Account Questions

  1. Can I change my username? Yes, just contact me and let me know the old username and the new username.

  2. Can I change my password? Yes, go to the forgot password page and enter your email address.

  3. Can you completely delete my account? Yes, just contact me and just let me know you want your account deleted. Either 1) send me a Private Message, or 2) email me - but if you email me, make sure you email me using the same email address of the account that you want deleted.

  4. Can you delete a post or comment I made? Although I reserve the right to not delete forum posts, I will usually delete a post or comment if someone wants it deleted, and it won't change the flow of a discussion. Just tell me which one it is.

  5. I can't login. You may need to delete your cookies.

  6. I just created a listing and it isn't showing up. You may need to reload the page you are looking at. In order to reload the page you are on, press "F5" on your keyboard. If that doesn't work, then you might have to clear the page's cache when you reload it. To do this, press "Control + F5" together.

Creating a Poker Group

  • Join Options - When creating a poker group, "Join options" refers ONLY to the ability of other members to join your group. It does NOT refer to the privacy of group information (game details, group messages, and group pics). The following are the different join options:

    • Public - The group is open for anyone to join.
    • Moderated - In order to join the group, a member must either submit a request to join and be approved, or be invited to join by the group creator.
    • Invite Only - In order to join the group, a member must receive an invitation to join the group sent by the group creator. Invitations can only be sent by the group creator or forum admins.

    Invitations are sent by clicking "Pending & Invited Members" at the bottom of the page for that individual group. Approving new members is done through the same link.

  • Group Settings - These settings help you manage your group.

    • Enable Albums - Checking this will allow any members to add a picture to the group. Pictures are added to the group by pulling them from your personal picture albums. Pictures that are pulled from private albums will be viewable to group members. Unchecking the "Enable Album" box will not delete current group pictures (it just hides them until albums are enabled again).
    • Enable Messages - This allow the creation of discussion threads.
    • Messages must be approved by the owner - This allows the creator of a poker group to be able to approve group messages before they show up.
    • Only owner can create new discussions - This allows the creator of a poker group to be the only group member to create new threads. Other members can only reply to current threads but not create new threads.
    • Users must join to view the content - Checking this box will hide the group's content from NON-members. Group members will still be able to see the content. This will hide: (1) game details (2) pictures (3) group discussions. In order to hide the pictures and discussions from group members, you need to uncheck the "Enable Albums" and "Enable Discussions" boxes states above.
    • Hide from search - This allows you to hide your group from coming up in the group search page. If you check this box, your group does NOT show up in searches. But the group's page (and maybe the game info, depending on the setting of the box above) will still be visible if someone knows the specific URL though. In other words, the group page is not hidden from view, it is just hidden from search.

    The creator of a group may delete any members of their group. Group members may also leave any group at their own choice.

    Social group pictures are not viewable by anyone other than group members. Thumbnails can be viewed by anyone though.

  • Contacting - If you create a poker group, there are several ways that other members can contact you:

    1. You have PMs turned on in your personal profile.
    2. Your "visitor messages" are enabled in your personal profile.
    3. You have "allow other members to email you" enabled in your personal profile.
    4. You allow other users to post messages within your poker group.

    The default HPG settings are set up so that your "PMs" and "visitor messages" ARE enabled but email contact and email notification of new PMs and visitor messages are NOT enabled.

Game Listing FAQ

  • What is the order of the games listed? The games are ordered by "Last Activity Date". This is the date that you had any activity on the site while being logged in. This date is only updated once per day, which means constantly reloading the page will NOT push your listing to the top.
  • What game listings are shown? Only listings from users who have logged into the site within the last 3 years will be shown. Any older listings will not be shown. Any game listings that are older than 3 years will still be active (assuming your settings allow it) in case you want to send someone the link to your game.
  • How do I make my group private?
    • To make your group private to join, set the "Join Options" not public (either "Moderated" or "Invite Only").
    • To make the group information private, check the box that says "Users must join to view the content".
  • I run a charity, can I post a charity event? Yes. If it is a one-time game then you should delete the game after it is over.
  • Can you post some info for me? No. We won't post a listing on your behalf.

Game Listing Rules

  1. Don't post a phone number with your game. You can submit personal info in private conversations.
  2. Don't post an online-only game, such as a game at PokerStars.
  3. Don't post a game listing if you are under 18 years old.
  4. Don't post a game listing for any raked game or for-profit game.
  5. Don't post a game listing for any game that you do not host yourself (i.e. don't post on someone else's behalf).
  6. You are allowed to post a web site link in your listing - but only if the site is related to only your individual game (i.e. the site is not a listing of many games).
  7. Don't advertise alcohol unless you have liquor license.

Contact Etiquette

  • Do not put people on any kind of permanent mailing list for a game unless they say it is OK.
  • When you email someone hosting a game, tell them you saw their listing on because if they are no longer running a game then that is a reminder that they should email me to take the listing down.
  • Do not contact any players outside of a 1 hour radius. Most people further out will probably not be interested.
  • Do not contact someone repetitively, If someone doesn't respond, it may mean they are not interested in having you join their game, but prefer not to say so. You can follow up an un-answered message later on, but do not harass anyone with constant communication.

Forum Posting Rules

Your account may be deleted at my discretion if any of these rules are broken.

  1. Don't spam. This means posting links to sites that you are associated with in any way - even if the site is relevant to the discussion.
  2. Don't sig spam. If you put up a post that says "I like PokerStars." with 3 signature links to your sites then I'll assume you only created that post in order to post your link.
  3. Don't be rude.
  4. Do not post game listings in the forum. This is because:
    1. Forums in general are not really conducive to finding people in your particular area.
    2. I don't want people posting game listings in 2 different places.