that some day i could play like the pros. thanks to your book and doyles super systems, i havent had to wrk for money for the last 19 months, i play 40 80 limit hold em at the commerce casino. i am doing very well for my self and i am considering playing in more tourneys. thank you for wrighting your book on the game and getting me out of the gas station.

habbib from mobil on May 21, 2004

I read all your post, jmarlowe and it was long but good. I don't recall the 2 games Hellmuth vs. TJ, but I agree a lot with your last point: Don't be a d1ckhead when you get knocked out of a tournament. I've heard people who met Phil and said he was a nice guy, and please, anyone who says he's a fish is just an idiot. I just saw the ESPN replay of Phil vs. the old man Sam Grizzle, that was a riot. Reading this board is also a trip.

joepro/joe/ on May 18, 2004

Word has it that Phil was almost kicked out of the Commerce for lying on the floor in the fetal postion for over 2 minutes after a bad beat. Floor managers had to "have a word with him." I think he sometimes thinks he's above the law in poker rooms cause he's Phil "f-ing Helmuth." He's a child, and you know Hon Le is waiting for him at this years main event.Out!

Jammer on May 18, 2004

PHIL PHIL PHIL!!! I HOPE THAT SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, YOU GET THIS POST AND READ IT!!! Even better would be a magical reply to my email address! So I'm curious... What was up with the snowmen all in right after the T.J. slow roll? I know T.J. said he didn't slow roll you, but for some reason I think the old coot totally did it and lied about not doing it just to put you on tilt! AND IT WORKED! What a great lie if it was one! Not only does it put you on tilt, but it makes other opponents think "Gee, maybe the old guy is starting to lose it. I hope he keeps not seeing his hands!" Plus, he keeps the respect of everybody because they actually think he didn't slow roll it! I know slow rolling is bad etiquette, but if I had the opportunity to slap one of the best players ever with a move like that I'd do it in a second! There's many reasons to do it. To make you get out of your game, put you on tilt, make you want revenge (bad to ever want revenge in poker). Wanting revenge for a previous hand is what got you in trouble with A-3 to begin with! I know slow rolling isn't something you want to make habit of, but poker is war and in war all is fair within the rules! T.J. never broke any rules! And I'm sure he knows perfectly well that your biggest pet peeve in poker is being slow rolled! I simply can't believe a player as good as T.J. would not realize he landed a flush on the river while only seeing a double belly buster straight draw before the river card landed. I think he remembered the hand from 1 year ago he beat you on, the one you remembered like yesterday, and he played against you realizing you're will for revenge! HE'S OBVIOUSLY GOT YOUR NUMBER! But, you can get his if you forget the revenge factor and play him like you play anybody else; by reading them calmly and realizing that you can potentially lose any hand at any time. You're still one of my favorite players, but after seeing that I lost some respect for you and gained much more for old T.J. It's one thing to whine when you're still in the game, acting as you're on tilt when you aren't to fool your opponents, but you were showing your true colors and it literally got you knocked you out of the tournament! Maybe you should read "Zen and the Art of Poker" by Larry Phillips. I know he's a nobody compared to you, but he makes great points regarding controlling your emotions and mind in poker. If you have a hole in your game, it's your tilt factor! I still think you're one of the best people readers in the game, but you are easy to read when you get all fired up! So do one of two things. SHUT UP, or become a better actor. And for the love of Pete, don't whine after you get knocked out of a tourny. :-) Last but not least, please win another big event ASAP. I want to see you shut up these people who think you suck, they really have no idea what they are talking about. Despite your tilt factor, you still rule!

jmarlowe on May 17, 2004

Didn't realize my post was so freakin huge, maybe typing 60+ wpm is a downfall. LOL... Hope ya'll love or hate me for it!

jmarlowe on May 17, 2004

He's nothing compared to Hon Le. Didn't even tip a friend of mine who works at Cheetahs. That's right, Phil went to Cheetahs and got a lap dance...he's human yo. But quite a jerk.

Tilt on May 12, 2004

I have seen Phil lose over $100,000 cash, on at least ten diferent occasions in live games. He sucks. Trust me, if you play 150 plus events a year, you are bound to win 1 or 2. Many fear him in tourneys for no reason. Even mediocre high limit cash players smile when they see him walk into the room.

Johnny Chan's Left Nut on May 12, 2004

the poor bastard gets beat by poor sad

andrew on May 11, 2004

What a poker talent... he whines when he is beat by a terrible draw, just like any of us would... I think he is top five in the world today

SP. on May 10, 2004

Great player, bigger jack***!!!!

Burt on May 5, 2004

I will play you soon Phil. Im comming for you and you will know when you see me that I am your greatest nightmare. Hope you're ready. See you soon.

CHKRAZE on May 3, 2004

Phil, you're good...I just don't like you. Much respect as a poker player...none as a person. I saw him chew out a valet at Bellagio and make quite a scene cause the guy didn't pull his car forward like 2 feet. What a tool.

Nate71 on April 26, 2004

F me, this guy rages more than sperry and stry on crack!

Ross D on April 18, 2004

Some of you guys are really big haters. Phil is an amazing player. Even though people think that they get into his head, I believe that he's the one that's actually playing with their minds. All you guys that talk trash would get killed by Hellmuth just because you would want to beat him so badly. Even if you were tough minded, you would still have to go past his skills. To the guy above, I have to disagree with you, Phil Hellmuth has a game to back up his trash talking. Even Doyle Brunson agreed that "he's pretty good". It's not luck that got him so much bracelets. I know he will win more of those.

Mario on April 17, 2004

phil i like your wanna be john mcenroe style the only problem is mcenroe is a great player and can back it up. you my bitchy friend need to read my book "" phil stay at home and play home games this way when youget your ass kicked you want have so far to drive

mikerane on April 14, 2004

Nothing but a whiney little schoolgirl.No class,no heart.

Roy Batty on April 2, 2004

This guy is a whiney Bitch and i hope i have the chance to take him for all he has

007 of Spades on March 30, 2004

overrated! No where near the best ever. Stu Ungar would wipe the floor clean with this idiot.

brain on March 28, 2004

I mean even dead and buried Ungar would still kick his ass

brain on March 28, 2004

phil is being honest when he talks of going broke and if any of you don't realize the reality of a poker players dilemma i feel for you...

pokermonk on March 19, 2004

I think we all need to look at our wrist, our bank accounts, our bookshelves, Trny's we have won, TV appearances, World travel, then if we have done all of this judge those that walked with us not in front of us.

Curious on March 17, 2004

Hellmuth is a whiny ass....grow up.

VitaminG on March 10, 2004

good player.but why did i have to see him with his shirt off on his espn profile?i couldnt eat for two days..........ugggghhhh

MACKISGOD on March 8, 2004

A great tournament mind, yet at times he seems to make calls that are very obviously way behind, yet if he;s right, he looks brilliant,( see Aq allin call vs Grizzle's Kj w/ k hi flop no q, and AJd Call for last 25% or so of stack in vienna in lst HU championships w/ 6QQ89 or so board. Would be a better player if he's quit whining and get some Zen about him,( as would I). He also at times strangely shows NO poker intuition, as in the time he bet Lederer 10K that AKo Beat AKs heads up long term showdown... a monket knows thats' not true, mebbe just an urban legend tho.

PokerDali on March 6, 2004

btw, pokerking, as to your statement, he's an all timer in tourneys, but in any ring game of any kind, he's fairly well known as a fish. Doyle can and does play everything well, along with many others. Tourneys, he;s right there, but not even close overall.

pokerdali on March 6, 2004

i think he has one of the best understanding of the game. it seems to me he only gets beat by crazy draw outs.

GoDsUNe on March 4, 2004

this is a man that may moan but show me somebody that doesn't, phil play how you like and say what you want, i hope to come up against you sometime.

chris forsyth on March 1, 2004

Phil took Sam Grizzle to school at wsop03. Got out drawn by a stockbroker, thats why he is not the WSOP champ.

YouNg GuNnA on February 28, 2004

phil hellmuth is my favorite! so cute when he whines.. phil is the best! reads people like none other

pokergirl on February 27, 2004

I think that Phil and Ben Affleck should shaer a room

JonnyRINGO/RINGO/youarenothing on February 23, 2004

Everybody goes bust once in a while. It takes Phil's mind set, skill and superior attitude to rise up, and win. Again.

Andy Reid/Reider/andymreid on February 19, 2004

Helmuth is a whiny loser and a bad winner. I loved it when he thought T.J Cloutier slowrolled him in the showdown at the sands. How can you respect a guy who got punched out by that dwarf Sam Grizzle.

Stax McBluff on February 14, 2004

phil is the greatest of all time behind doyle brunson. poker is an easy come easy go world. every pro goes broke at least once in a career to all You naysayers all i have to say is go to the mirage and pull yourself up a seat next to hellmuth and see who goes home broke that night. Phil is the man.

poker king on February 13, 2004

this guy is not that great. do aces still beat kings? ok phil, whatever.

rookie on February 12, 2004

If you want to pay your bills dont lose all of your money. 9 gold bracelets and he cant pay bills??

Kansas City Kid on February 5, 2004

This is the guy that I hate to love! He is the most entertaining to me to watch - but he is also one of my favorites.

Bubba on February 1, 2004

Phil must have the worst econom in the world if he has problems paying his bills after winning all that money that he has.

Carsalesman on January 31, 2004

"Probably" the best..............(Come on "Barny Boatman")

Isle Of Wight Mob on January 19, 2004

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